Book Review of NARDO

By Ted Sares on November 10, 2011
Book Review of NARDO
Tony DeMarco, whose real name is Leonardo Liotta, is a first generation Italian-American

Someone once said that boxing is a tight fraternity, and unless you have been in the ring, you can never cross the line that separates boxer from fan…

Ted Sares reviews Nardo – Memoirs of a Boxing Champion, a refreshingly honest portrayal of Tony DeMarco, a beloved boxer from Boston’s North End.

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  1. jofre 06:45am, 11/12/2011

    I have the bio and I highly recommend it. When you’re through reading it you have an even greater appreciation of this wonderful fighter and human being.

  2. mikecasey 03:42pm, 11/11/2011

    An ace of a man and an ace of a fighter. My dad idolized Tony and Rocky Graziano.

  3. TEX HASSLER 06:36pm, 11/10/2011

    I have not read Tony D.s biography yet but I plan to get one and read it. He was a great and truly exciting fighter.

  4. pugknows 05:59pm, 11/10/2011

    This was a fun book to read.

  5. dollar bond 12:41pm, 11/10/2011


  6. "Old Yank" Schneider 12:23pm, 11/10/2011

    Very nice “inside the jacket” for this book!

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