Neither Sublime nor Ridiculous

By Robert Ecksel on February 8, 2015
Neither Sublime nor Ridiculous
Getting all worked up over an 11-second clip is fine for those with a taste for crumbs.

The 11-second clip is described as “MUST SEE!!” by some and “BS Propaganda” by others. They can’t both be right…

Floyd Mayweather and his team of topnotch media manipulators have released an 11-second video of his hour-long meeting with Manny Pacquiao in Miami. Described as “MUST SEE!!” by some and “BS Propaganda” by others, they can’t both be right.

But by selectively editing the video to show a nugget of conciliation, Floyd comes off as someone who really and truly wants the fight. He says, presumably to Pacquiao’s manager Michael Koncz, as Manny looks on impassively, “I congratulate him on his career. He had a wonderful career, and I had a wonderful career. But before leaving the sport, of course, we have to make this fight happen.”

Those who see this as evidence that the fight is imminent are entitled to their opinion. Those who wonder what was said, about Bob Arum, about money, about concessions, about the nuts and bolts of making the fight a reality, can only speculate about what went down.

Getting all worked up over an 11-second clip is fine for those with a taste for crumbs. But if it’s a full course meal you’re after, you’ll have to look somewhere else.

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Mayweather tells Pacquiao "We have to make this fight happen"

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  1. KickBoxing -Dynamic 04:30am, 03/04/2015

    This is a really thrilling article. The accompanied video acts as a stimulant. Mayweather’s direct call for the fight no doubt reveals his charm for the sport.

  2. Patriot 04:03pm, 02/10/2015

    Ha-Ha-Ha!  I think this is Floyd’s reply to Manny’s question “When are you going to fight me?” 
    As usual, Floyd is being vague :)  And couldn’t look Pacquiao in the eye without looking foolish, and directed his answer to Jinkee, Pacquiao’s wife.

  3. Bardagul 09:03pm, 02/09/2015

    If I were manny, I won’t let that ahole enter my suite. He’s not to be trusted. If he didn’t become a boxer, maynever probably would be making a living as a scam artist. He’s been duping fans for years, fighting those he cherry pick and surely beat.

  4. Kid Blast 06:58pm, 02/09/2015

    What could have been compelling has become tiresome.

    What could have been “WOW” has become “Uh Huh.”

    With fighters like Gonzalez, Froch, Golovkin, Klitschko, Rigondeaux, Kovalev, and Lomachenko, who needs a circus-for entertainment?

  5. jess ramos 12:17pm, 02/09/2015

    Manny should ask Floyd to bring the contract so they both can sign it at the same time if both sides are agree to it.

  6. Iriga City Boy 10:21am, 02/09/2015

    Floyd is full of gimmicks.And a lot of people believe him.For a person to go into someone’s hotel and does not tell the occupants that a video or a photo will be taken is ” no good”. That’s what you call a blow below the belt.Because someone did not ask permission.
    And ,if I were Pacquiao ,I would not trust Floyd for doing that .Because it is ” sneaky” and unprofessional.Pacquiao must learn lessons like these and not too trusting.If Pacquiao will not learn and look back,this Floyd will pull more ” gimmicks” and Pacman will be sorry.
    And how in the world that Pacquiao,Koncz and possibly Jinkee did not even notice about the ” below the belt gimmick” that Floyd had done? Weird!!!

  7. Gil P. Acosta 09:26am, 02/09/2015

    If Pacquiao did not consent for this videotaping, then his is illegal.  Remember, this was done inside the suite of Pacquiao.  Mayweather just wanted to show that he wants the fight but has no plan to fight Pacquiao in the right.  This is one way of escaping the public perception that he doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao.  When Pacquiao gets tired of his antics and then chooses another opponent, it is time for Mayweather to say Pacquiao ducked him.  It was not his fault that the fight did not materialize.  Remember Maywather hurriedly attended the heat’s game when he learned Pacquiao would be there to watch?  Why?  So he can go there, approach Pacquiao in front the the public to give a perception that he wants the fight to be made but actually it was all show.  He is turning public perception 180 degrees against him.  Why on earth will he tape their conversation and then recite the things he wanted to be taped and then post the selected part of the video?  See how slow he recited the litany like he was delivering a speech?  It was all an act to fool the public that he wants the fight.

  8. Mateng 08:57am, 02/09/2015

    Remember when he had an interview with CNN and he was asked about the series of women abused cases filed against him? His answer was it’s all hear say, no video means there’s no evidence. So now he’s thinking he has this video and it’s enough to show the whole world that he truly wants this fight and he did his part. To make it happen.  Really shows what kind of unworthy prizefighter he is. No self respect no dignity at all, lowest of the low.

  9. Barker 08:41am, 02/09/2015

    Floyd is just plain scared chicken since 2009.  He has been barking like a dog for a long time.

  10. Joe 08:32am, 02/09/2015

    I agree that Arum deserves some of the blame. What do you think about a guy who comes to your hotel to negotiate, and then has somebody secretly video the meeting and then release it to make himself look good? Would you trust a guy like that, or think he was a sneaky dirt bag?

  11. Koolz 08:07am, 02/09/2015

    It was close and now….Episode of the Weird!
    How about Next Year!  or maybe not.
    It really shouldn’t be that hard to make a fight happen.
    Floyd just wants to end his career on a high, a real high.
    I think Pac would have beat him.

  12. Aztec Warrior 05:36pm, 02/08/2015

    Matt, I agree. I really don’t know what to say anymore. I’m over it.  Honestly, I don’t care anymore. And I agree with the others who predict a boring fight if it ever happens.

  13. Eric 03:21pm, 02/08/2015

    Even the Pactards aren’t biting. This fight is dead in the water. Put it to bed. I agree with Kid Blast. A FMJ vs Pac fight in 2015 would be a dud. Floyd would put on his track shoes, run & peck his way to a boring decision. Probably been more written about Floyd vs Manny than the Kennedy assasination & the Manson murders combined.

  14. Kid Blast 02:29pm, 02/08/2015

    It’s to the point now where if I see either of their names, I quickly move on without reading about them. Fact is, even if they fought, it would no longer be a compelling boxing match.

    If I knew how to write an article to this point, I would do it in a flash but it’s not that easy. May will be overly-cautious and Pac will be ?????,

  15. Kid Blast 02:17pm, 02/08/2015

    Brian, it’s the truth so help me God

  16. Matt McGrain 01:57pm, 02/08/2015

    It’s reached the point where I just don’t know what to say about it anymore.  They need to fight or retire, and i love watching both of these guys fight.  But if they’re not going to fight, just go away.

  17. Brian Williams 11:24am, 02/08/2015

    I don’t believe this for a second. You can’t believe everything you hear or read. Speaking of believing things, is Bruce Jenner really pulling a reverse Chaz Bono? I. like many yufes, used to admire Brucie and wanted to be like him? Did hanging out with all those crazy hoes f*ck up Bruce that bad? Damn it Jim.

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