“New” Boyz on the Block

By Ted Sares on June 18, 2013
“New” Boyz on the Block
Bryant “By-By” Jennings is a Philadelphian who is 17-0 and has improved with each outing.

There are some relatively new faces emerging and a few may be on a path to fight one of the brothers—or at least Wlad if Vitali retires…

“I can beat David Haye because I’m the greatest fighter that’s ever lived; that’s ever stepped out of Britain.”—Tyson Fury

“He (David Haye) would have to beat some top contenders and become a mandatory. Why do people just wake one morning and think they can just get [a Klitschko], like David Haye?”—Johnathon Banks

“I want to thank my opponent (Pianeta). There are a lot of challengers who talk a lot, but he got in the ring and fought bravely.”—Wladimir Klitschko

“David, have you a toe injury again?”—Manuel Charr

Fans are sick of postponements, cancellations, “injuries,” ticket refunds, feigned weigh-in brawls, suspensions, and last minute pullouts. They have grown weary of listening to Tyson Fury’s rants, beleaguered Deontay Wilder’s legal issues, mouthy David Haye’s inactivity and injuries, and even Fres Oquendo’s hard-luck stories. They wonder about Robert Helenius’s sudden loss of power and are fed up with Odlanier Solis’s inability to lose flab, David Price’s hype, and the admittedly talented Kubrat Pulev’s lack of activity. They question whether Tomasz Adamek, Eddie Chambers, and Ruslan Chagaev are still viable challengers. The plain fact is, these boxers need to fight each other in semi-eliminators before they can call out Wlad and/or Vitali Klitschko.

Tony Thompson has been waxed twice by Wlad; how many more times can he be put to sleep? But if the “Tiger” claws and mangles tall but possibly chinny David Price in their rematch, he might get a third chance which begs the question: what has Tony done with his ring earnings?

At least Alexander Povetkin’s excuses will end on October 5, 2013 when he fights Wladimir Klitschko, who will enter the Moscow fray as the second-longest reigning heavyweight champion, behind Joe Louis.

And at least Bermane Stiverne earned his right to get an early retirement check by breaking Chris Arreola’s beak, but the 6’2” “B. WARE” will likely get a beating by Vitali Klitschko to go along with it.

“New” Faces

There are some relatively new faces emerging and a few may be on a path to fight one of the brothers—or at least Wlad if Vitali retires after Stiverne.

Bryant “By-By” Jennings is a Philadelphian who is 17-0 and has improved with each outing.  Most recently, he stopped Andrey Fedosov, but not before he was severely tested by the hardcore Russian. When asked who he’d like to fight next, Jennings’ trainer Fred Jenkins answered for him: “Klitschko!” By-By, who fought five times in 2012, nodded in agreement and added, “Yeah, we’re hoping for that.”

Malik Scott is another undefeated heavyweight from Philadelphia. He is 35-0-1 and will be taking on Dereck Chisora in July in London. Speaking of “Del Boy,” he appears to be morphing from ranked contender to high level gatekeeper faster than you can say “Kingpin,” but if he beats Scott, he can stop worrying about working the gate. Chisora-Scott is one of those fights where both guys have an equal shot of winning and the payoff for the winner is going to be very big in terms of future options.

Clearly, a fight between Jennings and Scott is a natural. Both are undefeated, both are from Philadelphia. It could be billed as “The Philly Eliminator,” with the winner well up in the rankings, but in boxing, what makes logical sense is usually discarded in favor of something inexplicable.

Vyacheslav “The Czar” Glazkov is 14-0 -1 and fought to a draw with the aforementioned Scott in February. He also hammered Tor Hammer enough to make him quit on his stool in December 2012. This ring-savvy Ukrainian is relatively small but very tough and bears watching.

Marco Huck (34-2-1) is an excellent German boxer of Bosnian ancestry born in Sjenica, Serbia. He is the WBO cruiserweight champion and has fought first-rate opposition. While not a new face, “Käpt’n Huck” is young and could be a viable heavyweight contender, keeping in mind that he lost a highly controversial MD to Povetkin in February 2012 in a bid for the WBA heavyweight title.

Russian Denis Boytsov is just 6’1” but he continues to do one thing very well and that is to win. He is 33-0 and recently KOd 6’5” Oleksandr “The Gladiator” Nesterenko in Boytsov’s resident country of Germany. Boytsov’s heavy, fast hands are a challenge for anyone in the division. However, he backed out of a 2012 fight With Tyson Fury “Unfortunately Denis is not in the shape to contest such a duel now. The bout could be placed in 2013,” said Universum in a prepared statement. Not a good sign.

Manuel “Diamond Boy” Charr is a Lebanese who lives and fights out of Germany and has a record of 24-1. His one loss, a bloody one, was to Vitali Klitschko in September 2012 but he is now positioning himself for a go at Wlad. In this connection, Charr’s 44-second blowout of German Konstantin “Sandman” Airich following the loss to Klitschko was most impressive. His June 29 blockbuster fight with David Haye was cancelled when Haye pulled out of his comeback fight due to a hand injury. Said Haye: “I apologize to Manuel Charr and to everybody involved with the promotion. But most of all I want to say sorry to the thousands of fans who bought tickets to the fight. I felt it was important to let them know about the cancellation as soon as possible, so they can now make other plans…As soon as I am told I can resume full training, my loyal fans will be the first to know.”

Ring-savvy Johnathon Banks (29-1-1) is on a 10-fight undefeated streak and his shocking stoppage of crossover fighter Seth Mitchell (25-0-1 at the time) last November puts him squarely into the mix. However, his rematch with Mitchell next week will reveal whether he should remain there.

Artur “The Pin” Szpilka (14-0) is a defensively flawed Polish brawler who fought an all-action pier six with “Merciless” Mike Mollo in Chicago in 2012 and will engage in a rematch this coming August in a fight that will move into the microwave as soon as the opening bell rings. In between, Szpilka has beaten Taras Bidenko and Brian Minto. If “The Pin” impresses in this highly anticipated second fight with Mollo, he has an outside chance of emerging as a possible candidate for a big payday against one of the Klitschkos.

Artur is not without a sense of humor as evidenced by the following quote: “I called around to my promoter Andrew Wasilewski, asking if I could arrange a fight [with Derek Chisora]. That would be a great match of two bullies, and the action would be not only in the ring, but also at the weigh-in and press conferences. It is possible that this would be two or three fights.”

Brit Richard “The Inferno” Towers stands 6’8” and is 14-0. His July match with ponderous Lucas Browne (16-0) in Australia will eliminate the loser and maybe even the winner.

Joe “The Future” Hanks (21-0) will not be the “Future” until he fights someone who can punch back and that just might be Andy Ruiz Jr. (19-0) when the two square off on July 27, 2013 in Macao, China.

Cuban Mike “The Rebel” Perez lives and fights out of the unlikely locale of Ireland and is 19-0 but he badly needs to step up his level of opposition. A fight with Boytsov would be a natural given that The Rebel stands six feet tall and given that both are unbeaten.

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Bryant Jennings vs Andrey Fedosov 2013 06 14

2013-02-23 Vyacheslav Glazkov vs Malik Scott

2012-12-22 Vyacheslav Glazkov vs Tor Hamer - NBC - High Definition

Alexander Povetkin vs Marco Huck HIGHLIGHTS

Denis Boytsov vs Oleksandr Nesterenko

Boxing - Danny Williams vs Konstantin Airich [Short Version]

Manuel Charr vs Konstantin Airich

Artur Szpilka vs Mike Mollo 01.02.2013 CAŁA WALKA FULL FIGHT Chicago, USA HD

Mike Perez V Howard Daley

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  1. Ted 09:42am, 06/21/2013

    If you call being Obomonized by the stock market slow, yeah, slow days as in slow torture.

  2. dollarbond 09:20am, 06/21/2013

    That’s a bit more than I required but thanks for your reply.  Slow day?

  3. Ted 08:54am, 06/21/2013

    Ha, Interesting comment Bill. Let me put it this way, for the last decade, two Eastern European brothers have taken over the division that many boxing scribes used to love. And it became clear to me that the paradigm had changed and that the Klitschkos were not just a flash in the pan.The greatness of Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko has been hard for many to accept. I am not one of them. If that’s being a nut hugger, than I reckon I am one.

  4. dollarbond 06:05am, 06/21/2013

    Ted, you truly are a Klitschkonuthugger!

  5. Ted 06:33pm, 06/20/2013

    Yes Tex with the emphasis on young. Pulev is the only one out there that I would say is a real threat to the Brothers at this time.

  6. Tex Hassler 06:29pm, 06/20/2013

    Bryant Jennings may be the best young heavyweight around now. I do not think he is read for either of the K-Brothers at this time.

  7. Ted 12:42pm, 06/20/2013

    Bienvenue, Michael. I enjoy staying up-to-date on boxing.

  8. Michael Hegan 12:38pm, 06/20/2013

    ,,,,saying that I’m a professional heavyweight Boxing fighter….living in Las Vegas…..........is like saying ...I am a motorcycle rider…doing tests for motorcycle helmets…driving into a wall

    Not exactly the kind of long term lease arrangement a property owner would enter into.

  9. Michael Hegan 12:33pm, 06/20/2013

    Know what…...????  If it weren’t for Ted and other authors on this site….....a lot of Boxing knowledge would never be shared.

    Thanks again Ted.

    never did ask you about St Patricks Day…....used to be some great fights held on St Patricks Day….

  10. Michael Hegan 12:07pm, 06/20/2013

    I get the drum beats from Ted…..and he’s absofknlutely right.

    Haye had ONE good HW performance…IMHO….and it was his effort with Klitschko….where Haye was going for the big one…all night long.

    Still ...he soiled his effort with the WOUNDED TOE ...line….
    Haye wants to rumble for big bucks….no shit…...who doesn’t.???

    Haye wants to waltz into a big money fight ....while sitting on his widening ass…and pumping his onion ???  Sorry buddy.

    Haye has to make some noise IN the ring….beat a contender….fuk ...it can’t be that hard for Haye to find a top ten guy he can beat….......if he still has the sparks….

    If he wants to just show up and sell his name…...there isn’t gonna be any big money fight…...cuz Haye doesn’t have that big a name to sell anymore….......he borrowed against it heavily to fight Klitschko…and….well..that didn’t end so well…..

  11. Ted 02:50pm, 06/19/2013

    This just in:

    Kubrat Pulev vs. Ruslan Chagaev set for August, Bulgarian star on cusp of Klitschko title shot -

  12. Ted 04:19am, 06/19/2013

    Only heavyweight I know about in Las Vegas is Wilder, and he is a temporary resident.

  13. kid vegas 06:29pm, 06/18/2013

    Nice summary Ted but are there no decent fighters in Las Vegas?

  14. Ted 04:15pm, 06/18/2013

    Yes and I always wanted to be a Haye supporter, but he just makes it too difficult. Not to be trite, but his act has worn thin.

  15. GlennR 04:01pm, 06/18/2013

    Agreed Ted.
    It’s not often i criticize a fighter, but Haye was a disgrace in my opinion.
    The trash talk, the infamous T-shirt, the brawl at the conference…. and of course the attempt to avoid any sort of fighting during his Wlad.

    Ability? Sure
    Power? Yep
    Speed? Yep again

    Class and heart? Sadly lacking

  16. Ted 03:57pm, 06/18/2013

    Herr Meinhard, Germany is leading the Euro economy. Please, surely you have some spare Euro’s you could bet?

    Haye keeps coming up with these injuries. His level of inactivity is a disgrace. Yes he can be explosive, but dammit, he and Booth are making suckers out of all of us by deciding when and where and who he will fight when HE IS READY. He is a disgrace to the tradition of the best fight the best. Holmes and Ali fought everyone and they fought many guys more than once. When Haye fights a Chisora, it’s a big deal. Have we gotten so hard up for a decent heavyweight fight?

    At any rate, you line ‘em up and the Klits will knock them down except that I would be very careful of Pulev.

  17. GlennR 03:50pm, 06/18/2013

    Yep, raxman does.

    And if Charr is a club fighter it’s not a bad club he fights at.
    Though I’ll give Haye one thing over him, he can run faster, with or without a broken toe

  18. Meinhard 03:42pm, 06/18/2013

    Charr is a club-fighter. I was willing to bet sum money on haye sending him to sleep inside two rounds; and i am not well equipped money-wise…

  19. Ted 03:37pm, 06/18/2013

    raxman has the beat

  20. raxman 03:35pm, 06/18/2013

    the HW division is healthy than its been in years - the sad fact is though that none of these guys want to fight each other nor probably will they. they pad their record until a shot with a klit. and its not the klits fault. they just keep beating who is put in front of them. but they should start acting like Floyd and dismissing some of these guys until they’ve fought some quality. and an upset victory like Stiverne over Arreola doesn’t count. the fact that Jennings thinks he is both ready and worthy of a title shot is a disgrace. it would be like errol spence calling out the winner of Bradley-Marquez.

  21. Ted 03:30pm, 06/18/2013

    Me too. He would be my second choice.

  22. GlennR 03:28pm, 06/18/2013

    I actually think there is something to Charr

  23. Ted 03:26pm, 06/18/2013

    Hmm Krusher, of the new ones, I go with Huck

  24. Ted 03:24pm, 06/18/2013

    Yeah, Too much fun at the Samoan Feast

  25. The Krusher 03:20pm, 06/18/2013

    Who is your favorite of the bunch? Just one pleaze!

  26. GlennR 03:14pm, 06/18/2013

    Happy to oblige Ted
    Just found a little video where Freddie Roach discusses him


    Youre probably right about Tua now, fun in his day though!

  27. Ted 03:10pm, 06/18/2013

    Hmm. Tua. He is Tua fat, tua short, tua slow, tua old and tua shot.

  28. Ted 03:09pm, 06/18/2013

    Thanks Glen, I appreciate your follow-through. Botha is finally gone. I’ll check this guy out.

  29. GlennR 03:03pm, 06/18/2013

    He retired (finally) Francois Botha last week


    Im from Australia and was over there on business last week and watched the fight. Sure, FB is not what he was but the kid impressed me.
    He’s 21 with a strong amateur background and big enough by todays standards. Oh, and very quick as well.
    There is talk of a Tua fight over there but i believe he is back to Vegas to train and look at some US fights

  30. Ted 02:54pm, 06/18/2013

    New Zealand!! Say more.

  31. GlennR 02:33pm, 06/18/2013

    Its early days, but i like what i saw in Joseph Parker last week in New Zealan

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