Nice Guys Finish First

By Jill Diamond on September 2, 2013
Nice Guys Finish First
Seeing him Saturday night in Mexico City was like watching a matador wear down his prey.

Bernard Hopkins once told me, about a well-known boxer he was working with, “...he’s too nice to ever be a real champion.” I regretfully say, I used to think that about Adrian “Big Bang” Hernandez.

Everything about Adrian is nice; his work ethic, his family, his manners, his smile. He comes off as a humble young man, who is either at the gym boxing or at home watching boxing. His friends and family have always been a part of his team, and even after his fifth world championship challenge, they still are.

Maybe it was his first big loss last year to Kompayak Porpramook in Thailand (avenged ten months later), or the change of his name from El Confessor to Big Bang, but something ignited Adrian in the ring, and I watched him progress from fearless fighter to ferocious fighter. Seeing him Saturday night at the Gimnasio San Juan de la Barrera in Mexico City, as he decimated Atsushi Kakutani, was like watching a matador wear down his prey, before moving in for the kill. Not the actions of a nice man.

There’s a saying that you are not a true champion unless you’ve done it twice. Well, that means Adrian, with another successful defense of his WBC light flyweight title, is now world-class. And, maybe a champion needs to be courageous and consistent, not just mean and resentful; maybe a real champion can turn the switch on and off when he leaves the arena… because you know what… after winning his fourth belt, Adrian Hernandez is still very nice.

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アドリアン・エルナンデス Adrian Hernandez vs 角谷淳志 Atsushi Kakutani

Adrian Hernandez Kompayak Porpramook

Adrian Hernandez vs Kompayak Porpramook Round 1

Adrian Hernandez vs Kompayak Porpramook Round 2

Adrian Hernandez vs Kompayak Porpramook Round 3

Adrian Hernandez vs Kompayak Porpramook Round 4

Adrian Hernandez vs Kompayak Porpramook Round 5

Adrian Hernandez vs Kompayak Porpramook Round 6

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  1. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:13am, 09/04/2013

    Jill Diamond Chastain…I enjoyed reading your article very much…. Adrian is on my favorites list now…..which reminds me….just wondering why Clyde Chastain would take a steam ship round the world to campaign in South Africa and Australia in ‘32 and ‘33.

  2. Bob 02:52am, 09/04/2013

    Nice story by a great gal. So good to see your byline, Jill. Please keep them coming.

  3. Ted 05:11am, 09/03/2013

    And nicely done, Jill

  4. Clarence George 04:47am, 09/03/2013

    Never one to let an opportunity pass me by…I wonder, fair lady, if you’d be so amiable as to identify this midnight-haired beauty?

  5. Ted 04:40am, 09/03/2013

    Hey Jill, nice to see you here.

  6. Clarence George 04:25am, 09/03/2013

    I remember once going with my father to a venerable steakhouse (not one of these newfangled joints I imagine the insufferable “New Yorker” is always rhapsodizing about), where we espied a…waitress!  We would have been less stunned at an encounter with Bigfoot in Central Park, let me tell you.  I turned to my father, and said:  “Is there nothing sacred?”

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