Nightmare Alley

By Ted Sares on October 30, 2011
Nightmare Alley
Arreola'a recent opponents have not exactly been murderer’s row. It’s time he stepped up.

The Nightmare

Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola (33-2) will meet (and beat) limited Raphael “The Silencer” Butler on Nov. 5.This will be Chris’s sixth straight win after his MD loss to Tomasz Adamek in April 2010. The Silencer was silenced by none other than Tye Fields in his last outing in Oct. and that should give you some sense of his chances against Chris.

As for the now-in-shape Arreola, his recent opponents have not exactly been murderer’s row and it’s time he once again stepped up. The fans deserve it and the heavyweight division needs it—and I think I have just the right opponent for him.

The Nordic Nightmare

After having accomplished an impressive hat trick of stoppage victories over courageous 6’4″ Siarhei “The White Wolf” Liakhovich, fellow nightmare Samuel Peter, and the no longer relentless Lamon Brewster, 6’6½”Robert “The Nordic Nightmare” Helenius (16-0) has captured the attention of global boxing fans as he goes about his business in a blue-collar fashion not unlike that of Arreola.

Both guys are explosive, but Helenius’ lethal explosions, generated by exceptional hand speed, leave his opponents helpless if not unconscious. Chris is more relaxed but is still very explosive.

Both men have great financial options like fighting Eddie Chambers, Tony “The Tiger” Thompson, Brit giant Tyson Fury, undefeated 6′7½″Russian giant Alexander Ustinov, the somewhat protected Alexander Povetkin, or towering 6’8”David Price. But I’d rather see them fight one another (perhaps in Germany) because such a potentially explosive fight is exactly what the heavyweight division needs right now.

Moreover, the winner would certainly earn a shot against Wladimir Klitschko. And we would not be talking about it as being in the same universe as the disgraceful mismatch Wlad has lined up on Dec. 10 against aging Jean-Marc Mormeck who “earned” his shot by beating Timur Ibragimov by SD.

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  1. mikecasey 09:47am, 11/01/2011

    Very good comments by Iron Beach and Tex here. But a good observation by Coach Sal too, re the old D-cup. Don’t get obsessed by weight, Chros - just LEARN more!

  2. The Thresher 02:46pm, 10/31/2011

    But he IS active and that’s good for his fans.

  3. The Thresher 09:12am, 10/31/2011

    Yes, but he is not fighting good opposition. He is just building his record.

    Activity alone won’t do it for him. He needs to improve his skills. Better foot work, better defense, etc.

  4. "Old Yank" Schneider 09:07am, 10/31/2011

    This is Arreola’s 5th bout this year.  We can’t find many heavies as active as he is at his level.  It looks to me like he’s working at getting better—not sure of the progress, but working nonetheless.  If Arreola’s activity ends up paying dividends in skills development, then he’s on the right path.  If he’s looking for a big payday, he needs to step it up soon.  At 30 years old, he might need to be in a bigger hurry then he’s showing.

  5. The Thresher 07:02am, 10/31/2011

    Here is some info I got on an email from a friend who really and truy knows what he is talking about when it comes to the Finn:

    “As for this fight, here is my take. In the early rounds Arreola will run all over the ring trying to hit Helenius, and will be caught with a lot of heavy punches. Unlike most fighters, and certainly almost no heavyweights, Helenius can throw punches moving back. A deadly skill that Arreola will not be able to counter.

    Unlike Klitschko, Helenius will not wait until he is sure he cannot be hurt before going in for the kill.

    In short, the guy has incredible tools and much more skill than I ever gave him credit for (his father has been a top level amateur coach in Finland for years and started him when he was about 5, so his experience and technique are far superior to Arreola’s).

    Henenius by KO. When he want to he can really punch and can throw incredible combinations (especially a left hook from short range GOING BACKWARDS).

  6. The Thresher 06:46am, 10/31/2011

    “Arreola certainly looks thinner than he used to, but I’m not quite convinced it converts to hand speed..: Great observation. I also think he may have lost some pop when he lost that weight.

    If these two guys get into a firefight exchange, my money goes on the Finn because of his accuracy.

  7. The Thresher 06:43am, 10/31/2011

    Coach Sal. lmfao

  8. The Thresher 06:43am, 10/31/2011

    Beach, neat post

  9. The Thresher 06:42am, 10/31/2011

    Good to see Don from Prov on board.

  10. The Thresher 05:53am, 10/31/2011

    Cheekay, welcome aboard, mate

  11. Don from Prov 04:19am, 10/31/2011

    Correct on Arreola needing to step up.
    Helenius would be a good—

    but, IMO, losing step for Chris.
    But they are HW’s, and I don’t get excited about heavyweight fights for the most part.

  12. Iron Beach 03:32am, 10/31/2011

    Arreola is a crude, tough guy slugger, the next punch he slips will be the first punch he slips, he can’t spell footwork, never heard of a feint, and has never parried and set up his combinations. Limited is the best term to describe Christobal, he can take a shot…for now, and he can punch. Helenius picks him apart just like V Klit did, and W Klit will do again. But it’d be entertaining while it lasts!!

  13. TEX HASSLER 10:49pm, 10/30/2011

    Arreola has great strength, power and toughness. If he can work on defense and countering plus blocking and parrying punches he may just move up the ladder. He seems to be really getting in shape and that is something every fighter needs. Jack Dempsey ran 10 miles a day and he did not run out of gas in a fight!  Chris can take a punch and give one. He must learn to slip jabs and counter them in order to beat the K Brothers. He is strong enough to do it with the right fight plan. There are 6 ways to defeat a left jab and Chris needs to master all 6 of them

  14. pugknows 09:38pm, 10/30/2011

    I think I would go with The Finn if these two ever meet. But it would be very interesting. It would be a much anticipated fight.

  15. CoachSal 08:59pm, 10/30/2011

    It’s only a matter of time until he’s back to a D cup.

  16. Cheekay Brandon 07:55pm, 10/30/2011

    I dig this. Let’s see if Arreola’s camp lets it happen. Sounds like they want to feed him fighters to keep his activity up and prime him for a Klitschko.  I think Arreola need not be thrown to the wolves again, because another lopsided defeat to a Klitschko will probably send his career on a downward spiral

    As for Helenius—I’m a believer. Glad you mentioned the hand speed. It’s deceptive for a guy with that size. He’s extremely precise, too.

    Arreola will be able to find Helenius, because Helenius isn’t particularly quick-footed and doesn’t move laterally, but again—he does have fast hands.  Arreola certainly looks thinner than he used to, but I’m not quite convinced it converts to hand speed.

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