Seth Mitchell’s Worst Nightmare

By Robert Ecksel on September 7, 2013
Seth Mitchell’s Worst Nightmare
Chris Arreola was Seth Mitchell's worst Nightmare at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino.

Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola nuked Seth “Mayhem” Mitchell to win the WBC International heavyweight title at 2:26 of the first round…

Saturday night the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California, Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola nuked Seth “Mayhem” Mitchell to win the WBC International heavyweight title at 2:26 of the first round.

Fighting out of the red corner in black trunks with silver trim, homeboy Arreola (35-3, 31 KOs), from nearby Riverside, California, and ranked #3 by the WBC, came in at a relatively svelte 242 lbs. He promised before the fight that he would retire if he didn’t stop Mitchell. Fortunately, that’s a promise he needn’t keep.

Mitchell (26-2-1, 19 KOs), fighting out of the blue corner in black trunks, was ranked #2 by the WBC but came into the fight with something to prove. What he needed to prove that he was more Alonzo Highsmith than Mark Gastineau, that he was a former football player equipped to excel in the ring, and not just on the gridiron.

At the opening bell, Mitchell landed the first four punches. Arreola took Mayhem’s best shot, which no one knew at the time was going to be his only shot of slowing the oncoming onslaught. The first right Arreola threw landed right on Mitchell’s chin and he was hurt. Mitchell landed a left hook of his own to little effect, when Arreola uncorked another big right. The Brandywine, Maryland, native held on for dear life, before dragging Arreola to the canvas.

Referee Jack Reiss didn’t rule it a knockdown. He didn’t even rule it a tackle. Not that it mattered. He asked Mitchell, “Can you defend yourself?” Mitchell replied, “Yes sir,” but his inability to defend himself, especially when he gets hit, has been, is, and will being his undoing in whatever fights may follow.

Then Arreola unloaded another right, and it too was right on the money. Does goes Mitchell, down went Mitchell, along with title hopes and boxing dream.

Mitchell has heart. He got to his feet and beat the count. But there’s no beating the devil in our unforgiving sport. A fighter can learn the fundamentals, how to throw a jab, right hand, and left hook, but no fighter has ever been taught how to take a punch.

After the fight, the dependably unpredictable Arreola said, “First I want to thank God, and I want to thank myself for working hard. I’m the one who put the work in, not God. I was in there busting my ass off every day. I was up for this fight. I respect Seth for his power. He hits hard. When he hit me a couple times, I said ‘Holy shit’—a lot harder than I thought. I’m my only downfall. That’s me. I shoot myself in the leg because I’m a dummy. I like doing everything the hard way. But today it was easy work. No disrespect to Seth, but I came in here on a mission. My mission was to win. This title here don’t mean nothing to me. I want the big one. I want the world title. That’s what I’m looking for. I want to do it for all my Mexican people.”

Mitchell is a good guy, maybe a better guy than he is fighter. “I just got caught,” he said. “I’m disappointed right now. I was very confident I could win this fight. Chris Arreola did what he was supposed to do, but my heart just hurts right now. I don’t know what to say. I just have to go back to the drawing board. This was a big, big fight, and this was a fight I definitely wanted. I didn’t want to take a step back after beating Johnathan Banks.”

It’s hard not to like Seth Mitchell. It’s hard not to like The Nightmare as well.

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  1. By God 10:27pm, 09/14/2013


  2. Larry Link 06:26am, 09/14/2013

    By God, John Wilkinson fought out of CT and ended up with a 1-12 mark. He fought John Scully, Otis Grant, Sean Fitzgerald, Frank Savannah. 1988-1992.

  3. Ted the Bull 06:22am, 09/14/2013


  4. ForJim WilkinsonfromJohn 06:25pm, 09/13/2013

    bk don: THAT IS -Absolutely “crazy” putting Tye Fields name with Valuev. Now, I CAN APPRECIATE TYE FIELDS. But, they are many- fields-distance- between. Tye has NICE NUMBERS/ I’m gonna leave here and go straight to his record, -AGAIN-  “guy could -break- something” but, needs ‘special’
    Focus. DAVID RODRIGUEZ 36-0 34 Ko’s faced weak Opp been -OFF- more than 1 year. SOME FAN COULD JUMP
    IN AND MANAGE HIM. David v. young pup “monk” would be SOME KIND OF ‘Fancy’ SAIL BOAT HEY! :  ) (George III -doing absolutely NOTHING w/ his career at this point….....he -should- fight with ‘care’ but, these guys GOT NO FACTORY w/ him. He could -camp- 12 r 8 days w/ Tony Thompson simply to get “seasoning”/ BY THE WAY -GEORGE-  The -world- UNTIL HE L. To M. Ali, ‘THE WORLD’ never seen anything like him til then; since!). -ALL PRAISE GEORGE FOREMAN THE -EX- Hvy King.. [‘ha’, playing.. George WILL SAY IT HIMSELF—-“george f0reman’s Daily Quotes”! CHRIST Only is -magestic (in-every-way)-]

  5. ForJim WilkinsonfromJohn 04:33pm, 09/13/2013

    Jimbo, & Cisco in my corner vs Frank Savannah, a national GG champion (165 lb)

  6. John (Amateur)Wilkinson 04:20pm, 09/13/2013

    ??bk don? (ME BACK DON KING? Don knows me, or he -should-)Yeah, I’m mostly an Admin guy! Trainer too but, I work -DRILLS- and “mental outlook” mostly. I would be -interested- is some sort of scenario. I’ll do my own work outs, and then, handle someone else. But, I need to know a mans mind-set 1st. What I know of Nickola he is EXCELLENT. But, I am -old fashion- and I couldn’t have “surprise” pop up on me! As far as if I myself will ever see a 14 th competition….. One of the -digs- I -WILL- have in contract if future will be ‘certain controls’ one of them gonna be the colour of the RING ROPES. You know, R.,W., B. is -bunting- and [Even the US POSTSAL SERVICE HAS THIS -wrong (“notice”)- blue always is meant to go UP because it represents the colour of the SKY. But, often you’ll see that “backwards”. We’ll have it in the contract that if it is USA location, we take it to be, -bunting- and, needs to be “proper”. I -quit- 1 ‘nice’ job I had at a -fancy- restaurant here in CT [& my job I did what ever I -liked- and - -made the deliveries- -] BECAUSE the mngmt wouldn’t bring their -Register- up to, ‘pro’. My -boss- I know him 20 years, but, I’m 20 years older, and, if I could not impart MY WISDOW, what was the use of even “hanging around”/ so…. I put that to them, BUT THEY COULDN’T ‘PLAY’/& I - - couldn’t stay, too - - the -word- GOTTA BE GOOD! &, -my situation- I am not going ANYPLACE except for 1 month/ six weeks then return, except this “Right to exclude” v “Public Accomodations” situation I have isn’t RESOLVED [on 29 months]. Are you a Holyfield FAN? I Fought one of his TEAM MATES ONE TIME, middleweight (-come to no. 12 -world-) FRANK (Frankie Land mind) Savannah lost 4 r. decision to him 10-01-91 on undercard Paz v. Dele, WBA world which Paz -took- in “nice way” 12 r. tKo. Cisco Zayas (he handles me against Otis Grant, as well; 89) w/ Jimbo Isperduli (“famous for A Knock-Out -LOSS- against JAMES Lights Out)

  7. Your Name 03:19pm, 09/13/2013

    bk don, Valuev was a champion

  8. John Wilkinson 01:51pm, 09/13/2013

    I’ve been a -student- of THE BOXING since I was in 7th grade/Grammer School and, I am 58 years, now. So, it’s been a while. Bo Winklestein’s -RECORD- my friend ISN’T EXACTLY -Chissled- no
    One quite -knows- what he has. The “numbers” look pretty. Arreola on the other hand is tried-true- “tested” inside THE SQUARE CIRCLE. ‘Nice’ what “the bronze bomber” has done to bring himself a—-world view-—he has anticipation on his side. Just….isn’t “tested” and -thus he ISN’T ‘Tried’ and thus, if he is gonna be TRUE or not, it’s “Anyone’s Guess”. Arreola WANTS IT. Wilder NEEDS ESTABLISHED BIG WIN. It comes down to who will pay what. Simple. As for Stiverne ‘w’ well, Arreola is viewed on that as having an “off performance”. Kind of like a Bob Stallings win -v- Shavers hey! Haye, “greatly favored” over WILDER (another DRAW!). Wilder could fight Chirosie! At some point he got to be VERY BOLD and PUT IT ON THE LINE. I know they want to -Cash
    In- as well. Boxers box for SPORT but, to be wise, they got to take what they can demand. Thanks for your attention by the way, I am looking to comeback -age 57- in the GYM starting March 1 w/little breaks. Rafael Jusino 0-7(4)-0 147 lb I had -targetted a first bout to TRY THIS. He is -rated- 22 in 23 fighters field Purto Rico and is situated out of Revere, mass. Look at my past record as a pro welterweight cls. I’ll -contract- and I am VERY RELIABLE. I’ve lost fights but nothing from 147 and I’m (hmm) 1-0 at Jr. middle.[Boxrec has me at “two points” from super middlewt div]

  9. Your Name 01:06pm, 09/13/2013

    John Wilkinson, thanks for the clarification, mate

  10. Your Name 01:04pm, 09/13/2013

    Haye would chop up Arreola like so much Fajitas. He would clock this guy faster than you can say “Stiverne.”

    As for Wilder, if Stiverne and Adamek could do it, are you saying Wilder could not.

    A one round KO over Mitchell was as predictable as foul farts following Mexican beans.

  11. John Wilkinson 03:14pm, 09/11/2013

    Someone here says: Wilder wins it inside of three r. v. Chris “Nightmare”. Well,, “that’s a NICE -WILD- GUESS & I mean “WILD/WILD/WILD”. Actually, SUCH A PAIRING IS—- -A N Y O N E S-—- “Guess”. But, let’s not talk them two -meeting- YOU CAN’T MEET UNLESS FIRST -MATCHED-/ ARE YOU READY? What should the -Purses- be? BOXING -dangerous- even if you are “SURE” you will win, STILL, -got to respect the PURSES- So, where does it start? OF COURSE DEONTAY -UNTESTED- ARREOLA -IS ‘CERTAINLY’ TESTED. AND HE IS IN HIS -PRIME- So, what sort of -money-? ARREOLA REALIZING THE “Glamor factor” -doesn’t mind it giving Deontay the -advantage- in PURSE. What a -win- will do FOR HIM. So… where’s the neighborhood on this? Gonna be a three way negotiation. The -bubble- where match will be hosted. & Deontay -lead- the PRICE starting in his COURT. John Wilkinson (860)515-7680 -in- Connecticut,

  12. Darrell 02:47pm, 09/11/2013

    I think possibly Haye & Pulev would beat Arreola but I wouldn’t bet my house on it. Like a lot of things with Arreola it depends a lot on whether he stays away from the table &/or gets familiar with the gym & road! Fury would struggle because he has no power; Thompson too…..but again it is dependent on Arreola’s conditioning.

  13. Cliff 08:42am, 09/11/2013

    I don’t think it took a rocket scientist to know that before this fight the only way Mitchell was going to win this fight was via lucky punch. Man has absolutely no chin at all! Bodyshots is right. He not only can’t take a direct shot to the chin but not even a glancing one. Look you can have all the mental aspects; heart, determination, and will known to man. That’s mental. But if the physical, chin, is not strong or even average, in this sport man you need to pack it in! My advice for Mitchell is to give it up or you risk being seriously hurt!

  14. bk don 07:04am, 09/11/2013

    if that’s all it took then Valuev or Tye fields would be champions now. Does Wilder even have a chin? For all we know, he takes a punch as well as Mitchell does.  can he adequately protect himself? can he land devastating punches again top tier talent? none of these questions have been answered yet.

  15. Your Name 06:24am, 09/11/2013

    height advantage and reach and power

  16. bk don 06:19am, 09/11/2013

    Your name, what are you basing that on? wilder’s ko of liakhovich who was clearly washed up and way past his prime? Other than him, Wilder doesn’t have one quality win or anything close to it.

  17. Your Name 06:51pm, 09/10/2013

    Wilder would KO Chris within 3 rounds.

  18. Your Name 06:06pm, 09/10/2013

    Fury, Haye, Pulev, Thompson, and many others would have their way with this slob—Arreola. 

    And so would Stiverne if they had a rematch.

  19. Bodyshots 07:04am, 09/09/2013

    Mitchell’s got the weakest punch-resistance i’ve seen in a long time. perhaps the weakest i’ve ever seen(?!). even Hatton’s chin must be rated above Mitchell’s. otherwise, even glancing blows seem to rattle Mitchell and flush ones have him careening around the ring like a drunken blind man. you can polish unless Mitchell becomes as defensively-adept as Mayweather Aaand as elusive as prime Roy Jr., he will continue to be Socked and Dropped with regularity v. top-notch heavyweight competition. Mitchell is fatally-flawed from the gate and there is no trainer that can train or any PED that can develop a solid and durable chin. meanwhile, considering the mediocre state of the heavyweight division, only the Klitschkos are clearly and demonstrably superior to Arreola. accordingly, if Arreola would only (and Finally) tighten-up his defense and rely more on his outside fight-game (jabs and straight-rights), he becomes a serious and immediate contender for the heavyweight throne.

  20. bikermike 06:32pm, 09/08/2013

    There is one question that is echoed throughout the Boxing Community….

  21. bikermike 06:27pm, 09/08/2013

    well….,most of it….

  22. bikermike 06:23pm, 09/08/2013

    hey travelling man….‘CALLING THIS ONE’ was about as much as ‘telling the future’ when I predict I take a dump….it will hit the water…

    OK ????

  23. bikermike 06:20pm, 09/08/2013

    Arreola is just what USA HW Boxers look like…..and act like….make some noise…beat up a bunch of blind old crippled ladies….and get a shot…..

    in the eclipse’s case…several shots…

    Never expecting to win…and behaves accordingly….showing up like a blubber butt…...but ..there is always the chance of another ‘shot’ ...

    Arreola has no idea what money went where….but he is a marketable product….who is not asking any questions

  24. bikermike 06:14pm, 09/08/2013

    ‘SVELT ’  242////
    must have fallen asleep /passed out in the sauna

  25. bikermike 06:12pm, 09/08/2013

    I’m reminded of the Headline of a long ago match of NAME FIGHTERS….TWO GEEZERS AT CEASER’S

    AS go the heavyweights…so goes Boxing

  26. bikermike 06:09pm, 09/08/2013

    Just check the weight….

    Last time the mexican eclipse put in a regular regime…and trained for two months to do a MONEY FIGHT…....Jimmy Carter was President ffs

  27. TheTraveling Man 04:37pm, 09/08/2013

    Called and in the first round to boot

  28. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 03:11pm, 09/08/2013

    I for one don’t get the accompanying photo….Chris may be a nightmare to his opponents in the ring but outside the ring he’s a regular looking guy….way better looking than Mickey Rourke for example.

  29. Bk Don 10:14am, 09/08/2013

    So now the question is what’s next for Arreola? Does he get fed an untested but talented kid like Deontay or does he have to fight a ranked opponent to get a title shot? Really, other than for monetary reasons he gains nothing by beating Wilder. Golden Boy said before last night’s fight that they wanted to match the winner w/Deontay. Let’s see how sincere they’re after that brutal KO. I think there’s a huge gap between Liakhovich and Arreola and it would make sense for Wilder to face a sturdy former contender or trialhorse who could give him some rounds and still has something left in the tank. It should be interesting.

  30. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:05am, 09/08/2013

    One more thing Seth….keep your chin up….oops! that’s not it….don’t hang your head and don’t give up…yea that’s it…’re the one in the arena putting it all on the line…we’re the ones safe at home watching….truth be told guys like Chris who started boxing while still in diapers will always have the edge over a boxing neophyte like yourself. If you go on and I hope you do….take a page out of Wladimir’s book and when in doubt…. grab….just make sure you grab both arms (see Wlad’s fight with Corrie Sanders, God rest his soul).

  31. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:42am, 09/08/2013

    Forgot one…feign an injury to your lower extremities….hop around on one leg and wince….refs are very concerned about and show great empathy for sprained ankles….anyhoooo try just about anything to get your opponent out of his rhythym and take time off the clock and at the least get the hell out of that first round.

  32. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:21am, 09/08/2013

    Survival options for Seth…..grab and hang on for dear life…’re a linebacker at heart so tackle your tormentor…..or how about an MMA takedown…..or how about this…. take a dadgummed knee. Which reminds me…. Esquivias was humble and respectful in winning last night as well he should have been because he couldn’t have beaten Too Sharp Johnson and Tim Austin as Rafael did if his eternal soul depended on it.

  33. Clarence George 04:47am, 09/08/2013

    By the way, this doesn’t mean Arreola’s road is now paved with gold—I don’t at all see him as division kingpin.  But, at least in the near term, he won’t be one of its pinheads.

  34. Clarence George 03:06am, 09/08/2013

    Yeah, KO at 2:26 of the first round…which was even more definitive than I expected.

    Ironic, isn’t it?  It was in being put to sleep that Mitchell got woken up from his dream of the big time.  No heavyweight at the top tier, or even close to it, need ever take him seriously again.  And he knows it.  Sad, but there it is.

  35. Darrell 12:39am, 09/08/2013

    Arreola could take Seth’s punches, some good ones too….Seth can never take a good punch.

  36. Jose 09:09pm, 09/07/2013

    I told you so.

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