No Arturo Gatti Suicide

By Robert Ecksel on August 8, 2011
No Arturo Gatti Suicide
Gatti was found dead in his by his wife, Amanda Rodrigues, on July 11, 2009 (Ecksel)

One of the two private investigators hired by Arturo Gatti’s manager Pat Lynch told The Jersey Journal that the former junior welterweight champion did not commit suicide.

A press conference will be held tomorrow morning at North Bergen’s Global Boxing Gym to formally announce their findings.

“I think that when we get done with the press conference,” said Paul Ciolino, a Chicago-based PI, “it will be pretty clear it was not a suicide. It was not physically possible, given the circumstances.”

Ciolino, along with Joseph Moura, interviewed witnesses and medical experts in Brazil, the U.S. and Canada. Tomorrow’s presser will include a computer animation that will supposedly end speculation about Gatti’s death.

Gatti was found dead by his wife, Amanda Rodrigues, on July 11, 2009. She was initially charged with murder, but on July 30 the charges were dropped, Gatti’s death was ruled a suicide by hanging, and Rodrigues was released.

Ciolino described the Brazilian investigation as “half-assed” and said “The autopsy was totally incomplete. They did a lot of things that were not acceptable practice anywhere in the world. It was just totally inaccurate.”

Many unanswered questions regarding Gatti’s death will hopefully be answered tomorrow. But maybe not all of them.

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