No Contest: Espinoza vs. Arum

By Robert Ecksel on January 25, 2015
No Contest: Espinoza vs. Arum
Listening to one lawyer accuse another lawyer of "misrepresentation” is a good one.

Assuming “the deal” isn’t dead already, it’s hard to believe that provoking Arum will bring the superfight to fruition…

“God works wonders now and then; Behold a lawyer, an honest man.”—Benjamin Franklin

While everyone is waiting for Floyd Mayweather to agree to fight Manny Pacquiao, it appears that Manny’s promoter, Top Rank’s Bob Arum, may have been blowing smoke all along.

Stephen Espinoza, Executive Vice President/General Manager of Showtime Sports and Event Programming, spoke with to set the record straight. Much of that tortuous record was made public by, so it’s ironic that the august website is correcting both Arum and itself—assuming, of course, that Espinoza, who may have an ax to grind, is speaking the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

“Floyd isn’t holding anything up,” said Espinoza. “Nobody is waiting for Floyd for anything. Arum isn’t being truthful and he knows it. There is no contract that is awaiting Floyd’s signature and Bob Arum knows that too. Floyd has been absolutely clear with is throughout this process—he wants to fight Manny Pacquiao. He has repeatedly told Leslie Moonves, Al Haymon and me that he wants us to make the fight and that’s what we’ve been working for, for weeks.”

After five years of excuses misstatements, broken promises, and all manner of fancy footwork, it’s hard to take Espinoza’s statements regarding Floyd at face value. That is not to side with Arum, who’s Clintonian “Yesterday I was lying, but today I’m telling the truth” colors everything he says. It’s just that picking sides on this matter, without a polygraph or truth serum, is guesswork at best, an exercise in futility at worst.

“We’re make good progress,” added Espinoza, “but there are still open issues that need to be resolved. There is no agreement or closed deal or contracts. Neither CBS or Showtime of Al Haymon of HBO for that matter have agreed on deal terms. We are still trying to resolve the issues. That’s what’s taking time…not any delay or impediment by Floyd. No one is waiting on Floyd for anything. For Arum to say otherwise is an outright misrepresentation.”

Listening to one lawyer accuse another lawyer of “misrepresentation” is a good one.

“It makes you wonder,” Espinoza concluded. “When you hear these types of misrepresentations…someone who wants to make a deal doesn’t go out and publicly misrepresent the status of the negotiations. Maybe Floyd and Ariza are right—maybe Bob Arum is going to be the reason this fight doesn’t happen. If he continues to misrepresent and mischaracterize the status of the negotiations, he may end up killing the deal.”

Assuming “the deal” isn’t dead already, it’s hard to believe that provoking Arum, with or without justification, will bring the superfight to fruition.

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  1. danny sy 04:47pm, 01/26/2015

    Floyd saying that he’s is own boss therefore,  no one can really stop him if he wants to fight Pac, unless the fear factor is so overwhelming .  His logic doesn’t add up saying that Pac is below his own level, however he fought fighters who where in no doubt below Pac’s calibre?  He would rather fight boxers that will give him just about 40 million than and an expected 150 million dollars if he fights Pac. At least he has few more days to invent another excuses being a serial TBE ( The Best Evader) more like he would only fight if purse split of 90/10 or unless Showtime less HBO handling the coverage, or instead of Roach, Arum will train Pac and he will field his own men/referee during the fight or he will decide what size Pac’s boxing glove..

  2. Eric 11:58am, 01/26/2015

    Right about now, Floyd vs. Pac ranks with the ex-FOX News worker shooting himself outside FOX’s NYC headquarters. FOX is still infatuated with underinflated balls and isn’t reporting on this tradedy. Maybe FOX likes underinflated balls since most of their talking heads have that attribute. I wish FNC talking head, Kimberly Guilfoyle, could see if the balls I have are underinflated or meet NFL standards.

  3. Melgaszar 05:42am, 01/26/2015

    The fighters should first agree to terms and then the promoters arrange the fight, including arrangements with the venue and the network or, in this case, networks. Once the fighters agree with each other’s terms and conditions, the deal is 99% done. Arum has said that Manny has already agreed to all the conditions of Floyd. If this is true, then Espinoza should say so. Then, the fans would know that the issues being ironed out have nothing to do with the fighters. However, if Arum was not telling the truth, then Espinoza should say that Manny has not really satisfied all of Floyd’s demands. Then, we’ll know that the problem is with the fighters, not the promoters or the networks. Saying only that Arum is lying and Floyd really wants the fight smells fishy to me.

  4. jackspider 11:15pm, 01/25/2015

    Whatever you say Floyd has no balls thus a loser already in the beginning. Having no self confidence before the fight starts is already a clear TKO for Flomo.

  5. Jeff 11:14pm, 01/25/2015

    Tell the world then floyd what are your demands, because Pacquiao says he even wants to fight you for a charity, even no money to gain… and says everything your representative ask Pacquiao says yes to all of them…. And if you says your the boss, be clear then of what you want and sign,  because Pacquiao is willing to sign and you can’t run…..  Don’t brag about your wealth Floyd were sick of it, because the truth you will not have all those monies without us fans paying to watch you…. Please…. Stop making excuses, this is not about pay per views, or money, you have it already…. So this is up to you…. If you want the fight? We want it, Pacquiao wants it…... Then FIGHT…....

  6. Balagtas 10:24pm, 01/25/2015

    Mayweather ball’s is already inflated, 5 years ago. There is nothing new about, he will always find reason to make another excuses. He is the king and Pacquiao is a pawn. No one including this writer, has no balls to tell Floyd that his balls is already inflated.

  7. RICHARD 10:05pm, 01/25/2015

    MANNY can simply tweet like this:



    Actually the 2nd statement is just an afterthought.

  8. Koolz 05:00pm, 01/25/2015

    no one knows one way or the other.  The fight is so hard to make because you have to have a deal through both HBO and Showtime.  The problem with the fight and those networks it the amount of money involved.  Arum has got Chinese Channels to pick it up when it airs, if it airs, maybe next year?

    I don’t think Pac or Floyd have as much say as people think, I think the networks are running the show.

    This really would be the biggest PVP ever made in the history of boxing.  The whole world would watch this fight. 

    Creating some contract making deals and trying to be fair to both sides has to be the thing of Nightmares!!!!

    There is always next year!

  9. Eric 02:20pm, 01/25/2015

    What’s the difference between a lawyer and a boxing referee?
    A boxing referee doesn’t get paid more for a longer fight.

  10. Adam Berlin 02:12pm, 01/25/2015

    So what do we have in the comments section on this news article?  Racist and sexist remarks.  Lawyers-are-evil clichés.  Accusations of guilt without proof.  Let’s remember what George Foreman said—Boxing is the sport to which all other sports aspire.  Boxing at its best is pure, so maybe we (the ones who love and follow boxing) should strive to maintain some of that purity.  Pure outrage at a fight that should have been made years ago is fine. Pure disappointment at fighters and fight-makers who may be too selective, too careful, too greedy is fine.  But sinking to the easiest and ugliest kinds of criticism devalues our pure and beautiful sport—a sport that’s in real trouble because too many people who don’t know boxing and don’t love boxing dismiss boxing as corrupt and ugly and crude.

  11. artjd 01:35pm, 01/25/2015

    Espinoza, being a lawyer, is trying to split hair here.  As Jim had said, a contract is meeting of minds and the document is just a formality.  When Pacquiao and Arum asked Floydie to sign the contract, it simply means they were asking Floydie to give the go signal as they, Pacquiao and Arum, had already agreed to the terms set forth by Floydie’s representative.  “Sign the contract” does not literally mean sign the document (contract) but tp merely give the thumbs up for the negotiation to be finalized.

    BTW, I think Espinoza is just trying to ingratiate himself to Floydie as he is about to be fired by Les Moonves for such foolish, moronic deal he closed with Floydie.

  12. Jim Crue 12:48pm, 01/25/2015

    It’s too late in the game to care about this fight. If it by some miracle IS made the best thing to do is BOYCOTT!!
    And yes lawyers are a despicable lot and they love it. F—k them

  13. Aztec Warrior 12:19pm, 01/25/2015

    At the end of the day, it falls at the feet of Mayweather. Let’s be honest. If Floyd truly wanted the fight it would have happened by now. It’s easy for both promotion representatives to blame each other but Floyd has already made it clear that he’s the boss. If Floyd truly said “Make it happen” it would happen.

  14. Floyd "Fake Numbers"Ostrich 12:12pm, 01/25/2015

    Showtime is sure Floyd is scared to fight Pacman. Heads will be rolling at Showtime, just like Schaefer who made ???? business with Floyd, sacked by GBP. Watch out Floyd will be selling his silly toys tomorrow.

  15. PACMANUSA 12:08pm, 01/25/2015

    I tend to believe that Pacquiao has agreed to everything and I tend to agree he has signed off on something or other and Mayfaggot has not . I also tend to believe that Arum AND Espinoza will embellish this that or the other .

    Bottom line I still believe that frickin hairy knuckled hoodrat is AFRAID to face Pacquiao . Now it may be because he’s afraid to loose the 0 and it might be because he’s afraid of loosing his health . Bottom line is that big mouthed hood ape is AFRAID of something .

    The world would be a better place without ANY of the Mayfag hoodrats in it using up our oxegen !

  16. Archie Jay 11:24am, 01/25/2015

    What negotiations is he talking about? Manny’s side already agreed on everything they demanded. C’mon men! What else do they want? Thinking of an impossible demand?

  17. Eric 10:50am, 01/25/2015

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  18. michael 10:46am, 01/25/2015

    At this point Mr. Espinoza already convinced that mayweather is just playing around and afraid of fighting pacquiao. Thus, he needs to do what he needeed to do for him to save mayweather’s last 2 fights under showtime, which being run by Mr. Epsinoza, because he knows if mayweather won’t fight pacquaio at this time, mayweather’s next 2 fights will not profit that much money in terms of pay per view and they know, we know , nobody’s gonna buy it, people will boycott mayweather’s fight and that’s the sad truth for them. If that’s the case SHOWTIME will end up losing money for signing multimillion contract with Mayweather.

  19. Jim 10:09am, 01/25/2015

    Contract is a meeting of minds of two or more parties set to create legal obligations between them. Mr Espinoza, is trying to twist the essence of the contract by misinterpreting the very essence and meaning of a “contract”. Arum and Pacquiao has agreed to the terms specifically laid by Floyd’s team and therefore a contract has been made. Now, it is up to the lawyers to type this contract and make both parties sign to make it Legal and obligated.

    In all these past week, do not tell us fans that neither party had not served their demands and has not been answered by the other. Who are you fooling mr. Espinoza?

  20. Eric 09:59am, 01/25/2015

    Lawyers are generally a pretty despicable lot. Bruce Cutler defending organized crime figures, the team of Shapiro, Dershowitz, and Cochran, defending OJ. Hillaroid Clinton bragging about getting a child rapist off. Sick Willie, another law school grad, and Dershowitz’s names have even been mentioned in a pedophilia scandal with Prince Andrew. Some of these clown lawyers go on to become judges. Imagine as we the people are judged by pedophiles, people who knowingly work to free murderers, mobsters, child rapists, etc. Reminds me of that Al Pacino flick, “And Justice For All,” where Pacino plays another Serpico like role in the form of lawyer, Arthur Kirkland.

  21. Eduardo gomez 09:34am, 01/25/2015

    I don’t care about the fight is being a long time waiting for it they are playing with the boxing fan at the end we pay for the fight everybody should boycott the fight and let them know who is on control.

  22. FrankinDallas 09:04am, 01/25/2015

    Arum is inflating balls again. And deflating our balls.

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