No Judges Needed

By Ted Sares on June 24, 2012
No Judges Needed
This time Matthysse brought his own judges—C.J. Left and Duane Right (Showtime)

“Whenever one of them did something impressive, the other almost always fired back with something meaningful of his own. It was the textbook definition of a ‘crowd-pleaser.’”—Geoffrey Ciani (ESB)

“I like knockouts.”—Freddie Roach

“I like knockouts.”—Manny Steward

Lucas Matthysse (now 31-2, 29 KOs) was arguably the victim of hometown decisions (aka stiffed by the judges) against 1) Zab Judah and 2) Devon Alexander, but this time he brought his own judges—C.J. Left and Duane Right—and they made things academic as he stopped the unstoppable Humberto Soto (58-8-2) with a strong and malefic charge at the end of round five. Three straight overhand rights left Soto with a blank and scary stare after beating the count. Soto’s corner assessed things between rounds five and six and then made a sensible and compassionate call by instructing the referee to stop matters.

This was a real crowd-pleaser with grueling nonstop action. The tough Mexican employed great combinations to fight on equal terms with the Argentinean KO Artist (sporting a KO percentage of 85) until Matthysse’s early body work slowed Soto down allowing Lucas to impose his will and overwhelm Soto.

The fight was a precursor to the equally thrilling main even between Victor Ortiz and Josesito Lopez.  In that one, the judges had Ortiz ahead at the time of the stoppage by the scores of 86-85, 87-84 and 88-83. I had Lopez ahead 86-85 at the time Ortiz was forced to quit. Controversy would have ruled had this one gone the distance. However, Lucas Matthysse, now the WBC Continental Americas light welterweight titleholder, confirmed what most fight fans know; namely, knockouts remove all doubts.

Look for Matthysse to become the next big Argentinean boxing attraction and quite possibly the successor to Sergio Martinez in that regard.

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  1. The Thresher 09:01am, 06/25/2012

    There is no such thing as a bad “early stoppage” unless you are watching GLADIATORS.

  2. TEX HASSLER 08:20am, 06/25/2012

    The same thing that makes boxing great is the same thing that gets fighters killed and that is the will to win and the desire to not be a quitter. Corner people need to be extra observant and need to stop a fight before the will to not quit gets there guy killed or seriously injured.

  3. FrankinDallas 06:32pm, 06/24/2012

    Props to Soto’s corner…stopped it when they realized he was way out on queer street. Although had this been in Mexico, I’ll bet the crowd would have booed them. Aztec blood surely flows in those guys.

  4. The Thresher 04:33pm, 06/24/2012

    ok ok, points taken. I will QUIT.

  5. Don from Prov 03:26pm, 06/24/2012

    Well, I’m sorry to disagree, but while I’d not question the heart of anyone who gets in the ring and takes a chance on his/her life every time, there are differences in how mentally tough some fighters are: Some, to me, are unfathomable in what they are willing to go through to win, while others cannot hold up mentally to the same degree.  On another thread Teddy Atlas talks about Vitali “quitting” in an early match but then proving he indeed had heart.  I’ve always felt, but of course cannot really know, that George Foreman could have gotten up against Ali but that his will was broken—and that in his comeback he decided to never have that happen again.  Roberto Duran quit against Leonard,  but that was against a boxer he disdained and who was beginning to clown him.  Duran showed time and time again, before and after that fight, that his will was hard to break.  I’d rather try to break the will of Cotto than that of Margarito.  Anyway, I’m not saying that endless heart is always consistent, or even a very healthy thing to have sometimes, I would say that I’ve seen Ortiz quit twice in fights/ circumstances that other boxers have battled through and SEEM to lose it mentally in other fights.  That’s all.  And, by the way, I’d add that mental toughness plays a part in every sport, from tennis and golf to the MMA, and that it plays a part in politics, business, and about anything else anyone could mention.

  6. The Thresher 02:49pm, 06/24/2012

    Irish, I tend to agree with on Ortiz. He is weird but I would never question his heart.

  7. The Thresher 02:48pm, 06/24/2012

    Pug, I am in the zone. It won’t last.

  8. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 01:49pm, 06/24/2012

    Ted Sares-Much has been made of Ortiz’ perceived lack of resolve on some other sites….I for one am not inclined to judge his heart or his soul for that matter….in my view it’s all about remembering…for example Mathysse’s shots that concussed Soto last night made him forget….that he had a big heart…..that he had big balls…..that he was there to fight to the finish….and for that matter that he was in fact himself, Humberto Soto, a professional fighter. For my part, it’s not hard to imagine that a serious injury like a fractured mandible just might cause another professional fighter to forget as well.

  9. Don from Prov 12:03pm, 06/24/2012

    Well that card re-enegized me a little after the recent (overhyped) Manny and Money matches.  Lopez did what too many folks are trying to say Floyd did against Cotto in rising to face a very real danger.  I feel badly for Ortiz who simply does not have the mental toughness that sets top fighters apart from the rest of the world.  And Matthysse?  I’ve thought for a while that he was more Maidana than Maidana EVER was.  Got to love Matthysse.  Any bets on what happens if he ever hits Khan with some of those flush right hands?????

  10. pugknows 10:13am, 06/24/2012

    Jesus Christ Ted, you are churning those blogs out and they are very timely if I do say so myself. Keeps me off other sites. Keep ‘em coming but take a f—king rest once in a while. You are a madman!

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