Not a Part-Time Job

By Gordon Marino on June 12, 2012
Not a Part-Time Job
“When Floyd loses, his whole life story will change, but not Manny. He still will be the same.”

A few weeks ago Brother Naazim told me that one of the differences between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao was this—“When Floyd loses, his whole life story will change, but not Manny. He still will be the same.” The famous and sagacious trainer believes that Pacquiao is special, that he has a calling that goes beyond winning bouts. 

Manny’s expression and behavior after receiving the bum decision Saturday night bears out Brother Naazim’s astute observation. Mayweather would have gone bonkers. Pacquiao was not only gracious, he seemed almost relieved—perhaps for being temporarily excused from the endless and ridiculous waltz around a possible Mayweather bout. 

From a psychological and spiritual point of view, it is good that Pacquiao does not define his life in terms of his won-lost record. And yet, since he fully intends to continue campaigning he needs to get his ego eggs back in the ring.

There is an element of grandiosity in the former street kid from the Philippines to imagine that he could stay at the top of his bruising craft and at the same time function as a congressman, singer, actor, and now as a veritable evangelist. 

When Pacquiao was beginning his assent to the peak of professional boxing, there was glee in his eyes. He was an argument against Joyce Carol Oates’ claim that boxing is not something you play.  It is understandable, but that sense of joy and play has seeped away.

There was more strife in Pacquiao’s camp than there was in the ring on Saturday night. Pacquiao’s cutman, Miguel Diaz, has been at war with conditioning coach Alex Ariza. Freddie Roach is ticked at Ariza. In the razor’s edge world of high stakes pugilism you need a unified team. I know Pacquiao is a soft touch, but Congressman Pacquiao needs to stop being the politician and take control of his camp and corner.

Pacquiao is all about respect but Manny needs to respect the sweet science enough to understand that being the best pugilist on the planet requires your full attention and is not a part-time gig.

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Brother Nazim Richardson - The Boxing Scholar (by GP)

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  1. gordon marino 06:23pm, 06/13/2012

    Jun, thanks for taking the time to write. I think Manny deserved the decision but not by much - and as you note, without a knockdown. Hope all is well.

  2. jun nebrao 05:31pm, 06/13/2012

    actually,one thing in my mind,that a filipino fighter can win by knockout outside in the phl,an manny does on his lates fights,but now on his previous fights,he win by decisions,thats why on bradley, they dont have to knock him down in order to win,an thats on manny mind,even her some of boxing expert.they believe that pacquiao loss to marquez on thier 3rd fights,how about on thier first fight,with marquez,we are not amazed if it will happened again,thanks to those people who believe that manny,the other one, is bradley is in P4P KINg ranking

  3. raxman 03:35pm, 06/13/2012

    irish - don’t put any credence in the stats given by hbo - compubox is the greatest mismoner ever. a calculater could do what the computer does in this statistical system. they can give the impression that its scientifically accurate but people forget that at the end of the day its just two dudes with a fighter and 4 buttons each. if kellerman and co can totally miss punches landed by bradley and give credit to pac for missed punches then so can the compududes, espec when the crowd are oohing and ahhing for everything pac does - early in the fight bradley caught a pac left with his open right glove and the crowd went nuts as if it had dropped him. gordon is right about the second half of the fight its not hard to give bradley the majority of those rounds.
    despite what roach says this was not manny’s best performance in years, in fact it was so far and away from his usual work rate that i’m sure thats why the judges ruled the close rounds against him. manny is a victim not of corruption but of his high standards in past fights - its not just or fair per se but it is what it is

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 02:01pm, 06/13/2012

    Gordon-Here’s the thing about 115-113….one more round for Tim and it’s a draw. I, like some others was puzzled by Manny not opening up til what seemed like the last minute of each round throughout the bout. However, when he did start firing in those last minutes he was hurting and routing Tim consistently and in my view overcame anything Tim did in the first two minutes. The “championship rounds” were less than champion as well. Nevertheless, this was one of Manny’s better outings both offensively and defensively…he was not bruised and never buzzed at any time during the fight. I had him winning at least twice as many rounds as Tim….and what is confounding to many plain old fans like myself is that all three judges didn’t see it the same way. It really looked like Manny needed to score a knockdown or two to separate himself from Bradley.

  5. gordon marino 01:25pm, 06/13/2012

    I think Manny won but again I don’t think he by any means dominated rounds 7-12. MP is the harder puncher—but Bradley landed some decent counters and body shots. How did you have it scored. Manny had it 9-3. And what is your criterion—who did the most damage in each rd?  I’m still at 115-113 for MP? Thanks.

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 01:11pm, 06/13/2012

    Christ Almighty! Let’s go through this one more time with feeling….it was a professional fight and should be judged accordingly….Manny out landed Tim at a rate of 2 to1 in the power punch category (throughout the bout not just in a round here and there). He hits twice as hard as Tim and had Bradley hurt at least a half dozen times throughout the bout. As you keep reviewing the fight over and over and see more good things that Tim did, eventually Roth’s score will flip to favor Bradley too!  You guys are supposed to be experts….are you playing Devil’s Advocate….what’s going on here?

  7. Gordon Marino 09:07am, 06/13/2012

    I did watch it without the commentary yesterday and without the slo mos and punch stats—and I saw the bout as even closer. still Manny on top. Thanks.

  8. paul 01:05am, 06/13/2012

    The corner issue was strange, on the 24/7 show Roach said Ariza ‘would not corner manny in the fight’ - but he did. Seems king manny calls the shots and Roach knows he has to accept it. Probably wouldn’t work like that with most coaches and their fighters I guess. Manny has sway because of obvious reasons, but perhaps this is actually working against him in this case. TBH, I’d like to see the kind of beatdown Marquez could put on Bradley, after watching Manny’s lack-luster effort

  9. raxman 06:15pm, 06/12/2012

    gordon - you have to turn the commentary off - listening to hbo team you’d think bradley didnt land a punch. in fact some of bradley’s best punches were given no attention and at times kellerman even said pac drove bradley back with the left hand when bradley simply moved back as pac threw the punch - a punch that missed by feet not inches.
    i don’t necessarily think bradley won but i do think pac’s attempt to steal rounds back fired and instead of cheerleading manny the kellerman & co could’ve made more of why pac was fighting 60 seconds when previously he has fought the whole round

  10. Gordon Marino 05:24pm, 06/12/2012

    Dear Maxtorlives,
    I just went back and looked at the vid without the commentary—Manny landed some hooks early on but not in the second part of the fight. Bradley landed some decent right and left hooks to the body and was a better counter puncher than Roach anticipated. Tell me that Manny wasn’t slow at 147. And when he jabbed he was spread out - didn’t bring his back foot up. Thanks.

  11. maxtorlives 05:17pm, 06/12/2012

    @ gordon marino - Manny didn’t need to throw those punches. as far as hooks, go back look at the vid. his short left hooks were getting in when TB rotated to the right. straight lefts was all manny needed. TB swings like girl, really he does. the dude can’t jab or throw a straight punch. manny hit him so hard his straw legs wobbled & as a result his ankle bent. so get it straight bro.

  12. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 03:49pm, 06/12/2012

    There were two crimes perpetrated Saturday nite…Rojas mugged Arce employing a head butt…low blow….kidney punch….rabbit punch combo….all “unintentional”... then later on Ford and Ross double teamed Manny…their assault was a lot more subtle, but nevertheless just as effective. As I posted on another thread, it’s surprising that Rojas didn’t kick Travieso when he was down and then turn out any pockets (unlikely but you never know) he may have had on his trunks. This ND was BS….Rojas should have been DQ’d! His dumbfounded “who me”....“what did I do” look was just as grating as Tim’s sour mugging of Manny at the weigh-in (which by the way didn’t last very long once Manny started cracking his noggin with those hard, nasty, cracking shots which some on this site so easily discount!)

  13. raxman 03:12pm, 06/12/2012

    gordon - this is a great article mate. manny was out of condition and i don’t care what anyone says you don’t take 2 minutes of almost every round off and rely on your name winning you the fight. in this case i think manny’s past performance may have even played in to what the judges saw given how un-pac that performance was - despite what the hbo cheerleaders would have us believe.  and how can you look past all of the outside distraction not the least of which is a corner that acts like a bunch of school girls snipping at each other

  14. raxman 03:07pm, 06/12/2012

    irish - he rolled his foot mate. in the 4th. it was after a decent shot but really under no pressure. after that he couldn’t move and fight as a counter puncher for several rounds until the endorphins kicked in by late in the fight

  15. gordon marino 01:05pm, 06/12/2012

    Hey Frankie. Not a chronic condition he hurt it badly in the second round but it wasn’t from taking Manny’s shots. Again, I think Manny won—I think we probably disagree on what happened in rds 7-12. And I think Tim deserves some kudos for his performance. Even Manny said that he won 3 rds. Thanks and keep punching.

  16. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 12:39pm, 06/12/2012

    Gordon Marino- You are a fine writer and a knowledgeable at that….but I guess we agree to disagree. You reference Tim’s bad pins….is this a chronic condition with Tim…not that I’ve heard….how about this….Manny was hitting Tim so hard and so consistently throughout the bout that at different times Tim’s legs were unsteady contributing to a situation where not one but both ankles gave out. Other experts on cite Manny’s front foot as the culprit….I say it had everything to do with those hard cracking shots Manny was landing over and over again at a 2 to 1 ratio!

  17. gordon marino 10:29am, 06/12/2012

    I respectfully disagree. i think there is more at issue - even though I had Pac winning. He barely landed a hook or an uppercut and was unable to put combinations together. He was in there with a guy who had no pins and still faded.

  18. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 10:02am, 06/12/2012

    Gordon Marino-Now you’re really getting out into the weeds….what’s at issue here is a professional championship boxing match, that to say the least, was not competently judged and scored….and the point in question is why.

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