NSAC Slaps Canelo’s Wrist

By Robert Ecksel on April 18, 2018
NSAC Slaps Canelo’s Wrist
The Nevada State Athletic Commission voted to suspend Canelo Alvarez for six months.

Insofar as the tainted meat business is concerned, it has always felt like the dog ate my homework excuse…

As punishment for twice testing positive for clenbuterol and blowing the rematch with Gennady Golovkin, the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) unanimously agreed to suspend Canelo Alvarez for six months.

If all goes well during that time, he will return to active duty in August.

Canelo’s promoter, Golden Boy Promotions, released a statement today about the suspension:

“As we have maintained all along, the trace amounts of clenbuterol found in Canelo’s system in February came from meat contamination, and we provided the Nevada State Athletic Commission with a great deal of evidence to support those facts.

“Although most professional sports, international anti-doping agencies and United States boxing commissions treat meat contamination differently from other positive tests, Nevada does not. Canelo and Golden Boy Promotions respect the rules of Nevada and are therefore satisfied with the settlement agreement reached today.

“Canelo looks forward to returning to the ring in September for Mexican Independence Day weekend to represent Mexico and boxing in what will be the sport’s biggest event of the year. He is ready to continue his remarkable record of fighting at the highest level.”

Those who felt Canelo should be drawn and quartered will have to find another target.

Insofar as the tainted meat business is concerned, it always felt like the dog ate my homework excuse, but in six months, assuming Canelo keeps out of trouble, today’s goings-on will be a blur.

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  1. ringboxer 01:01pm, 04/20/2018

    Canelo is a cheat, will do it again. Boxing is going down hill with guys like him. Like to know who he paid off to go back and make millions after cheating. The NSAC is for sure on the take, They should all be fired.

  2. Koolz 03:55am, 04/20/2018

    you should know that the whole Russian being on something was all made up!
    It happen to effect multiple countries though.  Due to current events it’s quite easy to follow the sociological and psychological goings on involved with Russian Bashing.

    now since out Justice system is Maritime Law I shall say this about Canelo in September.
    “It’s all just water under the bridge.”

  3. SlayWithTheTruth 10:11am, 04/19/2018

    IF Canelo was a Russian athlete you know damn well he wouldn’t receive any special treatment. Seems like when it is a Russian or Eastern European popped, they always have to face a stiff penalty.  Speaking of Russia, one of the world’s most respected journalist on the Middle East, the UK’s Robert Fisk says there were no “gassings” in Syria.

  4. Balaamsass 06:01am, 04/19/2018

    If the settlement doesn’t provide that he train here in the USA and submit to random tests it’s all bullshit! There’s too much at stake here for the redhead and Golden Boy….of course he’ll go back to Mexico and start doing the same shit all over again….he’ll just be more careful this time because he knows the tainted meat lie won’t fly. He knows and so does GB that he can’t defeat GGG on a level playing field!

  5. Pete The Sneak 04:20am, 04/19/2018

    “but in six months, assuming Canelo keeps out of trouble, today’s goings-on will be a blur.”  No truer words were spoken Robert…Peace.

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