O’Connor Hospitalized, Fight Off

By Robert Ecksel on July 6, 2018
O’Connor Hospitalized, Fight Off
O’Connor was two pounds overweight and tried to sweat off those pounds in the sauna.

The challenger reportedly collapsed while leaving the sauna and was hospitalized with severe dehydration…

Saturday’s title fight between reigning and defending WBC super lightweight championship Jose Ramirez and Danny O’Conner was called off after the challenger was hospitalized.

O’Connor was two pounds over the stipulated weight and tried to sweat off those pounds in the sauna. He reportedly collapsed while leaving the sauna and was hospitalized with severe dehydration.

Joe DeGuardia, O’Connor’s promoter, told ESPN.com, “They’ve already given him four bags of fluids and it hasn’t had an effect yet, so they admitted him.

“He was shaking off the last two pounds…His body just gave way. He was out of it.

“This is the first time I’ve been in this situation,” said Ramirez. “I’m very shocked. I weighed in because I wanted to show everyone that I did my part and cut the weight that I had to cut. I sacrificed 10 weeks away from home and got myself ready for this fight. I don’t even know what to say.”

The co-main between Egidijus Kavaliauskas and Juan Carlos Abreu is now the main event.

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  1. Casanovita de Ahome 11:46am, 07/07/2018

    Can’t fathom that look on Danny’s face or his body language during pre-fight appearances for that matter….maybe “resigned” is the best description.

  2. Ollie Downtown Brown 10:05am, 07/07/2018

    When I was younger and drinking heavily on the weekends, me and my drinking buddy had the brilliant idea that sweating out the alcohol in a steam room the next day had to be “healthy.” smdh. Here we were dehydrated as hell from the alcohol the night before and sweating gallons the next day in a steam room. I guess when you are young and strong you can get away abusing your body that way.  It seemed to work ONLY because we thought it had to work. Thankfully we were drinking water between trips to the steam room.  “Bro science” at its finest.

  3. peter 09:51am, 07/07/2018

    I mis-wrote—I had meant “steam room” when I wrote “sauna”. Yes—the steam room is definitely more pernicious.

  4. Ollie Downtown Brown 08:18am, 07/07/2018

    This might be another good reason to drop these ridiculous “tweener” junior and super classes. Maybe if this guy had to fight at 147lbs, which is probably his natural fighting weight, he wouldn’t have had to dry out so much to make weight. And weigh ins should be performed the day of the fight like they were back in the day. This would stop this insanity of some guy fighting for the “middleweight title” while actually fighting near or at the light heavyweight limit the night of the fight. I always thought the steam room was more effective at quickly dropping a few pounds than a sauna. However, a steam room takes more out of the body than a sauna, especially someone who is extremely dehydrated.

  5. peter 07:28am, 07/07/2018

    Hope Danny bounces back strong…Two pounds is too much to lose in a sauna. Rusty Rosenburger, in his book, “Unclaimed Destiny—The Heart of a Champion”,  claims he sustained permanent brain damage after severe dehydration before a fight. He claims the fluid in his cranium was so depleted that it could not cushion the shots to his head that he suffered in his fight…I will always remember in the TV show, “The Contender”, when Cornelius Brundage was shown crawling out of a sauna after trying to make weight…Recently, I was in a sauna in my gym, and this well-conditioned, middle-aged, guy started convulsing after a prolonged visit in the sauna. They needed to wheel him out on a gurney.

  6. Casanovita de Ahome 06:23am, 07/07/2018

    Speaking of shittyass 1000 to 1 “fights”....in his debut engagement Casanovita de Ahome fought future Hall of Famer Kid Azteca???!!! At the time the Kid had over 150 fights! Casanovita ended his “career” 0 and 3 all KOd bys! His three opponent’s records totalled together over 200 fights!!!! This is boxing in a nutshell Ramirez just wanted to carry on the grand tradition!

  7. Casanovita de Ahome 06:05am, 07/07/2018

    This one was a recipe for disaster any Goddamned way! Ramirez is disappointed?! What does he want…..Danny to be disconnected from the IV long enough for him to get his shittyass 100 to 1 KO?! Hell no! Abreu step aside and Egidijus step in….that’s a fight!

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