“On Experts” / Canelo TKO’d

By Michael Schmidt on August 30, 2013
“On Experts” / Canelo TKO’d
Who’s to argue with a bricklayer named "The Bear" who is sporting an undefeated record!

What you’re looking for, pertaining to this boxing expert business, is somebody with a “track record” of taking a stand and picking a winner…

“An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which could be made, in a narrow field.”—Niels Bohr

The Big Fight / Mayweather vs. Canelo

Boxing’s Biggest Expert Weighs In!

“The Experts” are out in full force, picking the winner, and shoeshining, verbally, quicker than best Olympic boxer 1976, Val Barker Award winner Howard Davis Jr. There will be roundtables, blogs, Monday morning mailbags, Friday morning mailbags, Twitter, radio shows and, for the most part, “it won’t mean a fucking thing” according to boxing’s biggest expert.

What you’re looking for, pertaining to this boxing expert business, is somebody with a “track record” of taking a stand and picking a winner. I wouldn’t presume to define or evaluate what is called an “expert” in this boxing world. Some of the boxing “experts” opinions are offered up as those of sage old-timers of yesteryear. I suspect, however, that it simply involves, this expert business, individually, with little pretense of objectivity, letting everybody know, subjectively of course, that you are offering your opinion as an “expert,” be that as it may, as trainer, fighter, writer, promoter, radio jock or spectator.

Of course there are EXPERTS and then there are experts. When Gil Clancy called a fight he already had the next round choreographed for your viewing mind as to what would likely occur, as a portent of pugilism, and he was rarely wrong in his opinions. How about the likes of a guy like Joe Goossen? When he speaks one should simply shut up and listen. The same can be said for a host of others including Teddy Atlas, Sarge Johnson, and Kenny Adams. They are that good! These are the trainer expert types. NACHO! NACHO RULES!

Now there are the other “expert” types of the trained watching type. They are abundant. Some are superb and of course some of them are simply god-awful. Max Kellerman’s comments and questions always seem bang on. His on the road visitation of Paul Williams training camp after Paul was knocked out by Sergio Martinez was superb. Kellerman’s post-fight in the ring questions are logical and to the point. Similarly, I always enjoyed the Fight Doctor Ferdie Pacheco’s superb insightfulness. It was also fun that he could flow seamlessly to Spanish during interviews so that nothing was lost in translation.

Now, certainly the trained watching types may have never laced on a pair of gloves and punched somebody in the nose, but that does not disqualify them anymore than a great number of the trainer types who never had glorified squared circle careers. My case and point would be the legendary Angelo Dundee, who most certainly was an expert. Not all experts are fighters, not all fighters are experts, and not all trainers were fighters and not all fighters make good trainers. For anyone that ever had the pleasure of speaking with Archie Moore they would surely attest to his magical quality of expertise in his waxing on the finer points of the sweet science. Now there was a fighter, then trainer, who truly was an expert. This expert business gets confusing does it not but in the end result we are still looking for that pick the winner person for what else is the ultimate litmus expert test!

“An expert is one that knows more and more about less and less.”—Nicholas Butler

I could probably give you an unending list of experts gone wrong simply to point out, not to name names but rather to let you know, as an observer, that you may very well qualify, not as an expert, but rather as one of the better experts. Hell, I’ve been observing, expertly, since my first expertly viewed scrap, Leotis Martin vs. Sonny Liston. I expertly watched that with Dear Old Pops, may he rest in peace, by expertly putting my butt on the couch, expertly eating some popcorn, and expertly shutting my mouth as matters unfolded and Dear Old Pops chugged away on his Black Label beer while tossing out the not so odd F-Bomb.

Let me make a few cases in point if you expertly missed part of my point:

1. Oscar De La Hoya: According to Oscar, “Money May” should be down at least two losses (Ortiz and Guerrero). Oscar is not doing very well when it comes to Mayweather. And don’t think it was by accident that Floyd decided to light Oscar up a little bit about his losing ways at the last press conference. You see all these Mayweather uncles and Floyd are devil-May-care when it comes to the psychology part of boxing, which is very important. Further, when you bring your mother and your kids to a press conference, as Floyd did, and have to listen to a bunch of obnoxious morons booing away, then hey, fair game to do a little devil-May-care.

Canelo of course, has had Oscar along for the entire press junket and no doubt Oscar is seen or felt by Canelo as an advisor and someone’s opinion to be trusted, a boxing security blanket, as you may, whether, psychologically speaking. 

Out comes Floyd to bash Oscar’s loser picking ways and that was expertly done in the psyche department. For every Mayweather there is a season. In this particular case he cast some doubt Canelo’s way in terms of putting one’s reliance on a guy in Oscar who isn’t doing very well in the pick-‘em department!

2. Marvin Hagler vs. Sugar Ray Leonard
Donald Curry – Hagler in 7 or 8                            
Eddie Futch – Hagler by decision                                              
Larry Merchant – Hagler by a late round stoppage                            
Joyce Carol Oates – “I’m not saying Leonard is mad, but he’s touched with madness to do this. He’s mesmerized with Hagler, and not thinking rationally. Hagler will win; it’s just a matter of how.” Nope!                         

Seriously now, how many people were or would have picked Leonard at the time? How about a real pick-‘em expert, and trainer to boot, Ray Arcel. “If he (Hagler) lets Leonard get started, Leonard will outbox him for all 12 rounds.” And how about writer William Nack? “The guess here is that Leonard has both his legs beneath him, and in defiance of history and logic, he will win.”

3. Larry Holmes vs. Michael Spinks 
Bob Foster – Holmes by KO in 2 or 3 rounds            
Mike Jones – Homes by 15-round decision                                  
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad – Homes in 5 or 6 rounds…Nope!

4. Roberto Duran vs. Davey Moore
Hall of Famer Shelly Finkel – Moore (In fairness we would be remiss if not giving Finkel’s pick on Hagler vs. Leonard: “I think Hagler has slipped tremendously. He got hit plenty by Mugabi. If Ray has his legs under him, I don’t think Hagler has a chance.” Do you see what I see? Apparently Mr. Finkel could sing the song! Superb!!!)
Jim Jacobs – Moore from the 1st round of the fight for as long as it takes Michael Katz – Moore by decision…Nope!

5. Roberto Duran vs. Iran Barkley – over 34 “Experts” all picked Barkley and all were expertly wrong. The superb fight writer Ron Borges was the only person to pick Duran. If you follow Mr. Borges’ picks over the years he most certainly is an “Expert”. You would be running good averages on your expert picks if you follow Mr. Borges’ comments. 

Looking for Mr. Turner

That would be Richard G. Turner of Quaker Hills, Connecticut.  Back in 1970 Boxing Illustrated ran a contest for their expert fans (surely anyone who is a fan of boxing, a diminishing quantity from the glory days of the ‘40’s and ‘50s of yesteryear, is an expert would you not agree!); pick the winner of Frazier vs. Ellis, the round/result and the number of knockdowns. Five hundred and eleven entries later (148 picked Ellis) Mr. Turner had it as clean and perfect as that big Frazier left hook that dumped Mr. Ellis on the seat of his pants. He had it right down to the number of knockdowns. Now there is an expert. As a side note I might tell you that the soothsayer of Quaker Hills, Mr. Richard G. Turner, was awarded a lifetime subscription, for free, to Boxing Illustrated. There’s probably an expert out there that can let me know when Boxing Illustrated ceased to publish!  Eh, Fearless Editor how about an expert pick Boxing.com contest on some of these big fights coming up through the fall season and offering a lifetime subscription to Boxing.com, for free! Hey! Maybe Top Rank or HBO can have a pick a winner competition and offer some ringside tickets! I digress!

I suppose, in consideration of this expert business, one could simply rely upon “the book” as in the Casino Sport Book, etc. The lads that set the odds, “the book” surely guess/get it right. I mean, in the end, the house always Wynn’s. Hmmm! Buster Douglas dropping the not even remotely Iron Mike? The odds were so in favor of the not so Iron Mike that night that Buster might as well have been a dead man walking. Now having said that, I suspect if you were examining that fight, by “the book” and studying appropriately book smart, the fact that the not so Iron Mike had been dropped heavily in sparring, shortly before the fight, by Greg Page may have provided an expert hint indeed. The sparring session was immediately stopped! I better rethink this buy “the book” business and, besides, the house in the long or short run always Wynn’s and the boss ain’t ever given up his house. No Sir!!

Boxing Biggest Expert Checks In

You probably don’t recall Frank “The Bear”. He sat ringside with me for Khan vs. Judah a few years back. It seem like just yesterday when, ringside, Frank “The Bear” commented, “Hey Chief (Schmidt), do me a good one would ya? Sneak on over and ask one of the ‘experts’ who Boone Kirkman is. I betcha they think it’s one of the audio tech guys for the TV.” In the spirit of things I asked Frank if we should go over and ask if anybody had seen Flash Elorde and see if they looked over at the camera guys. Well, Frank “The Bear” ended the evening as follows: “Hey Chief (Schmidt), I got one last one for you. This expert business has me going. They should have a professional boxing expert designation school, like a bricklaying college apprentice thing, where you gotta get qualified. Hoya, now that would be fun to teach. Class, open your book to page two. Do any of you dumb little experts have a clue who Boone Kirkman is? Johnny Internet how about you? Ricky Radio how about you? Nancy Newspaper how about you? Chief, I’m the guy, I’m telling you.”

Frank “The Bear” called in yesterday. “Schmidty me boy, how are ya, you lousy Square Head, its Sammy Goss calling.”

Schmidt: “Frankie ‘The Bear’ to what or to whom do I owe the pleasure”

Frank: “I thought I’d give you a quick call and see if you got that envelope with the little gift of yesteryear from our mutual friend. I thought I’d let you know how Canelo is going to get busted up. Now, first things being first, Sammy Goss, Sammy Goss, come on kid give it to me…”

Schmidt: “Too easy Frankie, he could have been a Champion for sure, great inside fighter and great outside boxer as well and really did a shutout number on another guy who could have been Champion, Walter Seeley. Further, Frankie, way too easy as Sammy fought on the ABC Felt Forum fight cards that were on Saturday TV back in the early ‘70s. Hell of a talent!”

Frank: “What weight Schmidty?”

Schmidt: “Fuck Frank, give me a break here, lightweight, I believe.”

Frank: “Not quite Schmidty, not quite”

Frank: “Don’t be surprised if Mayweather does that old school thing where you’ve got a Bull who thinks he’s simply going to walk through a boxer and overpower him. He may come out in the first round and get Canelo’s attention by cracking him a good hard one;  as much as a good hard one is for Mayweather. Jr. may start a lot faster than he normally does. If he banks a few rounds early it is going to put one hell of a lot of pressure on Canelo to take additional chances. Besides Chief, did you see how gassed Canelo looked against Trout? He was milking the minute of a few rounds. When the kid misses big, and he does and he will, Floyd is going to give him instant leather back.”

“Here’s the deal on Canelo. He is a young exciting guy, but for this fight he is going to be too slow of feet, too slow on the hands, no head movement, and even though the whiskers seem to be okay if you watch him wibble wobbling all over the ring in his fight with the other Cotto, where he’s looking a little drunk in the first round, he sure as hell didn’t know how to hold on, or what to do, other than to take a couple more shots from Cotto in that scrap even though it was a while back.”

“Yes, the young guy’s chin is up to be had, and he is a straight in and straight out kind of fighter. Besides, you think little Floyd picked this guy Chief, looking at the video, going ‘wow this guys going to be a big problem. I sure would like to fight a guy that’s a big problem.’ Fuck no! All this he’s bigger and stronger shit, hell, Foreman was supposed to be bigger and stronger against Ali. So was “the Quietman” when he fought Roy Jones. Barkley too big, too strong over Duran, Spinks too small for Holmes or Cooney….!  There’s nothing on this kid Canelo’s résumé that’s prepared him for what he’s going to get against Mayweather. One last thing here. Canelo is not your one punch KO artist Julian Jackson style. He wears guys down. That is not going to happen with Floyd. Young Canelo is going to tire mentally and physically much sooner than later and get his rooster TKO’d around ten or eleven. What do you think Chief, Schmidty?”

Schmidt: “I think I’ll check Dan Rafael’s Twitter closer to the fight Frank. Frank, Frank, are you still there…”

Frank: “Yeah, I’m still here. Hey Chief, who is 10-0 on the big fights since we met and who’s the guy 9-1, that lost some big dough on Anselmo Moreno vs. Mares?”

Schmidt: “Well, that Moreno was a cheap shot Frankie. But, by the record you are the expert!”

Frank: “Mayweather is going to bust Canelo up, and not that this even remotely needs to be spoken of since Mayweather’s earned his stripes a long, long, long time ago, but the ‘experts’ better give Floyd his due after this one.

I probably forgot to remind you that Frank “The Bear” is a bricklayer by trade.

“Frank, how about Bradley vs. Marquez? Frank, are you there? Frank, Frank…”

Frank: “Hell of a fight but Later Chief. Now about that package we sent you! World Boxing Magazine January 1975. I like that letter to the editor ‘Sound Off’ section. Now, is it the letter from Sherman Bergman from Miami Beach where he expertly points out ‘After Foreman is tired, bloody, and beaten, Ali will trade punch for punch with him and score a clean knockout…I will say to all of you so-called-experts that haven’t given Ali a chance, eat your words.’ No that isn’t it.                       

“Is it the letter from some character named Thomas J. Pollack from Clinton, Mass.? Now this one’s interesting Chief, as old Thomas, in reference to Jerry Quarry advisers, ‘We’re all fed up with Ali, Foreman, Frazier, and how great you blacks are. The blacks are trying squeeze Jerry out of a championship bout.’                           

“No Chief that certainly isn’t what I was looking for.                                   

“Is it page 49 with the full page ad of the naked ‘Love Doll’ 37-23-36 with ‘her soft, fleshy vinyl skin that almost seems real and is guaranteed to please or money back guarantee and she is accommodating in unlimited pleasure’? If you don’t like her you can return her within ten days. Ha Chief, talk about a no strings attached doll fuck. No I think we we’ll move on from there Chief.                                           

Ah, here it is page 50, a letter from some young lad, that I personally happen to know, from a mutual friend, was age 14 at the time and writes as follows: ‘Against the Rock – I am writing about the Rock, Rocky Marciano. Marciano wasn’t a good fighter. He beat old men. Marciano beat over-the-hill champ Joe Louis and still had to go eight rounds. Jersey Joe Walcott boxed rings around the Rock before he ran out of gas. He was at least 38 years old. In his last fight, he fought Archie Moore and was floored before he could stop him in nine rounds. The year after, Patterson stopped Moore in five. Patterson would have been too quick for Marciano. And since Walcott boxed 13 rounds with the Rock, Muhammad Ali would have cut the Rock up and made him look like a clumsy amateur. Foreman would have knocked him cold since old men like Archie Moore could floor him.  Marciano was overrated! I dare you to print this! – Mike Schmidt’            

Chief, you gotta be kidding! Patterson over Marciano? What the hell were you doing Chief, sniffing the helium you should have used to fill up ‘ride around with Judy by your side and impress your friends’ inflate-a-babe! A shit disturber already way back then were you Chief.”

Schmidt: “Well Frankie, I got wiser with age! After watching various Marciano videos closely over the years one comes to the appreciation that there was a great deal of subtle science to that otherwise Blockbuster style. Also having watched the problems Patterson had in his Fight of the Year with George Chuvalo, well, I see Patterson getting knocked out within six rounds!”

Frank: “Chief, spoken like a complete expert! Yesterday I was lying and today I was telling the truth or conversely I don’t know my inflatable from my arse from a hole in the ground!  I think Counselor you better leave the pick the winner business to old Frankie!”

Who’s to argue with a bricklayer nicknamed “The Bear” who is sporting a perfect undefeated record!

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  1. raxman 05:04pm, 09/04/2013

    that made my head spin. had to have another coffee before tackling it a second time. loving frank the bear.

  2. Mike Schmidt 12:59pm, 09/01/2013

    Agreed- only chance is Father time Roy Jones type of thing except Floyd has hands up, shoulder, glove parrrreeeee, elbows tucked whereas Roy relied on God given reflexes which of course with age went by by- Floyd not showing much in the age department—- yet- so, yep - LITTLE, to no chance and Mr. Little I suspect J.Crue will probably leave the MGM somewhere around the fourth round when Canelo’s young bull piss and vinegre’ starts to suck wind. Thanks as always for the post

  3. Jim Crue 08:59am, 09/01/2013

    I once worked with some “young guys” who thought they were boxing experts. I asked them who in their opinion was the greatest fighter of all time. They said in unison, “Ali”. I said what about Ray Robinson, Henry Armstrong,Harry Greb. They replied “who are those guys”? Which just goes to show as Joseph Gobbels said, “lie to the people often enough and they will eventually believe you”
    Canelo has NO chance and if he did Floyd would not fight him.

  4. Mike Schmidt 08:06am, 09/01/2013

    Never thought of that one really before—Why didn’t Frazier fight Patterson—both Madison Square Garden mainstays—styles styles of course Oscar gave Smoke all kinds of trouble the first fight and proved a durable 15 in the rematch—while Floyd boxed the shit out of Oscar I suspect Joe wears him down and stops him but not even remotely as easy as to what he did to Ellis.

  5. Eric 06:45am, 09/01/2013

    @Mike Schmidt

    Agree 100% with your take on the Patterson-Ellis fight. Horrible decision. Others think Floyd got a raw deal in his fights with Quarry but I think Quarry actually won both of those fights. Always wonder how or why Patterson never fought Frazier during those years. Seems like Floyd fought them all with the exception of Frazier while he was making his bid for a third heavyweight title. On paper it would certainly favor Frazier to dismantle Floyd much like he did Jimmy Ellis, but as I stated earlier, Floyd seemed to develop a better chin later on his career. Floyd also seemed to naturally become more mature and stronger, and at least resemble more of a heavyweight than the 182-184lb fighter he was in the beginning of his first reign as heavyweight king. Of course Quarry dropped him a total of four times in two fights but Floyd got up and made both fights highly competitive. Patterson stood up to the bombs of Cooper, Chuvalo, Bonavena, as well as Quarry, all respectable punchers. Maybe they didn’t possess the power of Ingo’s “hammer” or Sonny Liston, but all those fighters had good power.

  6. Mike Schmidt 06:15pm, 08/31/2013

    Not to worry Biker—we got Marquez vs Bradley, we got Mike Alvarado vs R.P. we got Manny vs Gonna bring it Rios—THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT SIR.

  7. bikermike 06:11pm, 08/31/2013

    Holy Shit !!!

    The ticket sales must be WAY below expectations…..that the pbf braintrust would ‘draw the flies’....by putting a picture of THE ROCK…...on the front page of the article…......and the article was about the yawner that is not selling…...pbf vs somebody…not sure of the name .....nor the date

  8. Mike Schmidt 06:11pm, 08/31/2013

    Interesting points Eric—very interesting. I have watched the Patterson vs Ellis Championship fight god knows how many times and for the life of me (and many others) I have no idea how Ellis was given the decision—would have given Floyd a third version of the belt—and yes he thoroughly boxed Oscar’s ears off. I had dinner with Mr Chuvalo a few months back and he firmly believes he won the Ring Magazine fight of the Year vs. Patterson as do I. Anyways I sure as hell was not going to disagree with big George over dinner on it!!!! Side note—George was in his dressing room after the fight when some fight reports came in to advise- -Patterson went to have a shower in his dressing room after the fight and past out in the shower—it was a tough scrap.

  9. Eric 02:21pm, 08/31/2013

    The mid-1960’s version of Floyd Patterson would’ve given Marciano more of a competitive fight than the mid-1950’s to early-1960’s version of Patterson. After all Floyd lasted the distance and beat George Chuvalo, a fighter who was every bit as strong as Marciano, and at 6’1” and about 215lbs, he was a good deal bigger. Chuvalo couldn’t hit like Marciano but he was respectable puncher nonetheless. Even as late as 1972, Floyd would last the distance and beat another “poor man’s Marciano” type of fighter named Oscar Bonavena. Bonavena was another fighter who was strong as a bull, possessed a good punch, but again, not the kind of power Marciano packed in his mitts. Floyd would be decked two times in both his fights with another tough hombre named Jerry Quarry, but Quarry, another fine, tough as nails fighter, just didn’t have the power Marciano possessed. Marciano would’ve had a tougher go defeating the Floyd Patterson of 1965-1972 than he would’ve beating Floyd when he was champion. Floyd was a better fighter in his post championship years. However, in any scenario, Marciano knocks out Floyd.

  10. Eric 01:56pm, 08/31/2013

    Canelo won’t be the “one” to defeat Mayweather. Another boring lopsided decision win for Mayweather. And yes, Floyd would have lost to everyone of those outstanding welters/jr. welters of the eighties. Pryor, Leonard, Duran, Hearns, Benitez would have all defeated Mayweather. Mayweather would’ve even had a tough going defeating the rung of fighters just below those legends, fighters like Cuevas, Palomino, and a prime Donald Curry would’ve given Mayweather all he could handle. Wonder how many Mexican taxi drivers Canelo has beaten, borrowing a line from Greg Haugen.

  11. Mike Schmidt 12:24pm, 08/31/2013

    Irish- The Rock was offered a fight with Ingo after the Patterson fight—he sequestered himself in an intense private only training camp and found he just different have that one and only Marciano drive to do it the way he wanted—not that he didn’t think he would destroy Ingo—because that he did feel. Ringside yeh you got it man—I have sat ringside side by side with the likes of Margo—Tijuana Tornado, Juan Ma, Celestino, Jeff Mayweather and on and on with guys beside me and behind me—asking “should we know those guys” or “who are those guys” BUT HEY WHALES MAKE THE WHEELS GO AROUND AND INDIRECTLY PUT BIG MONEY IN THE MAIN EVENT SCRAPPERS AND SO IT GOES DOWN THE LINE—Irish your posts are always great stuff—adios

  12. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:37am, 08/31/2013

    Eric-Was Patterson ranked when Marciano retired….if only Rocky stayed long enough to do the deed….and I still say Calzaghe should have taken the time to let his hands heal then lured Hopkins to Cardiff for what I believe would have been a Lacy type pounding and thereby saved us all a lot of the ensuing, interminable hyper bullshit. Rocky like Dimaggio was strictly blue collar and tight fisted with a buck, so I’m sure his decision to retire made perfect dollars and sense to him.

  13. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:14am, 08/31/2013

    Mike Schmidt-Which reminds me…I’ve always had the suspicion that a lot of the” late, smart money” that comes in the day of the big fights is really ticket comped Vegas whales that don’t know shit about boxing.

  14. Eric 07:06am, 08/31/2013

    Remember when Cooney fought Holmes, many of boxing’s “experts” including Clancy, as well as fighters like Ali picked Cooney to win. How many people gave Foreman much of a chance in his first meeting with Frazier? Not many. But hindsight is always 20/20 and if they examined how sluggish Frazier had looked against clubfighter Ron Stander, the “wise” choose would’ve been to pick the much larger power punching Foreman over the out of shape, and rusty Frazier. That’s why fighters fight, and fights aren’t won on paper. Patterson over Marciano?! If anyone was made for Marciano it would have been the weak chinned Patterson. Ali might have been perhaps a little too big, and too fast of foot for Marciano and would have had a tremendous reach advantage. While Patterson might have had the fastest hands of any heavyweight champ and a underrated punch, he wouldn’t have troubled Marciano much at all. I could see Marciano knocking Floyd out either early or in the mid rounds, either way, Floyd doesn’t get past the 7th or 8th rounds even in the best scenario for Floyd.

  15. Mike Schmidt 04:30am, 08/31/2013

    And that includes ALL OUR GUYS IN THE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT, T. Spoon, Norman, Teron, Christian, G.T. Clark, Brian, R. Mladinich, Fight Film Collector—MAN DO THESE GUYS KNOW THEIR BOXING SHTUFF—AND ENTERTAIN AT THE SAME TIME.

  16. Mike Schmidt 04:23am, 08/31/2013

    Totally agree GlennR. I am biased of course, as a member of the Fellowship of the Boxing.com, but I happen to think with our Fearless Editor at the helm with his superb skills, along with some of the best long standing educators around—Mike Silver Belt Silver, Ted UpSares down Sares, Gordon how would you like that Marino done, Mike do I have a Casey, Adam first we take Manhattan then we take Berlin, Peter Champion in Emerwrite-us Wood, all of our guys—top of the line superb Educators. I was joking to our Fearless Editor just the other day that yours truly sells cheeseburgers in the article sense while some of our guys, the above, the Matt McGrains, the by George, sell triple AAA prime Steak write ups—WE GOT THE BEST FEARLESS EDITOR AND TO OUR WEB GRANDMASTER AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR THE VIDEO CONTENT IN A HURRY—I WILL BE SENDING OUT COMPLIMENTARY INFLATABLE JUDY’S FOR CHRISTMAS-LET ME KNOW BLONDE OR ...... Adios

  17. Thresher 03:59am, 08/31/2013

    “sod all” I like that

  18. Lee 03:12am, 08/31/2013

    To be fair I picked Leonard over Hagler at the time flying in the face of the workplace consensus. However it is worth pointing out that I knew sod all about boxing back then and that my selection derived from a deep wellspring of willful perversity. That same sensibility has not always stood me in good stead…

  19. GlennR 11:02pm, 08/30/2013

    Id suggest BoxNation needs to educate it readers

  20. FrankinDallas 08:27pm, 08/30/2013

    Everybody named Frank is cool. Fact.

  21. Clarence George 07:37pm, 08/30/2013

    BoxNation’s top 10 list is a travesty.  At least half, most definitely including Mayweather, are nowhere near the top 10.  And no mention of Pep, Saddler, Greb, Langford…ridiculous.

  22. Mike Schmidt 06:58pm, 08/30/2013

    I am kidding on the Pep 400 wins of course- 200 plus but I do say that our Brits over at BoxNation surely should have had their Len Wickwar in the top ten pound for pound on the volume of 300 plus wins- I mean come now!!!!!

  23. Mike Schmidt 06:42pm, 08/30/2013

    That number 4 by the way is Ray Leonard not Benny and on speaking of Ray, Frank has this to say—“Ray knocks May out, Tommy knocks May out,  Hawk Pryor knocks May out, Jose Napoles, in his prime, beats May by a wide and sound decision.” Mayday apparently against all of those gents and I must say I can’t see Floyd as great as he is, and he is, beating Ray Leonard in any which way. Of course the Jury is still out and Floyd has not had or met the proper dance partner yet to draw the final legacy conclusion

  24. Mike Schmidt 06:36pm, 08/30/2013

    Well fellows of the boxing.com I must tell you Frank called in late last night to let it rip. Apparently “BoxNation” concluded an online poll this past month in regards to the top ten all time pound for pound greats….drum roll and to fellow of the boxing.com Matt McGrain and his superb top 100 here is the BoxNation top ten all time poll or as Frank stated- “must be some dumb fuckers out there, in all due respect to the ten who are all great fighters” - here is the poll result
    1 Ali                                                                      
    2. Robinson                                                              
    3. FLOYD MAYWEATHER                                                              
    4. Leonard,                                                                 
    5. Marciano                                                                  
    6. Tyson                                                                
    7. Louis                                                                  
    8. Jones Jr.                                                               
    9. Duran                                                                
    10. CALZAGHE                                                          
    For the record by the by Frank has George Foreman and a prime Sonny Liston squashing Mike Tyson like a bug. Well BoxNation Experts abound and no doubt somewhere in the bottom 100 of the list, after Joe Bugner, Jack Bodell, our “Enry” Cooper, and Tyson Fury we might, just might, find the likes of Armstrong, Pep ( I mean what the hell is a man to do with 400 plus wins, another 600 perhaps!!), Benny Leonard, Langford, Greb, Moore, Dempsey…....A man I hold in the high heavens of true historians, Dr Joe Falletta, physician to five straight Olympic squads and the most astounding recall of boxing history I have ever seen ( more on the Doc another time) no doubt will have to close his office in a sound of silence over this latest expert poll—On the road again lads so adios for the moment and thanks Mr Spoon- the Valdez, again, was superb-turn turn turn hey hey Clarence I like that-not as much as that inflatable Judy though I must say!!!!!!

  25. the thresher 03:52pm, 08/30/2013

    The last 3 Ted’s were The Thresher Ted. Just realized there is another Ted S

  26. Ted 03:45pm, 08/30/2013


  27. Ted 03:41pm, 08/30/2013

    No thanks and I’m an expert which I define as someone who knows what he doesn’t know and I don’t know who would win—Hatton or Canelo

  28. GlennR 03:32pm, 08/30/2013

    Well heres one for you then, Canelo now v a prime Hatton?

  29. Ted 03:29pm, 08/30/2013

    I agree with CG. UD but more action than Guerrero and Canelo will have his spots. Floyd is not quite ready to do a Tzsyu who was not in very good physical shape when Hatton caught him. Big BIG difference here.

  30. GlennR 03:25pm, 08/30/2013

    @ Ted
    Totally with you on the KT fight. It was my 40th the night before and we stayed up till the fight was on the following morning ,here in Sydney ,at a local pub.

    Even turning 40 and a night of drinking didnt help my prediction!

  31. Jack 02:14pm, 08/30/2013

    Hey Frankie, I remember Sammy Goss well. The last time I saw him fight live was against a friend of mine, Augie Pantellas in the Tower Theater in Upper Darby. He was on the receiving end of a SD loss, which I thought he won. This was after Augie had gotten TKO’d by Bobby Chacon at the Spectrum. “Poor Sammy”, the operative word being “poor”, he usually fought in high top sneakers instead of boxing shoes. I saw most of his fights at the Arena, the Blue and the Spectrum from mid 69 ( when I got back from Viet-Nam ) to his 2nd fight with Augie. Sammy was a solid club fighter, he could never beat the top guys! I will stick with my prediction: Floyd by UD, the same as Marquez, Mosley, Cotto and Guerrero, nothing new here!!!!

  32. Clarence George 01:43pm, 08/30/2013

    Most incisive and entertaining.  I laughed out loud at “For every Mayweather there is a season.”  I had the effrontery to tinker with it, and came up with:  “To every Mayweather—turn, turn, turn—there is a season—turn, turn, turn.”

    My own “expert” prediction:  Mayweather by unanimous decision in what will be not quite the snoozefest that was Mayweather-Guerrero.

    By the way, relieved and delighted that you no longer think Patterson would have taken Marciano.  Rocky would have stopped him no later than the second.

  33. Ted Spoon 01:14pm, 08/30/2013

    Nicely done. I remember being absolutely convinced that Kostya Tzsyu was going to destroy Ricky Hatton…how wrong I was! Regarding the big one this year, I would however make the distinction that if Mayweather is to win it will have more to do with ‘dem skillz rather than his opponent’s shortcomings. Don’t let the consensus fool you though, it’s going to be a goodie - you heard it first from this expert!

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