On the Money: Mayweather Outboxes Pacquiao

By Robert Ecksel on May 2, 2015
On the Money: Mayweather Outboxes Pacquiao
At Saturday’s latest Fight of the Century, Dionisia’s juju failed. (Steve Marcus/Reuters)

Floyd Mayweather easily outboxed Manny Pacquiao to a clear unanimous decision victory with scores of 118-110 and 116-112 twice…

Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dionisia Pacquiao’s juju failed. Pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather (48-0, 26 KOs), from Sin City by way of Grand Rapids, Michigan, easily outboxed Manny Pacquiao, (57-6-2, 38 KOs), from General Santos City, Philippines, to a clear unanimous decision victory with scores of 118-110 and 116-112 twice.

Never call a fight the “Fight of the Century” before a punch is thrown. It raises expectations, only to watch them flutter back to earth. Mayweather-Pacquiao succeeded as event, but the fight was boxing’s Icarus, with Floyd Mayweather starring as the sun. It wasn’t a bad fight, per se. But it was no more Fight of the Century than Beyoncé is Nina Simone.

Fighting out of the blue corner in black and gold trunks, Mayweather established his dominance early and never stopped. His defensive mastery, his four-star ring generalship, his lancing jab and laser guided right hand were all it took to win the fight.

Pacquiao, fighting out of the red corner in yellow and red trunks, needed to give Mayweather something to think about. Instead, he barely exited the gate. His anticipated early flurries never materialized. His killer instinct was kaput. If Pacquiao had a game plan, it’s news to me. He failed as 47 men before him had failed and in much the same fashion.

Mayweather’s superior size, longer reach, elevated skills and refined mind were more than Manny knew what to do with. Pacquiao meant well. He gave it his best shot. But his best shot wasn’t enough. It wasn’t even close. Congressman Instinct, an historic figure in the Philippines, was no match for the Boxing Brainiac. Manny tried to get close. He tried to make it a fight. But elusive Mercury Mayweather, dancing to the sound of his own drummer, slid away, just out of range, just out of reach, just out of Pacquiao’s league.

Pacquiao’s been a fine boxing ambassador, whether it was the pre-God Pacquiao, the drinking, fornicating, cockfighting Pacquiao, or the goateed holy man in gloves and satin shorts we see today. But no matter who he was, who he is, who he becomes, Manny is the Buddha of Boxing, the beatific anomaly that smashes stereotypes.

Unfortunately that smashing ability had no effect on the special effect named Floyd Mayweather. Money proved his point. He is unparalleled at what he does. But he is like Wladimir Klitschko. While at opposite poles temperamentally and Steelhammer nukes, neither engages. They do enough to win. We can fete their mastery. We can trumpet their ring IQs. Their fights are another story.

Mayweather says it’s one and done. One more fight, he fulfills his contract, ties Marciano and moves on. He’ll make the transition from magnate to magnate without breaking a sweat, and he will be forever Floyd. Mayweather may be over the top. He may not be to everyone’s tastes. But he redefined boxing in ways both good and bad.

Fights of the Century are made, not born. Fights of the Century, fights like Jack Johnson vs. Jim Jeffries in 1909, like the duet between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling in 1936 and 1938, like the first Ali-Frazier in 1971, bristled with global implications. They were Fights of the Century, not just in name, but in deed.

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  1. Kid Blast 10:44am, 05/09/2015

    Just about every athlete that participates in a high octane sport goes into the contest with some kind of injury, The true warrior does not make excuses after the fact. He just STFU, banks his money, and retires. And he sure as hell doesn’t take a selfie during the walk-in unless he is celebrating the big cash payment before the fact. The entire scenario was and is sickening.

    Manny is a disgrace.

  2. Old Yank 07:12am, 05/09/2015

    The great Vince Lombardy said “football is a game of inches”, signifying how tiny differences of mere inches can alter the outcome of a closely fought contest. This truism may apply to the condition or health i f fighters potentially capable of a closely fought contest. There are rotator cuff injuries and there are rotator cuff injuries—some as incomparable as a broken bone.

  3. Kid Blast 11:30am, 05/07/2015

    For those who question whether Manny could fight with an injured shoulder, I suggest they watch footage of the Mark Potter-Danny Williams fight.

  4. tuxtucis 11:15pm, 05/04/2015

    @gman: if you stop to watch boxing and start to follow mma and cockfighting is only a good thing for boxing…The decline of boxing is showed exactly by the fact that Ward-Gatti matches were elected fights of the year…Those were very funny fights exactly cause they were wrong fights, between two club fighters who had no idea of defense (do you’ve seen what Mayweather did to Gatti?). A match with seven knockdowns (Salido-Kokietgym) is funny, but is not dramatic, is a farce…When boxing was at his best, nobody was shocked if Willie Pep won rounds without hitting: it was only after the rise of latino boxers with the cockfighting mentalityof their fans that defense was thought to be cowardice…

  5. ricci 08:46pm, 05/04/2015

    nice stats.
    for a SCARED champ.
    you’re a legend sir.

  6. gman 06:41pm, 05/04/2015

    Boxing is dead. No longer is it about testing your boxing skills with the goal of knocking out your opponent, but how well you can evade with cameo boxing moves that are supposed to impress boxing fans. The days of Ward and Arturo Gatti are gone. Boxing is not what the boxers of old knew and practiced. MMA will continue to dominate in contact sports. Mayweather learned well and has master “Dancing with the Stars” It’s unfortunate we had to pay so much money to watch something we see for free on Monday nights. A record of 49-0 is a number but we will know that it was calculated, and planned and Mayweather is no where near the caliber of fighter that Marciano was. Too Bad It will be a long time before I spend any money on a fight again.  Good luck HBO, Showtime, mayweather Promotions, and Bob arum.

  7. Kid Blast 09:06am, 05/04/2015

    I had it 117-112

  8. tuxtucis 08:42am, 05/04/2015

    @Lawrence: I’ve to tell you that bareknuckle boxing is no more in vogue from 1890 and that with Queensberry rules there is no obligation to win by ko, you can win on points too…you’ve to know that there is even an Hall of Fame where there are boxers who fought under Queensberry rules and some of them (Loughran, Canto, Locche) has very few wins by ko, percentually far less than Mayweather Jr. Oh, do you see how many beautiful things do you learned today?

  9. PhilipA 08:30am, 05/04/2015

    You only have pac and roach to blame for not sticking to their ‘game plan’. Floyd legs were supposed to be gone, pac barely cut the ring off effectively and that is poor on his and roaches behalf. No one is making excuses for Floyd, he boxes efficiently, he has never been known to go toe to toe, so why on earth would he change that for Pac?
    You’re a sour, delusional hater

  10. Lawrence Swallow 08:21am, 05/04/2015

    Its not a Floyd hater situation for those of us who have seen great fights in the past.  This wasn’t even worth watching!!!!  All Floyd did was RUN!!!  You all make the excuse that he was ‘boxing’.  Bull!!  If he is supposed to be the Champion, the undisputed pound for pound best, he didn’t show it.  Not even close….  If he is the supposed BEST, then he should have been toe to toe with the Pac Man and he should have been trying to knock him out.  Some kind of true PAPER CHAMPION!  And he has the nerve to criticize Muhammad Ali for the rope a dope on Foreman.  What a loser.  His moniker should be Floyd Baaak, Baaak, Baaak, Mayweather…

  11. PhilipA 06:40am, 05/04/2015

    Its absolutely ridiculous of all the hate towards and mayweather even after he clearly dominated PAC. Articles are coming along with the titles of ‘We’ve lined the pockets of a Monster’. Get out of pacs arse jesus.
    Floyd was always going to dominate, only the casuals sold themselves a dream by thinking it was going to be explosive. Floyd NEUTRALISED Pac

  12. tuxtucis 04:06am, 05/04/2015

    If you have time to loose, I will offer my score of the match in three different ways: USA (with no even rounds), Continental Europe (with even rounds), Old British (with 1/2 and 1/4 points):
    1r: US 10-9 FM, CE 10-10, OB 10-9.75 FM
    2r: US 10-9 FM, CE 10-9 FM, OB 10-9.5 FM
    3r: US 10-9 MP, CE 10-10, OB 10-9.75 MP
    4r: US 10-9 MP, CE 10-9 MP, OB 10-8.5 MP
    5r: US 10-9 FM, CE 10-9 FM, OB 10-9.5 FM
    6r: US 10-9 MP, CE 10-9 MP, OB 10-9 MP
    7r: US 10-9 FM, CE 10-9 FM, OB 10-9.5 FM
    8r: US 10-9 FM, CE 10-10, ON 10-9.75 FM
    9r: US 10-9 FM, CE 10-9 FM, OB 10-9.5 FM
    10r: US 10-9 FM, CE 10-9 FM, OB 10-9 FM
    11r: US 10-9 FM, CE 10-9 FM, OB 10-9 FM
    12r: US10-9 MP, CE 10-10, OB 10-9.75 MP
    US 116-112 Mayweather
    Europe 118-114 Mayweather
    Old Britain: 117-115.5 Mayweather

  13. Benny 01:30am, 05/04/2015

    in my opinion i think that the judges wanted mayweather to win. take a look at the last 5 victories he had. same place and building to hold the fight, same winning results by decision only. mayweather hasn’t knocked anyone out since hatton. don’t count ortiz as a knocked out since we all know it was a cheap shot. tell me that something isn’t strange there with his victories.

  14. bradley 08:48pm, 05/03/2015

    boxing redefined:
    - noun box·ing \ˈbäk-siŋ\
    the sport or practice of evading, hugging and sometimes fighting with the fists in a roped square ring according to prescribed rules.

  15. Old Yank 03:07pm, 05/03/2015

    “Fight of the Century”? HELL…it wasn’t even the fight of the night!

  16. Clarence George 01:28pm, 05/03/2015

    I don’t much care if Manny had an injured shoulder.  Didn’t Gene Fullmer beat Florentino Fernandez despite a fractured elbow?  He did indeed.  Suck it up and stop whining should be every boxer’s motto.

  17. Clarence George 01:21pm, 05/03/2015

    If I may, a word in defense of bare-knuckle fighters.  They were anything but unskilled, and it’s precisely because they were ungloved that they didn’t spend a whole lot of time hitting each other in the head.

  18. buraot 01:20pm, 05/03/2015

    I know most people will say this is just an excuse but if you watch the 3rd round, Manny suddenly stopped pummelling Mayweather without any reason when he got him on the ropes.  That’s very not Pacquiao.  The injury also explains why Pacquiao’s not jabbing at all and threw less punches than usual. 

    With a fight this magnitude, Pacquiao team should have came out clean instead of hiding it.  I thought having Pacquiao fight Marquez the 4th time is bad enough, but this is just plain stupid decision on the part of Pacquiao camp.  Very disappointed with Arum, Roach and Fortune.  Manny will fight in whatever circumstances, but as their handler, they should have known better.

  19. Pete The Sneak 12:54pm, 05/03/2015

    Yeah, no big surprises here. Was hoping Pac would have been busier and throw more punches, but you have to credit FMJ for curtailing that. As it is, the fight, as many here pointed out, was no where near what the hype would have made you think. Still, with that said, NYC was abuzz with anticipation in a way I haven’t seen in many years. I was in Manhattan last night and hit a few watering holes before ending up at our designated spot to see the fight (Mason’s Jar in mid-town east side)...and it was just nothing but boxing talk at every location. My son and I had reserved tables at Mason’s ($100.00 a pop, with open bar from 10:00pm-to-2:00am including appetizers and entree’s…Not a bad deal) and we still had to wait on lne to get in. Still, to this day, there is nothing in sports that can match the anticipation of what everyone hopes would be a great fight and matchup. Unfortunately, the fight themselve’s more times than not don’t live up to what is expected…But hey, it was a great boxing hangout. Congrats to FMJ…Peace.

  20. Kid Blast 12:46pm, 05/03/2015

    remembered as a no risk taker and a master in fight negotiations!!!  ==Wlad?

  21. Your Name 12:15pm, 05/03/2015

    Did Floyd win the fight?, YESSSS!!!.Did he punished,humiliated and knocked out Pacman as he said he would?, NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!.Was it the fight of the century?, by a LOOOOONG SHOT NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!.

    Did Floyd stayed in the pocket and took risks (like the masters of technique and defense did:Sugar Ray Leonard, Wilfred Benitez, Roy Jones, James Toney, Macho Camacho, Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker) while (Floyd)  not getting tagged along the way, NOOOOO!.

    If all the great defensive boxers of the past had fought a Floyd Mayweather hit/hugg and run type of all defensive and NO RISK fight through their whole careers then all of them would have retired with a “0” loss on their record, SPECIALLY CAMACHO,BENITEZ AND LEONARD!!!!.Some did fight Mayweather no risk type of fight once in a while in their careers but IT WAS NOT THE NORM OF THE DAY!!!


    Will people remember this fight as the greatest contest between 2 legends?, NO, THIS FIGHT WILL BE EASILY FORGOTTEN !!!!! , ALI/FRAZER, Leonard/Duran 1, Hearns/Hagler, Robinson/Kid Gavilan, Tyson/Lewis, Morales/Barrerras, Ali/Forman, Louis/Schmeling were classic competitive fights (between 2 legends that took risks) to be remembered for the ages!!!!!!!!!!!!.Floyd/Pacman was a chess match to be forgotten within a 5 years span, NO CLASSIC MATCH UP!!!.

    Marciano had 49-0 but he took risks in all his fights and came always on top, imagine if he would just cruise through the fight and hugged/ran all night just to pile up points!!!, he would not be remembered as on of the all time best in the sport of boxing.


    No denying Floyd is indeed a gifted genius and a defense master but will always be remembered as a no risk taker and a master in fight negotiations!!!

  22. Ismael 12:15pm, 05/03/2015


  23. Koolz 11:30am, 05/03/2015


    Nice on Fan Boy.
    and utter crap.
    but hey it’s over time to move on.

  24. looplou 11:19am, 05/03/2015

    Just like many of us predicted, a boxing lesson by Floyd. I’m not sure what all the displeasure is about. Being a former fighter, and a fan for 40 years, I appreciate BOXING. The casual fan has no idea whatsoever the skill and talent it takes for someone to make Manny Pacquiao look so pedestrian. Some people posting here are mad at Floyd for not getting hit, and hitting Pacquiao way more! Unbelievable. I was thoroughly entertained, watching Floyd neutralize Manny, yet knowing that Manny was always one punch from changing or ending the fight. To me that was constant drama until the last 2 rounds. What people are upset about I think, is the fact that Manny didn’t knock Floyd out. Blame Manny, not Floyd!  Some people want a brawl. That’s not boxing except for first year amateurs. Go watch videos of bare knuckle boxing or backyard fights if you want to see unskilled people punching each other in the head. Boxing is a SKILL, , the “sweet Science.”  Floyd’s genius and ability is lost on people that just want to see a barbaric bludgeoning.  Think; Why couldn’t Manny impose his will on Floyd? Floyd is that great, that’s why.  You don’t have to like him, but you should Appreciate how good he is.

  25. Koolz 11:13am, 05/03/2015

    I can’t stand Floyd!!!!!!!!
    Another BS UD!!!

  26. arnel 10:30am, 05/03/2015

    guys, at the end of the day the two fighters are more than happy and satisfied..they are multi millionaires… but alas…  how do the BOXING FANS FEEL?    Ripped off !!!!    anybody wonder why is that ????  hahaha

  27. David Matthew 10:25am, 05/03/2015

    Really enjoyed this piece.

  28. Jack 09:03am, 05/03/2015

    For the sake of accuracy and not wanting to offend the current UFC Heavyweight champion, that was light-heavyweight Champion.

  29. Eric 08:24am, 05/03/2015

    @Jack…Well said.

  30. Kid Blast 08:03am, 05/03/2015

    It was historic in terms of a business deal and only for that reason.

  31. Jack 07:44am, 05/03/2015

    PT Barnum and Dana White hosted a post fight party for all the “FOOLS”, I mean “SHEEP” that bought into this farce that is now known as BOXING!!!! I didn’t even comment on any articles leading up to the fight because it was 5-6 years past the DUE DATE. Floyd should be given credit for being one of the smartest men on the planet for waiting until Pacquiao’s skills and physicality had diminished to a manageable level in order for him to win handily. The true GREATS in boxing must have been rolling over in their graves hearing the BS, I mean hype, about this FARCE, perpetrated on the boxing public. I didn’t even YouTube the fight, I’m not interested in seeing it. Just a note here: The first fight I saw on TV was “Walker Smith Jr’s” 2nd comeback fight, which he lost, to Ralph “Tiger” Jones in 1955. Before the party ended, PT and Dana officially declared MMA, alive and well even though their heavyweight champion was just stripped of his title and suspended indefinitely and that BOXING is in serious decline!!!! UFB, unfriggin believable !!!!

  32. Floydfan 11 07:32am, 05/03/2015

    Pacquiao landed 81 punches in 12 rounds. How can anyone
    think he was even in the fight? Floyd smoked Pacquiao.
    All of the talk is over, they used every trick in the book to
    get in Floyd’s head, they called him a wife beater and even
    tried to use Mike Tyson to intimidate Floyd. It didn’t work.
    Pacquiao tried to go get god to beat FLOYD but it didn’t work.
    They had the whole Hollywood scared to root for Floyd because
    of a 3 year old misunderstanding Floyd had with his girlfriend.
    None of it worked. Pacquiao was in the studio, Pacquiao was
    in Congress, Pacquiao is a born again Christian. Floyd was in
    the gym. Floyd was on the way to the gym. Floyd was just
    leaving the gym and that’s why Floyd won the fight

  33. arnel 07:20am, 05/03/2015

    Some referees and judges were saying that the official Compubox results is not accurate and contestable as some referees and judges have counted and their stat results are very different from the official compubox and shows that Pacman winning… hopefuly there will be clamor for review of the official compubox stat results..

  34. Galvar 07:10am, 05/03/2015

    Floyd didn’t run, he boxed.  Manny is just not as fast as he used to be and had a slim chance of out boxing Floyd.  It was clear that he caught Floyd a few times and it hurt Floyd, unfortunately Manny didn’t have enough speed to keep landing that left.  This fight was the best thing and the worst thing to happen to boxing.  Best because of the attention it got, worst cause now what else is there to look forward to?  Who can Floyd fight next that would be interesting?  GGG at MW?  Who can Manny fight next and will anyone care?  How long will we need to wait for another super fight and keep boxing alive?  There’s a lot of great fighters out there and a lot of great fights that can be made.  Unfortunately, great styles/fighters don’t make great fights anymore.  Drama does.

  35. Eric 06:20am, 05/03/2015

    Anyone willing to shell out 100 bucks for a rematch? Did some poor rich sucker shell out 88-thousand for a special view of this snooze fest?

  36. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:14am, 05/03/2015

    Towbin Motors in Vegas says that Floyd has bought 100 cars from them including 16 Rolls Royces. Looks like Floyd will get more money for the fight last night than Tiger Woods and Phil whatshisname have earned in their entire careers combined. I’m starting to wonder if poor old Freddy isn’t a friggin’ con man…..looks like Floyd threw more punches than Manny last night…. WTF!....no really….WTF!

  37. Cazic 06:00am, 05/03/2015

    Floyd can be 100-0 and still worthless.  So much talent and skill, then show it by fighting, all i saw is a chicken running around all night long, he did nothing more than make me fall asleep.
    How can he compare to the greatest of all time, Ali, Frazier, Tyson, Marciano etc.. were all warriors, Floyd you wont be remembered, we wont be watching reruns.
    Real champs cared more about fighting, Money only cares about money and a perfect record. Hurry up and retire, your legacy will be one of finally destroying boxing, that for sure we will remember.

  38. Eric 05:47am, 05/03/2015

    Nina Simone? Only thing I like by her is, “Oh Baltimore.” Boy, is that song ever relevant. Her version is a little bit better than the original by Randy Newman. “Sinnerman,” isn’t bad, but I like the music more than her singing.

  39. Clarence George 05:44am, 05/03/2015

    Me, I watched, and with considerable enjoyment, a very fine documentary on a truly great fighter, the one and only Rocky Marciano.  Not one penny was contributed to last night’s gewgaw, the so-called Fight of the Century.  I’m unapologetically smug about that.

  40. Eric 05:42am, 05/03/2015

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I did pretty good yesterday. I predicted a relatively easy and boring Mayweather victory and my Kentucky Derby picks of Dortmund-American Pharoah-Frosted weren’t that far off. Granted American Pharoah was the favorite and Dortmund was a 3-1 pick (I think), but still not bad. I haven’t paid for a PPV since ‘91, so I sure made the right decision there as well. “Fight Of The Century?” We are only 15 years into this century, and from what I heard and read, this fight would be hard pressed to even live up to Ali-Frazier II, much less the first and ONLY “Fight Of The Century.” I think I’ll go treat myself to a porterhouse steak dinner for being smart enough not to drop 100 bucks on this fight.

  41. arnel 05:32am, 05/03/2015


  42. Arnel 05:26am, 05/03/2015


  43. Rick Weldon 05:04am, 05/03/2015

    This fight proved once again that the meeting of two great fighters might not make a great fight. As the saying goes styles make fights, and while this fight may be called a good fight it was not close to being a great fight. Instead of being the fight of the century it is unlikely to even be the fight of the month.Mayweather proved he knew how to do two things. The first is to outbox his opponent the second is to make a lot of money. I watched this fight at a sports bar which had a $15 cover charge. It was worth that to satisfy my curiosity,but I am glad I didn’t shell out $100 to see it.

  44. andrew 04:11am, 05/03/2015

    Is there anyone out there gullible enough to have paid for this non fight who doesn’t feel ripped off?

  45. PK 03:35am, 05/03/2015

    MAN PAC won no doubt .It was all about respecting the Man who have made history and not dent Mayweather’s name more especially that he is retiring .Let him join the American best world champs

  46. Clarence George 03:03am, 05/03/2015

    So the fight hailed and hyped as boxing’s savior wound up being more Jim Jones that Jesus Christ?  Quelle surprise.

    My mother didn’t raise no fools, so I’ve never done pay-per-view in my life.  Certainly, I wasn’t about to plunk down a yard for a Mayweather “fight.”  No, I didn’t see it, but from what I’ve read here and elsewhere, Mayweather-Pacquiao went very much the way I expected.  Not only did Mayweather score an easy win, but the bout was a bore.

    “The Fight of the Century,” is it?  The Fight of Centuries, as in C-notes, is more like it.  “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public,” H.L. Mencken once wisely observed.  No less true for not being consoling.

  47. billy 11:15pm, 05/02/2015

    they are no longer pound to pound punchers they are so tired in their bodies

  48. Darrell 10:57pm, 05/02/2015

    Pacquiao got taken to school…..the pactards are just demented thinking it went any other way.

    Pipe the fuck down!

  49. Jared 10:44pm, 05/02/2015

    What fight were you watching pacman caw forward all day mayweather tagged him with a few counter punches draw at best rematch in the Phillipines” thiller in Maniller 2

  50. Floydfan 11 10:13pm, 05/02/2015

    48-0 hey Freddy Roach! What happened to
    the 100 punches per round? You can’t throw
    100 punches at Floyd because your going to
    miss 98. and get hit 97 times. Now Freddy
    Roach can shut up

  51. donjon 09:57pm, 05/02/2015

    yes clearly mayweather won.. by running! hey fight like a man. you chicken!

  52. bikermike 09:40pm, 05/02/2015

    Yes…..a lot of Pacman fans are disappointed ...not just because money won ......but that he won so easily…

    If this was the fight to save boxing…....boxing is lost…

    We passed the hat for hookers after the beginning of the sixth round ffs

  53. rah360 09:26pm, 05/02/2015

    All u hear is crickets!!All u Floyd haters sucka dick!!!

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