On The Rise

By Wrigley Brogan on August 29, 2018
On The Rise
The bell sounded. Who knew it would be the start of World War III? (Wrigley Brogan)

The crowd did not expect much, two boxers, Gerardo Esquivel against Greg Cruz, both making their pro debuts…

The crowd did not expect much, two boxers, Gerardo Esquivel against Greg Cruz, both making their pro debuts. The bell sounded. Who knew it would be the start of World War III? Like two pit bulls they ran to the center of the ring, teeth barred, nails sharpened like spikes. There was no puling them apart.

Over four short rounds they exhibited more skills than most of the other fighters on the August 25th card in Portland, Oregon. Not surprising. They both had extensive amateur careers. Esquivel seemed more aggressive in the first round but started to tire in the second when Cruz slightly took over. They both went at it in round three and were relentless in round four. It was the kind of fight one hoped had no losers. In a very difficult fight to score, Cruz pulled it off by majority decision.

I attend smaller cards just for such experiences, a chance to see the new guys and without having enough information on them to predict a winner.

The main event was between Leonel Jimenez (5-23-1, 4 KOs) vs. Steven Villalobos (9-0-1, 8 KOs). Deciding the winner of a man with 23 loses vs. a man with 9 wins is not difficult to decide without even seeing the fight. The crowd started booing midway through the fight and some started to leave. It is unusual to have the main event be the walkout bout. Jimenez seldom threw a punch, just blanketed himself in his arms content to be bounced from rope-to-rope.

No problem. There are many reasons why such matchups are made. Any event that has at least one decent fight is time and money well spent. The other fights on the card were decently matched as entertainment. Even Andre Keys (7-1) against Somethonit Phoumychack (0-3) proved interesting for several rounds. Phoumychack fought well until he decided to stay on the stool in his corner.

The fight was staged by 2pound Sports, a company built by former world champion and television “Contender” star Stevie Forbes. Forbes is fighting the good fight and is attempting to return boxing to Portland, Oregon. With his determination he will succeed. He is not the kind of man to give up on anything.

The shows are small and intimate, real throwbacks to the good old days when beer flowed and hotdogs with relish and mustard were king. The boxers are generally new. Forbes likes it that way. He sees himself as giving them what they need, a place to learn their trades. His next fight is tentatively scheduled for December. Starting next year he wants an event every other month.

His shows are part of a small resurgent in the Northwest. Montana has three people staging fights, Idaho has one, Washington has two, and Oregon now has three. An occasional rogue fight pops in all three states.

Forbes is content with the fights and is doing almost the impossible. He is financing all the shows himself and has no major sponsor. Keep on punching.

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  1. Somethonit Phoumychack 07:53pm, 09/12/2018

    Hello, first of all thank you for writing the article about my fight and the others but I would like you to revise one thing about the passage about me wanting to sit back in my corner, thing is I DIDNT WANT TO…my corner man weren’t my normal corner man and regardless their call was meant to be in my best interest and I have to respect that…I met them once prior to the fight with Andre ...in all honesty I know I could of done more if my corner didn’t call it…I didn’t agree with the call and would love a rematch but truth be told that is exactly what happen.

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