Open Letter to Deontay Wilder

By Ted Sares on September 29, 2012
Open Letter to Deontay Wilder
Slaughtering the likes of game but challenged Damon McCreary does nothing for you.

“Give me a chance…I’m looking forward to what’s next. I’m looking for any heavyweight in the world. I’m that confident. I’m not a cocky person. I’m not arrogant. I’m just confident in my skills and my ability. If you step inside the ring with Deontay Wilder you better bring it, because Deontay is going to bring it to you.”—Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder

“He (Tyson Fury) could definitely be a potential opponent for me. I’m a type of fighter that gives fighters nightmares, just the thought of potentially fighting me .So once those fears have been overcome (by Fury) and when that happens there will be a fight.”—Wilder

“You are only as good as your last fight.”—Anonymous

Dear Deontay:

The U.S. is badly in need of another solid heavyweight contender. Chris Arreola and Seth Mitchell are two who come to mind, but your string of 25 KO wins and the incredible power in your long whip-like right hand have now caught the imagination of fight fans throughout the country. More to the point, one of these fans want you to begin fighting higher-tier opponents. As one of those fans, I want you to begin fighting the mid to lower end of the top-tier and then put some substance into your claim that you are “looking for any heavyweight in the world.”

Slaughtering the likes of game but challenged 39-year-old Damon “Bulldog” McCreary does nothing for you at this point—oh maybe it puts another KO on your ledger over an another obese opponent—but it doesn’t give you badly needed rounds nor does it tell you how you will respond if brought to task. It’s like a rock skimming over a pond; lots of splash but nothing going down deep.

Step-Up Time

Here are some suggested oppenets the viability of which you might want to mull over with your team, but make no mistake, if you continue to exploit the bottom rung, you are going to lose me as one of your biggest fans. Boxing fans can be fickle; they can tout you one day and disrespect you the next.

The winner of the Seth Mitchell (25-0) vs. Johnathon Banks (28-1-1) fight scheduled for November 17, 2012. Chazz Witherspoon showed what a hard punch can do to “Mayhem” and you punch much harder than Chazz. As for Banks, let’s just say he has been feasting on much better opposition than that which has been served on your buffet table. A win over the winner and you quickly jump way up the ladder of credibility.

Alexander “Sascha” Dimitrenko (32-2) is 6’7” may be a reach (pun intended) as this Ivan Drago lookalike has been in with some tough cookies. A win here would be very impressive.

Derek Chisora (15-4) comes to mind. Del Boy would represent the appropriate tier level and, more importantly, a great launching platform for moving to the next level.

Magomed Abdusalamov (16-0) may be perfect for you. If a reluctant Jameel McCline could put “Mago” on Russian Queer Street, I should think you could get in between his wide punches and show him what Queer Street really feels like.

Malik Scott (35-0). I am aware you and Malik are close friends, but what the heck, 35-0 is 35-0. Scott is feather-fisted, but he is shrewd. It would be interesting until the inevitable KO.

David “Nino” Rodriguez is (36-0). My thinking is that you also would ice the 6’4” Texan in short order, but 34-year-old “Nino” does have the wherewithal of giving you some rounds.

Tor Hamer (18-1). This young heavyweight recently won a Prizefighter Tourney in London and beat a tiring Kevin “Kingpin” Johnson (28-2-1) in the process.

Kelvin Price is (13-0). He holds a win over Tor Hammer and is 6’7.” The price might be right, but he should be on the low end of your selections.

Speaking of “Kingpin,” he might be a spot on opponent; a fight with Pin would provide a great learning experience for you but without some risk.

Canadian Bermane “B WARE” Stiverne (22-1-1) who now fights out of Las Vegas and waxed a shot Ray Austin last year also comes to mind, but rumor has it that Chris Arreola will be duking with B WARE in the near future, so no need to beware.

Audley Harrison (28-5) is 6’5½” and may be near the end of his disappointing career depending on how he does against popular Brit giant David Price. If he somehow becomes viable after that fight, a bout with him would give you an opportunity to end his career once and for all, apparently to the delight of many fans, and at the same time give you a valuable fan base in the UK.

Mike Perez is 18-0 is a touted Cuban heavy fighting out of Ireland. He beat Kertson Manswell in a Prizefighter Tournament last year by UD. The overweight Manswell was then beaten by Ruslan Chagaev in an 8 round UD and TKO’d Alexander Ustinov a month later. You stopped Manswell in a brutal one round blow out. Do the math.

Now then, if you beat one or two of these men impressively, you will be ready for the likes of Chris Arreola, David Price, or even the winner of the Kubrat Pulev vs. Ustinov Euro-war. Maybe 6’7½” Mariusz “The Viking” Wach (27-0) will fit the bill; that is, after he is dispatched by Wlad Klitschko on November 10 in Hamburg. Heck, any native Pole with the nickname of “The Viking” who lives in New Jersey has to be given some consideration.

Deontay, it’s time. No more excuses. No more limited opposition. It’s time.

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  1. the thresher 02:28pm, 01/22/2013

    Having a great exchange with Deontay on Mike Lickers—KO Digest via FACEBOOK. He is a great sport for getting on there and exchanging with the guys. Much respect.

  2. the thresher 07:45am, 10/15/2012

    Thanks, Pheyno. You have been a loyal fan of mine and I greatly appreciate it.

  3. Phenyo 07:15am, 10/15/2012

    I have always enjoyed your work and here too is a good piece and I hope that Wilder is reading this one too.  I am happy that he has been active and I can understand your frustration that despite his undeniable talent he has not climbed up the ladder in sufficient time.  I trust that 2013 he will afford himself the opportunity to expand on his talents with better opposition.  Thus far, I will say a job well done but one can not tread water forever, in order to develop his ability he has to test himself against better opposition.

  4. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 06:20am, 10/04/2012

    Grant is my current old fart war horse that I try to follow at heavyweight, but since losing a close fight against Adamek and kayoing Botha last year, Grant has once again vanished from the scene like a thief in the night… Does Grant have time to waste???

  5. THE THRESHER 05:08am, 10/03/2012

    Michael Grant is also a possibility, but I thought he was pretty well used up against Botha despite his late KO. I probably should have included him as I indicated to another writer. Easy KO for Wilder IMO.

  6. the thresher 04:29am, 10/01/2012

    jaydeas, many thanks for your response. My respect for Team Wilder just went over the top.

    It sounds like you have a solid plan in mind.

  7. Bob 08:49pm, 09/30/2012

    To Jaydeas:  How refreshing to see a manager stand up for his fighter with a clear, intelligent and articulate argument. Many would not have put the analysis in that you did. I commend you for that, and look forward to seeing Deontay in some significant fights in the not too distant future. By the way, I think Ted’s selection of possible opponents was right on the mark. I’m sure HBO would love to showcase him against several of them, especially the winner of Mitchell-Banks or Stiverne. Ted’s list of opponents would make him an exceptional consultant or quality control expert at HBO.

  8. jaydeas 07:00pm, 09/30/2012

    hi ted, thanks for your article and for being a fan of deontay.  i’m his coach and would like to add some info to your piece.  we agree and look forward to d stepping in with greater opposition.  i do feel that d and his opponents get a bad rap sometimes since all 25 wins have been by knockout.  if d was 25-0 with 14ko it would be different. 
    deontay’s 25 opponents had a 63% winning percentage going in.  7 had losing records.  none were pro debuts. 
    jonathan banks first 25 opponents had a 70% winning pct. with 6 losing records and 1 pro debut.  (just 7% different than d)
    seth mitchells first 25 had a 57% with 12 losing records and no pro debuts. (below d)
    eddie chambers first 25 had a 52% winning percentage with 12 losing records. (way below d)
    you could do this with all the top american big men (as i have) and discover that deontay is fighting similar to better competition statistically.
    i’m fully aware that records aren’t the greatest measuring stick in determining level of competition.  you could say, “this guy is old, been off, moved up in weight”, etc but you can say that about everyone’s opponents.
    stats are the best we have to go on and d is right in line with what the best american heavys have fought on the way up.
    as for d’s last two opponents, manswell went the distance with chagaev 6 months before d and had never been stopped as early as d did it.  as for mccreary, we took the fight, as did mccreary, when a co-feature bout fell out on fox.  we literally found out about the fight 8 days beforehand.  as you know that limits who you can get.  we took the 14-0 over the few others who accepted as they had upside down records.
    you make some excellent suggestions for future opposition.  d and seth are both promoted by golden boy so that fight won’t happen unless its for the world title.  if banks wins we’d be glad to take it if its on a premium network like hbo.  i love d vs. tor since tor won the amateur national title the year after d did.  d has been in camp with kevin johnson, mike perez and audley harrison sparring but given the right situation would take those.  as for the foreign guys, depends on where and what network.  we signed to fight kelvin price a while back but he pulled out with a rib injury.  haven’t heard from his people since.  remember it takes two to fight and some don’t want to fight d and price themselves out.  also remember theres more to it than just to put him in tough, see how he does and evaluate after.  it takes time to develop, especially when you don’t have a lot of amateur experience.  i assure you and your fans that we’re looking to push through and stake a claim on the heavyweight title!  the next 6 months will be crucial to breaking through.  feel free to email me anytime and again, thanks for your article.

  9. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 05:37pm, 09/30/2012

    Cheers to uncle Ted…...

  10. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 05:36pm, 09/30/2012

    Hasim Rahman was a disgrace last night against Al Pov….. Hold his purse…

  11. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 05:32pm, 09/30/2012

    Thompson is more faded and washed-up than my 1980s pair of Chuck Norris “stretch denim”  kick-fighting blue jeans…....

  12. dollarbond 12:29pm, 09/30/2012

    Right on Bull!  Say what needs to be said.

  13. thethresher 10:11am, 09/30/2012

    In the words of legendary poster and nephew MRBILL, Mago vs Wilder would be a major woody popper!

  14. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat saijo 09:32am, 09/30/2012

    Wilder looks the part and as long as he’s got that “0” he’s bound to believe he’s got the goods. I for one would like to see a match up with Mago…for two reasons…the contrast in body types would be striking and more than that the results could very well be shocking!

  15. the thresher 05:38am, 09/30/2012

    Arreola vs. Wilder would be a great draw and make a lot of money for either fighter. However, I think finally found out what the issue (problem) is and I will be writing about it soon.Hint—Tony Thompson

  16. NYIrish 05:21am, 09/30/2012

    This crew of Lobs makes one wax nostalgic for Primo Carnera. Maybe some of them could mudwrestle Money Mayweather’s dancing girls on pay per view. Chris Arreola and three pole dancers in a pool of mud could headline.

  17. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 02:43am, 09/30/2012

    Arreola has already had his chances and has been exposed. He’s now lost some luster in America. However, my boy is Seth Mitchell. Mitchell is green and rising, but as long as he’s matched properly, he’ll develop. I’m eyeballing Mitchell…

  18. Tex Hassler 05:11pm, 09/29/2012

    Mr. Sares you did not leave me an opening for a valid comment. You won all 12 rounds on this one and said all that needs to be said.

  19. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 12:47pm, 09/29/2012

    Ted Sares-Great letter….can almost guarantee it wil come back “Return to Sender”. He may be the “second coming” kind of like Michael Grant…I doubt it….I remember Michael and he’s no Grant… least not in my eyes. For now I say he’s a line jumper like so many others in this sport…and why not if he can get away with it? Which reminds me, if Jameel can do anything, he can hit ....just ask Michael Grant.

  20. The thresher 11:00am, 09/29/2012

    More like 100%

  21. pugknows 10:28am, 09/29/2012

    “It’s like a rock skimming over a pond; lots of splash but nothing going down deep.” Great line. It would apply to just about 99% of the slimy politicians out there.

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