Open Letter to Floyd Mayweather

By Christian Giudice on January 25, 2015
Open Letter to Floyd Mayweather
Once you come down from that stage, you’re not Money anymore. You’re just Floyd.

This has nothing to do with the things that you believe define you. It has more to do with your legacy, both in and out of the ring…

Dear Floyd:

I believe that this could be your year. No, this is not about being the best boxer in the world, again. No, it’s not about improving pay-per-view numbers or polishing that pristine Bentley or even posting your vast shoe collection on Instagram. This has nothing to do with the things that you believe define you. It has more to do with your legacy, both in and out of the ring. In 1998, you beat Genaro Hernandez, then knocked out Diego Corrales in 2001, and then continued to destroy name fighters, many whom we’ve never heard from again. I didn’t need to be convinced; I remember watching your pro debut and just marveling at your talent. With the exception of Hector Camacho Sr., I had seen few young prospects with such a lethal combination of speed and power. Those performances were brilliant displays from a fighter light years ahead of his competitors.

But then you changed. I guess you felt you had no choice. Stay Floyd and be great or mix in a little Sonny Liston and Ric Flair and be marketable. You wanted people to invest in you in a much different way than the typical boxing fan ever did. Whatever you did worked wonders. You became the polarizing figure that fans needed to see. Embrace me or hate me? I got it. Everyone understood it to a point.

Then, something happened: your problems outside the ring began to manifest into a whole new identity — one you haven’t been able to shake. Sometimes you embrace the identity — Money, women, cars, with a penchant for being patronizing, reckless, and obscene in your 24/7 episodes. Other times you showcase your good will, such as when you paid for the funerals of Joe Frazier and Genaro Hernandez, but, unfortunately, there are too many layers to your caustic side to accept that the other one exists.

You seem to have an acute understanding of your strengths and limitations. You push the envelope when you need publicity, even if you know those words will spark controversy. You pull back when necessary. Isn’t that part of the villainous mystique that you have so meticulously crafted? You weren’t always prone to racist attacks on opponents or staged attacks on family members when you were coming up. It became all about manufacturing an image that made you despised, but respected in the same breath. Hey, it sold tickets, right? Bold, brash, and belligerent, but also blind when it comes to seeing the bigger picture. 

As for your legacy that you have worked so hard to build as the hardest working athlete in all of sports, you never let up; and, consequently, you never let your fans down. There’s not another athlete in the world who can compare with you. With or without Manny Pacquiao to reflect your greatness, there is no denying that you will be considered an all-time great. So that part of your legacy is intact.

But what about when it’s all over? What’s left? All this time, you never stopped to think about who you will be when the sport no longer has room for you. Will it embrace you? Ignore you? Or doesn’t it matter? Maybe it doesn’t. Or maybe that’s what you can’t ever stop thinking about because you can’t control it.

Truth is you don’t need Pacquiao to secure anything. Possibly, in your mind, you have timed it perfectly. Now is the time to face the tarnished version of Pacquiao — older, slower, and even more damaged than before. What is there to be concerned about? What’s sad is that deep down you believe losing to Pacquiao brings you that much closer to being a nonentity — alone in a sense. Reality will prove that no matter how money or cars or sunglasses you own or showcase on Twitter, none of it matters when you realize you didn’t invest in anything substantial throughout your career.

Five years late for the mega-fight: anyway, it might be a moot point.

How you treat people isn’t though. What about the people you embarrassed and trampled along the way? Don’t they matter? It’s not about the zero on your record, is it? It’s about the stage. Once you come down from that stage, you’re not Money anymore. You’re just Floyd, and, to you, that’s an impossible notion to accept. In the end, you may be respected but ultimately forgotten. Is that what you want?

Atone for the mistakes you have made in the past; make amends for the egregious comments and ugliness that you have perpetuated. Begin to change now. So when you do retire, you won’t just be another great fighter. First you need to find yourself, and if that path takes you through Manny, then so be it, but also recognize that the identity you felt you needed to adopt all along is the same one that could be the root cause of all your undoing.

Christian Giudice
Author: The Rise and Fall of Alexis Argüello
Author: Hands of Stone: The Life and Legend of Roberto Duran

Twitter Account:!/chrisgiudice
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  1. UpTown Philadelphia 08:06am, 02/17/2015

    Bob Arum is taking everybody for a ride, as well as Money May. Money and Arum both know that Pacquiao, is clueless and a meeting between the two means nothing without Bobby in the room period. I’m willing to bet that Koncz (Pac adviser or manager ) is a plant by Arum some how and it’s hard to negotiate when ur both the promoter and manager. Arum knows that his Golden Goose has a couple more easy pay days over in China and a couple of sold out shows already booked on Broadway for his first platinum selling karaoke singing fortune cookie,before he feeds him to Floyd and Haymon…..oops, I mean the The Money Team and Arum means to get every dollar. Here’s where the problem lies for Mr. Money May, the public may not bite on May vs. Cotto 2 and what happens if he doesn’t win that fight,who’s the “A side then?” it’s seems to me that May wanted to fight 2 more “cab drivers” to tie Rocky “The Great White Truth” Marciano then renegotiate his contract with Showtime for his 50th fight with you know who, but he won’t shut up with “I want to fight him and I want to go toe to toe” and like 10 more English words that he can put together to call Floyd out and Al Haymon can’t explain for the hundredth time this week that it’s time to cash out now before him and Floyd get struck down by lightening by God for all the lies,shucking and jiving the public and have to take a pay cut for this bullcrap fight.

  2. Louie 08:50am, 02/08/2015

    Why not an open letter to Pacquio and more pointedly to Arum?!  Arum and PAc backed out of two fights already with the lamest of excuses, (Needles scare me, need to build a stadium, cut needs 8 months to heal). BTW , realistic thinking people can surmise that PAc wasn’t afraid of needles. He was afraid of getting caught using PEDs. Where did all that power go since Mayweather asked for drug testing?! They could make the fight right now by agreeing to all of May’s demands. Win, then they become the A side. But thinking people know, that Arum doesn’t want the fight. HE backed out 2 times. HE knows, if Pac loses, his gravy train is over. DO you believe Mayweather has some magic power to compel people to sign a contract?! Why not get some facts (written contract, who agreed to what etc…) before you lay the blame at Mayweather’s feet.

  3. helveyn 10:56pm, 02/07/2015

    floyd im not your fan but i you ddnt afraid of manny pacquiao so…fight him and stop making nonsense excuses coz wer tired of it,make the fight happen with pacquiao.

  4. chris archer 04:30pm, 01/27/2015

    I thought you were saying Team pacquiao hijacked Khan who may have been an opponent for Mayweather, but Mayweather already turned down the fight with Khan after Khan dominated Alexander

  5. The Fight Film Collector 03:38pm, 01/27/2015

    Chris, you and I actually agree about Khan.  I did not mean to imply that I was dissing Khan.  By fallback I meant he would have been Floyd’s most likely and sellable next fight, aside from Pacquiao.  I like Khan and have enjoyed his fights.  I had been looking forward to a Mayweather-Khan match, and yes he would have brought his own set of problems for Floyd.

  6. Chris Archer 10:25am, 01/27/2015

    The Fight Film Collector: You cannot be serious?? Mayweather already said he is not going to fight Khan because Khan is not a big enough draw, that comes after Khans impressive outing against Alexander. Khan won a poll Mayweather put up to let his fans pick his next opponents and Mayweather chose Maidana instead. Mayweather is currently ducking Khan and Pacquiao, say what you will about Khan but he is a big problem stylistically for Mayweather. And it does not matter the reason he is ducking them, be it because he is scared, does not want to lose or its business is all irrelevant fact still remains the supposed best fighter on the planet who considers himself the greatest of all time is not making the fights that would back that up. I for one will no longer support any fight of Mayweathers that is not Pacquiao or Khan.

  7. NYIrish 05:30am, 01/27/2015

    How Manny times can you re slice the same baloney?
    Dear Floyd; Your sell by date has expired. WGAF!

  8. jon 01:07am, 01/27/2015

    if the mayweather-pacquiao doesnt push through primarily because of the out-of-this-world alibis of floyd, the boxing world should unanimously act against this…do not patronize whether pay per view or in the gates of any floyd’s fights…except for the pacquiao…i am calling all people all over the world…

  9. The Fight Film Collector 07:27pm, 01/26/2015

    The Pacquiao team continues to play their cards well with the press.  By opening the door to a fight with Pacquiao-Khan match, they’re basically hijacking Floyd’s back up opponent, leaving Mayweather with one less option for a credible fight in May, unless he wants to step up in class.  I wager that Floyd will let the clock run down, and once/if Manny to signs with Khan Mayweather will accuse Pacquiao of walking away.

  10. Rupert D 06:32pm, 01/26/2015

    Still this letter dignified the wrong in a Floyd Mayweather jr. Although it’s accuracy exceeded my expectation especially from fans who are so blinded by over-hyped American Boxer who are packaged to be a Champion based on his Physique as a Black athlete. Yes well-packaged product designed to be undefeated as it has been for Floyd Mayweather jr. Cherry picked opponnents so crafted to produce a win.
        As we see the product who so use to cherry pick a loser acting like the ” Prima Donna ” or shall we say the ” diva ” where a wanna be Diva acting like the special person, the very best or the CEO . Kidding aside this is Floyd Mayweather in action in every fight. Acting like He is the only athlete that we idolize. Yes some of us do and majority of us will continue to choose, the A class or the B class. The PPV draw or Money Team. The choice of who owns expensive Cars and planes and the pathetic results is the obvious , it’s not Good versus the Evil or between the bad and good. It’s all about being Floyd Mayweather jr, The Best Ever.

  11. Norberto 05:11pm, 01/26/2015

    Even if Floyd cannot, do not and will not read but any of his close friends in the camp may share about the letter. Also, as we are for the welfare and common good of boxing, let us all wish through our prayers not just to make the fight happen but for his total transformation to a good normal life.

  12. Chris Archer 01:58pm, 01/26/2015

    Does not need Pacquiao? How do you figure that? Pacquiao is the other guy in boxing right now. Imagine if Leonard had ducked fought Duran, Ali had ducked Frazier or Robinson didnt fight LaMotta? In order to be considered an all time great you have to beat the other all time great fighter of the generation and thats Pacquiao and 8 division world champion who Maywearher has flat out avoided. No No he does not get a pass, his legacy will forever have an asteric on it, even if he fights Pac now its too late, damage is done, he chose business over legacy, its his choice not to go down as one of greatest of all time and 100 years from now it will be Pacquiao that is remembered and Floyd will be remembered as the guy who didnt fight him.

  13. Tom seering 12:49pm, 01/26/2015

    wow what a stupid article .manny slower,older,more damaged.hes a fighter that Floyd gay weather has dodged.why because he can’t deal with a southpaw that’s as fast as him an throws 80 punches a round.floyd is not a great,couple years ago he was talkin about how he would have whipped sugar Ray Leonard.oh god how dumb is this guy..come on Floyd fight manny by the fifth round you will be out cold an beatin up.then you can retire

  14. Eric 09:24am, 01/26/2015

    IF this fight were to happen today, Floyd would probably run like a thief but land enough punches to garner a boring decision. Perhaps a few years back things might have been different. In 2015, this fight wouldn’t come close to being an entertaining fight. I would rather see a Broner vs Bradley, a Fury vs Klitschko, or even a Krusher vs. Adonis Stevenson matchup.

  15. bornok jones 08:33am, 01/26/2015

    to the mr. guidice…. its a nice letter to mr. mayweather… but floyd wont appreciate this~~~~i’m sorry to tell you… but i’m convince and believe mr. 50 cents… told some reporters months ago that mr. mayweather had a difficulties in reading some Dr. Zuess books…  think your letter will read and understood by floyd, after he finished reading and understood what stipulated in the contract on a pacquiao fight on Jan. 30, 2016…

  16. Magoon 04:53am, 01/26/2015

    Getting reads by pandering to the sport’s dumbest fans. They’re being led by the nose and are too stupid to know it. This fight will never happen and it would be a real stinkeroo if it did.

  17. Jonas Lucas 04:27am, 01/26/2015

    Dear Mr. Christian Giudice,

    I can’t believe you wrote this letter for Floyd Mayweather Jr. We all know that he is having a hard time to read, I’m pretty sure this open letter put Mayweather Jr. to sleep. No disrespect to Mayweather Jr. but he might not understand this.

    Jonas Lucas

  18. Eric 10:25pm, 01/25/2015

    Floyd has underinflated balls. The fight has been terminated due to Floyd’s medical condition and lack of interest expressed by fans. Pats 34 Seaskanks 17.

  19. The Pinoy Pikey 08:29pm, 01/25/2015

    Still Rambling…I’ve read both of Christians books, and am now thinking about reading them again.  along with Tunney’s auto and Irish Thunder…My wonderful Old Girl always asks why I watch the same old fights and movies again and reread the same books: I don’t have an answer and don’t suscribe to the need to have one either!!

  20. The Pinoy Pikey 08:15pm, 01/25/2015

    I apologize for the rambling, but, MP is is a fighter who has been severly KO’d and come back from those KO’s: that is also supposed to be another aspect of defining great fighters.  Well, great fighters that have been KO’ed anyway. And, there have been many, including the great Ali, if Mr. Futch doesn’t stop the great Joe Frazier from coming out for the 15!!

  21. The Pinoy Pikey 08:09pm, 01/25/2015

    UNDERDEFLATED FOOTBALLS…certainly won’t be the case in in AZ: the air is hotter…LOL.  Floyd’s legacy is his with or without MP, and, conversely MP’s is his.  However, MP has several folds to his legacy, coming from flyweight through bantam and feather, where the shelf-life of great fighters is not as long as the higher weight fellas.  And, the higher weight fellas called MP up to join there club, then cried foul when the little Pinoy showed up and prevailed, with Floyd leading the cry, and having never climbed through the ropes: Floyd’s a great—MP is a great who strived to achieve what was out of his realistic margin, and that is the difference!

  22. Audioracle 07:51pm, 01/25/2015

    This is useless, Flomo can’t read.

  23. Jim Crue 07:40pm, 01/25/2015

    you are correct about most everything except calling him an all time great. All time great what? All time great braggart? All time great foul mouth? All time great domestic abuser? He’s certainly not an all time great fighter. If I have to explain why the people reading this are at the wrong website.

  24. Fer Ios 07:18pm, 01/25/2015

    Floyd knows his A B C’s but that’s about it. How much more when this open letter requires an American English Dictionary for an average reader to fully understand?

  25. peter 07:17pm, 01/25/2015

    P.S. Nice golf cart, Floyd.

  26. Joehl Duarte 07:12pm, 01/25/2015

    Very useless but well done letter for Floyd. It will never reach nor hurt to Floyd because He cannot understand and read what you are saying.

  27. barry gil pilar 07:03pm, 01/25/2015

    This is useless, i mean really! an open letter to Floyd? well, our man here can’t fuckin’ read! besides Floyd was saying that its ok for him to be called a rich coward so there’s nothing we could do absolutely. His fear of Pacquiao is trully his downfall. Floyd is a coward and his history of cowardice will be remembered. His useless arrogant Father said before that Floyd should never fight a southpaw, not absolutely in Manny’s caliber! A tarnished Manny? nah! The great southpaw recently stated that he would easily beat Mayweather! Pacquiao is a whirlwind and he will literally bring hell to Floyd’s ass!!!

  28. #fightpacquiao 06:52pm, 01/25/2015

    when all is said and done, Floyd’s legacy will be that of avoiding certain fighters.

  29. carlos bumdomir 06:17pm, 01/25/2015

    what the hell? he doenst need pacquiao to secure anything? wh the hell did he fight to earn that respect!? hmm and besides theyre right it’s useless to have a letter on flyod he doenst know how to read

  30. bob arum 06:04pm, 01/25/2015

    Nah this is useless. The guy cant read!

  31. Karlo 05:32pm, 01/25/2015

    if he doesnt fight now, Manny won’t accept the next offer unless it’s Manny terms. Sick n tired of this shii.

    Heck I don’t even read past the title or the first line unless I see any strong indication of the fight being made.

    No need fo me to post long comment either :P

  32. Thunder 05:29pm, 01/25/2015

    An open letter to Floyd is useless. The fella can’t read.

  33. Norberto 04:50pm, 01/25/2015

    Thanks for your nice insights of Floyd.  As a boxing fan I also share the same thoughts and sentiments, and I hope and pray your message will deeply touch the heart and mind of Floyd to make amends that a human being is not best measured by wealth and fame but simply the deeds you leave behind cultivated from the brightest days of your life.

  34. Kid Blast 04:19pm, 01/25/2015

    Eric has the beat

  35. Seedee Vee 03:31pm, 01/25/2015

    “Truth is you don’t need Pacquiao to secure anything”

    Truth is that Floyd Mayweather jr. will be seen as a coward if he does not fight Pacquiao.  So, I guess he HAS already “secured” that tag.

  36. Darrell 03:23pm, 01/25/2015

    Very true Eric, very true…...well a May-Pac fight anyway.  I have no idea what the underinflated footballs thing is all about.  Fuck those two old men anyway, they’re just hanging in for the paydays.

    GGG fights Murray in a few weeks and the heavyweights may be about to put out a bit of heat again…..and I’d just love to see both Wilder & Tyson Fury get iced by the great Wlad.  Boxing is moving on….....we all know Arum didn’t want it anyway…..stadiums in the desert, turning down $40mill, needles, all that shit.

  37. Eric 02:56pm, 01/25/2015

    Two things that I don’t give a rat’s arse about right now. Underinflated footballs and a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

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