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By Robert Ecksel on July 1, 2012
Open Topic Discussion Blog
Cast your vote on the top five top boxing articles to appear on the internet this week.

We’ve made it through another week on Planet Boxing. Rather than pack up all our cares and woes so we can hit the open road, we’d rather dispense with the formalities and hit the keyboard of our computer.

Features come and go, but regular features last forever. is introducing a new feature, which will become a regular end-of-week news roundup and open discussion topic thread.

It’s simple and goes like this. What articles in the digital boxingsphere caught your attention this week? Post your news links and feel free to include any thoughts or anecdotes about what you’ve read and the subject at hand.

This isn’t a mere exercise, like treading water or running in place. Once you cast your vote on the top five top boxing articles to appear on the internet this week, votes will be tallied, followed by a “Best Weekly Story” poll based on the results that we’ll feature in our weekly newsletter.

Our readers are the smartest readers out there. No doubt about that. Continue to put that intelligence to good use. Oh, and before we forget, have some fun in the process.

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  1. james 09:45am, 06/06/2014  Eddie Gomez vs Francisco Santana Boxing and it will be held on Friday 6th June 2014

  2. Johnny Kalbhenn 06:06pm, 06/11/2013

    I was at the hall and the weekend was better than great met some old friends fans and my idol.

  3. Jonathan Diego, Esq. 05:35pm, 05/12/2013


    ATLANTIC CITY – Dozens of Boxing Legends will return to Atlantic City as the 2013 summer season begins at the Jersey shore.

    Former boxing champions Iran Barkley, Cory Spinks, Marlon Starling, Ivan Robinson, DeMarcus Corley, William Joppy, Tony Tubbs and others, will join IBF President Daryl Peoples, and numerous other boxing personalities, during the 2nd Annual All Star Boxing Legends Gala tribute awards dinner on Saturday, June 1st at Resorts Casino Hotel’s Ballroom. 
    Immediate past Atlantic City Chief Prosecutor Jonathan Diego, Chairman of the event’s committee, said Monday at Resorts Casino Hotel that there will dozens of new Honorees being recognized as 2013 Atlantic City Boxing Legends.  Mr. Diego, whom recently returned to his private law practice, following a three year tenure as Atlantic City’s Chief Prosecutor, stated that many 2012 Honorees will return as guests of the Boxing Gala Committee during this year’s awards dinner.  “Great champions like Mike Tyson, Bobby Czyz, David Tiberi and Buster Drayton, will be joined by other champions whom call Southern New Jersey home, including Bruce Seldon, Dwight Muhammad Qawi, Virgil Hill, Mike Rossman, Patrick Majewski and Shamone Alvarez,” stated Diego.  “Over 60 champions and boxing personalities, whom assisted in Atlantic City’s ascension to becoming the boxing Mecca of the United States, will attend this year’s black tie optional event.  We will also honor the lives, careers and legacies of Hector “Macho” Camacho, Carl “The Truth” Williams, Tony “Pound for Pound” Martin and other champions and personalities whom passed during the past 12 months.”

    Diego has received commitments from at least 33 Champions and boxing personalities to be honored during the event including, but not limited to, Iran “The Blade” Barkley.  Barkley retired with 43 victories, including 13 in Atlantic City.  Iran held World Championships in three weight classes (Middleweight, Super Middleweight and Light Heavyweight).  He defeated Thomas Hearns two times, to win World Titles in two different weight classes.

    Others who have confirmed their attendance include Hector Camacho, Jr., Keith Holmes, William Guthrie, William James, Eddie Cotton, Charlie Brown, Johnny Carter, Jeff Chandler, Calvin Grove, Rob Hines, Nicholas Tiberi, Diane Fischer, Steve Smoger, Richie Kates, David Weinberg, Ray Bailey and Joseph Pasquale. 

      Tickets to the Boxing Legends Gala, which is a black-tie optional affair, are $100.00 and can be purchased through Ticketmaster.  Also, Resorts Casino Hotel has     room/ticket packages available for the Saturday, June 1st awards dinner.  Diego advised that additional information, about the Boxing Legends Awards Dinner, can be found on their official web site ( ).

    ****Honorees and guests, attending the 2013 All Star Boxing Legends Gala, are subject to change without notice.****

  4. Anthony Murphy 07:21am, 10/16/2012

    My take on the Rios-Alvarado fight, and the impression it made on the boxing world…

  5. Tim Rickson 03:19am, 09/12/2012


    Unbeaten professional boxer Bradley Saunders claims to have trained his hardest yet in preparation for fourth professional outing.

    Relishing the chance to fight on the undercard of the highly anticipated Battle of Britain show, the Light Welterweight from County Durham has been training harder than ever to continue his unbeaten run since his professional debut in February this year.

    Scotland’s Ricky Burns and England’s Kevin Mitchell will headline in the blockbuster showdown that ignites the Auld rivalry once again. Burns will put his WBO World Lightweight title on the line against his long-time rival Mitchell on Saturday 22nd September in Glasgow.

    “It’s been the longest camp I’ve ever done; it’s been really full on. It’ll be 10 weeks come fight night. It’s been really good sparring with a two weight world champion in Burns. Ricky’s a gritty lad who’s really adaptable; can box back foot or dig in and have a fight. We both really go for it. It’s far more a fight than a technical spar so it’s been tremendous for me.”

    The talented 26 year old from Sedgefield has also been sparring with seasoned boxers; former British Champion Ashley Theophane and former WBU World Champion Derry Mathews.

    With around one hundred England and Great Britain appearances on his CV, Bradley Saunders was the most experienced amateur international of this millennium. The hard hitting former world championship medallist and 2008 Beijing Olympian is expecting that practice to propel him to the major professional titles as soon as possible.

    “I’m really confident; I always played at it as amateur, cutting corners, late nights etc. but not now. So as long as I know I’ve done my part in the gym, I know I’ll be ok.”

    Life outside of the gym can be just as important to a boxer and Saunders is confident and reassured by the support of friends and family.
    “My personal life couldn’t be better right now; I’m surrounded by proper people. My family are really good and my brother Jeff, a 6 time British champion, just joined the army so I wish him all the best.
    The support is the best ever, really good, getting better with every fight. They’re coming from everywhere for this fight, over 200 travelling up and couldn’t thank each and every one of them enough. After my first three pro outings in London, this will be a bit closer to home for my supporters”

    So far the history bodes well for this popular sportsman and the future looks promising too. It takes a few wins before opportunities and sponsors come knocking so the key for Saunders is to fight regularly and successfully.

    “After this I can see me being out another couple of times this year. They’re moving me on well and I’m on all the big bills so I think they are expecting big things. So all I can do is train hard, be dedicated and deliver. It’s my intention to shine every fight. You hear some prospects say they want the experience of the rounds but not me. I never take my foot off the gas and, if I get the opponent hurt, I’ll be very keen to go all out and put ‘em away. I want people talking about me after every fight.”

    The Battle of Britain featuring Bradley Saunders and world title fight between Burns v Mitchell will be televised live and exclusive on BoxNation (Sky Channel 456 and Virgin Channel 546). For tickets call 07414 112 022 or visit Bradley’s official website or follow the rising star on Twitter @BradSaunders_

  6. Robert Ecksel 05:30am, 07/07/2012

    Although they’re sifting through their archives, perhaps for want of significant work (Springs Toledo excepted), TSS exhumed a piece by Joe Rein on the disappearance of boxing gyms that is as elegant, eloquent, as relevant as when it was first written. This is what fine writing is all about:

  7. The Thresher 03:16pm, 06/28/2012

    Raskin’s was very good as well

  8. The Thresher 03:15pm, 06/28/2012

    I did some serious posting on that last one under one of my aliases. Lots of fun.

  9. Matt McGrain 06:50am, 06/28/2012

    Speaking of drugs busts (so to speak) Geoff Ciani deserves a shout out for this work on the latest Chavez fight
    He had this up and running within hours of the final bell.  It’s great work.

  10. The Thresher 06:10pm, 06/27/2012

    I like Mike’s A History Of Violence: Max Baer

  11. ezdafez 02:58pm, 06/27/2012

    I think this is a good article that I think that could lend some boxing readers closure regarding the events surrounding the Pacquiao-Bradley decision.

  12. bk don 01:05pm, 06/27/2012

    I love grantland’s commitment to boxing! They have the kind of young yet diverse audience that the sport needs.

  13. Mutaurwa 12:54pm, 06/27/2012

    Eric Raskin asks if Canelo-Chavez will become the next Mayweather-Pacquiao. Personally, I think that Chavez is going to outgrow Canelo pretty soon:

  14. Laurena 05:15am, 06/27/2012

    This is fantastic. Looking forward to participating! My best to all, Laurena

  15. Pete The Sneak 12:17pm, 06/26/2012

    LOL…Good stuff bk don…Martinez has a very sneaky (yes I like sneaky) way of Trash talking without really letting on. When he is interviewed after fights on HBO and the like, the interpreters don’t really grasp his dissing of future and/or potential opponents and it literally gets lost in the translation. Chavez also appears to be getting a bit more confident in his dissing behavior (witness the Andy Lee Fight where he was doing a little dance in front of Andy and then totally calling him ‘nothing’ after the fight. Yes, language barrier or not, this is shaping up to be a nice riffing contest leading up to the fight and may eventually turn out to be a darn good scrap. Peace.

  16. bk don 11:46am, 06/26/2012

    I’m not familiar w/ this writer, however he’s the only person i’ve seen w /these quotes from Sergio. I have to say I love this fight (Chavez v Martinez) and I love trash talk in general so this was right up my alley.  I think this might be the first time a major ppv has included two non-English speakers.—54354

  17. The Thresher 02:08pm, 06/25/2012

    Pedro is another honest writer and honest writers like Pedro and Paul Magno are like finding needles in a haystack.

  18. Pete The Sneak 07:56am, 06/25/2012

    Great Idea Robert. Should make for some very interesting reading/discussions. As it is, I always enjoy reading Pedro Fernandez over at RingTalk, as he always tells things like it is for the most part, but always with a chip on his shoulder. Anyway, here’s his take on Tarver’s recent Roid discovery and his thoughts on testing and Floyd Mayweather (many of which have been mentioned and posted here on Boxing.Com by quite a few of the astute Boxing posters that are always commenting on this forum (minus yours truly)...Peace.

  19. The Thresher 07:52am, 06/25/2012

    Robert Cassidy’s piece on Stevenson is pretty darn compelling as well.

  20. The Thresher 07:36am, 06/25/2012

    For candor and honesty, I’ll go with this one by Paul Magno:

  21. carl 03:26pm, 06/24/2012

    you guys are doing a great job with

  22. Robert Ecksel 12:14pm, 06/24/2012

    MaxBoxing’s Gabriel Montoya deserves a lot of credit. He has broken several boxing doping stories and, while he is not alone, has been the conscience of our sometimes unconscionable sport. It may be that you’re nobody unless somebody hates you, and if that’s the case, Montoya is somebody indeed. This week’s explosive news that Antonio Tarver failed a drug test is a case in point, and Gabe Montoya as usual was all over it:

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