Ortiz Ain’t Expletive Deleted

By Robert Ecksel on September 27, 2012
Ortiz Ain’t Expletive Deleted
“My brother can train him all he wants to. It’s the fighter that has to go in that ring." (Ecksel)

Thank God for Roger Mayweather. Boxing would be a much duller sport if he weren’t around to liven things up…

“If you’re a trainer, you’re only as good as the fighter you work with.”—Ray Arcel

Thank God for Roger Mayweather. Boxing would be a much duller sport if he weren’t around to liven things up.

No sooner did his brother Floyd Mayweather Sr. and nephew Money May pay an undisclosed sum for speaking ill of Manny Pacquiao, Roger spotted a vacuum and felt the need to fill ‘er up. He didn’t talk about Pacquaio, which is just as well. But he still had plenty to say.

As first reported on Boxing.com last week, it looks like Mayweather Sr. may be training Victor Ortiz when he recovers enough to return to the gym and resume training. It’s no secret that there is bad blood between Roger and his older brother, like Cain and Abel bad blood, like Romulus and Remus bad blood.

Chris Robinson from BoxingScene.com “made a pit stop” earlier this week to check on Roger, say hello, and ask what he thought of Floyd Sr.‘s latest project.

Roger was candid as only Roger can be. He doesn’t mince words. He minces next of kin.

“Who gives a fuck?” Roger said. “Tell him who gives a fuck. Victor Ortiz ain’t shit anyways. He got his ass whupped. His ass would still get knocked out by my nephew.”

If the first fight between Floyd and Vicious Victor was any indication, most objective observers would have no choice but to agree with Roger’s assessment.

No doubt more was said that was equally juicy which failed to make it to print. Maybe Roger’s other remarks were (1) of no interest, (2) libelous, (3) blasphemous, (4) repetitive, (5) unintelligible, or (6) some combination thereof.

“My brother can train him all he wants to. It’s the fighter that has to go in that ring. I don’t give a fuck what you teach him.”

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Roger Mayweather doesn't think Floyd Sr. can help Victor Ortiz

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  1. Robin 04:55am, 09/28/2012

    Roger is 100% correct. Ortiz has been knocked out in 3 fights. He cannot beat an elite fighter. He is already set in his ways and Floyd Sr. just wants a payday and some of the limelight. Nevertheless, it’s not going to help!

  2. Pete The Sneak 04:40am, 09/28/2012

    Ah yes. Roger Mayweather. Sincere yet eloquent master of diction and verbal mastery. Inherent of all the qualities of a true orator whose dialogue, fervor and prounciation/enunciation when addressing an audience is the envy of any Shakespearean disciple who may one day want to capture an iota of the essence and verbal proficiency of that which is Mr. Roger Mayweather. Would certainly like to hear Floyd Sr.‘s response to his brother’s vote of confidence. I’m sure it will be just as articulate and well expressed as Roger’s. Peace.

  3. Joe 03:48am, 09/28/2012

    Roger was without question a better fighter than his brother.  I’m not certain about that when it comes to training because he is training an outstanding fighter in his nephew.  And he’s much more entertaining in the corner and in his interviews without question!

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