Oscar De La Hoya—Leave Him Alone

By Marc Livitz on January 26, 2017
Oscar De La Hoya—Leave Him Alone
Many show disregard for their own time and loneliness. (Alexis Cuarezma/Getty Images)

Perhaps Oscar is lucky that a State Trooper intervened before anything could really go wrong…

It’s strange just how often headlines across the landscape of professional boxing involve individuals who no longer lace up the gloves. Stranger still and perhaps to the detriment of the passionate fans of the sport, such tidbits of breaking news often get more attention than actual pressing matters such as, well, the sweet science itself. A fine example could easily be the fact that former pound-for-pound champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. received more press and play than his fighter Badou Jack did a few weeks ago after his super middleweight title clash with James DeGale ended in a majority draw. Dressed in a shirt which more resembled a picnic table cloth, Floyd took to the center of the ring and walked the path which led to him once again being the center of attention.

In regard to a more recent and much more significant occurrence, look no further than the Wednesday arrest of Golden Boy Promotions Chairman and CEO Oscar De La Hoya on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Initially reported by TMZ Sports, the same group of shameless carpetbaggers who throw daily irrelevant celebrity news our way, the former multi-division champion from East Los Angeles was pulled over for speeding in Pasadena, California, and was subsequently taken into custody. How fun it must be for some to kick people while they’re down.

Demons come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Oscar’s certainly no stranger to such temptations as alcohol and drugs. When he retired back in 2009 after an unsuccessful attempt to dethrone Manny Pacquiao, the “Golden Boy” indicated that he’d divert his attention to the other side of the ropes and concentrate on life as a promoter. To his credit, he’s done a great job over the years and he’s been part of some of the biggest draws in boxing.

Of course, the sport’s biggest financial trough at the time (September 2013’s super middleweight bout between the aforementioned Mayweather and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez) was overshadowed to some extent by Oscar’s absence from the event and his decision to enter a rehabilitation facility. He recognized that he needed help to battle his addictions. None of us are perfect, yet so many showed disregard for their own time and, frankly, loneliness in order to take jovial stabs at his misfortunes.

Some are victims to their own demons without necessarily knowing it, and wrapping their cars around telephone poles or injuring others in the process hopefully won’t be needed to wake them from their respective haze. Many drink to relax and escape the pressures of life and work, but there’s a reason for the offense of drunk driving now carrying more than a night in the local jail to sleep off the booze. A DWI conviction can essentially ruin one’s life by way of thousands of dollars in city, county and state fines. Their license to drive can be revoked or suspended and the cost of their auto insurance can skyrocket. Granted, such penalties are in place for a reason. It’s the cost of one’s unrecognized moment of selfishness which can easily result in the death of innocent people.

Still, it’s news outlets such as TMZ and the explosion of social media over the last decade or so which has caused privacy to be a thing of the past. All we can do as boxing fans is wish him the best and hope that he gets it right this time. His contribution to the sport not only as a world champion boxer but a promoter as well cannot be understated. There are people much older than Oscar who have never been able to shake their addictions and respective demons.

Likewise, there are those who drink so much daily that they probably cannot recite their own name when they are behind the wheel of a vehicle. Perhaps Oscar is lucky that a State Trooper intervened before anything could really go wrong. For now, let’s allow him to lay low and take his time to get back on his feet. Leave him alone. We breathe the same air, but very few of us live in a fishbowl.

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  1. Cupey Alto 05:46am, 02/10/2017

    No. Far rather the punk mowed down some kid while drunk. Leave him alone?
    No throw the book at him.

    Totally wreckless comment Tetas.

  2. te tumbo 11:49pm, 02/09/2017

    as a native Angeleno, DLH should’ve known better than to drive drunk in Pasadena. same goes for Glendale for you out of towners. gung-ho police forces with chips on their shoulders over being constantly overshadowed by the LAPD. they know that the only action they’ll be seeing IS DUIs and they make the most out of it. today during rush hour i witnessed helicopters hovering over a busy city street in tight circles no more than 100 feet in the air above LAPD detectives and patrol officers with guns drawn and swarming a vehicle they had obviously just cornered and that a perp had just abandoned. bank robber? suspected murderer? drug kingpin?!? tonight Glendale PD will pull over a drunk driver. if they’re lucky it will be a celebrity and they’ll finally get their names in the news. Just like the Pasadena PD recently did with DLH.

  3. Pete The Sneak 01:49pm, 01/28/2017

    LOL…Great Stuff Moon Man, Great stuff!...Peace.

  4. Kid 01:41pm, 01/28/2017


    LMAO!!!!!!!!! But it’s truly sad.

  5. Kid 12:56pm, 01/28/2017

    “Placed smelled like feet, ass, and nutz, ” WTF Thanks for sharing….

  6. Moon-man 12:52pm, 01/28/2017

    Pete The Sneak…I was actually going to work. haha. I was working the graveyard shift and stopped by a neighborhood bar in the afternoon. Soon, the afternoon turned to evening. Stopped off at a Denny’s to grease before going to work. While eating my grub, I decided to sing to the waitress. The manager told me to stifle or she would call the cops. I told her to call the cops and she did as she was told. haha. Cops told me I was finished with my meal and I had better not be driving. Ahole that I am, I waited until I thought the cops were gone and decided to get behind the wheel. Five-O was waitin. It didn’t help that I called the arresting officer, Barney Fife. Spent the night in the old Morgan St. jail in Tampa, Florida. Placed smelled like feet, ass, and nutz, damn what a sh*thole. Have a great afternoon, Pete, and do your drinking at home. Cheers, brother!!

  7. Pete The Sneak 12:40pm, 01/28/2017

    Moon man, had my Deewee (DWI as the cops call them) back in 1995…Best thing that ever happened to me man. The short stint in the cooler and the subsequent fines, suspensions and insurance rate hike were damn well worth it. I was totally out of control with the drinking and driving thing and I thank god I never ended up hurting anyone before I was stopped. I tell you, could have been worse for me. I had a $50 dollar glassine envelope of blow (yes, at that time I couldn’t drink without having some primo coke) in the little side top pocket of my jeans that the cops didn’t find after the pat down. Of course, I asked to go to the bathroom at the precinct and ended up flushing it down the toilet. That would have been a game changer. Loco man, muy loco…Peace

  8. AWB 10:05am, 01/27/2017

    “Allen” sounds like one of those “haters” that the Lunar Man was referrin’ to. “Allen” is miserable and wants to rain on everyone else’s parade. Surround yourself around positive people, troops. Pick Up The Pieces!!!! Make America Happy Again!!!! Drop the negativity and surround yourself around positive things and positive people. Ooooooh Yeaaaaaaahhh!!! Help ya brother, instead of tearin’ him down. None of us are that big to begin with.

  9. Allen 07:30am, 01/27/2017

    Moon-Man Eric
    people watch TMZ for the same reason they read your gas bag, know it all, inane, ignorant comments. Cheap entertainment and good for a laugh.

  10. Moon-man 06:26am, 01/27/2017

    I think the Unabomber said something along the lines of how f*cked up can a world be, where you have to take a pill to be happy. Guy might have been batsh*t crazy, but he had a valid point there. Seems like half the population is on happy pills or CDPs aka calm down pills.

  11. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 04:04am, 01/27/2017

    Not a shot to the liver…..not by a long shot….not a shot to the kidney either. A punch landed for sure, but for whatever reason he put on the performance of a lifetime against Hopkins. Maybe that’s what’s bothering him.

  12. Kid 05:44pm, 01/26/2017

    between fish nets, orgies, coke, and booze, this guy has some issues. Time for extended rehab. NOW!!!!!!!!

  13. Moon-man 05:19pm, 01/26/2017

    Had my “DUI” waaaaaay back in ‘90. Bare minimum of .10 for the state of Florida. Lesson learned. A lot of innocent lives ruined by drunks driving. TMZ is total TRASH like nearly everything else on the idiot box. How does anyone watch that sh*t? Unfortunately we live in a day and age of haters and people get off on other people’s misfortunes. As for celebrities, hard to have much sympathy for most, but yeah, give them their space.

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