Oscar Don’t La Hoya

By Robert Ecksel on June 4, 2015
Oscar Don’t La Hoya
“I swear, bro,” said De La Hoya. “I feel it. Right now I’m running. I do exercises. You know.”

If De La Hoya really wants to fight someone who’s going to fight him back, he might try calling out Al Haymon…

Former six-division champion Oscar De La Hoya is 42 years old. He has been through hell and high water to have made this far. But rather than count his blessings, De La Hoya is pushing his luck, and if he’s lucky, his luck won’t push back.

Appearing yesterday on “The Cruz Show” on Power 106 FM to promote Thursday’s fights at the Belasco Theater in LA, Oscar was infinitely more relaxed, but still tightly wound, than when he’s standing behind a lectern at a presser speaking extemporaneously. At most press conferences, he acts like the cat got his tongue. But on the radio, he let loose with a bombshell.

“There’s not one day that passes by that I [don’t] think about making a comeback,” said De La Hoya.

Cruz and his female sidekick said “Bro!” and “Wow!” and “Really?”

“I swear, bro,” Oscar continued. “I feel it. Right now I’m running. I do exercises. You know. I don’t know how much I’m weighing right now, but I feel good, man. I feel good.”

DJ Cruz, with a skeptical expression on his face, asked Oscar, “Do you have your eye on someone you would like to fight if you did make that comeback?”

“Look,” said De La Hoya, “one thing that I pride myself in, throughout my whole career, I fought the very best. I don’t care who they were, I fought the very best.”

“Yes you did.”

If I did make a comeback, I would fight the best, wherever it is. I don’t care who’s out there. But I would want to fight somebody that’s going to fight me back.

“I miss it, man. I miss it. I miss it.”

Presumably Oscar is pulling our leg. I don’t for a second doubt that he doesn’t “miss it.” But I wonder about him wanting to fight the best, which would mean being a punching bag for Gennady Golovkin.

But if De La Hoya really wants to fight someone who’s going to fight him back, he might try calling out Al Haymon.

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Is Oscar De La Hoya Making A Comeback?

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  1. looplou 04:07pm, 06/11/2015

    Oscar would have to fight about a half dozen tune up fights just to see if he could compete with anyone decent. That last post is so correct on the preparation needed to fight. I ‘feel” it sometimes too when I am working out. I’m a bit older than Oscar, and going to the boxing gym where the fighters are working out 6 days a week, 3-4 hours a day, and then sparring with them, quickly extinguishes any realistic thought of fighting again. I forget what kind of commitment it takes to be in shape to fight or run (used to compete in track also.) The emotional fire is huge. I’m not pissed off all the time wanting to beat somebody. It’s hard to manufacture that, especially when you are not in condition. Oscar has been living the soft life for too long. I would be very surprised if he makes a come back attempt.

  2. Aztec Warrrior 05:35am, 06/07/2015

    Oscar needs to be drug tested…...and I don’t mean for PED’s.

  3. floydolt 07:47pm, 06/06/2015

    “If I did make a comeback, I would fight the best, wherever it is”

    This might send floyd joy jr. to retirement again.

  4. George Thomas Clark 09:08am, 06/06/2015

    I don’t know what Oscar weighs now, but I think we can be sure he’s not planning to be 160 at fight time - that fortunately will never come.  He definitely isn’t fantasizing about a fight with Golovkin.  Oscar is mistaking the joys of exercising in middle age with the serious preparation for a professional fight.  There’s a huge difference.  Yesterday I watched a 1966 interview with Marciano in Australia, and he stressed that actually trying to prepare for a comeback fight, by himself, convinced him he had neither the physical nor emotional wherewithal to proceed.  If Oscar ever ramps up his workouts, he’ll conclude the same, especially if he’s recently watched his fight with Pacquiao.

  5. Eric 06:33am, 06/05/2015

    I haven’t heard “bro” said that much since the ‘80’s, bro.

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