Outside the Ring: Barry Halbritter

By Jill Diamond on December 24, 2014
Outside the Ring: Barry Halbritter
“It will take a good left hook and fast hands and feet for Cotto to beat Mayweather.”

Through Joe Dwyer, former President of the NABF, I was fortunate to meet Barry Halbritter, one of the men pivotal in the creation of Turning Stone…

Sports and Philanthropy: A series of articles dedicated to those who’ve given their all and still give more. Each article will feature a different community champion; no belts, no medals, no ratings… just good people passing it on.

Back in the day, my father-in-law, Clyde Chastain, born to an Osage woman, was one of the few professional boxers of his background. There is no question that things have changed and that hooks and jabs have replaced bows and arrow. The Indian Nations of today are a strong component in the fight game, and today’s warriors are just as apt to run an arena as fight in one. I married into a family that was a dangerous blend of Oklahoman and Texan, and the books on the shelves predominated with stories about the Five Civilized Tribes. Today, not only are there many Native Americans contributing to the sport, but as business people, they control some of the more popular venues. One of these, run by the Oneida Indian Nation, is the Turning Stone Resort and Casino, in Verona, NY; and who they are, as well as their culture, is intrinsic to their game plan. Their pride in and dedication to their heritage is steadfast; their work, a tangible link to their heritage. Through Joe Dwyer, former President of the NABF, I was fortunate to meet Barry Halbritter, one of the men pivotal in the creation of Turning Stone. Speaking to Barry is like getting a history lesson. He is not shy about his feelings or his perspective. That makes him interesting, scholarly, as well as evocative. Barry’s philosophy is inherent in his work, much of which relates to aiding indigenous people in North and South America in achieving their goal of self-determination through peaceful and democratic means. Needless to say, his outspoken and unedited style has raised eyebrows as well as supporters. He and his brother Ray are often found in the center of a tornado sweeping through and leveling the archaic stereotypes they feel demean their culture. I chose to focus on the Barry, whose pride and forthrightness makes him an admirable man as well as a willing target. I hope you enjoy meeting him. I know you won’t forget him.

Who are you and what is your position?

I am fortunate to be a member of the Oneida Indian Nation of New York — “OIN” — and to have been present during OIN’s ever rising economic and 45-year political rebirth under the leadership of my older brother, a federal recognized OIN representative, CEO/Chairman Ray Halbritter. I was the founder and CEO of a 100% native owned private entity AASHA LLC with subsidiaries, duties, and responsibilities that included the strategic strategies fitting global distribution of Indigenous natural resources. In a nutshell, I create the vision.

Please tell me about the importance of the Oneida Nation to American History.

The Oneida Indian Nation (OIN) has a very deep, rich history with the formation of America. I will be honored. As George Washington, with the original thirteen colonies, sought the alliance of the powerful Iroquois as their first Allies? If anyone takes a close look at the US of America seal on the back of any dollar bill, you will see the Eagle which sits atop the Iroquois Tree of Peace now adopted by George Washington for America and held within the Eagles Talons are thirteen Arrows “representing the story we Iroquois taught the colonists in the beginning that Thirteen arrows united are stronger than one.” Very few Americans know the truth of American history such as this story! Even the Constitution of America was modified after the Great Law of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois). The OIN taught these new allies our Great Law which the founding fathers copied and which became the Magna Carta. It supplied the founding fathers with a new democratic foundation as there were arguments among the founders whether or not to have a King or Queen for the new America but in the end, it was the strong influence of the Iroquois Great Law which was used to modify after the America’s new democratic governance. 

I know you and your brother are very socially motivated. Could you describe some of your goals?

The unfortunate truth of our history with the colonists after the Colonial British war was over is astounding, beyond words holding any honor as our OIN was extremely weak and our new allies the founding fathers’ government unfortunately took advantage during this weak time in OIN and American history and stole over six million acres of our original OIN homelands in a very short time period, leaving the OIN with literally only 32 acres in upstate New York in Madison County as the only lands left in title of ownership of the OIN of New York. So for over 200 hundred years our OIN people have been trying to gain back our stolen homelands which were supposedly under the protection of the newly formed America as well as the Constitution of the United States, which identified Native Indian Treaties in the US Constitutional as the “Supreme Law of the Land.” This is why my brother Ray has sought a higher education in attaining his law degree from Harvard and a business degree from Syracuse to better understand how to retrieve our stolen homelands back for our Oneida people. Land is the first item needed among indigenous peoples, the lands the Creator gave to Indians millenniums ago bound by his spirit attached to Mother Earth as the first chosen caretakers. Our next goal was to build economic developments to self-sustain native people’s needs within needed budgets. The OIN was successful within their business ventures and our people never forgot the early treachery of our new formed colonial Allies, George Washington and the Thirteen Colonists, as the OIN a century later continued to set legal court precedent after precedent in accordance with Federal and Treaty Law up until the Sherrill case. The OIN was the first Native Nation in the USA to return to the USA and owned US Federal Indian treaty made payments, returning these OIN Indian Treaty payments directly back to the USA, with a message from the OIN telling America the OIN can supply from the Nation’s earnings from our economic business self-funding such as for the health budget at our OIN medical facility on our original Nation Territory on behalf of the OIN people. 

So this OIN act was the first ever native funds returned to the US government, as the OIN again set into play a new precedent from Indian lands. It took America many decades to make native Indians intentionally dependent upon the US government for full survival. No one cares so it stands today as a testament of the sin of a country that plagues this Mother Earth right in the middle of a so-called US democracy.

What are you most proud of?

My mother Gloria Winder Halbritter, her passion, courage against great odds, unending common sense, her spiritual connection to our Creator which she passed onto my brother and sister, who also was fortunate to have attended Harvard at great personal debt. 

What are you most disappointed with?

The continued two centuries old racial injustice against Native Indians, the 200 years it took to finally be heard in the Supreme Court of America relative to those stolen six million acres of OIN homelands. The Supreme Court justices totally reversed and annihilated congressional rights to regulate US Indian treaties delegated under Constitutional and Federal law. The Supreme Court Justices proved one thing: there is and will be NO justice for native Indians in America. 

How did the Turning Stone come about?

I have always had entrepreneurial blood in my veins and I told our Nation leader of an idea I had investigated and was going to bring a business like this onto the homelands. I was told it has to be done under the OIN and not from an individual.

Are there any specific customs or traditions you observe that make it different than other hotel/casinos?

SRC is a very unique facility from the get go and it was not by chance that all our OIN success happened. All success was directed by the nation leadership of Ray Halbritter, having been given 40 years ago full authority over all OIN business. Under his leadership was the creation of the best in hospitality among resorts, which was most important giving the customer a WOW experience from day one to now. 

How does the hotel affect the economy of your area?

Over 4,500 new high jobs, medical, retirement benefits, over 200 million paid to vendors, services each year. A payroll of 130 million and an economist will explain every dollar rolls over in a community as a seven times economic impact — an impact of billions for upstate New York, not even mentioning those 4,300-plus who pay taxes as a seven times impact to NY State who are employed as most of our labors who are non-Indian. Yet to date no New York State governor has set foot on our resort lands, but ironically the governor has shown up in some obscure town to cut a ribbon hosting 20 new jobs!

What made you decide to include boxing in your venue?

I personally am not the innovator but I have been an avid fan since the ‘70s and I always know boxing went well with gaming and spoke highly to all of this. 

Has it been a popular attraction?

Upstate New York fans are some of the best who love boxing.

What are your future plans?

I can’t speak for the TSRC as I do not work for them but I know boxing will always be a mainstay.

Do you manage any fighters?

I believe I am the first individual native Indian promoter and I do have six fighters under contract with others interested.

How is the venue?

There isn’t a bad seat in the house. And we’ve had many great fights and major promoters like Golden Boy and Tyson and ESPN Friday Night Fights shot at TSRC. You never know who will show up; many of the IBHOF fighters come by as well as visiting celebrity boxers.

A match you’d like to see?

The NEW Cotto left hook facing Mayweather. It will take a good left hook and fast hands and feet to beat Mayweather and Miguel Cotto has all that now. 

A rising star?

A local fighter named Nick Brinson, 160 lbs. capable of 154 plus two and 168 later.

Do you participate with the IBHOF?

The TSRC does and I individually have tried to be a supporter, it is a good venue for area.

Any stories you’d like to share?

I believe in Christianity and I befriended an amazing man from the old boxing world Oscar Suarez many years ago when he trained Naseem Hamed and Acelino Freitas. It was our friendship that caused me to be interested in the boxing business with Oscar. He passed way a few years ago at a very young age but he was an amazing example of faith and strength up to the last minute of his life, as he smiled looking toward heaven while in extreme pain knowing he would see his Creator soon when he returns to claim his people. I applaud Oscar’s who hold his name high to this day. “Oscar Suarez had a million dollar smile and a friendship to go with it.”

Do you see your agenda as a way to help your people?

I see it as an example only to encourage other Indians to try. I had no idea how bad this industry is handled at all levels, otherwise I might not have done to date what I have. Oscar and I had plans to influence a change bringing some integrity along the way as there is hardly any that Oscar or I have seen in the majority of the industry, as only a few people who Oscar introduced me to like Joe Dwyer of the WBC, Dave Escalet who helped Duva family and others manage TV events are worthy of a mention now.

Please tell us about your global/political initiatives?

The Creator blessed me in 1995 with a successful business allowing me to devote my life to helping my indigenous cousins in North and South America. My first message to all is from our Peace Keeper creating first, Unity. The second is for “Peace” (stopping the killing for theft of natural resources of Indigenous Peoples). Third is “empowerment through economic impacts” requiring no central government tax dollars, just equal rights, central government leadership support allowing AASHA to make mega investments on behalf of Indigenous in mega projects.

I have developed new economic global models never before considered to bridge the gap between Indigenous and central government, the Latin American countries’ elect families, and global investors in representing funds for seeking global distribution of the indigenous natural resources reaching the global marketplace. Allowing for Indigenous to share in the earnings from fund’s investments for the first time ever, creating an Indigenous self-budget for all their needs to better their seventh generation yet to come, under full Indigenous control, “to empower Indigenous in wealth, back to precolonial times.”

I have a vision to unite the Latin American countries as a new global super power as they have the last natural resources left on earth still not explored, dangerously being gawked at by the five leading global nations

Do you think what you do/have done has changed people’s lives?

“Many may have the talk but it is the walk that influences others.”

If you could change something about outsider’s perception it would be?

To know that evil is with us always but to see a glass half full and look for good in others and if need be forgive always with love.

What is success to you?

If my children believe and have faith in a Creator and simply follow his words I will have accomplished my greatest joy, and measurement of success.

How would you like to be remembered?

As a man who loved his Creator first, then his family, and always stood up for others less fortunate.

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  1. nicolas 08:25pm, 12/30/2014

    JILL: Thank you for the information on this tribe. I read the resolution. Of course, history is history, some will not believe what was proclaimed on the resolution, some will not. This is why history is a much more important than people realize, not just some dates, but how perhaps we might plan our future as well. Your articles seem to harken back to a more innocent time, or so they appear now. This I thought was your best article so far. Very interesting person this man is, and you did not try to sugar coat him. You allowed him to speak his mind, and did not hide any his views that we might disagree with.

  2. jill diamond 12:19pm, 12/27/2014

    In fairness to Barry, whose answers were shortened, I wish to post this. If anyone wishes further information, there are two links below. I know this is a Boxing Site but I want to represent people properly. Happiest of New Years!
    “The mention of the Magna Carta, was supposed to be used in the context that it “WAS NOT the example to show forefathers a new government, I did not mean to say the OIN influenced the Magna Carta at all , of course not!  The Maga Charta was not used in creating a democracy”, NO, all thoughts of Democracy came from the Great law of the Haudenosaunee which is well documented in memoirs of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington.”


    to see written congressional document go to:

  3. nicolas 11:35am, 12/27/2014

    Sorry Eric, I did not try to suggest that you lionize Stalin. But I just don’t see the USA because of diversification destroying itself with in, though I dislike Obama, and arguing with a friend who in the 80’s was a big Reagan supporter, who now feels the Republicans are a danger to our county, and disagreed with me that Obama is the most left wing president we have ever had. I did not support Reagan in the 80’s, though I agreed with him on some of his foreign policy.China and Russia as we have seen both have there problems. China is far more diverse than people realize, as is Russia. Japan has had a issue with discrimination against certain people native to there country as well, can’t think of the name of those people, and there relations with people who are Korean and living in Japan has been discriminatory to my understanding. the USA is not perfect on both sides of people of this issue. But I also think that the USA has and a head start in regards to our diversification. We kind of recognize that we had first Native Americans before here. Blacks came over here, not all came on free will and we as Americans are coming to terms with that. The State I live in is California, once part of Mexico, so we see a lot of Spanish speaking people here, most of who I can say are very cordial, as I pointed out in my previous post. We also have many Asians, many who excel in the USA. By the way, I also was against forced busing, and Ted Kennedy was a hypocrite for wanting that when his own children went to private school.

  4. Eric 08:00am, 12/27/2014

    nicolas… I’m definitely not out to lionize Stalin. I think it is despicable that the Roosevelt & the U.S. would cozy up to someone who would genocide millions of Ukrainians by starvation, executions, or brutalizing them in gulags. Khrushchev, would also accurately predict that the United States would destroy itself from within. Sweden is shackled even more by political correctness and the R-word than the United States. I can’t find the site, but I’m pretty sure it was Sweden that wouldn’t even post pictures of criminals in television due to a large amount of the perps being “non-Westerners.” The “news” stations would use a generic photo of a white perp, that way they would offend anyone because crime stats are “racist,” we all know that. Makes me think of the bluest of blue states in the United States, and its largest city, Boston, Massachusetts, home to such staunch “liberals” like John Cohen aka John Kerry and the Kennedys. Well it seems that “liberal” Boston was just talking the talk and didn’t much care for FORCED busing when it became time for them to walk the walk in the mid-70’s.  I always have to chuckle when I listen to some “race expert” who has lived his entire life in Minnesota. Of course Minnesota is now becoming increasingly more “diverse.“Talk is cheap. ONLY the West has to undergo these social experiments, not Japan, not China, not anywhere else on the globe. When you have to FORCE people to do something, that doesn’t sound too “liberal” to me, matter of fact it sounds downright fascist.

  5. nicolas 01:50am, 12/27/2014

    ERIC: I Guess I have to look at my life, and as I mentioned my life in California As a guy from Maine once told me, you come to California in the spirit of adventure, and realize this is different from the rest of the country. I was married to a black woman for nine years, and she wants to be called black not African American. My last girl friend was also black, in fact this old white man has had mostly black girl friends, and I would guess I could say, once you go black, you’ll never go back, though I won’t say that, because you never know. I work with many people in my job who are black, Philipino, Mexican etc, and have never been treated badly by them in my recent years. I have my prejudices, even against black people sometimes, but I am not racist as I think I demonstrate. I recently had an incident at a Best Buy Store with one of the black employees, who I think had some racial issues, who at least called this old man ‘sir’. Interestingly the black person he felt was violated told him, “i"m not tripin”. I informed the store I would never shop there again, and they said they would speak to that employee. I just think that it would be so strange to see only white people all the time, and not the many different people that there are. I remember a Mexican woman who knew me, and I was in a Mexican restaurant. She say me going into my pocket for money, and I guess having trouble finding it until I did. She was offering to pay for my meal, and I always remember that, even though we had differences about the illegal immigration to this country. I could go on and on. I did not support Obama in the last election, first time I voted republican, which I almost did in 2000. But in my life time, I have not seen this big problem that you suggest, and screw Stalin, look what hypocrites these people have been shown to be. Is it not also funny, that Sweden, was a country that once criticized the USA for its racism.

  6. Eric 05:25pm, 12/26/2014

    Oops. That is not 63-69%, but is instead 63-69 out of every 100,000 Swedish women have been raped. Thank God, it isn’t that bad.

  7. Eric 05:22pm, 12/26/2014

    nicolas…You might want to research how Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe with statistics reporting anywhere from 63-69 percent of every 100,000 Swedish women having been raped. A great deal of the perps are in fact immigrants from places like Somalia & Afghanistan. That isn’t exactly what I would call cultural enrichment.

  8. Eric 04:06pm, 12/26/2014

    nicolas…Will have to disagree with you on America being strengthened by being/becoming a diverse multicultural society. Even back in the days of Joe Stalin, when America was probably 90% White, Stalin felt that one of the contributing factors in America’s downfall would be its “diverse” population of different cultures, races, etc. Can’t remember or find the exact quote by Stalin, might think of it later. Look at our public school system, which at one time was the best in the world, now it is ranked near the bottom. Look at our inner cities, some resemble something out of the third world. Now, was this the case back in the 50’s or even the 70’s? Homogeneous nations have a common bond, history, and loyalty that you will never experience in a multi-racial or multi-ethnic society. Look at a largely, homogeneous city like Tokyo, and how safe and clean it is compared to Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sorry, but I think the facts speak for themselves. Never been to London, but look at the transformation that city has gone through the last decade or so? Would anyone with half a brain say that London is better off now in 2014, than they were in 1974? Look at the riots in France from a few years back. History and just the flat out truth backs my beliefs on this subject time and time again.

  9. nicolas 10:05am, 12/26/2014

    Also, even though it perhaps can be looked upon as propaganda I enjoyed the Youtube video, and got to hear Mr. Habritter speak.

  10. nicolas 10:04am, 12/26/2014

    This is actually a very interesting article. As Jill writes at the beginning, he is “a willing target”. He says things that are very controversial as I said earlier, and she just lets him say it without interjecting her feelings. I would never have heard of him had she not written this article, and by not sugar coating it, I am allowed to have my opinions. Though she does not bring it up, I think it also shows how important knowledge of history is, as without it, people can be dipped into believing anything they are told without that knowledge, as Clarence George so aptly, and properly demonstrates in his comments regarding Mr. Halbritter. It would be interesting if Mr. Halbritter would address some of the comments and feeling of the readers here.

  11. nicolas 09:51am, 12/26/2014

    ERIC: Whether diversity is our greatest strengths, I think that compared to many parts of the world it is one of America’s greatest assets. Yes there will be conflict, but I can tell you I see more people intermingling, at least where I live in California than I did see in the past, and I am 57 years old.

  12. Eric 08:56am, 12/26/2014

    If diversity is our greatest strength, why is it that America’s melting pot is a pressure cooker?

  13. nicolas 12:38am, 12/26/2014

    Clarence, Mary Christmas to you also. Thank you for your kind compliments to me.

  14. Clarence George 08:37pm, 12/25/2014

    Thank you, Eric!  I’m pretty sure the event was in ‘71 (though I don’t know if Graziano in fact fought LaMotta).  There could have been another one in ‘73, but I don’t know of it.

  15. Eric 07:21pm, 12/25/2014

    Tanks as always for the 411, Clarence. I’m going to ring a bell so you can get dem wings for saving me on that one. There is indeed a clip from ‘71 showing Burt Reynolds hosting the Tonight Show with some of those fighters as guest on Youtube. I could have sworn I had a Sports Illustrated from back in ‘73 that mentioned these bouts. Did any of these fighters ever do this kind of thing again in ‘73? I could have sworn one of the fighters said he refused to even engage in a charity boxing match with LaMotta. I don’t think the Rock would have been yeller. Maybe the Rock switched places wit some bum.

  16. Clarence George 04:04pm, 12/25/2014

    If I may, Eric, the event to which you’re referring took place at the Westchester County Center in ‘71.  The card featured Willie Pep vs. Sandy Saddler, Chuck Davey vs. Chico Vejar, Carmen Basilio vs. Ernie Durando, and Rocky Graziano vs. Jake LaMotta.  Not sure if there were other participants.

  17. Eric 03:09pm, 12/25/2014

    My bad. I believe they fought in White Plains, NY and not Madison Square Garden. Other fighters who fought were Joey Giardello, Billy Graham, Carmen Basilio, Chuck Davey, and a few others.

  18. Eric 02:54pm, 12/25/2014

    Irish…MERRY CHRISTMAS!! It is not the size of the dog in the fight. The shorter guy must still pack TNT in those mitts. Irish, they have my respect too. They have 17 years on me and I ain’t about to get anywhere near a boxing ring unless you put a gun to my head. Not bad for a couple of guys that have already lived their promised three score and ten. I remember back in the early or early/mid 70’s when a bunch of retired boxers like Graziano, Zale, LaMotta, Pep, and a few others boxed in a charity event at Madison Square Garden against each other. I forget who LaMotta’s opponent was, but I still remember the quote from the Sport’s Illustrated article, “not for money, not for charity, will I go near that animal,” teehee. Have to search who it was that LaMotta boxed in that charity event.

  19. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:32pm, 12/25/2014

    Eric- Merry Xmas Bud! If you want a chuckle, check out “Senior Citizens Boxing Kansas City at the Ringside Championships”...this was either 2013 or 2014 and these guys are in the 70 plus division….actually the one knockdown was not really funny, the big guy walked right into a short right and went down hard….these old farts have my respect.

  20. Jim Crue 11:11am, 12/25/2014

    I liked this site a lot more when it was about boxing and not political, right or left, stuff. I can go someplace else for that. And I cannot take seriously anyone who wrote the puff piece on the criminal Sulaiman.

  21. Eric 10:00am, 12/25/2014

    Never heard of Mr. Halbritter or OIN, so I won’t pass judgement on either. But the current revisionism of “history” has become a joke. History is always suspect in the first place, seeing as how it is generally the victor who spins how history is written. Nonetheless, I highly doubt our Constitution was “modified after The Great Law of the Haudenosaunee.” That is downright laughable, and the equivalent of claiming that the Tuskegee Airmen could fly circles around the German fighter pilots of WWII. I do sympathize with many of “Native Americans”(it has now been proven Caucasians were here first) valid complaints, but I don’t believe they were the pipe smoking, nature loving hippies that they often portrayed as by some. Mel Gibson’s, “Apacalypto” was probably a relatively realistic portrayal of America before the white man “returned.” Different tribes slaughtering each other, brutalizing the vanquished and at times, in the case of the Aztecs, even resorting to cannibalization. We’ve heard the grievances over and over, but what about the gratitude of living in a first world environment, enjoying things like the automobile, flight, computers, televisions, radio, electricity & running water, etc. Sorry, but it has been proven time and time again that mixing races and cultures, especially when they are vastly different is not a strength at all, but a liability which creates hate, division, and balkanization. True diversity comes from celebrating our differences instead of creating some sort of multicultural stew. If I go to India, I damn sure ain’t looking for the nearest Mexican or Chinese restaurant.

  22. jill diamond 09:56am, 12/25/2014

    I agree. This is a Boxing site. The Native Americans are a pivotal part of the sport and the Turning Stone a great venue. Agree or disagree, Barry Halbritter is an important part of all of it. I will continue to applaud the good that’s done by people in the sport; there are enough critics out devouring it. Enjoy your holidays. And as always, thanks for your attention and opinions. We are blessed with an open forum.

  23. andrew 09:31am, 12/25/2014

    Why not ask each of the do-gooders being profiled for their selfless contributions to boxing related causes how much money they happen to make along the way.
    Personally, I try to rank the level of moral and mercenary corruption of each of the subjects of these exposés. So far sonny boy Sulaiman is top dog in my pantheon of exploiters.

  24. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:04am, 12/25/2014

    Jill Diamond-Great series! How about an article on Harry Reid accompanied by a photo of him in a boxing stance…..I’m betting he’s a “lefty”.

  25. Koolz 08:26am, 12/25/2014

    arrg politics and real history something that most should stay away from, as they can’t stomach it. 

    And Merry Christmas to all and Cheers for the Great Japanese Fights happening at the end of this year!

    If one keeps dragging the past they will never move forward into the future.

  26. Jill Diamond 07:56am, 12/25/2014

    I am grateful to have been born in the USA. Coming from immigrant roots, as most of us, we realize how this country has a history of embracing various cultures, and how strong this has made us. What should also be acknowledged is the contribution of the indigenous people who were here first. Whether or not you completely agree with Mr. Halbritter, it is common knowledge that many of our finest laws and social structures are based on those of the 5 civilized tribes, as well as other Native American traditions.  We are a blend of many races and faces and I personally, rejoice in the best of all of it. Happy holiday.

  27. Clarence George 05:47am, 12/25/2014

    He’ll never get so much as an Indian Head nickel from me, Nicolas, I can tell you that.  Oh, I beg your pardon!  What’s wrong with me today?  He’ll never get so much as a Native American Head nickel from me, Nicolas, I can tell you that.

    Permit me to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your comments throughout 2014.

  28. nicolas 05:39am, 12/25/2014

    I would suggest that people google Mr Barry Halbritters name, he may not be the angel that this article seems to suggest he is. He is a rather controversial character I would suggest.

  29. nicolas 05:32am, 12/25/2014

    I have to agree with Clarence on a lot of issues here. Claiming the Magna Carta was influenced by his tribe is ludicrous. Also he really seems to have a big hatred for the USA, and talks about aligning the Latin American countries together. I think a lot of Americans should really boycott his Casino if he feels that way.

  30. Clarence George 04:49am, 12/25/2014

    I find it very difficult to believe that Barry Halbritter is on the level.  I mean, this sort of horse manure might sell on Manhattan’s Upper East and West Sides (where have you gone, Leonard Bernstein?), or in Hollywood, but that’s about it.  Oh, forgive my racial insensitivity and white man’s ethnocentrism—I of course should have written, Crazy Horse manure.

    For example, the argument for Six Nations influence on the Constitution is no less historically bankrupt than the Afrocentrist claim that Greek philosophy is actually of Egyptian origin.

    Speaking of which, my favorite line has got to be:  “The OIN taught these new allies our Great Law which the founding fathers copied and which became the Magna Carta.”  The Founding Fathers?  The Magna Carta was proclaimed by England’s King John in 1215.  OIN vey!

    A reading recommendation or two, if I may:  Mary Lefkowitz’s “Not Out of Africa” and Bruce Thornton’s “Plagues of the Mind” (his chapter, “The White Man’s Golden Age Red Man,” is particularly relevant here).  They know far better than I how to deal with this sort of bullshit.  I do beg your pardon…Sitting Bull shit.

    Merry Creatormas!

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