Pacquiao and Duterte — Ain’t That a Shame

By Marc Livitz on October 4, 2016
Pacquiao and Duterte — Ain’t That a Shame
It breaks this writer's heart to slam the great Manny Pacquiao under any circumstances.

So, if Duterte is Hitler, then does that mean that Pacquiao is perhaps Heinrich Himmler or Joseph Goebbels? This is absolutely disgusting…

In all fairness, fans usually take a look at boxing websites in order to gather information on fights, fighters and so forth. Some enjoy the internet forums which at times provide the backbone for certain webpages. Such avenues allow writer as well as reader to talk shop, so to speak. Last week, the boxing world caught word about of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury’s continuously mounting problems outside of the ring and as of Monday, he’s announced his retirement. Then, he tweeted that he’s going nowhere. Frankly, who cares? Many of us would tell the 6’9” Mancunian to neither let the door hit him in the posterior nor allow his head to hit the top of the doorway. That’s peanuts in comparison to what’s developed in the Philippines.

In short, the president of the archipelago in Southeast Asia, Rodrigo Duterte launched an all-out war against drug users as well as dealers in the country. His policy, depending on who is asked can easily amount to genocide as he’s vowed to rid the nation of all hints of a drug problem within its borders by feeding bullets to all suspected participants. A few days ago, Duterte abandoned all hope of civility as well as morality when he likened himself to Adolf Hitler. The recently elected head of state went as far as to suggest that he’d herd the affected masses into the crosshairs of killing squads much akin to the Nazi death camps of World War II. Duterte has spoken of President Obama as a “son of a whore” among other insults. Somewhere, the late Hugo Chavez is smiling. Hey, fair enough. Many of us stateside and beyond have referred to the Commander in Chief in much more creative ways than that, so perhaps it’s game for someone else to do so. However, to liken oneself to a man who is the absolute embodiment of evil and one who unleashed a plague of death of which much of the world has yet to recover is incomprehensible, to say the least.

To make matters worse, or more to the point closer to home within the boxing world, is the sad fact that Manny Pacquiao has fully endorsed the Draconian steps his president intends to take. If we’re to listen to the staunchly proud and vocal eight-division world champion, then we may ask just where in Catholicism do extrajudicial killings become an excused action. “God put him here for a reason and for a purpose,”, “PacMan” quipped during a recent interview. “To discipline the people.” How lovely. So, if Duterte is Hitler, then does that mean that Pacquiao is perhaps Heinrich Himmler or Joseph Goebbels? This is absolutely disgusting.

It’s no secret that Manny was elected to the Philippine Senate to help his country and that his name alone did wonders to help get him to where he is, politically speaking. If the drug trade cannot halt on its own, then why not just kill everyone involved? Sounds logical. Please. Pacquiao should be ashamed of himself. Boxing fans around the globe should be ashamed of Pacquiao. It wasn’t enough for him to liken homosexuals to less than animals. The writing on the wall in the form of lost endorsements as well as respect for the comments he made didn’t seem to pass through his thick skull.

In all honesty, it breaks this writer’s heart to slam the great Manny Pacquiao under any circumstances. However, this is where the last line is drawn. The maniacal individual upon whom he’s dropped heaps of praise could one day sit at the same table as the aforementioned Adolf Hitler, alongside such psychopaths as Josef Stalin, Pol Pot and Idi Amin. The United States will never defeat the drug trade, but that doesn’t mean it will simply kill anyone involved, either. Duterte’s already sent out hit squads to take care of his business, so there’s no telling how many innocent people will die, all with the support and approval of Pacquiao. At the same time, drugs won’t be legalized in America because such matters as court costs, legal fees and the big business of prisons would all suffer.

Pacquiao’s actions are despicable. Still, many people will ker-plunk down sixty dollars or more on pay-per- view TV to see him fight Jessie Vargas next month. Manny caught considerable backlash for bashing gay people. What can he expect for endorsing a man who finds his inspiration from the Holocaust? Yes, Rodrigo Duterte did apologize for his remarks, but who cares. He meant what he said and he knows why he said it. His country has much bigger problems than what he might care to believe. In kind, no one’s implying that Manny should just “shut up and fight.” Maybe he can think before he speaks from now on and understand that blind obedience doesn’t make him a political ally. It makes him a puppy.

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  1. Eric 06:55am, 10/07/2016

    Lesser known mass murderers of millions.
    Mehmet Talaat, Ismail Enver, Ahmed Djemal: Dictatorial Triumvirate responsible for the Armenian Genocide.

    Genrikh Yagoda and Lazar Kaganovich: architects of perhaps the largest genocide in history known as the Holodomor or Ukrainian Genocide.

  2. Eric 07:24am, 10/06/2016

    Wow, looks like this guy is well supported by Filipinos and the so-called, “American press” is guilty once again of trying to create a false bogeyman. For those Filipinos who were offended, the American people have little control to no control in what “our” media flushes out about the rest of the world. Take my word for it, more and more Americans are seeing “our” media as a complete sham. The average American wants to leave the rest of the world alone, but these damn globalists just like to pit us against each other. Delighted that you are satisfied with Mr. Duterte.

  3. grefil 05:54am, 10/06/2016

    mr. Marc Livitz
    you dont know any single thing whats going on in our country ,specially you dont even know our based only your idea from gossips and bias media reports. please dont you ever enterfere in our countries political issues ,,go to the philippines and tell this to the people on the streets and they will kick your big ass just insulted the millions of filipinos voted for our president..your such a cward

  4. pakyu 07:00pm, 10/05/2016

    Pls stick to boxing because you dont know what your saying and dont know whats actually happeining in the Phil right now so shut up pls!

  5. Rommel 04:48pm, 10/05/2016

    I used to be a Pactard and i’m always a pactard when it come to Pacquaio’s boxing career but when Pac starts to be a scumbag because of his alliance with duterte and he starts to sounds ridiculous fuck him, fuck duterte and fuck his moron army!! they can go to hell anytime.

  6. Edgar A. de Dios 07:51am, 10/05/2016

    Mr. Marc Livitz, can you just limit your subjects to boxing which is your forte, and not delved on politics like what you’ve done now? This will only show your being misinformed on the topic and thus would erode your credibility in the eyes of well-informed political observers. Remember, that President Duterte is an excellent lawyer and was a former prosecutor. We knew from our recent history that our president has uphold the law in all his dealings with our every national and local problems, both big and small. And that our new president has an approval rating of 92%, the highest in our history. No other Philippines president has even get near to that level. So, please, stop propagating your ignorance about our local affairs. You will be laughed at by more than nine out of ten Filipinos who happens to read your article.

  7. Eric 05:43am, 10/05/2016

    Oops. “Hellstorm” is written by Thomas Goodrich.

  8. Eric 05:25am, 10/05/2016

    There are tens of thousands of books from the Allies point of view on WWII. Isn’t it strange that you are hard pressed to find even one single book describing the German’s view of WWII? Well, here are two excellent reads available on, “The Myth Of German Villainy,” by Benton L. Bradberry and Hellstorm:The Death Of Nazi Germany 1944-1947. Anyone with any intellectual curiousity has to wonder why the amount of info we have received on WWII has been so one-sided and always spoken from the victor’s point of view. Incidently the documentary, “Hellstorm” is available on Youtube and is well worth a watch. This isn’t the usual false tripe you find on the HitlerChannel aka History Channel but a rare glimpse at how the losers suffered during WWII.

  9. bob 12:22am, 10/05/2016

    Thank you mark! We have the same sentiments. Nothing more to add.

  10. Juan 09:11pm, 10/04/2016

    I must say, you’re right Dutertards, or should I call you a “Yellow Beeding Heart”? Filipinos have a history of making poor decisions when it comes to voting for politicians. But this time, we learned our lesson and the majority of Filipinos made the right choice of voting for a legit President. Duterte is no action star, TV personality or some celebrity. Before he ran for president, people knew him as a no non-sense guy, just a Mayor of Davao who is never corrupt and does nothing but serve and protect his people of Davao city. He’s a legit politician for 20 years. He’s a lawyer that became a prosecutor,mayor, vice mayor, congressman and now a president. He’s never lost an election in his life, ever. He transformed Davao City from a known killing fields to one of the safest cities in the world.

  11. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:49pm, 10/04/2016

    Deranged Kaine slipped his strait jacket and made it to the debate. Devout Catholic Walking Dead bastard came off as a red faced, lying ratsass pederast priest defending his lying ratsass pederast Bishop so they both can carry on with their true calling which is buggering the altar boys in the diocese..

  12. Donette 06:46pm, 10/04/2016

    Look this man Manny Pacquiao.. Manny Pacquiao works his magic on the Double End Bag video. Peoples Champ.!

  13. Dutertards 05:16pm, 10/04/2016

    Pinoys like to vote for action stars in the office, they think it will be like in the movies, a good guy vs bad guy. Pinoys like teleseryes and dumb comedy movies that’s why they’re easily fooled by these actors. Duterte is the new “action star” bec, he portrays a bad boy image and “kanto” comedy that Pinoy’s love.

  14. Koolz 05:16pm, 10/04/2016

    Well said you guys well said!  You put the pressure on and gave the Knock out!
    Great Job!

  15. Juan 04:59pm, 10/04/2016

    I am from the Philippines and this is the only time we had a president that truly cares about his country and his people. International media, including yourself, are reporting about Extra Judicial Killings in the Philippines and they are all blaming it on our President, which is unfair. Corrupt officials, drug lords, and super rich businessmen (who do not provide enough employee benefits and security of tenures to their employees) are teaming up together to unseat the president. Why??  Because the president hates people who oppress lower to middle class Filipino citizens. He wants to bring up the lower t middle class people and have equality.

    Plus, the one spearheading this accusations is a former Secretary of our Department of Justice and now a senator by the name of Leila De Lima. she is being linked as the protector of the drug lords from the past. She is now being investigated for allowing Drug Lords to sell drugs while inside our maximum security prison for as long as she got a fraction of their money which she then used to fund her senatorial campaign from the past election.

    Senator de lima brought one witness that testified against Duterte and if you’re doing your research, you would very much know that it became a circus/comedy central in the senate hearing. This witness flip-flopped his statements way too many times.. But current Secretary of Justice, Aguirre, have 30 witnesses against de lima and most of them are the once inside the prison who sold drugs to support delima’s senatorial campaign, Now you know why she’s so mad at our president? because the president is after her.
    Now, you guys are not even from the Philippines so what the hell do you know about the great things our president is doing? Crime rate had dropped down 49%. it’s not perfect but, it’s by far, the safest Philippines had ever been. Now, don’t you what us to have a safer country??

    Pacquiao was voted by the people and won. He got ridiculed at first.. but when he started working as a senator, he made more sense compared to other senators who are puppets to the oligarchs.

    next time you write about something, please do some research first. This will help your credibility. President Duterte has only been our president for 3 months and he accomplished more than our past, useless president who had six years in his term and did nothing.

    This is the only chance we have to become a more peaceful and progressive country. Please, do us, Filipinos, a favor. This time, we actually have a shot to become a better country, please, allow us to get there.. allow us to have a better future for our kids and for the next generation and allow us to experience how it is to finally get out of a third world status. Please stick with boxing and stay away from our political issues and our country’s business!!!

  16. Koolz 03:40pm, 10/04/2016

    Irish Good for you!
    you are seeing clearly.

  17. Koolz 03:38pm, 10/04/2016

    This page just stepped in something that “it should never have stepped in!”  You thinking you know History!
    Every damn thing about Hitler is a Lie!  There is no such thing as Nazi that word is made up. 
    The very same people that created WWII Are the same people that made up Hitler as super evil guy that can be used as Propaganda against everything.
    Putin is Hitler
    Trump is Hitler
    Duterte is Hitler
    Assad is HItler
    Gaddafi is Hitler

    do you get it?
    It’s all a Lie!  Are you intelligent, do you understand Marc Livitz 2+2 doesn’t equal 5!
    I will say that Duterte has my vote the man is standing up to the groups that want NWO in the world.  Pac with Duterte?  Hell yea!  Good for you Pac!  Knock them out!
    The King of Thailand happens to know the Truth of the World and guess what Worships Hitler.  Every year Thailand celebrates Hitler’s Birthday!

  18. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 01:21pm, 10/04/2016

    Not to change the subject but Jewish women just love Chinese food and Jewish billionaires just love that tight, hot Chinese pussy. You got Zuckerberg, fukface Soros and that Aviv Nevo who who really pisses me off because he’s got Zhang Ziyi the most beautiful woman in the world….the one that I should be boinking!

  19. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:47pm, 10/04/2016

    Now the Walking Dead are screwing up Octoberfest….even though Merkel has all ethnic German males over the age of 12 prancing around in assless chaps! Which reminds me…the Walking Dead like to put up batshit crazies like Tim Kaine for Vice President as impeachment insurance because no matter how shitty that Walking Dead bastard in the Oval Office is, living human beings look at the alternative and wince.

  20. Eric 12:39pm, 10/04/2016

    My mother once told me that I was fathered by a platoon of bronzed Israeli paratroopers on a beach somewhere in the Greek islands. So I don’t know who my father is, except that he’s some badass Jew. But the platoon was rather large and could have been any of them. My mother thoroughly enjoyed herself. It must have been a religious experience for her as she was heard to scream “Oh God! Oh Jesus! Yes Yes” over the course of several hours. She was writing her thesis on the so called Holomodor, which she argued never happened. Strong arguments too. And was kicked out of University for postulating that thesis. Free speech only works when you toe the party line.

  21. Eric 11:11am, 10/04/2016

    Haha. Imposter Eric is hilarious. Hey Idiot, you do know that a small percentage of Palestinians are Christians. “Fakistinians?” Rich. I gotz a suggestion for the world. Lets round up everyone over there and do a DNA test to determine who is the most Semitic. “Stifles free speech?” Oh you mean like how Holocaust revisionist are jailed in certain countries for even questioning the narrative. Incidently, one of the most well known Holocaust revisonist out there is a man named David Cole, who happens to be Jewish. “The truth fears no investigation.” Imposter Eric is once again self reflecting. Buh bye, clown. You taint even worth my time.

  22. REAL ERIC 09:56am, 10/04/2016

    Poor “Eric” REAL Eric here. Can’t fake Eric find his own gig? The poor, poor, POOR Palestinians/Fakestinians. Media manipulators extraordinaire. Carefully staging scenes of carnage that would make any movie producer blush. Bravely firing rockets at Jews from daycare centres and hospitals. Tiresome crybabies with a bogus cause. Palestinians: a sick society that glorifies mass murder of Jews, throws political opponents off tall buildings, rule over each other at the barrel of a gun, murders homosexuals, stones women suspected of infidelity (i.e. buries them up to their chest, then hurls paving stones at her until she is good and dead), stifles free speech, force women to walk around with canvas bags over their heads. Muslim women and children are being butchered in Syria, but the lefty media fawns over the crybaby Fakestinians.

  23. wbox 09:51am, 10/04/2016

    Duterte was investigated by Human Rights already when he was a Mayor.  The senator who accuses her was the Human Rights commissioner when the investigation was done. They proved nothing. That Human Rights Commissioner might be arrested soon receiving and collecting drug money once the evidences of bank accounts and statements of drug lords have been verified and connected. JOURNALISM is for professionals with high degree of Ethics.

  24. Denizen 08:28am, 10/04/2016

    Why should it break your heart to slam Manny?  He’s already said gays should die and we know he’s been a drug cheat throughout his career.

  25. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:33am, 10/04/2016

    “I was only a spectator, when the property of those Jewish families was being taken away. So….I had no real role in taking away their property…. I had no sense of guilt, even though I was standing right there beside my Gentile “Godfather”, the confiscator.” At the tender age of 14 years Soros had an epiphany, a vision of sorts, the essence of which was that if you don’t plan ahead you will be taken away….$50,000,000,000 later it has clearly served him well.

  26. Eric 07:21am, 10/04/2016

    WHY doesn’t the media ever speak of the Apartheid State Of Israel?? The media attacked South Africa nonstop back in the day but it won’t dare mention the attrocites committed by Israel against the Palestinians. The media speaks with one voice when it comes to Israel, whether it’s uber leftist like Bill Maher, or the so-called conservatives over at FOX, no one dare criticize Israel or Baby Nuttinyahoo. Palestinian children are being blown to bits and attacked with phosphorous gas, but you think the media would mention it. FREE PALESTINE!!

  27. REAL ERIC 07:05am, 10/04/2016

    REAL ERIC here. Fake Eric trying to steal my thunder as usual but he makes a point. The real war criminals were Eisenhower and Churchill. And I should know because I left school in the 7th grade (3 years of the shit was enough). Hitler is the most demonized figure in history. He didn’t kill no 50 million people, he might have killed 5 (no, not 5 million….FIVE). Those weren’t death camps, they were low frills back to basics summer camps. The Nazis were like a biker gang without the bikes. Hitler gave full employment, vacations in southern France at no charge, and all the rouladen you can eat.

  28. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:46am, 10/04/2016

    Here’s the truth of the matter…..regardless of what he says or does “Duterte Harry” has more respect for America and Americans in general than Obama does. Duterte and Manny are not our problem, not by a Goddamned longshot! Moreover, any writer who contributes to who can’t make the connection between the Brown Shirts in Nazi Germany in the Thirties and the Soros funded BLM movement and Islamists like Obama in this country in 2016, is a fukin’ idiot.

  29. Eric 06:43am, 10/04/2016

    Oopsie. Dat’s Gaddifi and not “Ghadifi.”

  30. Eric 06:39am, 10/04/2016

    Well, FDR was a bosom buddy with good ole Uncle Joe Stalin, so what does that say about FDR? We have lionized war criminals like Eisenhower and Winston Churchill as well. Funny how we never hear or read about the Eisenhower “Death Camps.” Opinions are like aholes, I’ve even heard some speak that Ghadafi was well respected in Libya, so who do I believe, a lying media or someone who has actually lived in that region? I’m thinking the Japanese don’t exactly view Harry Truman as a saint. Putin is demonized by “our” media, but how is he viewed by the Russian people. America needs to mind its own bidness for once. Haha. Until America can do better than its current group of leaders, we just need to keep our mouths shut and stay out of everyone else’s business. Any moron who believes “our” media is part of the Walking Dead.

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