Corruption Hidden in Plain Sight

By David Matthew on June 10, 2012
Corruption Hidden in Plain Sight
An investigation—perhaps even a federal investigation—should be explored and initiated

Manny Pacquiao won this fight, decisively. Manny knows it. Bradley knows it. Bob Arum knows it. The world knows it….

“Bottom line is this: If you’re an honest man and a competent person—Pacquiao won that fight. This is an injustice to the sport.”—Teddy Atlas

While Manny Pacquiao may have discovered a higher relationship with God both prior and during his fight with Timothy Bradley, he also discovered the demon within the sweet science—which was laughing at the boxing world as it reared its ugly head yet again in dramatic fashion at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

As Timothy Bradley sat down in a wheelchair following his fight with Pacquiao—handicapped from an ankle and foot injury—boxing hit the canvas in devastating fashion—handicapped by corruption of the highest order. We’ve seen this type of fraudulent judging before, but not in a fight that was so one-sided and on this type of scale—and not with the entire sports world watching.

Let me be clear. This was not an instance of judicial incompetence from the three men masquerading as judges who took part in this debacle. They didn’t simply get it wrong with reasonably foreseeable analytical error. They got it wrong on purpose. This was a criminal display of unabashed corruption. Yes, the fight was fixed. Further, despite the shameless attempt by the criminals involved in this conspiracy to immediately pump up a “rematch” between Pacquiao and Bradley for November 10th, there is no need for a rematch. Manny Pacquiao won this fight, decisively. Manny knows it. Bradley knows it. Bob Arum knows it. The world knows it.

Lost in the shuffle was the fact that this was actually a fan-friendly fight, rich with vintage Pacquiao whirlwind patterned offensive assaults and thudding power punching. Bradley made a good showing for himself, relatively speaking, but simply was not in the same class as Pacquiao—who won the overwhelming majority of the fight with superior craft, speed, and power. Pacquiao won Saturday night, the decision should be overturned, and those judges involved should never be able to officiate a boxing match ever again. As writers, fans, and insiders who work within the sport, we should absolutely shun the notion of a rematch to this fight, lest we find ourselves voluntarily feeding the beast and enabling its devouring domination over our beloved sweet science.

As the 12th round was winding down Saturday night, I was preparing my post-fight commentary along with the rest of the sports world. The consensus amongst experts and insiders was that Manny looked dynamic, and put forth a commandingly impressive display of pugilism that momentarily made many of us forget just how ordinary he looked against Marquez in his last outing. The war drum for Pacquiao-Mayweather was to sound off again in resounding fashion, and after such a dominant performance against a tough, undefeated fighter in Bradley, it seemed more than ever that the time was right to make the Fight of the Century.

Think again.

With Michael Buffer’s announcement of the atrocious snake-bitten scorecards, reality and perception were artificially altered as this manufactured corruption changed the immediate future of boxing. Before we could even digest the magnitude of what had taken place, Max Kellerman was interviewing Bradley who said, “We can have a rematch on November 10th.” By then, Top Rank had printed up a giant-sized ticket, which read “Pacquiao-Bradley 2, November 10th,” which was on display at the post-fight press conference. That’s right, no Pacquiao-Mayweather. Instead, the architects of this conspiracy will capitalize off a rematch that shouldn’t be allowed to happen, and as Teddy Atlas so aptly stated, “The criminals get rewarded for the corruption, yet again.”

Just as nobody is safe from the far-reaching hands of corruption in the sport, nobody should be safe from a thorough investigation as to what really happened Saturday night. No longer can we just sit back and trivialize the corruption, scared to speak the truth because we don’t want to ruin our relationships with those who grant the credentials and allow us to have a voice in the sport. Enough is enough. An investigation—perhaps even a federal investigation—should be explored and initiated. Nothing should be taken at face value, and the corruption has reached a boiling point such that energies should be organized to finally develop a wholly neutral organizational restructuring of the sport to where we can have meaningful regulation and governance. Even the staunchest anti-government libertarian could not condone the anarchistic Wild West manner in which our sport presently functions. There is no governance; there is only money, bribery, and backroom deals. And a lot of ego.

Enter conspiracy theory.

Rumors are swirling amongst insiders, catalyzed by a statement by ESPN’s Teddy Atlas, that Pacquiao has been preparing to leave Top Rank and Bob Arum, the promotional outfit that has represented him throughout his meteoric rise to the sport’s upper echelon. Some even say that Arum orchestrated this debacle in response to the prospect of Pacquiao leaving in an effort to tighten his considerable stranglehold over the sport. Interestingly, Cotto recently ended his professional relationship with Arum and Top Rank, electing to take the independent route by developing his own promotional outfit. Many say that Cotto’s decision resulted from a myriad of reasons, including reported dissatisfaction with how quickly Arum sought to reinstitute Antonio Margarito into the sport after he was caught cheating with loaded gloves after the Greek Tragedy that was Cotto-Margarito I.

After Saturday night, Arum referred to the judges as the “three blind mice” and called the controversial split-decision a “death knell” for the sport. Interestingly, he was also immediately pumping the rematch, legitimizing this sham with his highly suspicious maneuvering to make a “rematch” before this fight was barely over. Those who follow the sport know that in the aftermath of a Pacquiao fight, the longstanding tradition has been to never talk about who the next opponent might be. Yet Saturday night, the next opponent was announced before anyone could blink or think. This was by design.

Many in the sport believe that Pacquiao-Mayweather will never be made as long as Arum is in charge of Pacquiao’s career. Because of the ugly breakup between Mayweather and Arum years ago, a shameful ego jousting has taken place between the fighter and promoter that has fueled real hatred between the two camps. Arum’s hate seems to swirl with more fervor than ever, as he has recently proven himself to be incompetent, simply unwilling to negotiate responsibly and in good faith as it pertains to a potential Pacquiao-Mayweather mega-fight. Pacquiao wants the fight, as does Mayweather. The fans are starving for it, and it could catapult boxing back to its rightful place of eminence as the most fascinating sport on earth. That is, unless corruption has its way. And guess what? Corruption is having its way.

Whether it’s because of bad blood, hate, or ego, Arum has used every excuse in the book during the past couple years to become the singular largest obstacle to making the fight happen. As the fraudulent Pacquiao-Bradley rematch was announced during the post-fight press conference, this yet again prevents Mayweather and Pacquiao from engaging in the epic boxing rivalry that everyone is waiting for. Perhaps that’s precisely what Arum wants. His hatred may run so deep that he can’t even be involved in allowing Mayweather the opportunity to cash in and have the chance to create history by performing against Pacquiao in a fight of this magnitude. Forcing a rematch between Pacquiao and Bradley would further defer our mega-fight dream and force Mayweather to fight somebody not named Pacquiao. Was it also a coincidence that Marquez was at the post-fight presser talking about a fourth fight with Pacquiao in Mexico? Now, not only do we have a November rematch with Bradley in the works, but seemingly after that we’ve got a fourth Pacquiao-Marquez installment brewing—all before Mayweather’s name was even uttered during the post-fight pageantry.

From the beginning of the HBO broadcast, strange things began occurring. Pacquiao was reportedly delaying the onset of the fight. Some say it was because he was running on a treadmill to keep his calves loose so that they would not cramp up as they did in previous fights. Others offered the explanation that Pacquiao was watching Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Heat and Celtics—as was the rest of the sports world—and as a basketball fan couldn’t tear himself away from the game. Now, with this conspiracy on our hands, we must investigate further and leave no stone unturned to find out what really was going on during this pre-fight “delay.” As the championship rounds materialized, Bradley’s corner urgently told him that he had to “make history” because he needed a KO to win the fight. After the decision was announced, Kellerman interviewed Bradley, who had a perplexed/shell-shocked expression on his face, as though he couldn’t believe he was awarded the victory. Then came the peculiar, “We will have a rematch November 10th.” Was he briefed on this date before the fight? Was he told to plug it before this travesty in order to bolster the necessity for a rematch to occupy the consciousness of the boxing world? Was this pre-meditated in any way? These are questions requiring answers.

Again, enough is enough. The rematch should not take place as there’s no substantive purpose for it other than to further line the pockets of those who orchestrated this madness. It’s now up to those of us in boxing who deeply care about the sport to show some backbone by refusing to authenticate this rematch. This means no coverage, no PPV buys, and no enabling articles from writers who seem bent on minimizing the seriousness of the issue at hand so as to avoid any uncomfortable situation with the powers that be. However, the powers that be are killing our sport and have no regard for its health, and they are getting away with it while laughing all the way to the bank. It’s time to both challenge and confront them by catalyzing an infrastructural change in how our sport is organized and governed. Starting now.

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    Great blog, on an additional topic, have you folk seen Battlefield 4?

  23. Roberta 08:59am, 07/15/2013

    I could not refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well

  24. Morales of Tijuana 06:01am, 05/20/2013

    As of May 2013, where we are now with this particular robbery. None of the above mentioned conspiracy theories did actually materilize.

    There was not a rematch Pacman-Bradley.

    Pacquiao-Marquez fight was in Dec.2012 and Pacman was defeated by KO in the 6th round to the surprise of many.
    Bradley-Provodnikov was held in March 2013, Bradley won in a highly competitive bout.
    Bradley-Marquez is scheduled for September 2013.
    acquiao will fight Brandon Rios in Macao in Nov. 2013.

    If we can revisit Pacquiao robbery in the context of today’s facts and realities, what would be more likely explanation for that robbery bout? Any guesses?

  25. bestboxingfan 10:05pm, 06/18/2012

    It is so disappointing of how frequently these robberies are happening. Fortunately this got attention because it was Pacquiao who got robbed and I agree that he won the fight and I am not a Pacquiao fan. This is so upsetting because people are thinking about a rematch. I say sure, get it done but don’t put it on PPV. Certain people are saying is not good for the sport but good for business. That comment is a slap to the face to those who love the sport of boxing and who work hard to pay for PPV.  It is time to stop these atrocities. If they do the rematch on PPV I will definitely not buy it. That is what they want for us to make them millions on PPV and entrance to the arena. Is time to boycott boxing corruption.

  26. Bodyshots 07:49am, 06/16/2012

    bottomline, the “outrage” is selective and overdue and therefore lacks credibility.

  27. Bodyshots 07:46am, 06/16/2012

    “The consensus amongst experts and insiders was that Manny looked dynamic, and put forth a commandingly impressive display of pugilism that momentarily made many of us forget just how ordinary he looked against Marquez in his last outing”. yet more evidence of the shameless shilling that presumed “experts”(?) lavish upon their own promotional darling who never hesitated to not only accept but justify dubious decisions in their favor (“everybody saw. i clearly won the fight”). first of all, Pacquiao* was (once again) a “dynamic” but technical MESS v. Bradley. second, never mind how “close” his “win” over Marquez was. it was a convincing Marquez win in absolutely every category imaginagle exclucing punchstats, which are as notoriously biased and subjective as their colleagues at the HBO broadcast desk. the “experts”(?) can feign overdue shock and outrage at last Saturday’s decision all they want. for experienced fight-fans, it’s simply the latest in a series of suspect decisions that have favored no fighter more than Pacquiao* himself to the general indifference of so-called “experts” (i.e., shills).

  28. Llyndsey 07:42am, 06/13/2012

    Like a lot of fight fans, I’m still trying to come to terms with last weekend’s unconsionable decision in the Pacquiao-Bradley fight. As the final seconds of round twelve ticked down I was thinking that the announcement of the decision would be a mere formality as Manny had won by such a wide margin, it was only a question of how wide. I was also thinking that I had just seen an entertaining if one-sided fight and that Bradley had nothing to be ashamed of as he had never stopped trying even though he was clearly outclassed and outgunned.

    When the scores were read, my disbelief was exceeded only by that of Bradley himself and his corner who knew they had lost and whose body language had said that they were resigned to taking that defeat with grace. As usual, the classiest guy in the room was Pacquiao, who by shrugging his shoulders and essentially saying, “hey, whatever”, proved that maybe he really does answer to a higher judge than those at ringside.

    Those who are suggesting that it’s some kind of karmic payback for the decisions Manny got over Marquez are not being honest: even the stuanchest Marquez fan (and I am one) would have to say that those fights were incredibly close with Manny winning razor thin decisions. This fight was not like that. Pacquiao dominated in punches thrown, power punches thrown and landed, ring generalship, aggression, controlling the action, defense, in short every category on which a boxing match is judged. In not one area did Bradley better Pacquio in this fight and it was clear very early on that he had nowhere near the power to hurt Pacquiao or even really get his attention.

    I actually thought that the Mayweather - Cotto fight, which Floyd clearly won, was closer than this one. I have seen a worse decision : years ago at a Golden Gloves qualifier I saw a fighter who had just scored a KO over his opponent lose the decision when he was judged to have not gone to a neutral corner “fast enough”. But that was in a high school gym in Queens with about 200 people in attendance, not on the biggest stage in the sport with the whole world watching.

  29. procopy 04:56pm, 06/12/2012

    if they want a rematch they should give it for free because they stole the money of those who went there and bought the tickets for the fight. i hope the next time they fight, Manny should knock Bradley unconscious and cover his corpse with that large cardboard ticket he’s holding up there.

  30. procopy 04:50pm, 06/12/2012

    maybe Bob Arum & the judges are gay, they are angry with Pacquiao.

  31. newbie 10:50am, 06/12/2012

    Something just occurred to me and maybe someone can expound on this.  It is possible that the debacle was just a prelude to set the stage for a bigger fix in the future. How? Assuming the fight last Saturday had been rigged, assuming they won’t overturn the decision or do necessary steps to correct it (which is highly unlikely given the arrogance of the judges and the commission), and assuming this is just setting the groundwork for the highly anticipated fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather, I am thinking this current debacle would provide as precedent and is convenient for the following: 1) To convince Mayweather to finally acquiesce and fight on his terms purse-wise, maybe even assure him of winning the fight since he’s so adamant about staying undefeated (they can just rig it again in favor of Mayweather by fixing a so-called ‘close fight’ and still make him undefeated); 2) To finally get rid of Pacquiao’s leverage in terms of asking for a 50/50 split.  Bottom line:  1) The biggest fight might just happen.  2) Promoters and both fighters will get their biggest earnings.  3) Fans will get their most requested fight.  4) Boxing still stands a chance to regain its popularity despite the setback from the Pacman-Bradley debacle.  What I’m saying is they must have foreseen the possibility of many fans losing interest after the Pacman-Bradley bout, but they must have decided that giving the fans the ultimate fight between Pacman and Mayweather later on and the large earnings that fight will generate far outweigh this outrage we’re witnessing right now.  Bottom line:  Win-win situation for all.  Of course, all that drama is just a bonus.  Just my two cents.

  32. Jim 06:50am, 06/12/2012

    Good article. I don’t know enough about the conspiracy part - though nothing surprises me in pro boxing - but a well done piece. Thanks.

  33. Kirk Burrows 05:58pm, 06/11/2012

    Manny should leave Arum now. I wish Manny will retire now. No need to see the rematch. There is nothing to see. Once Manny is done Bob is fucked! Can Bradley sell tickets like Manny? Fuck no! Manny Do something. You are the heart of Boxing right now. Don’t be a tool to a criminal world of Boxing. Do the right thing before you mess up your name. Retire now!

  34. Luis Rivera 03:56pm, 06/11/2012

    Im done with boxing and shame on Manny for allowing this crap to happen to your fans… I agree with Steve A that Capitol Hill should get involved and stop this cheatting….

  35. David Matthew 03:40pm, 06/11/2012

    Frankie lol.  hilarious.  which articles are you referring to?

  36. David Matthew 03:39pm, 06/11/2012

    I appreciate all the feedback family. yet again shows that it has super intelligent fans/analysts.  You all really showed out with great passion for the sport.  I thank you for that.

  37. Ironfriend 03:17pm, 06/11/2012

    This fight has Bob’s Arum’s fingerprints all over it. The only thing worse than an in-house fight is an in-house fight with a greedy promoter pulling the strings. Consider the following: Bob controls both fighters and gets all the promotional money. If Pac wins this fight he probably retires without fighting Mayweather leaving Bob with a lot less money and a Bradley without his undefeated record. Even if Pac wins and fights Mayweather who is his own agent, Floyd makes more money than Bob or Pac plus a chunk out of Bob’s ego. Bob’s take: a retired Pac and a blemished Bradly.

    Is it hard to fix a pro fight? Of course it it is, unless you’re a guy whose been in the game for ages, has a ton of money and does only in-house fights where there is no dissent about who the judges are. No one is complaining about the decision louder than Bob but inwardly he snickers. Why? The rematch which is already set will make more money than this fight. If Pac fights Mayweather fine, that’s more money. If not he still has an undefeated Bradley with a win over Pac on his resume. There is no room for Pacquiao’s pain or the cry of the fans in Arum’s agenda. Greed is an animal that devours it’s young.

  38. jack treebark 02:08pm, 06/11/2012

    Move all future boxing matches out of Las Vegas.

  39. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 02:07pm, 06/11/2012

    David Matthew-How about counter punching some of these “Plan 9 From Outer Space”, ESB type rebuttals to your article….before I do and get banned from

  40. Steve Botello 01:32pm, 06/11/2012

    Do not Blame Bradley, the kid fought 12 Hard Rounds with the so-called Pound for Pound Champion.  Truth is, Manny didn’t do enough to get Bradley out of there.  He was superior in strength yet did not take the initiative to Dominate Every Round and give Bradley a reason to quit.  Bradley was Superior in his Will to Win.  I’ll say Manny had the Skill to Knockout Bradley, (or at least drop him one time to give him a Unanimous Decision)...but it was Bradley’s Will that earned him the Split Decision.  I think Bradley wins 8-4 on the Re-match.  Go TB Desert Storm.  I still and always will Love Manny and wish he puts forth his best effort against Mayweather.  But after that fight, he needs to come stronger, harder and with more urgency if he wants to beat him.  He can do it!  Gotta Love Boxing!  I do and will always.

  41. Mhalou Consengco 12:22pm, 06/11/2012

    This is my thought. The money that was received from the casinos from betting on Bradley wouldn’t cover the amount of winnings for payout if Manny wins. So, the fact that almost all the people bet on Manny (lots of money came in), the enormous amount the casino would make just covering a small amount of money on Brad’s win made it clear that the judges has something to do with this decision. Arum may have not paid the judges, but the Casinos did!

  42. newbie 11:56am, 06/11/2012

    Nice article. Simply put, the system should be changed. Unless that happens, ‘those who are staying’ only open themselves to being screwed again and again in the future.  Problem is those in authority don’t seem to be doing anything definitive or even some sort of damage control over the debacle (having gotten away so many times in the past) so good luck to all who will remain.  I feel insulted but I still have a choice.  I choose to leave.

  43. Nick 10:35am, 06/11/2012

    I like the explanation of pointing all the Bob Arum and the need of an investigation. This result pissed me off all weekend. However as with any payout and corruption you need to be cover your tracks, and I dont believe Bob was behind bribing the judges. I simply wont believe he was that reckless. The idea of the Nov fight am sure was in the cards as a negotiation and am sure in case of a controversy they printed out the flyers etc. The question is who will benefit? Bob Arum and Top Rank yes, but there are many guys Manny can fight on PPV to make $$. Who benefits from Pacman loosing, its the next big ticket seller who could fight Money. That is Saul Aleverez. Money has the target on his head as best pound for pound and is joined with Golden Boy as is Saul Alvarez. Now those who know, also know who back Saul. This might be a rumor but the rumor is not so mice people from Mexico that are known to not waiver any means to get accross their objectives. These judges would not take a bribe from Bob Arum. The money trail is to transparent and too risky. But two judges they’ll be frightened as shit to turn a result into a bad decision should Pacman not knock out Bradley and thus avoid Pacman having any clout to fight Money on a fair term meaning $$. Thus leaving money to look elsewhere, which is Saul and who too is becoming a big $$ on PPV. This is Saul’s promotors chance to catapult him into stardom should he take out Money. Its a risk but the times is right for Saul;s backers to go for gold. He is young good looking and strong. There are many more fights left in Saul and he can become the biggest Mexican fighter and Chavez, should he take out Money. This is my thought and my theory but regardless we have to take out corruption as last weeks result was an utter disgrace.

  44. Carlos 09:35am, 06/11/2012


  45. Erik20 07:14am, 06/11/2012



  46. eric 07:07am, 06/11/2012

    I don’t think Manny was involved in this scam, what I do think is that for Manny this is going to be his last fight. For the first time he lets his children watch the game, he knows and everybody knows he has the points to win that’s why he don’t go for the knockout although he can do so.  I think it’s enough for him just to win the match and then retire.
    BUT!!! people like Bob Arum will not let boxer like Manny Paquiao do that…he is his personal cash cow…so he has to do something about it….The only mistake that manny was guilty of was he should opted to go for the knockout so that Bob Arum can’t do anything but to accept that there will be no more rematch and he can retire peacefully.

  47. Norm Marcus 05:33am, 06/11/2012

    Great story Dave, I can feel your anger in every word. I think Manny should walk away from the sport now and retire. What a statement for history. His disgust with this mob would be remembered forever.

  48. Joe 05:21am, 06/11/2012

    Totally agree who the hell is going to pay for this the second time around?  Nobody and HBO shouldn’t even entertain putting this on their PPV - make Bob fund this scam by himself.  Can’t wait for Manny to be free to negotiate the megafight with Money.  It’s clear now what the issue is - at least from my vantage point.  Todd needs to talk to his Dadinlaw or Top Rank is going to find itself in the same position as DKP - out of the sport.

  49. Bob Arcenal 05:10am, 06/11/2012

    Rematch is not needed. The fans knew the real score.

  50. ed julian 05:09am, 06/11/2012


  51. The Thresher 04:59am, 06/11/2012

    Well said David

  52. Pete The Sneak 04:33am, 06/11/2012

    Dave, thanks for saying today what I couldn’t say after the fight as I was stunned. You would think that after so many rotten decisions over the years you would be immune to this type of crap. But man, it still hurts cause I love the game. Nicely .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) wote “I think a lot of american racist boxing fans are happy with the downfall of the filipino champ especially”...Hey man, did you read the article, or are you just not very bright? The whole theme on every article on about the fight has been nothing but support for Manny on his being robbed..Take off the Pac Man blinders and read the story before you comment. Geez…Peace.

  53. Joe 03:58am, 06/11/2012


  54. Joe 03:55am, 06/11/2012

    Seriously, this is the first I heard of this and this is why this sport isn’t as popular as it should be.  I WILL NOT ever pay for another pay per view and I’m glad I didn’t do it this time.  Not only was the fight as one sided as I predicted, it was no contest.  Harold Lederman before the fight indicated his apprehension with the female judge but had the utmost respect for Giampa and Duane Ford.  I wonder how fat their envelopes were - this is the absolute worse thing that could have happened.  How may more “shows” does Manny have to do for the Bobfather anyway?

  55. Joe 03:47am, 06/11/2012

    I walked out of the bar early KNOWING full well that Manny won like every round of the fight.  This is criminal plain and simple if you all are telling me that Bradley got a decision.

  56. jhun 03:36am, 06/11/2012

    i think a lot of american racist boxing fans are happy with the downfall of the filipino champ especially… i know deep inside their bones they are smiling their hearts out…. what a shame and sham to the boxing world to treat a person who somehow changed the image of the rottened sport.

  57. marc 02:42am, 06/11/2012

    its pretty obvious it was a fixed fight. no need for the rematch, we know now who will win and its a mismatch. bradley is still a b-class fighter the way he fight to an elite level like the pacman.

  58. mafiakingpin 02:40am, 06/11/2012

    Corruption indeed!!, Pacquiao and his team knows it, Pacquiao is a businessman!!! he used to be the agressive and always pulverizing his every opponent but in this fight you can sense that something fishy is going on with him!!! how much Arum gave you??? tsk tsk… wake up manny, or else every night you could not sleep by deceiving your millions of fans!!!... you and your team and top rank knew all this!!

  59. volti 02:18am, 06/11/2012

    Nice One!

  60. joel g.yecyec 02:06am, 06/11/2012

    award winning drama!!!!!!!weeeeew

  61. datumaroyo 01:32am, 06/11/2012

    Right on the money, Mr. Matthew.  Do the boxing world the crying service it needs: no let-up to the outcry until the perpetrators of the sordid and ignominious act of scoring manipulation were uncovered and sent back to the woodwork where they crawled from!

  62. Leon 01:12am, 06/11/2012

    Nice story and title!
    the Pacman is fishing in my point of view. he wants a bigger fish before calling it “retire”. and as a boxing fan we all know who the big fish is. after rd 3, I feel that Pac’s is not interested to hit Tim. for the reason Pac is not attacking the same style in every rd. I did’nt even see his signature punch when he   push forward. for me it was a dive.

  63. procopy 01:06am, 06/11/2012

    Pacman should leave Arum now. i think he’s already financially capable of promoting himself plus he can decide on his own and he will have less problem pursuing a fight with Mayweather.

  64. Matt McGraain 12:18am, 06/11/2012

    Hard times, isn’t it David?  A word in defence of judge Jerry Roth who scored the fight for Pacquiao.  I don’t know how he came up with round 2 for Bradley but outside of that he did a decent job.

  65. Edgar Apolinar 12:12am, 06/11/2012

    Excellent writing, Dave!
    This was never a controversy….it was plain and simple ” a big fat lie”.

    The judges lied about what they saw and the rest of the world saw. It was not a close fight and they know it.
    Yes, like you said, they decided to lie purposely,criminally.!
    Authorities must investigate!

  66. alvin 12:09am, 06/11/2012

    If you want investigation ,  pls investigate if Pacquiaos team did beat Pacquiao to win in the beating.
    If they bet otherwise , then there must be something fishy around. Pls check Chavit Singson. If this guy bet for Bradley then that confirms the anomally. This guy is so close to Pacquiao and has lately become so close with Bob Arum

  67. procopy 11:44pm, 06/10/2012

    even Mayweather Sr. believed Pacquiao won the fight. There is really something fishy going on. Before the fight I have read a news article saying that the tickets are hard to sell and only 1/3 of the venue was occupied. Maybe they held a meeting during that “delay” time and agreed to fix the fight declaring Bradley as winner and a lot of people wont accept that and more people will go out to watch the rematch. Maybe that’s why Manny suddenly stopped punching that much and as hard as the knockout punches he used to deliver on previous fights so that he would not knock out Bradley. Well this is just my opinion, and I do hope this is not what Manny really has on his mind because it’s a big disgrace for him and the Filipinos if he’ll goes with the dirty plans of Top Rank.

  68. ronron 11:25pm, 06/10/2012

    i do believe that pacquiao shud be the winner of that fyt…
    it’s a crystal clean judgement for the fight that pacman shud still the champion. my favor is still on pacman, not because im a PILIPINO, not because im a fan of pacman ,but because im very certain 100% of what i’ve seen ...
    yes, bradley deserve 2 b a world champion but not on pacman’s time, not on pacman’s best, not in pacman’s level…time is time…patience is needed not greediness…
    after that fyt, after the decision was declared on bradleys favor, i think they gaved boxing a bad name, they painted boxing so dark, they destroyed pacman’s career and they cutted the boxing lovers interest..and especially the pride of all the pilipino…
    if you are not with me, please watch the fight again and again hard feelings..just a point of view..

  69. David Matthew 09:39pm, 06/10/2012

    Thanks for that clarification JC - much appreciated.

  70. JC 09:36pm, 06/10/2012

    One thing to add.  Bradley actually had the Giant Sized Ticket for Pac vs Bradley 2 Nov 10, 2012 before the fight and there is footage of him using it to promote the fight before the fight even began.  Everything else you wrote makes a lot of sense though.  Bob Arum is a sham!

  71. procopy 09:14pm, 06/10/2012

    another strange things I have noticed, not only on this fight but also on the previous one is that Pacman’s work rate seems to go down starting the middle rounds. it’s kind of puzzling to me how on the first 5 rounds he battered Bradley with powerful punches and then at the 6th round he suddenly almost stopped punching. just at the first round we even saw Bradly being wobbly after being hit by a left from Pacquiao. but on the later rounds the volume of his punches seemed to go down. I have seen almost all of Pacman’s fight and that is not how he fights. He is always aggressive and ready to take risk because he got knockout power it quite easy for him to gamble on that fight since Bradley is not known to be a hard hitter. Pacquio has received a lot of punches for far more hard hitting opponets like Cotto & Marquez. As with previous Marquez fight, it is also puzzling to me how he had so much difficulties in that fight since they have already faced each other 2 times and have willingly exchanged punches with Marquez on those fights.

  72. Carlos 09:13pm, 06/10/2012

    Great article! You wrote exactly what is on every boxing fan’s mind today.  All fans should boycott Top Rank.