Pacquiao Crushes Mosley

By Robert Ecksel on May 7, 2011
Pacquiao Crushes Mosley
Pacquiao put some serious hurt on Shane Mosley (Tom Casino/SHOWTIME)

If Mayweather stops unraveling and resolves his legal issues, maybe a fight between him and Manny will materialize in the future…

Manny Pacquiao (53-3-2, 38 KOs) retained his WBO welterweight title Saturday night by crushing Shane Mosley (46-7-1, 39 KOs) in Las Vegas before a sellout crowd of 16,412 at the MGM Grand.

Mosley’s vaunted speed, his ability to move in and out of harm’s way, is now officially a thing of the past. He may still have power, the last thing to go, but Mosley’s legs, the first thing to go, are history. Mosley was a tentative, stationary target all night long and took shots that the young Sugar Shane would have danced away from like it was nothing.

No doubt Mosley looked great in the gym working the mitts, speed bag and heavy bag. But the good, or bad, thing about mitts, speed bags and heavy bags is that they don’t hit back, which left Mosley susceptible to Pacquiao’s onslaught. His arsenal of lefts and rights, hooks and jabs, left Mosley bruised and swollen, a beaten fighter gasping for air and looking to survive.

Pacquiao rained down punches on the hapless former champion unremittingly and without remorse. A Pacquiao left hook dropped Mosley with a minute left in round three. It was only the third time Shane’s been dropped in his 18-year career, but if he continues to fight that number will rise. Pacquiao couldn’t follow-up and end the bout then and there, so the match effectively became a lopsided display of one man’s skill and determination vs. another man’s deteriorated skill and determination.

For Mosley remains, if nothing else, a determined fighter. Boxing is what he knows. Boxing is in his blood. It’s just that his body can no longer execute his brain’s commands.

Mosley’s biggest moment, on a night of small moments, came in round ten when referee Kenny Bayless mistakenly ruled that Shane knocked down Manny. But what must have pleased Mosley infuriated Pacquiao, who seemed more determined than ever to put some hurt on his opponent. It was almost as if Pacman was hitting the ref and not Shane Mosley.

After the decision was announced, with the judges scoring it 120-108, 120-107, 119-108 for Pacquiao, the Filipino whirlwind admitted that “It wasn’t my best performance. I did my best. I did not expect this result.”

The result Pacquiao expected was an early stoppage, and only Mosley’s guts and fighting heart kept that from happening.

“I fought the best fighter in the world,” said Mosley. “He has exceptional power, power that I’ve never been hit like this before.”

Where Mosley goes from here is anyone’s guess. There are scores of fighters out there that Mosley can beat. But to what end? Maybe it’s time for Shane to think about getting out while the getting is good. Maybe he should hang ‘em up before he gets seriously hurt.

Pacquiao, by contrast, is still king of the world. If Mayweather stops unraveling and resolves his legal issues, maybe a fight between him and Pacquiao will materialize in the future. More likely is that Manny will move up in weight and go for a ninth division title. Because he’s looking, searching, for someone, somewhere, to challenge him, to give him the fight of his life that he desperately craves and believes he deserves.

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  1. Pilloch 01:56am, 05/08/2011

    Shane did not do a respectable fight. He should retire, which is a respectable thing for him to do now.

  2. Frank 12:15am, 03/15/2012

    This fight the best sinces so far and i am a truth fan of PAC man hero fast and he has a good trainer too so I just got one thing to sugar shame mosely that your not only pomona boxer out there you made us look bad but then again your old and can’t fight anymore you lost it and now my turn come up

  3. Lamon turk-Robinson 06:17am, 02/08/2012

    PAC man is a little square bear and doesn’t have the speed or powerful hits like ma weather.. Why do u think he’s undefeated bcuz he CNT. Be beat

  4. johnwriter60 01:57am, 02/08/2012

    sure would have loved to have seen this. even more so the pending Manny-Shane climax. Maybe Shane might stop unravelling, but if now or then, it appears Manny reigns supreme.

  5. ornajela 11:10pm, 01/09/2012

    You boxing fans speak so much about Pacman, you scared to the Pretty boy Floyd. That Mega fight will not happened, please keep silence.

  6. Lamon Turk-Robinson 02:42pm, 12/07/2011

    mayweather is gonna murder pacquaio gay ass

  7. floyd duck pacman 05:35am, 10/17/2011

    anyone can use their head…think this logic why floyd wanted pacman to do drug test after the fight.??? the answer is he is afraid of pacmans abilities..that he and his father witness..pacman already agree the test the problem is weather wanted it to be done under by USADA which is may weather is product of them.aside from that USADA is not connected to the boxing council..WADA is the real company which use by the boxing pro.another problem is may weaher wont pay for it for the drug test..second problem is may weather wont agree to the over weight limit punishment.that who ever exceed the said weight will pay more than .that may weather are against because they wan t may weather step bigger inside the ring like what they does on marquez.then just pay for i think this will be hard.

  8. gay weatther 05:22am, 10/17/2011

    i read an article about pacquaio and may weather team..discussed about the big fight pacquaio agreed the random drug test..the problem is they are the one who pay for it and pacman agreed to pay but may weather team say no..aside from that pacman team set a rule that who ever exceed the weight.over weight must pay.10$ but may weather wont agree..and we know why because may be they want may weather step inside the ring heavy or over weight like what may weather does when he fought marquez he over weight 2 pounds..and just pay for needs his big shoulder for a defense.just simply say the fight wont happen because may weather is really a brilliant fighter.

  9. pacmaniagayweather 05:12am, 10/17/2011

    mayweather is brilliant boxer in fact he has the ways how to avoid those boxers that might hurt him. his an olympic boxer not a gladiator who can make blood inside the ring like pacman does.floyd can out box those boxers that are strong but has slow movements its because his an out boxer..but i belive the reason why floyd wants pacman to be test on USADA because he witnesses the unbelievable performance of pacman his speed. strenght .,that even his defense might be destroyed floyd knows it and his afraid about it.

  10. yousef aquino 09:53pm, 09/13/2011

    Mosley went to get 5million USD just to run away with pacman, what a shame mosley. better shame mosley did not stood up when he got down in the third. pacman made a good sparring partner.

  11. Marlon 07:55pm, 07/17/2011

    nothing is impossible if you believe! many…he’s unbelievable in our mind..but he just believed that he can do this w/out a doubt! just thinkin’ about over.

  12. Pablo Edwin Obregon 07:23pm, 07/06/2011

    I have read most of you guys’ oppinions on Manny vs. Mayweather and I respect them all, but it is obvious most of you are speaking out of frustration, we all want to see that fight and we are saying whatever we think to make Floyd fight Manny. Remember my name and remember these words, “It will happen as soon as Floyd figures Manny out, and then Floyd will win by a huge margin”, the man is a brilliant boxer,and a very smart businessman.

  13. shane allen 02:16am, 06/12/2011

    Manny is the best hands down! now Floyd is good too. 41-0 is a hell of a record! But i do believe that Manny will silence Floyd Mayweather. Floyd is a finesse boxer, where Manny is a brawler. in football terms, Manny is Earl Campbell while Floyd is Emitt Smith! Floyd runs behind blockers and runs out of bounds, to where Manny runs you over and makes you earn his respect! Floyd is the New England Patriots, who is a good team, but a soft team, Manny is the Pittsburgh Steelers, who is a solid, quick and the hardest hitting team in football! is anyone catching my drift?

  14. Your Name 08:35am, 06/03/2011

    @yanc—you got it just right, man.  Fayweather does NOT want to fight Pac. This has become completely clear over the past year.  He’s just too afraid he’ll get beat. And you know what…?  He’s RIGHT.

  15. yanc 09:17pm, 06/02/2011

    floyd mayweather is just a coward boxer, he is afraid to fight pacman bec. he knew he will be beaten in manny’s power and speed. he is just making some issues against manny just to make an scapegoat not to fight manny.

  16. age of sun 04:07pm, 05/28/2011

    i love boxing.

  17. smauel davis 11:09am, 05/12/2011

    he can beat floyd peolpe don;t no boxing manny gone feel his power witch he don;t have and then walk him down floyd going trying to counter him witch not gonna work it a chance fighter

  18. NenieConz 07:38pm, 05/11/2011

    If its not for Mayweather’s COWARDICE and FEAR that his face will become a corned beef (like Marga & Cotto) we could have seen the best boxing event in this decade.

  19. Papitogunz45 10:15am, 05/11/2011

    @Maggie 2 yrs ago I would definantly agree with you 100%. the pacquiao today would mop the floor with Mayweather, but 2 yrs ago I think Mayweather would’ve won.

  20. maggie 09:42am, 05/11/2011

    pac man is the best, he has all my respect, i don’t think he can beatg floyd.

  21. SandyF 07:04am, 05/11/2011

    Could not **Beat

  22. SandyF 07:01am, 05/11/2011

    This fight was all about the money :)
    Shane knew he could not be Manny but that it would sell out and be a big pay day for him.  I think he fought a wonderful fight, hell just to last the whole fight was amazing. Shane should fight a few more fights (not champs) and retire with a couple of wins :)
    Now we need to see Manny and Flyod :)))

  23. Tony C 10:22pm, 05/08/2011

    You put it correctly…it was not a Fight Plan but a Flight Plan and now, Shane Mosley is turning out to be Shame Mosley !!  Most of those who watched the fight were of the opinion (they booed the fight midway) that Pacman was equally at fault for making it a boring fight…He was too friendly to Mosley and not until he got counted down by ref Kenny Bayless for a fake knockdown, did the Pacman realized that it’s time to wake up and stage a real fight and make these boxing fans get their money’s worth…the fight was disappointing and Mosley got away with US $ 5M for being a mere sparring partner of Pacquiao…a very expensive sparring partner indeed!!  Cheers to all you boxing fans !!

  24. Nick Alino 10:12pm, 05/08/2011

    Weeks before the fight, the camp of Mosley boastfully announced they had a sure formula and strategy on how to beat, even knock out Pacman. Fight night came and—whoa! What strategy, what fight plan? It proved to be a FLIGHT PLAN, nothing else!

  25. Rockybulldog 08:12pm, 05/08/2011

    I really dont think God wants another man to beat another ,however if thats what some might think then so be it, let them think what they want.In time manny will slow down like every other fighter if he is smart he ll retire soon , he has already surpassed everyone in the fight game so whats to be gained ?Every big tree must fall sooner or later He will go down in history as one of the top boxers of all time, i personally hope that he does retire and move on to bigger and better things for his country.

  26. Raul Car Uri 07:40pm, 05/08/2011

    It’s clear that every time Manny fights God always guides him because Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is obviously a very godly person!

  27. Tony Cubacub 04:43pm, 05/08/2011

    Just to correct the error in my logged in name…

    Regards to all fight fans !!

  28. Tony Cubacub 04:40pm, 05/08/2011

    For the first time, I got really bored watching live this Pacman-Sugar non-fight that we had all been waiting for…while Sugar did not even show the shadow of his old self, the Pacman was equally ‘guilty’ of not being agressive enough to have ended this fight as early as the 4th or 5th round when Mosley was clearly still groggy and reeling from him being knocked down cold in the third round !! I think, slowly Pacman is losing his killer instinch and becoming too cozy-cozy to his opponents which could cause his ultimnate downfall when he finally gets hit by a lucky shot and gets knocked out for good !  Pacman has to reignite the ‘fire in his belly’ and become once more an exciting fighter that we all love to see in his fights !!

  29. Rockybulldog 04:08pm, 05/08/2011

    Mosley wasnt up to mannys standards period, Manny is way too fast and shane didnt stand a chance, as he said so himself (I fought the best fighter in the world) and he knows it . As for floyd, well thats another story , he knows he ll never beat manny thats why he s running , attitude and humility go a long way in making a good fighter as with anything else in this world, arrogance and deciet will always fall in the end of a matter. floyd isnt worthy of getting in a ring with Manny period.

  30. Gabreil dagojo 03:34pm, 05/08/2011

    Manny pac is the best

  31. Papitogunz45 03:10pm, 05/08/2011

    @ Lisa Not talking shit, just stating facts. Mosley didn’t give himself a chance to win shit. After being kd he went into a defensive shell and just tried to survive. He did the same thing with mayweather. I like Mosley, but his performance I did not like at all.

  32. Lisa 02:10pm, 05/08/2011

    look i luv pac man!! He has all my respect..this has always been a rule of mine in life Dont Take A Swing Unless U Can Take A Hit.. no doubt mosley has alot of heart but if i can give some advice 2 mosley go in with all ur heart but keep ur mouth shut bcuz when ur only concern was that u had no concern makes ppl like me not respect a loud mouth sho boat nd that much more anxious 2 see the all action no shit talker pac man eat ur ass up so humble urself mosley so u can hold ur head high..

  33. carl 11:02am, 05/08/2011

    I agree, and Mosely wasn’t using his reach advantage, to his advantage. Just trying to survive, I guess.

  34. PJB/ 10:56am, 05/08/2011

    Overall, it was a fairly boring fight.  I just don’t understand why Mosley DOESN’T HIT!!  He simply does not throw any shots.  I mean,  I’m about Pac’s weight, and I surely wouldn’t last one minute in the ring with him, but I WOULD at least move my fist in the direction of his head in the short time I had.  We saw a virtual repeat of the Mayweather fight here—Mosley standing upright in a defensive position and waiting to get hit.  No, I’m afraid the Sugar man is done, once and for all.  There is absolutely NO point in taking on any more fights.

  35. Wesley 08:15am, 05/08/2011

    Pac is the best, Shane is finished and Mayweather is retired and should not return to the ring just to satisfy critics. His health is more important than boxing. Money makes many fighters stay in the sport longer than they should!

  36. papitogunz45 07:52am, 05/08/2011

    Pacquiao is amazing! I know Mosley is done and this fight proved it, but the way Pacquiao seems to be able to just turn on the aggressiveness, just like that, I’m sure his next will be better if the opponent doesn’t pull a stunt like Mosley.

  37. carl 02:52am, 05/08/2011

    Saw the fight.  They should change Moseley’s nom de guerre to ‘Molasses’ from ‘Sugar.’ 

    Pac Man’s hand speed was incredible and I understand he’s a southpaw but you wouldn’t know it - strength in both hands. Pac Man’s defense was also excellent. Hands very high. 

    For his part, Mosely boxed like a crab - very odd and defensive - stood very upright. Despite the 3rd round knockdown (would have been fun to see Pac take him out), Mosely survived.

    LL Cool J rapped “I’m gonna knock you out” to start the fight for Mosely. Apparently not.

    Disappointing fight overall but always fun to see Pac.

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