Pacquiao Robbed—Now Nobody Is Safe

By Matt McGrain on June 10, 2012
Pacquiao Robbed—Now Nobody Is Safe
Someone told me Las Vegas wanted to make some money on Pacquiao for a change (AP)

In the aftermath, Lou DiBella has described “a sport now on a respirator.” It was hard to disagree…

Someone told me that Bob Arum set this up to cash in on the rematch.

Someone told me that Bob Arum set this up to release the pressure on the Mayweather fight.

Someone told me it was payback for Marquez III.

Someone told me Vegas wanted to make some money on Pacquiao for a change.

Someone told me God has decided to test his newest disciple to see if he would make a prophet.

Someone told me that Ashton Kutcher just pulled the biggest Punk’d in the history of television.

I understand the scramble for reasoning but the bottom line is that the reason doesn’t matter. Boxing had two showpiece events this year, two battles to help us in the war against recession from the mainstream, competition with MMA and the embarrassment that is brawling at press conferences, failed drug tests, atrocious judging. The first, Mayweather-Cotto, was a roaring success. This debacle…

Right now the only thing that could make matters worse is if Pacquiao head-butts Bradley to the floor at a presser and snorts a line of coke off the bald dome he spent 36 minutes tattooing in the MGM Grand Las Vegas this Saturday night. What we saw beggars belief. In the aftermath, Lou DiBella has described “a sport now on a respirator.” It was hard to disagree. It was also hard to disagree with Teddy Atlas who pinned the blame on either corruption or incompetence with the onus on the former—“the criminals will be rewarded.”

The criminals.

It’s hard to care about boxing this morning. It’s hard to give a shit. This a result that will only be welcomed by drama queens and vultures and the people who believe that no pulicity is bad publicity. But I’m a boxing fan. I don’t watch boxing worrying about the numbers. I’d watch these fights if it still meant going to the local miner’s club and pitching in holding the spit-bucket. I don’t care about politics, I don’t care about money. I just want to watch the sport I love in the spirit of competition. Gee up the numbers? How about the ones that matter?

Pacquiao, the puncher in the fight without question, outlanded Bradley in 10 of the 12 rounds according to CompuBox. In the 10th, the two men were deemed to have landed the same number of punches. Once—once in the entire fight—did Bradley land more blows in a three-minute spell. Now personally, I don’t much care for the domination of CompuBox statistics in debate where close decisions are concerned. Far too often the numbers are considered a checkmate, the point which cannot be argued. People who take this approach to debatable decisions and debatable rounds would have been superb judges of the amateur code in the 1990s. In the professional sport how many punches a fighter lands is not the defining factor. Only in combination with damage done, affective aggression, defense and ring generalship does the number of punches a fighter lands reveal the winner of the round. That Pacquiao outlanded or equaled Bradley in every single round bar one needs to be taken on board but not seen as the defining factor. That he outlanded Bradley over the course of the fight by nearly 100 punches, 253-159, too, needs to be absorbed and then put to one side.

It’s a fight. Who hurt who?

In the first, a marginally debatable round scored for Pacquiao by judges Roth and Ross but for Bradley by judge Ford, “Desert Storm” did reasonably well catching Pacquiao on the gloves and the top of the head with a stepping jab and with at least one good body shot in addition to a pair of sharp counter left hooks. But none of these punches troubled Pacquiao in a meaningful way. For his part, Paquiao found the range for the straight left in the final seconds of the round, landing three of them in quick succession. Whilst Bradley wasn’t unduly troubled, Pacquiao had clearly landed the hardest punches of the round. Taken in tandem with Pacquiao’s superior volume of landed punches, the round is now in the bag for Pacquiao according to any sensible criteria. Even allowing for the fact that Bradley arguably achieved dominance in generalship for the opening one-hundred seconds of the fight, it’s hard to see the round go any other way.

Why, then, do I describe it as “marginally debatable”?

Let’s get it out of the way. It needs to be said in the body of any article, tweet or sentence spoken on officials these days. “Judges are only human.”  With no direct evidence to the contrary, I have to concede this. Judges also have a very singular view of the action. They don’t have the benefit of multiple camera angles or instant replays. They score—ostensibly—what they see. The importance of the three straight lefts landed by Pacquiao in those closing seconds cannot be overstated. If you miss them, the round can reasonably be scored for Bradley. If you see them, it is a Pacquiao round. Top fighters work in increments of milliseconds and centimeters. By definition, so do judges. It is possible for a human being to be unsighted or miss key action through inattention.

That is why we have three judges, not one. The system worked. Roth and Ross scored the round correctly, protecting Ford to whom the courtesy of the benefit of the doubt can be extended without reservation.

Unfortunately, much worse was to come.

The second looked reasonably clear for Pacquiao with some confusion arguably created in Bradley’s favor at the midway point as he landed multiple body punches in a clinch. It was another round, however, in which he was outlanded according to CompuBox and again Pacquiao’s punches seemed to be the harder. Once more the judges were split, but this time in Bradley’s favor, Ross and Roth coming down on the side of Bradley, Ford seeing it for Pacquiao. The reasoning for scoring this round Bradley’s way are unclear. Whilst he threw more he also got hit more and hit harder.

He got hit more and hit harder.

Where does a round come from for a fighter in this situation? How do you win a round when you are so clearly on the receiving end? As a round, it was reasonably close but it was close and clear. In round two the system fails. Two judges get the round wrong, not one. This is when Atlas’ remarks regarding corruption or incompetence are thrown into sharp relief for the first time.

On my card and on Harold Lederman’s (HBO) Bradley was two down, but the judges had it even at 19-19. Pacquiao now strings three rounds together in which he cannot be seen as anything but a clear winner. Outlanding Bradley 21-15 in the third, he threw only slightly fewer punches and he landed two hurtful left hands to the head whilst absorbing two of Bradley’s best punches of the fight to his body. In the fourth, Bradley was hurt by a Pacquiao flurry and during a disorganized retreat he turned his ankle, actually breaking it according to some reports this morning. It is a shame that Bradley’s heart in continuing to try to take the fight to Paquiao despite this isn’t under discussion today, but as disgusting as it is to say, there are more important things for us to consider than Bradley’s warrior spirit.

The fifth round was key.

All three judges had it the same going into that round; 3-1 Pacquiao, 39-37. Assuming no knockdowns would occur in the fight, should Pacquiao have won the fifth round he would need only two more rounds out of the last seven to build an insurmountable lead. Boxing produces these swing rounds sometimes. The difference between 4-1 and 3-2 is bigger than the single point it represents. If, and I want to stress that word, if these judges were looking at their cards thinking about how to make things come out for Bradley it is very difficult for them to score that fifth round for him and come out with anything better than a draw.

Pacquiao put the hurt on Bradley at the end of the fourth but came out quite quietly at the beginning of five. Bradley, too, was reticent and landed nothing of note in the first minute, hitting Manny’s gloves and forearms with a selection of jabs and a right hand, probably taking the first minute of the round with two jabs to the body. A half-landed one-two at the top of the second minute brought Pacquiao back into the round and I felt he moved into the lead for the first time at 1:53, once again utilizing that hard straight behind his jab. Bradley, showing no arbitrary head movement whatsoever, was being timed as he tried to employ a reaction-based defense. Between 1:50 and 1:40 they hit each other’s gloves and then swapped jabs. A succession of misses by Pacquiao and Bradley’s landing on Manny’s gloves ran the clock down into the final minute. There is perhaps an argument here that Bradley’s volume punching, despite the fact that he was on the retreat throughout the round, may have brought him back into contention but it is important to note that he had not landed any punches of merit at all in that time. The argument appeared to be over, however, when Pacquiao rocked Bradley back on his heels with short left hand on forty seconds. Following this up with a jab, he bored forwards, forcing Bradley to the ropes in front of him before landing another left hand at which point Bradley rightly clinched. After being separated they fought up close for a few seconds with Pacquiao doing the meaningful punching. Bradley seemed momentarily hurt once more as they fought against the ropes at ten seconds. Untidy fighting was punctuated by a Pacquiao left hand in an otherwise rather meaningless exchange.


Judge Jerry Roth scored the round for Pacquiao. His part in our story ends now. I don’t particularly care for his 115-113 scorecard but he got the right winner, both in the fight and in round five. 

Inexplicably, judges C.J. Ross and Duane Ford had scored the round for Bradley. 

Re-watching it, I thought perhaps it was a little closer than I had believed it to be (my notes for that round read simply, “Pacquiao, big“) but it is pretty clear. Bradley landed fewer punches, fewer hard punches and fought the round on the run. Almost nobody else, either at the arena or watching the broadcast, has been able to find this round for Bradley. Some samples:

“Let’s hope Ford and Ross are now in witness protection. I have watched boxing for over three decades and there has never been so shocking a result from the judges.”—The Washington Times

“That was absolutely horrible.”—ESPN

“Many reporters at ringside unofficially scored the bout in the 9-3 to 11-1 range. —The LA Times

“I’ve never been as ashamed of the sport of boxing as I am tonight.  Who will take it seriously now?”—Bob Arum

Ross and Ford compounded this inexplicable error in rounds seven, nine and arguably round eleven, all of which one or the other scored to Bradley in spite of statistical and literal evidence to the contrary. Each has the new WBO welterweight champion dominating the second half of the fight almost completely, five rounds to one. In a final testimony to their total incompetence, they were unable to agree even upon which single round Pacquiao won between seven and twelve, Ross awarding him the ninth, Ford awarding him the eleventh.

During the HBO broadcast, Harold Lederman named Duane Ford “the judge who teaches other judges how to judge.” Choosing my words carefully now, I say that Ford, at best, is an idiot who is not fit for purpose. To be brutally frank if he were a sheepdog you would take him behind the barn and blow him away based upon this day on the farm. His 115-113 card in favor of Bradley cannot be defended on any level.

C.J. Ross produced the same score. Ross, in my opinion, was confirmed as inadequate even before this fight was made, her inexplicable habit of coming up with draws in fights that have clear winners—Holt vs. Tackie, Lara vs. Molina, Mares vs. Agbeko, Burgos vs. Cruz—confirming her as incapable even before her latest and greatest bungle. 

Of course, we have had bad decisions before, many of them. Why the collective angst this time? I think it’s born of the understanding that if they can do it to Manny Pacquiao they can do it to anyone. Paquiao is a global superstar, one of the hallowed cash cows of the sport and the second best boxer anywhere on the planet, whatever dumb and dumber might think. If whoever can take the fight away from for whatever reason no pugilist on the planet is safe. The only way to win a fight is by knockout.

What can be done? It’s nothing that hasn’t been written before but first of all Ross and Ford need to be removed from their positions. They must not be allowed to judge another fight. When reading this, consider your own job. Consider its ultimate purpose. If you utterly failed at that ultimate purpose on the most important day of your professional career, clearly displaying incompetence of the highest level, would you be permitted to keep your job? It seems unlikely. The same rules should apply to boxing judges. Making sure that this or something like it happens is way beyond any writer and any website, however. But it’s not beyond you.

Above is the Nevada State Athletic commission email address. Click on it now and send them an e-mail. Don’t be abusive, don’t be corrosive. Just tell them how you feel about both the judges and the judging. Keep it short and not so sweet. If enough people were to do this, there will be results, I promise.

For my own part I simply said that I was finding it increasingly difficult to take it seriously as a sport. This is sad but true. WWE is named “sports-entertainment” and not “sports” because the outcome of each “contest” is determined beforehand, not because the competitors do not face real danger of injury. Can we say with any degree of certainty that boxing is not the same, or at least that there are similarities? Muhammad Ali. Sam Langford. Joe Louis. Sugar Ray Robinson. Pernell Whitaker. The sport that produced some of the most incredible athletes in history can now legitimately be compared to fake wrestling. If this sounds like hyperbole, consider that one of the arguments raging across the frantic boxing forums this morning runs along the lines of “was Pacquiao in on it?”

Once you’ve sent your email, commit yourself to missing Pacquiao-Bradley II. I will not be buying it and you shouldn’t either. It must fail at the box office. Everyone that buys this fight in some small way gives their blessing to the decision in the first one.

After that, what you need to do is pray that Ford and Ross are total fucking idiots.

Because if they’re not, they’re criminals.

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  1. jeff 03:42am, 09/12/2013

    my opinion but , i thi.k Teddy Atlas wanted to kick the judges butts that night

  2. jeff 03:32am, 09/12/2013

    pacman beat bradley, also that rushian guy practicley knocked bradleys head off and they still gave bradley the win, i was livid both times,  judges where watching both fights in brail ..Marquez will have to tko bradley to win. I should had bradley pick my lotto #s

  3. Santo 01:52am, 12/02/2012

    I like this website it is a masterpiece !
    Glad I noticed this on google .

  4. Caren 02:19pm, 09/18/2012

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though
    you relied on the video to make your point. You definitely know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something informative to read?

  5. Darrell 05:10pm, 06/23/2012

    @Jerry, don’t shout!

  6. JERRY 11:22pm, 06/22/2012


  7. K Summers 08:04pm, 06/16/2012

    As a Pac fan, I apologize to all, cause I got caught up in the drama and was spitting venom after the fight. Just watched the re-broadcast with no volume (thus eliminating the biased commentary), scored it round by round for myself, and you know what? It was A LOT closer than I initially thought. Many of the rounds were controlled for the first two minutes by Bradley, with Pac coming on in the last 1:00 or :45… is that enough to consistently win rounds though? While I believe a strong case could be made for a Pac victory, I frankly did not see any reason for the outrage being expressed by the boxing world. This was nowhere near a case of outright larceny, as many have suggested.

  8. mo 10:18am, 06/16/2012

    Deplorable isn’t the first or last time it will happen. I appreciated your insightful article
    but unfortunately the weary and disenfranchished will see the rematch. Boxing was never about boxing has and always will be a criminal enterprise.

  9. raxman 06:01pm, 06/15/2012

    the great myth of clay v cooper is that it was 20 minutes - when it was reviewed it is 65 seconds. some believe the theory - conspiracy theory lets call it - that the original, and only, fight film has been edited to remove the 20 minutes,  yet cooper himself has said it was 4-6minutes not 20minutes - which frankly is absurd - there would’ve been a riot if a fight was stopped for 20min - where was the dressing room? yorkshire?
    the greater illegality in my view was dundee’s use of smelling salts

  10. Steep 08:47am, 06/15/2012

    Well, was it true or not?  The only active fight commentator that I’ve ever heard discuss this was Max Kellerman on ESPN Fights about a year ago.  Dundee’s actions were seen back then and to this day as “brilliant”.  Maybe it was during these eras of “by any means possible”.  But since you invoked the name of Jesus, is it morally acceptable???

  11. McGrain 12:34am, 06/15/2012


  12. DennoDog 09:14pm, 06/14/2012

    There have been many “dogs” before this fight. The worst “jobbing” that I can remember, and the epitome of corruption in the modern era of boxing was the Ali-Cooper fight in the sixties.  The then Cassius Clay was literally and truly knocked out by a british tomato can. Dundee pulled the famous"ripped glove” scam and gave Clay an extra 0 plus minutes to recover from a devastating knockout just before the round’s end. Clay comes out and ends up TKOing Cooper.  Thus keeeping that “undefeated, invincible aura” for a few more years. The rest of the story is history. Had the fight been scored and judged HONESTLY, Clay/Ali would have possibly been just another “decent” fighter. Not this “the greatest” bullshit. I managed to pull the fight up on “YouTube” and found it. They show the fight but whoever posted it, DISHONESTLY omits the gap of twenty minutes between the rounds of the knockdown.  This, my friends , happens every day. Not only with boxing, but with our national HISTORY. It’s time to get pissed!!

  13. loumar 06:22am, 06/14/2012

    after the 12th round, i said that pacquiao wins easily this time. but when i heard the 2nd score from mr buffer 115-113 for bradley i was shocked and think there was something wrong descisions to come…until i completely heard that there’s a new champion.  i was very sad not only for pacquiao but also for boxing.

  14. Victor Michael 12:49pm, 06/13/2012

    Excellent article. Something needs to be done. I know they never overturn because they do not want to embarrass the judges but they should overturn it and throw the judges out of the game

  15. procopy 11:29pm, 06/12/2012

    most of the people seem to agree that Manny won and I am one of them. I’m a long time fan of the guy and it pains to seem him being robbed on the win and his belt. But I also think that Manny did not look so good in this fight as well as the previous one. I felt that the Manny I knew was not there that night. The Pacman that bombed De La Hoya, the one that viciously knocked out Hatton, the one that dominated Cotto & Clottey, the one that disfigured Margarito’s face and the one that put down Mosley and made him run away for the rest of the fight. Maybe Pacman’s time has gone past him and it’s just telling us we should give other boxers their time to shine. There are boxers today who are quite excellent, who are not named Pacquiao or Mayweather. and I hope fights between this guys happen on the same dates of that “rematch”  of Pac-Brad so that people wont watch it and not allow some greedy people to triumph. and hey, there are places not named “Las Vegas” right?

  16. Darrell 09:02pm, 06/12/2012

    Cox’s Corner, do you think we who thought Bradley got the decision came down in the last shower?  I can’t speak for anyone else but I’ve been involved in the game for years as well & I suspect others who have come to the same conclusion have too….nice sweeping assertion though.

    Turn that HBO commentary down & you might see just how close this fight really was…remember Manny clocked on at round 3 & clocked off after round 9.

  17. Engelberto S Laput 12:04pm, 06/12/2012

    There’s no sense in a rematch,what for?yeah…money-money.Pacman should be principled enough to say no to Arum and the other guys wanting a second fight.If he could’nt get a fight with mayweather then he should retire.

  18. venz 04:39am, 06/12/2012


  19. Cox's Corner 04:13am, 06/12/2012

    Anyone who scored this fight for Bradley should take up another sport. I have been watching professional boxing for nearly 40 years and writing about it in letters and articles since 78. Those who scored it for Bradley just don’t know that they don’t know. This is not amateur boxing, the punches that landed on Manny’s arms do not score points. On all 4 categories of scoring professional boxing:
    1) Clean and hard punching 2) Ring generalship, 3) Defense 4) EFFECTIVE aggression, Manny winning the exchanges were all better for Manny. Pacquiao clearly won the fight.

  20. raxman 03:37am, 06/12/2012

    irish - i’ve just watched the fight for the third time - but the first at home with commentary (i posted on the other article how shocking the hbo team are so i wont go into it here) so for the first time i saw the post fight interviews and saw the ankle injury and it was the right (back) foot that just rolled as he stepped back
    i was seconding a young fighter in our state titles in 2010 - he was also an orthodox fighting a southpaw for the under 19 title and rolled his right ankle in exactly the same way. luckily this was with about 90seconds to go in the third and he was able to defend his 3 point lead to win by 1 point (its actually on youtube if you want to track it down - victorian under 19 amateur state title 2010)

  21. Matt McGrain 01:05am, 06/12/2012

    Irish…your right, I do tend to rattle a few cages on that forum.  But this place is different.  In short, if someone takes the time to read something I write they can say whatever the hell they want about it afterwards - they earned it!  I stepped in once only because someone seemed to be suggesting the site was baised against Pacquiao. As far as the rougher stuff goes…guess i’ll have to hire you as a bodyguard (-;

  22. Raymond Comeau 12:00am, 06/12/2012

    The easiest way to ensure this bad type decision does not happen too often, is for boxing fans to boycott the return bout, unless this decision is overturned before Nov. 2012

  23. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 07:52pm, 06/11/2012

    Matt McGrain- As I suggested to Dave Matthew on another thread…how about counter punching some of the “Plan 9 From Outer Space”, ESB type rebuttals of your article being posted here. I’m trying like a son of a gun…citing posts positing that Tim could take a good beating therefore he deserved to win….or others obviously relying on amateur type scoring to favor Bradley….or others putting forth the idea that punch stats don’t matter even if the power punch category favored Manny 2 to 1….or that Manny was the effective agressor throughout but that doesn’t matter either….or….I guess you get my drift.

  24. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 07:24pm, 06/11/2012

    Raxman-You and Franklin Dallas know this game inside and out and I respect that…I shouldn’t have referenced C.J. Ross in the post I directed to Franklin Dallas…...I’m just an opinionated fan and you know what they say, “Opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks.”

  25. raxman 07:13pm, 06/11/2012

    irish - i thought his ankle went becaus of the ortho-southpaw lead foot curse. pac’s foot landing on bradley’s as he pulled back or bradleys landing on pacs and rolling.

  26. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 06:52pm, 06/11/2012

    Franklin Dallas- Thanks for respecting my opinion….I think. Anyway at the risk of offending…I’ll offer another…the truth is this…Manny was hitting Tim so hard throughout the fight he damn near broke both of Tim’s ankles (yes there was a connection between Tim’s ankles giving out and the steady beating his head was getting)....and this….if scored as a pro bout should be with one fighter landing the harder blows at a 2 to 1 ratio….this bout was not close…..and in my view a 115-112 score for this bout even in favor of Pacquaio is close…..too close.

  27. Darrell 06:31pm, 06/11/2012

    I just finished watching and scored it 7 - 5 for Bradley.  Pacquiao missed an awful lot of punches & the so called accuracy of compubox must be questioned IMHO.  The calls of robbery are unfounded, it was close, no doubt.  If Pacquiao got the decision I wouldn’t be crying either.

    The people saying Pacquiao controlled the fight didn’t account for the fact that Bradley was quite content to fight on the back foot but was never forced back a la Mosley or Cotto.  He was not dominated at all.

    He may be feather fisted but those pillow punches & combinations are still scoring punches.  He finished the stronger in the championship rounds also.

  28. raxman 04:54pm, 06/11/2012

    frankin dallas - i think your scoring is closer than people saying 11-1 or 10-2. i was watching in a pub full of pac fans that screamed at every punch. but even then i thought the fight was going to be called a draw. i think pac gave away the first 2 and the last 3. rounds 5 &7 could’ve gone either way. which is ridiculous because pac had bradley hurt in rouds 4 &6. the old pac would finished this fight in the next rounds, not let bradley possibly win them.
    pac’s reputation has served him well in the past giving him rounds against jmm he shouldn’t have got but here it was the same rep that was his undoing. the standard he has set is so high that his underperforming in rounds 5&7 cost him the fight.

  29. TEX HASSLER 04:37pm, 06/11/2012

    The man who lost by 11 rounds and now new Champion, Timothy Bradley! Just winning 11 rounds was not enough. It is ashamed Bradley was not fighting Klitschko because it would have been Bradley KO’s in round one is now the new Heavy Weight Champion of the World, sorry Klitschko a KO is not now enought to retain your title.

  30. sifufor 04:29pm, 06/11/2012

    I used a personal gauge to determine the quality of this article. Inability to express what’s eating us inside can drive us to insanity. We can tolerate minor issues, but in the long run, if there is no resolution, there will be explosion. We can take only so much. This present boxing debacle is no minor issue. Many have already exploded. Reading this article will bring catharsis to those who don’t know how to express themselves.  This is how well written this article is. As hard as I have tried, I cannot dismiss the conspiracy theory because of the sameness of the scores, 115-113.  What are the odds for all three judges to arrive at identical scores, albeit two for Bradley and one for Pacquiao, particularly in view of the lopsidedness of the actual outcome?  There is a strong appearance that the scores were predetermined and a close fight was foreseen. There would be no question in close fights to have scores going either way, even if Pacquiao was the winner.  Supposedly, Marquez was robbed the same way. Didn’t the furor of that fight eventually die out? The lone scorer for Pacquiao was just to make things appear legitimate.  To the judges’ dismay, the fight did not play out as expected; it was lopsided in Pacquiao’s favor.  The judges were in deep shit; they couldn’t revise the scores. They could only turn in them in, more so if somebody was paying them to turn in those scores.  The scores were so blatantly off that only dimwit or blind judges would turn in scores like that.working on their own.  Who paid them? Discussions have implicated Mayweather, Arum, odd makers, Nevada Boxing Commission, and the Mafia.  I would have eased up on Arum a bit had he said he would ask the FBI to investigate, not the State Attorney General, which would have a conflict of interest, and Arum, an attorney himself, should know this.

  31. FrankinDallas 04:25pm, 06/11/2012

    Irish Frankie…comparing me to CJ Ross is not accurate. I had it 115-113 Pacman, she had it reversed. I’ll do the math for you…she had it 7-5 Bradley, I had it 7-5 Pacman….that’s a 4 round difference. 4 rounds. Not even close to seeing things “eye to eye”. Use a calculator next time, please, before tapping out nonsense on your keyboard. You are entitled, and I respect, your opinion, on the fight, all I ask is a little respect in return.

  32. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 04:17pm, 06/11/2012

    Franklin Dallas-You and C.J. Ross just about see eye to eye on how the fight played out. In my view it was a professional bout where Manny outlanded Tim 2 to 1 in power punches and it does matter that Pacquiao’s shots were harder and landed with greater impact which was very evident throughout (they shook Tim all the way down to his ankles, in fact). For my part that doesn’t produce a close fight. On another thread another expert seemed to be positing that Tim could take a good beating, therefore he deserved to win.

  33. FrankinDallas 03:13pm, 06/11/2012

    I watched the fight today on youtube…this wasn’t a “robbery” just a poor decision. I gave Bradley 3 rounds (8,10,11) maybe two were even, that leaves Pacman with the rest. Bradley did enough…and Pacman didn’t do enough…to make it look to some people like it was a close fight…it was certainly competitive, not an overwhelming Pacman win. You guys should watch and listen to the fight without the HBO audio fellatio…and without Lederman’s comments and score. You would have it close…like 115-113…for Pacman. That doesn’t make it a robbery. Anyway, I don’t pay for these sorts of fights and won’t for the rematch…and I don’t pay $20/pound for chopped meat either!

  34. Calico-uk 01:14pm, 06/11/2012

    Its nothing short of a crying shame im affraid!. I called bradley 7 days before the bell rang, not becuase he would win the fight, just down to a few other Key factors.

    The argument between Floyd and the HBO old dude after the head butting/right hand left hook punk’ed out situation the other month. Ortiz wasn’t it?. Anyways, Floyd goes to jail for the Battery Asult charges, hes ducked and dived for way to long, all im sure hes regreting right now as his shot at a high wage fight to cover his debts and Taxs and child support is gone!.

    Then theres a nice champion whos done his time and made everybody money, whos needs a respecful exit from the sport, not that this was it of course.

    You forget he trains with a dude whos gotten ill in the sport, you can only take so much damage before its time to exit.

    So i call, this :

    Help Manny, let him go with grace and honor.

    Bend Mayweather over and put in in federal prison until the community hes involved with, bails him out, maybe 50 cent might help out, think those two are pals, i hear.

    HBO im thinking, dont bite the hand that feeds young sir, you will soon find out how short your legs really are.

    It was BS, end of the line.

  35. Nick 11:33am, 06/11/2012

    I like the explanation of of pointing all fingers to Bob Arum and the need of an investigation. This result pissed me of all weekend. However as with any corruption you need to be able to cover your tracks, and I dont believe Bob was behind bribing the judges. I simply wont believe he was that reckless. The idea of the Nov fight I am sure was in the cards as a negotiation and am sure in case of a controversy they printed out the flyers etc. The question is who will benefit? Bob Arum and Top Rank yes, but there are many guys Manny can fight on PPV to make $$. Who benefits from Pacman losing, its the next big ticket seller who could fight Money. That is Saul Alvarez. Money has the target on his head as the best pound for pound and is joined with Golden Boy as is Saul Alvarez. Now those who know, also know who backs Saul. This might be a rumor but the rumor is not so nice people from Mexico that are known to not waiver any means to get across their objectives. These judges would not take a bribe from Bob Arum. The money trail is too transparent and too risky. But two judges they’ll be frightened as shit to turn a result into a bad decision should Pacman not knock out Bradley and thus avoid Pacman having any clout to fight Money on a fair term meaning $$. Thus leaving money to look elsewhere, which is Saul and who too is becoming a big $$ on PPV. This is Saul’s promoter’s chance to catapult him into stardom should he take out Money. It’s a risk but the times is right for Saul’s backers to go for gold. He is young good looking and strong. There are many more fights left in Saul and he can become the biggest Mexican fighter and Chavez, should he take out Money. This is my thought and my theory but regardless we have to take out corruption as last week’s result was an utter disgrace.

  36. datumaroyo 05:10am, 06/11/2012

    The patient and incisive analyses that went into your article is greatly appreciated. It drives home by sheer strength of logic an unerring postulate. What now for the state commission of Nevada? In the hurricane of outrage over the felony openly perpetrated by their judges, they cannot pretend to be unaffected. The economic rather than merely integrity fallout of their inaction would do their state a whole lot of disservice.

  37. Matt McGrain 03:40am, 06/11/2012

    What you have right now jhun is an editor who can’t give enough space to the robbery perpetrated against Pacquiao on Saturday and writers who are desperate to fill those berths.  In the three lead articles on this site now there are so many accusations of corruption and stupidity that they cannot be counted.  Speaking personally, I tend to wear my smile on my face and if I was happy about this charade, you would know because I would tell you.  I’m not an American, but given that an American audience drowned the blameless Bradley all the way from his interview to his dressing room, you may be wide of the mark there too.

  38. jhun 03:29am, 06/11/2012

    i think most americans are happy with the downfall of the filipino champ specially… i know deep inside their bones they are smiling their hearts out…. what a shame and sham to the boxing world to treat a person who somehow changed the image of the rottened sport.

  39. procopy 11:56pm, 06/10/2012

    maybe not. I dont think there’s racism involved here you can see how a lot of people supports Pacquiao even Americans. many Americans even prefer Pacman more than Mayweather.
    Maybe it’s just that the Mayweather-Cotto fight has performed better in ticket sales than the Pacquiao-Bradley. and now Top Rank is cooking something not so good just to squeeze some more cash on their top cash cow Pacman by making him lose a fight.

  40. Iking 08:09pm, 06/10/2012

    Now this writer wants to play hero and save boxing from its own destruction.

    I wonder why this happened to Pacquiao and not to Mayweather? Is it because the latter is an American and the other is an Asian?


  41. johnny 08:09pm, 06/10/2012

    please everyone understand…. criminals always have and still do run this sport… Bradley was a money maker, meaning he was bet on by the ones that run the sport,... the criminals!!! there is something that can be done… you get 3 new judges and sit them in a room ... make them watch the fight and judge it round for round and pick a winner… then the NSAC can overturn the original ass fucking that PacMan got…lol but they will not do this because the NSAC are the fucking criminals that are behind it in the first place!!! either way boxing is fucking dead to me and millions of others after this… to all of you worthless fucking bums behind this… enjoy spending all that cash you made off of this fixed fight… i hope that down the road you get paid back for this some how some way… you are worthless low class bums and your children should be so proud…

  42. Chad 08:01pm, 06/10/2012

    To Bob, It’s the Principle you might Have a Short term Memory or Memory Loss But I and the Rest of the Country who watched this Fight along with Lampley, Lederman, Kellerman and Emanuel Plus the People there and Millions watching…It’s Fucking Ridiculous and Nobody wants to see a Rematch because there shouldn’t be one Period Bradley LOST and he will see it on the Tape and The Nevada Atheletic Boxing Comm. will overturn the Decision and Give Bradley his First Loss which Was a Supremacy Ass Whoopin…..

  43. Chad 08:01pm, 06/10/2012

    To RAXMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Have you Lost your Mind,You must be Friends with the Judges Because you didn’t see the Lefts from Pacman Tattooing Bradley’s Face all night Long and yes if your a Good Judge,Just because Manny is the top rate Fighter also Makes him a Cautious Fightereven if Holding his Guard for the first Minute and then Exploding all over Bradley that’s what you call a Smart Fighter.Thats why He’s Fought 60 Fight and Kicked Ass… Floyd GAYWEATHER RUNS and throws a SHOT HERE OR THERE, All I can say is When them two Fight if Gayweather will fight him,PACMAN is going to be the One Who will Knock his Fucking Block off…As for Bradley he’s not going No where he’s going to be a Typical Boxer with 29 or 30 Wins and then the Losses will Start Piling up..Wait and See.. the Score in that fight Last night Should Have been 118 to 110 across the all 3 Judges. I mean Come on 115 to 113… FUCKING RIDICULOUS 3 BLIND FUCKING MICE Wait that Makes 4 you as well…

  44. Chad 08:00pm, 06/10/2012

    Hey im sick and tired of People Dogging Pac. for becoming a Christian after all it’s the best Move he has ever made,He’s Not only a Perfect Fighter but by becoming a Christian has made him even more Wise. His Job is Boxing he’s a Fighter and by him becoming a Christian and wanting to Live for Jesus Christ didn’t change nothing about his Fighting or his Performance,Bottom Line it Literally Sickens me when everyone is attcking him for make a Life changing choice that overall is the Most important thing he’s ever done and anyone can ever do,Which is give ther Heart and Life over to Jeseus Christ. “Jesus said I am the way.The Truth and the Life and NO ONE comes until the Father but by me….. So there you go.. Pac. deserves his Belt back and he will get it.That Decision will be overturned,They Overturned Hopkins.So in all Fairness due to the Public eye and Complaints if Vegas wants any more Action from Boxing.They will do whats right and give the Champ back his Belt Bradley didn’t win but maybe 2 rds. and done nothing in those 2 rds. Manny more or less just took a Breather.. Bottom Line He One and He’s going to Beat the SHIT OUT OF GAYWEATHER WHEN THEY FIGHT.and I will be so Glad because it’s time for someone to shut his Cocky Mouth up. Mayweather Will Def. LOSE TO PAC. He doesn’t want to fight him because he knows he will Lose!

  45. Chad 07:59pm, 06/10/2012

    I would just like to say that,Manny Pac.WON that fight and Bradley Knows it, Lampley,Emanual,and Max Knows it Harold Letterman Knows. The Crowd Knew and Everyone in there Homes Knows,Now given what we all Know aside from 3 Blind Judges vs. Millions,Don’t you think it’s only RIGHT to Overturn the Judges ridiculous decision & give the Belt Back to the Real Champ Manny Pac. and Put Bradley’s First Loss on his Record. I will say because if you don’t many,many, Millions of Boxing Fans are going to turn from Boxing.The Nevada Commision needs to View the Tape and the Stats and see that this Bout was Nowhere Close to what it should have been Scored. IMO and many others they saw it as118 to 110.Thats the truth,& If Bradley is a Real Man he will Give the Belt Back to Manny Pac. after he views the Tape & by the way there is no need for a Rematch we all don’t want to see Bradley get completely Out Classed & Beat again…

  46. @hunkdizon 07:52pm, 06/10/2012

    yah you’re right ! I like you’re article….Pacquiao really won the fight it’s very obvious in the scorecard . how could it be Bradley winning in a split decision it’s so terrible. For me boxing is completely DEAD . The NSAC is been paid of money in front of their face . If i could just kicked those ass.

  47. Jas-B 07:28pm, 06/10/2012

    Tnx Matt for this eye-opening discussion for all the boxing fans. It was a clear PACMAN victory! Bradley should return the belt to Manny.

  48. celso manioto 07:24pm, 06/10/2012

    pacquiao fights results clearly caught criminals hiding in the shadows as judges.

  49. Noel 07:10pm, 06/10/2012

    No thanks for Pacquiao/Bradley rematch if again in Vegas and if Arum do not do anything to give justice to this travesty.

  50. Anthony Sioson 07:01pm, 06/10/2012

    I sent my email demanding an explanation about this FIASCO. This is not a JOKE they fool the PEOPLE who bought the PPV and who really love boxing. Thanks we need to stand what is right!!!

  51. Justin Murta 07:00pm, 06/10/2012

    That was the best article & fight analysis I have read thus far. Mr. McGrain you should win a pulitzer or whatever top award for this!  Perfectly said, I hope people will follow your advice as I have (and will) until some sort of justice is served!

  52. JoeB 06:23pm, 06/10/2012

    This result is absolutely despicable and should be corrected immediately with full apologies to the fans and Manny.
    We don’t need travesty Part II. No thanks.
    Fix it or get lost!!

  53. Edgar Apolinar 05:59pm, 06/10/2012

    Thank you for your excellent analysis!

    This was a very sad day for boxing.

    It was shameless.

    I hope something can be done to save the sport.

  54. The Thresher 05:34pm, 06/10/2012

    Boxing needs to be abolished and then restarted. Maybe this will help that process get some traction.

  55. blue4cor 05:15pm, 06/10/2012

    NO to a rematch. Bradley’s style is not entertaining. He clinches and hide in times he senses danger. It did not surprise me if there was no knockout from either fighter because Bradley came half-ready to fight, the other half is to survive. If some observers seeing decline in Pacquiao old self I wanna hold my self back because of Bradley style.

  56. ronald torres 05:14pm, 06/10/2012

    those 3 judges were both idiots, stupid and criminals. i follow pacman career since flyweight. in my scorecard it was 119-109 for pacquiao. i agree with the hbo lederman. those people must be punish and not let to judge again.

  57. Joe 05:09pm, 06/10/2012

    My email has been sent to the commission demanding they make this right.. Keep encouraging everyone to do this.  Thanks Matt

  58. Johanne Climaco 04:59pm, 06/10/2012

    It can be argued that Pacquiao is the second best “boxer” in the world. However, I have to point out that Pacquiao is the best “fighter” in the world. There is a difference.

  59. OneTonMan 04:55pm, 06/10/2012

    Quote, “For my own part I simply said that I was finding it increasingly difficult to take it seriously as a sport. “
    Take it from Arum, the horse’s mouth, when he told Marquez after the 3rd fight, “It’s strictly business”. He also said after the bradley win, “I can make a ton of money on the rematch”. So there it is, it is not a sport, it is strictly a business.

  60. Ben victoria 04:54pm, 06/10/2012

    I’ve watched all of paquiao’s fight since the 1980’s and most of them don’t need judges as they’re either KO’s or TKO. This recent misjudgement bout against Bradley stunned me in complete disbelieve. I think in instances like this involving an extremely popular international champion, a worldwide opinion poll is in order to redress a gross anomaly of this magnitude. WWW will facilitate this task.

  61. Bob 04:43pm, 06/10/2012

    Why is everyone so aghast? This happens all the time, but we have very short memories. Come rematch time, the 24/7 will reinvigorate everyone and it will be a smashing success. This is boxing. Why should we expect anything more from a sport that continually disappoints?

  62. okay 04:42pm, 06/10/2012

    the only way this can be salvaged is for Bob Arum and Pacquiao camp to file a protest and for WBO and NSAC to declare it a NO CONTEST.  no one will support the REMATCH unless this has done.  And another RUBBER MATCH in the making?! NO WAY!!! Let’s not buy into this scam! Bradley’s ass get whooped big time, even he and his wife knows it!

  63. DVL 04:39pm, 06/10/2012

    Disgusting,,, a big disgrace to sport of boxing. review the tape and you will see Pacman clearly won the fight.

  64. JovenR 04:38pm, 06/10/2012

    Uhm… They should rehired those hall of fame judges you know…  uhmm.. They should fight no more in NV, that state sucks for boxing.. Bob Arum should also be fired, karma for him in the next days/weeks/months/years…

  65. jose v. andres 04:36pm, 06/10/2012

    The decision made by the 2 judges in favor of bradley vs pacquiao is a stupid act, hence, they have no place or not fitted to their job. Now is the time for the Nevada athletic commission and to the world boxing organization to investigate to whatever necessary to show to the public viewers their meaningful decision that is not bias to anyone. NO CONTEST IS A BETTER DECISION.

  66. raxman 04:30pm, 06/10/2012

    Pac lost this fight because his killer instinct is gone. he gave away 3 of the first 7 rounds through lack of work rate. and gave up the last 3 the same way. yes there were 4 or 5 rounds he dominated but then he took the foot off. the old pac would’ve finished bradley in the 7th after rattling him in the 6th instead he let bradley win the 7th. i gave bradley the first two rounds and thought 3 and 5 were close and possibly in the eye of the beholder same with round 8 - when bradley won the last round i thought for sure it was going to be a draw.  pac easily won the rounds he won but he just didnt take control of the other rounds the way he used to and spent far too much time behind his guard and trying to steal rounds with late flurries. you can’t just give pac a round because he lands a couple of late punches.
    like any superstar of any sport the bar is set high for them because of their past performances in this instance pac fell short of his usual standards and as such rounds that should never have been close were given to bradley - not just because he definitively won - but because pac didnt.
    this is all actually understandable - its human nature in a sport judge by humans. and pac has been on the end of similar human nature mistakes when he has been given rounds because of his aura and flare that certainly belonged marquez. what this isn’t is the monumental disaster to the sport that all of you are making it out to be.

  67. anthony 04:28pm, 06/10/2012

    Congrats to Bradley now he can watch the tape and blame the two corrupt judges!!!

  68. Spamtastic 04:25pm, 06/10/2012

    pacman was robbed. this is simple when it comes to money. if pacman wins over bradley then there will be no rematch and no more money. if bradley win the fight over pacman then there is a rematch and there is money until to 3rd match the decison. and arum can owned that money. its a business. what a corrupt. arum sacrificed pacman for the money money money. boxing is dead now. mma and ufc are more fun to watch than boxing now.

  69. guygranali 04:15pm, 06/10/2012

    “pray that the JUDGES are IDIOTS if not they are CRIMINALS “

  70. no more betting boxing 04:12pm, 06/10/2012

    Great analysis on your article, sir. Let me just put it bluntly to the boxing commission: Boxing has just lost its credibility as a bettors sport for many, this generation. Take it out of Las Vegas and move it to Hollywood. There needs to be a reform in qualifying judges and referees more than the athletes if the sports.

  71. floyd dilangalen 04:10pm, 06/10/2012

    If i were to bradley i will return the belt not to pacman but to the wbo. Why? pacman simply accept that he defeated, that is the true gentlemen. so bradley better be ready for your rematch wih pacman pacman will kill you. pacman said in postgame interview that in your remach he will bring back the killer instinct… you better wach out bradley manny pacman is whopping your black asssssssssssss… the 2 judges R.I.P…......

  72. Jim Sexton 04:00pm, 06/10/2012

    Excellent and incisive piece, and like most surgeries writers and writings like this should help this dying sport spring back to life. Yes, it hurts but in a good beneficial way…

  73. julius 03:58pm, 06/10/2012

    The whole world is dissappointed on how your judges ruled in the Pacquiao-Bradley fight.
    The whole world is now thinking that if the great fighter Manny Pacquiao fight can be ridiculed by
    these 2 judges who saw it for Bradley, then what will they do for the lesser unknown fighters.
    Can’t the NSAC get rid of incompetent, bias judges?
    If not, then BOXING in Las Vegas will surely be having a slow death.  I will be appealing to all
    boxing fanatics in the world to skip going to Las Vegas or else be robbed of their own loved of
    the game.

  74. Ray brennan 03:57pm, 06/10/2012

    I have followed boxing for over 50 years and have seen bad decisions but this is the worst decision I have seen. This could be the nail in boxing coffin and what boxing fan would ever bet another dime in Vegas.

  75. e 03:55pm, 06/10/2012

    Agreed with this writer except on the note that Pacuiao is second best in the world. He is the BEST

  76. Greg 03:53pm, 06/10/2012

    HBO should return our money back it is a rip off. Anybody say Bradley won does not know BOXING at all.

  77. Bruno 03:52pm, 06/10/2012

    Absolutely ridiculous, Boxing is sick and need a major re set. This is completely a joke and shame on all the boxing federations, judges, etc,etc,etc,

  78. The Thresher 03:49pm, 06/10/2012

    “Once you’ve sent your email, commit yourself to missing Pacquiao-Bradley II. I will not be buying it and you shouldn’t either. It must fail at the box office. Everyone that buys this fight in some small way gives their blessing to the decision in the first one.”

    Great stuff here. SImply inspiring.

  79. The Thresher 03:47pm, 06/10/2012

    Matt good stuff

  80. Mike 03:46pm, 06/10/2012

    I WILL NEVER WATCH A BOXING EVENT AGAIN.  It’s just not hat interesting any more after what happened to Manny.  HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!  The only way I’ll watch boxing again is if this decsision is reversed by the athletic commission.  Otherwise, GOOD NIGHT boxing…...

  81. arzyn 03:35pm, 06/10/2012

    thats a big bullshit decision in boxing.. its a joke.. they (Ross And Ford) should be fired or go straight to jail cause they killed boxing entertainment i will never watch boxing no more,, go Dana White UFC forever.. boxing world should apologize to manny paquioa for that decision..!!

  82. Roland Castellanes 03:32pm, 06/10/2012

    Kudos to your really good commentary.

    Though I don’t pay to watch boxing, I will surely not watch Bradley Pacquiao II.

  83. Blake Roush 03:29pm, 06/10/2012

    I am extremely disappointed, I will not watch another fight that they judge ever again. I felt this way when paul williams won that controversial fight with (dont remember) but I had chosen to not watch for a long time, and this is what I get when I say to myself that it must have been fixed by now. Unbelievable!! I will not watch those judges ever again, I don’t think I will watch a vegas fight again, I wont watch anything bob arum has interest in.  As a fighter it has killed my desire to ever get to that point, I want my professional record to be spotless in the loss column and have just been shown that unless I get a clean knockout every time I get in the ring I could possibly beat someone down and lose. saddening.

  84. jun 03:27pm, 06/10/2012

    Manny is the champion, superstar, aggressor, better on compubox. You have to take the title away from the champ, not “box” like Tim..

    Indeed, nobody is safe if they can do this to Pacman !! goodbye boxing..not paying for the rematch either and i’m a pacfan.

  85. Chris G 03:23pm, 06/10/2012

    The analysis is appreciated, Matt. Nice job.

  86. Kolokoy™ 03:19pm, 06/10/2012

    In my opinion, it was a good fight and a good loss to Pacquiao. Why it is a good loss? It is just simply because to regain the old instinct of Pacquiao which many years was lost (the knockout killer instict). Though, most of us thought that Pacquiao won (even me and even big Floyd), one thing I remember Roach saying to Pacquiao before in the corner (I think it was the 1st Barerra fight) that “you can’t win by decision and you have to knock this guy out.”

    Though, that loss will surely affect his career and endorsements, it is a wake up call to Pacquiao. Even we thought Pacquiao won, robbed, and other else, the judges have spoken and we have to respect their decision. And if there will be a rematch, I suggest Pacquiao knock his opponent out to get out a bad decision.

    One thing, his doing has conflict of interest. You can’t combine Bible neither with Boxing or politics. Boxing is a physical sport that engage to hurting opponents and gambling that conflict with the Bible. Politics in the Philippines is noted to be dirty and a lot of robbery and does conflict with the Bible.

    To Pacquiao. “WAKE UP!”

  87. Wee Diesal 02:49pm, 06/10/2012

    I will never watch another boxing fight again. Some one needs to step in and do something about this. Rest In Peace BOXING!!! THE JUDGES SUX AZZ!!!

  88. manuel 02:37pm, 06/10/2012

    Very unsatisfying, injustice, illegal result. I was surprise that America are tolerating and allowing this daylight robbery and clearly very obvious cheating in boxing industry! Who got more say? The 3 judges or the opinions of people worldwide. To all the authorities of Las Vegas, Nevada America; people are not satisfied of the result and they are shouting for justice. Do something if you want to maintain the good reputation of Nevada, America and for people to still believe in the true spirit of real boxing.

  89. eve 02:04pm, 06/10/2012

    That was very injustice, unfair, fixed result. People or fans that love boxing have lost their interest after the unbelievable controversy result on Saturday. It killed the boxing history, it’s clearly a daylight robbery! In the heart and eyes of people, we know who is the real winner and who deserve to have that belt. People felt that they been robbed and we are asking for JUSTICE!  BRADLEY you heard what the people were saying, do the honorable thing and return the belt to Pacquiao, people will give you the big respect and big credit for doing that. Just be honest, In your heart you knew that you NEVER won that fight and don’t deserve that title.

  90. Damien 01:39pm, 06/10/2012

    Why is Bob Arum Chiming in on the decision? He Knows what this was and his hands are FAR from clean. Let’s see…. Pacquiao vs Marquez 3, Robbery courtesy of Arum…Brandon Rios over Abril, Robbery Courtesy of Arum….Bradley over Pacquiao, Robbery courtesy of Arum. When will people see the light?

  91. Vasilios 01:38pm, 06/10/2012

    Is there any way we can start a class action lawsuit against The Nevada boxing commision or athletic commision? If there is action taken to hit them in the wallet, SOMETHING, wiill happen. Maybe that will create the publicity they want.

  92. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 01:24pm, 06/10/2012

    Matt McGrain- In my view this thing is bigger than we realize….much bigger. Las Vegas’ life blood is suckers….millions of them in fact. In this down economy I wouldn’t put anything past the power brokers (those that control the gaming industry and hospitality industry) in Sin City. They kept Mayweather out of jail long enough to get the “marks” in town this past Spring and with no Manny/May fight in sight fot the near future….this “twofer” with the re-match coming this Winter, the slow time of the year, will infuse some much needed plasma into LVs anemic veins. What else could explain this in your face crap other than these people are not our friends and they hate this sport and those that follow it.

  93. dfreitas 12:30pm, 06/10/2012

    This fight is the biggest Rip-off I’ve every seen in my life. I’m done with boxing.I don’t know what fight the 2 judges were watching?? This was a Very big blow for the boxing industry. Will switch to watching MMA…

  94. bigbigdixon 12:30pm, 06/10/2012

    sad sad sad sport…its fixed…the fbi should start involved.

  95. Chad 12:29pm, 06/10/2012

    I would just like to say that Manny Pac WON that fight and Bradley Knows it.

    Lampley, Emanuel,and Max Knows it Harold Letterman Knows. The Crowd Knew and

    Everyone in their Homes Knows. Now given what we all Know aside from 3 Blind

    Judges vs. Millions, Don’t you think it’s only RIGHT to Overturn the Judges

    ridiculous decision & give the Belt Back to the Real Champ Manny Pac and

    Put Bradley’s First Loss on his Record. I will say because if you don’t

    many,many, Millions of Boxing Fans are going to turn from Boxing. The Nevada

    Commision needs to View the Tape and the Stats and see that this Bout was

    Nowhere Close to what it should have been Scored. IMO and many others they

    saw it as118 to 110.Thats the truth, & If Bradley is a Real Man he will Give

    the Belt Back to Manny Pac. after he views the Tape & by the way there is no

    need for a Rematch we all don’t want to see Bradley get completely Out

    Classed & Beat again…

  96. mylesgoblue 12:29pm, 06/10/2012

    Seriously the most fixed sport ever. I sure am glad I won’t watch boxing anymore. I’m more of a ufc person now anyway. It seems the judges in that sport can actually see. I understand human error, but that was flat out fixed. I know this sport will always be like this. It’s been this way since I’ve been alive, that’s why its dying at such a fast rate. No, I will not watch the rematch or watch if Floyd and Manny ever fight, because the powers that are behind boxing make it irrelevant.

    Go ufc

  97. robert 12:24pm, 06/10/2012

    Very dissappointed with the judginng. Make it right and reverse the decision for this fight and previous fights or return the money I paid to watch the fight.

  98. Arnel Castro 11:36am, 06/10/2012

    The most disgusting judges in the world. They better not ever be again involved in any boxing event. I hope they are getting sued for what they have done in the boxing world.

  99. Andrew 11:26am, 06/10/2012

    i sent my letter/amazingly written article!

  100. Laurena 10:56am, 06/10/2012

    Thank you, Matt. I just wrote my letter as well.

  101. peter 10:39am, 06/10/2012

    Fix boxing?...Boxing is in a fix?...Boxing is a fix?

  102. Matt McGrain 10:36am, 06/10/2012

    Good man Adam - at the very least it can do no harm.

  103. Adam Berlin 10:17am, 06/10/2012

    Matt, an excellent piece and you’ve sounded the exact right note for a rallying cry.  I just wrote my email to the Nevada State Athletic Commission and hope everyone else will.  We need to fight the good fight to save the fights and this is a start.