Pacquiao Stops Matthysse in Seven

By Caryn A. Tate on July 14, 2018
Pacquiao Stops Matthysse in Seven
“I dedicate this victory to God and all the Filipino people.” (Mohd Rasfan/AFP/Getty)

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and today it was my turn to lose. But I lost to a great fighter, a legend, Manny Pacquiao…”

On Saturday, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Lucas “La Maquina” Matthysse (39-5, 36 KOs) defended his “regular” WBA welterweight world title versus Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao (60-7-2, 39 KOs).

Matthysse, who won the title in January of this year, has been hailed throughout his career as a monstrous puncher at 140 pounds. That is true, but he’s also a better boxer than he’s typically given credit for. He holds impressive wins over stellar boxer Lamont Peterson and, while it was an official decision loss on his record, most thought he beat Devon Alexander as well despite the fact that both these fighters are classic boxers who have better feet than Lucas. “La Maquina” also outboxed brawler Ruslan Provodnikov in a highly entertaining match in 2015.

In his next bout, though, Matthysse was surprisingly stopped by Viktor Postol due to an eye injury. Since then, Lucas moved up to welterweight and has beaten Emmanuel Taylor and Tewa Kiram by knockout. So he may have carried his power with him to 147. But some think Matthysse is on a downhill slide. He’s now 35, which isn’t incredibly old but it is getting up there, particularly after a 14-year professional career.

Pacquiao, meanwhile, is nothing short of a living legend in the sport. He’s the only eight-division world champion in the history of boxing and has fought—and beaten—a plethora of Hall-of-Famers. The 39-year-old is a global superstar and has been serving as a senator for the past year in his home country of the Philippines. In his last bout one year ago, Pacquiao lost his WBO world title, on paper, to Jeff Horn, despite the majority of viewers (including me) seeing the majority of rounds going to “Pac Man.”

Tonight, Manny returned to action without Freddie Roach in his corner for the first time in many years. Unlike the ESPN commentators, I didn’t feel the absence of Roach would impact Pacquiao in any significant way; Manny is an incredibly experienced fighter. In his corner in this fight was Buboy Fernandez, a longtime friend of Pacquiao’s who has been in his corner, and with him in the gym, for years. The biggest concerns on the part of Pacquiao in my view were more about his age (he’s now 39), his inactivity, and his distractions with his now full-time job as a politician.

In the early rounds, Pacquiao’s movement and unorthodox timing seemed to throw Matthysse for a bit of a loop, though Lucas did hold his own. He just didn’t win the rounds, though he did come somewhat close in the first.

In round three, Matthysse landed a nice left hook from an odd angle. Pacquiao countered it and landed a left uppercut between Matthysse’s guard that dropped the Argentinian. The rest of the round, Lucas seemed discombobulated.

In the fifth, Matthysse was doing well, being more active and landed a few solid shots on Manny. But then Pacquiao let loose with a flurry and landed a short right hook that landed on Matthysse’s temple. Matthysse took a knee, glancing over at his corner and nodding as if to say he was okay. In the moment, it was hard to see what had hurt Lucas; on the replay, it seemed to be a temple shot.

In the seventh round, Pacquiao caught Matthysse with a few one-twos, then landed a left uppercut cleanly that dropped Lucas. Matthysse spat out his mouthpiece while he was down and referee Kenny Bayless waved it off. Matthysse looked at Bayless with surprise, as if he expected to be given a count and that was it.

“I was surprised because Matthysse is a very tough opponent,” Pacquiao said regarding the first knockdown in round three. “I dedicate this victory to God and all the Filipino people.”

Regarding who he wants to fight next and whether it will be later this year, Pacquiao said, “That’s another discussion. Right now my focus is to go back to my country and relax.”

Lucas Matthysse said post-fight, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and today it was my turn to lose. But I lost to a great fighter, a legend, Manny Pacquiao.”

While this was indeed a good showing from Pacquiao, he’s 39 years old and has a separate full-time job that requires all of his time and attention. Personally, I’d rather see him retire on a high note than continue and face other young guns in the welterweight division, which is one of the best weight classes in the sport.

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  1. Galvar 02:37pm, 07/15/2018

    I thought Lomo would have been too much for Pac at this point.  Then I saw the Linares fight…  Linares was catching Lomo with some nice shots, put Lomo on his butt.  I think Manny could be a challenge for Lomo.  Punching power is the last to go and if Manny catches him then I think it’s lights out for Lomo.

  2. Edroland 02:28pm, 07/15/2018

    Manny will beat Loma at 140 lbs if Loma will fight which I doubt.  Manny should not go down to 135 lbs just to fight Loma.  Perhaps fight Horn in the Philippines (not in Australia, no way) if Horn is stupid enough to do it.  Or fight Danny Garcia, a doable and competitive, tough fight. Otherwise, retire if none of these possible fight will not happen.  Don’t worry about Amir Khan or Broner.  They’re just a waste of time.

  3. Kid Blast 01:21pm, 07/15/2018

    You are kidding, right? Loma would decapitate Manny. As would Crawford.

    As for Broner vs. Pac, no fan base????????????  It would be billed as good against bad.

  4. Thrasshem 12:39pm, 07/15/2018

    There would be no fan base for a Broner snooze fest. He can’t beat talent, so he hides the whole fight. When he gets swarmed and he is done.
    Pacman would beat Thurman. Thurman is thinking with his dick right now. Love Boat bitten!
    Danny Garcia is one of the best counter punchers out there. I had the Thurman fight a draw.
    To finish Pacman’s career and shut some people up, Lomachenko. Two very impressive lefties! Manny vs The Mouse.

  5. Kid Blast 11:24am, 07/15/2018

    Add Broner to the list of possible opponents and may by Thurman. But stay away from Porter. Danny Garcia might be ok. But Broner would be perfect. IMO

  6. thrashem 10:19am, 07/15/2018

    Mayweather has been told by Vegas not to break Marciano’s record due to his embarrassing performance against Pacman which was thrown to Floyd by corrupt Vegas judges. Chichen shit Mayweather was suppose to be the target in 2008 when both were at their peak!
    The fans would love to see him fight Loma, but Loma’s dad doesn’t want that one. Manny could easily make the weight.
    No need to see another Marquez fight. 5 times is enough. This is what Manny does, if there was no fight to be had, fight someone who will gave the fans a good show. That makes Manny Great!
    Don’t know anything about IRS issues. If he ripped off US government, good for him! USA government has been ripping off the taxpayer for centuries!

  7. Kid Blast 09:06am, 07/15/2018

    Everybody says Manny owes money (to the IRS I presume), but can they prove it or is this a rumor? If so, all he has to do is fight outside of the USA and he will be just fine,

    The other thing is that the IRS will bag the money before it is paid to the boxers. So who does he owe money to?

  8. Kid Blast 09:03am, 07/15/2018

    Possible next foes: Mayweather, Progais, Juan Manuel Marquez. Why not? Monster paydays for all. But Manny must fight outside of the USA. I’d love to see him come back and beat the p-ss-drinking PEDS freak. But stay away from Crawford. Spence is perhaps doable—perhaps—but NOT Loma. Pick your opponent carefully. the hell with Horn. He already lost to Pac once.

  9. thrashem 08:51am, 07/15/2018

    It is hard to take the fight out of a fighter.
    I remember Duran when he stepped up to fight Hagler and asked myself, “What the hell are you thinking Roberto???” Duran is a thinking fighter and spun Hagler on the inside and lasted the 15 rounds. Manny is not that way.
    I don’t want him to fight Crawford because Crawford can fight and switch to left fluently. Spence on the other hand can’t. Freddy Roach wants the Crawford fight. Manny has nothing to prove and hopefully bows out of boxing gracefully. He can’t get rid of those blemishes, perfect record is gone, and won’t get younger, so what is the point???
    People want to see fights, not just boxing. Manny will continue to do so…

  10. Chico Salmon 07:15am, 07/15/2018

    First knockout in 9 years and a dominating performance would be a great way to go out, but it hardly ever ends that way. Manny should leave while the getting is good and not look back.

  11. thrashem 06:50am, 07/15/2018

    The fight went as expected. Pacman comes to fight and I figured Matthysse would get overwhelmed at some point. Very tough to fight an unorthodox southpaw, even an aging one. Manny is Great!
    It was a fight and not two pussies running around the ring trying to outpoint one another. These two warriors gave the fight fans what they want to see.

  12. don from prov 06:30am, 07/15/2018

    Good write up, but unfortunately

    Manny is unlikely to retire with the money he owes

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