Manny vs. Money Can Still Happen

By Ted Sares on July 10, 2013
Manny vs. Money Can Still Happen
Pacquiao may force "Money" Mayweather to once again adapt to changing circumstances.

The chances may be slim to none for a Pac-Mayweather fight, but given a certain, albeit remote, scenario, it could happen…

“Pacquiao’s a has-been; his career is over. [Juan] Manuel Marquez is a legend. I commend him.”—Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The chances may be slim to none for a Pac-Mayweather fight, but given a certain, albeit remote, scenario, it could happen and if it did, it could reap more money than there is money—and MONEY is what Mayweather is all about.

September 14

First, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez square off on September 14 in Las Vegas in a mega fight that Floyd says is all about “the best fighting the best.” Compared to an almost certain Pacquiao-Rios all-action brawl,  this one looks to be more of a chess match with the distinct possibility of the hype—now on overload—overshadowing the fight itself.

However, let’s assume that we see the “best” Canelo Alvarez in Las Vegas—a hungry and determined one who gives Floyd all he can handle (using the Cotto blueprint) though in a losing effort, one in which he easily can come back from to engage in other monster paydays. And let’s assume further that Floyd’s aura of invincibility suffers a major blow as his precision-like execution and ability to adapt, though providing enough to ruin Canelo’s undefeated record, fall short of expectations.

November 23

“Right now we don’t know where Pacquiao is and where he’s at physically and mentally after the spectacular loss he took.”—Naazim Richardson

“This is hardly an easy tune-up for Pacquiao after a brutal knockout loss. Rios is a vicious, relentless thug in the ring and actually enjoys the brutality of the sport.”—Paul Magno (Yahoo Sports)

As for Pacquiao-Rios, Timothy Bradley had this to say: “If you’re standing right in front of Pacquiao, man, honestly bro, I don’t feel you have a chance…we already know Brandon Rios’ style…the thing that’s special about Pacquiao is that when he puts his punches in combinations, every shot is a death blow.”

Conversely, Naazim Richardson said this about “Bam Bam” Rios: “He’s gonna be rough, he’s not gonna take a back step, he’s not gonna back down.”

In this collision-waiting-to-happen, let’s assume that Pac-Man handles the Mexican-American brawler in this much-anticipated November 23 clash in Macau, China. The risk here is that for the loser, it might spell the end. Says Freddie Roach, “if he loses I will tell him to retire. If you lose three in a row it’s your time. He’s up there in age; I’ve got to keep a close eye on him…”

However, if Pacquiao should somehow win in spectacular fashion—perhaps by stopping Rios early—he jumps right back onto center stage, though for his own good that stage should not include Juan Manuel Marquez.

The Future

Given the above scenario, the “calling out” leverage shifts to Pacquiao forcing Mayweather’s hand and maybe even forcing “Money” to once again adapt to changing circumstances.

It could happen.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr VS Saul Canelo Alvarez Official Fight Promo Sept 14

Manny Pacquiao Vs Brandon Rios - The Art of War 孫子兵法 (Promo)

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  1. Ted 04:18am, 07/15/2013

    Have one on me!

  2. Darrell 12:15am, 07/15/2013

    I’m relieved to hear that Ted! I’m sure Tex is a wonderful human being but he does get my gander up with his almost insufferably inflexible opinions….There…now I’ve been suitably chastised I shall now retreat to the refrigerator in search of comfort food!

  3. Ted 11:48am, 07/14/2013

    Darrell, take it from me. mate, Tex does not have an ounce of hate in him. He has started up any number of ministries in Africa and has done more for the oppressed than just about any person I can call a personal friend. He may not like Mayweather, but it absolutely, positively has nothing to do with his color.

    Also, the Reverend Hassler was quite a boxer in his time fighting in the Lone Star State. All in all, he is quite a guy.

    Tex is an inspiration for me.

    But I like you too, Darrell lol

  4. Darrell 07:59pm, 07/12/2013

    Tex Hassler you are a hoot!

    Never forget that it was Pac who walked away from the fight.  You really do hate that black man don’t you.

  5. Darrell 07:56pm, 07/12/2013

    Yes, maybe getting the chance again at a mega-millions fight with Floyd may just give Pac the impetus to…“get over the line” in negotiations.  After all, walking away from $40-odd million bucks over a simple test isn’t something someone would do everyday.  Pac is a little bit spent, so to speak, these days.  The chance of another mega payday at the twilight of his career could give him a few more years spending money, though he needs to remove the stain of the fact that HE (Pac) walked away from the biggest payday of all.

    Floyd was ready then, he’d be ready now…Pac just has to ball up & put his integrity on the line.

  6. Michael Hegan 06:06pm, 07/12/2013

    I have always wondered why pbf didn’t take the fight with the smaller Pacman.  Even now..after two straight losses…Pacquaio is not being considered by pbf’s brain trust.

    I would be surprised to see Pacquaio continue for much longer.  Too many distractions.

  7. Michael Hegan 05:57pm, 07/12/2013

    Start with the night of the missed punches…..when he lost a decision to Bradley.

    Used to be you could watch Pacman snatch flies out of the air…Couldn’t hit shit with a shit hitter that night !!!
    Those once rapier like accurate combos from any/everywhere…never got off…and when he did throw a punch….Pac missed….badly and often.

  8. Michael Hegan 05:54pm, 07/12/2013

    Thanks for a great read Ted.

  9. Michael Hegan 05:53pm, 07/12/2013

    hey Ted…me too….I busted a brain muscle trying to figure out just what colour is a conceptual concept ??

  10. Michael Hegan 05:47pm, 07/12/2013

    Let us take a good long hard look at Pacquiao’s last performances.  Is there a lack of the old ‘ferocity and killer motivation ’ that sets him apart…attack…set ‘em up….but always attack…till the manager or the ambulance attendees stops it.
    Like the old HW Champ…known as ‘Jack Dempsey’...who lived a life of poverty and hard knocks, to become wealty beyond his wildest dreams.

    Once Jack got ....civilized…he was no longer that threat he always was.

    Ditto for Pacquiao… a Congressman in his own Country…a reborn Christian…or something….God fearing family man

    no mo smokn gamblin…drinkn…or chasing fast loose women…and wild nights/days in ..recreation.

    Pacquiao is ‘civilized’....just like the ‘Mauler…got civilized….

  11. Michael Hegan 05:39pm, 07/12/2013

    Another ‘library piece’.. Great info and inside peeks.

    Still…...on the other side of the ring…the fans ...

    Nowadays….not so horny about a Pacman money fight ...had been in the line up for too long and too many times…..and weren’t coming back

  12. Ted the Bull 01:27pm, 07/12/2013

    Thanks for your comments, gents.

  13. dosKOphobia 05:30pm, 07/11/2013

    The last clip of Pacquiao vs. Rios video clips is the true reason why Manny vs. Money will never happen.

  14. dollarbond 08:51am, 07/11/2013

    Yuck.  I meant conceptual scenario.

  15. Ted 08:17am, 07/11/2013

    Dollarbond, What is a conceptual concept?

  16. Monte Cox 05:30am, 07/11/2013

    It could still happen but I dont want it to. The fight should have happened in 2009 when it would have been hug and acvtually meant something. Pacman would have had a chance to win, but now I think he has slipped a lot and has very little chance to win. Mayweather always had a stylistic edge and Pacquiao has slowed down since 2009.

    It’s like this. Imagine that Ali-Frazier 1 didn’t happen in 1971 instead it happened in 1977 with the addition that Ali remained undefeated by avoiding Frazier-Norton-Foreman and carefully handpicked his career. Frazier had since lost to Foreman but now they are going to fight for the first time in 1977. Does it mean anything close to the same? No.

  17. dollarbond 04:28am, 07/11/2013

    Neat conceptual concept Ted

  18. Dranreb Dasboygym 11:40pm, 07/10/2013

    @ TED SARES…this senior citizen from the eastcoast of US think that Rios can waxed the great PACMAN so easily…well…i really like the assesment made by a senior citizen of this world coz thats the only thing an old man can do the same manner of thier vision eyes can see…lol…lol…PACQUIAO is the most terrific EXCITING FIGHTER in the history of any brutal sporting body…PACQUIAO is the true GREATEST FIGHTER OF ALL TIME!!! He invade this sport of boxing globally!!!

  19. kid vegas 10:22pm, 07/10/2013

    If it’s in Vegas the Kid will be there! It will never happen, though. Too many eyes of the needles to slip through.

  20. wbox 09:32pm, 07/10/2013

    Mayweather knows he has to beat the living world record holder of 8 WEIGHT DIVISIONS for his legacy but knows Pacman has bigger chance of knocking him out until now. Compare Mayweather to Ali, as in ALI-BI.

  21. Profhit 09:32pm, 07/10/2013

    Those who wants to see Manny vs. floyd, may watch the replay of Silva Vs. Weidman.  It has a great resemblance and would end the same fashion should the fight happens.

  22. floydolt 09:23pm, 07/10/2013

    It will never happen unless…Pacquiao will agree for a fixed fight to give floyd joy a sure win.

  23. James England 08:33pm, 07/10/2013

    If Rios wins then it would probably be over for Pacquiao, but if the latter wins like similar to what he did to De La Hoya and Hatton, then May - Pac 2014 is definitely one of the biggest fights of all time. Hoping that Mayweather will give a go. I also like to see Broner or Matthysse squaring w Pac not JMM or Bradley as they were both offered a lucrative fight but turned it down…

  24. John 07:05pm, 07/10/2013

    It could happen but, in my opinion, the allure has worn off. Sadly, the fight should have been made a few years ago when it was hot.

  25. Tex Hassler 06:55pm, 07/10/2013

    I am climbing down from my horse and adding my 2 cents worth. If Mayweather thinks Pacquiao is over the hill the fight may come off. The Pacquiao of 2 years ago he wanted nothing to do with at any price. He is more concerned about keeping his unbeaten record than making a fight the fans want.

  26. Ted 06:14pm, 07/10/2013

    Good question, Krush.. You’d get the most fans in the Philippines. You get the best tax break in Macau. But I think Las Vegas wins out in the end because of the popularity of BOTH fighters, the favorable tax structure, and the PPV possibilities that could easily be $100 per fight. I really don’t know, though. All I know is that I would gladly pay to watch it on TV.

  27. The Krusher 06:05pm, 07/10/2013

    Where would be the best place to hold this one? China or Las Vegas?

  28. Ted 05:07pm, 07/10/2013

    If Rios waxes Manny—which is a distinct possibility, then either Floyd (or Canelo) can call HIM out for a big payday. Meanwhile, Alvarado can send Manny out of his misery. The possibilities are endless. I would not count “Bam Bam” out by a long shot.

  29. Dranreb Dasboygym 05:01pm, 07/10/2013

    still THE PAC of POWER is the greatest fighter ever in all ages winning unmatchale 8TH WONDERS WORLD TITLE BELT that even Robinson nor ALI cannot matched the little DYNAMO TYPHOON from the PACIFIC….what happened against Marquez was just a lucky punch questionable incredible hulk body built courtesy of convicted great conditioning coach ANGEL HEREDIA HERNANDEZ…still PACQUIAO can wallop a deadly form of punch come in OCT in MACAU.

  30. Bigfoot 04:58pm, 07/10/2013

    Floyd is pussy, everybody knows his record is fake SHE picks soft opponent most of his boxing career.

  31. art 04:29pm, 07/10/2013

    Pac-May is still the biggest fight out there no matter what others say!

  32. cnorkusjr 03:49pm, 07/10/2013

    It is several years since the rattle of drums that would have been one of the best fights of our time between MONEY vs PAC-Man (at least for that time period). Both have aged-Pac, more than Mayweather and that “edge” has now worn off. But as boxing has persevered, I think a PPV would still generate trillions zillions dollars for a Pac-Money bout even today or next year. You know, sorta like Frazier vs Foreman at the Nassau Coliseum, where the giants of industry can still show off their trunks, well past their time. Fans got nada for what could have been, but the fighters will still rake in the dough. I’m a no sale on the Pac vs Money 2013 or 2014. I’m a sentimental, but not that much.

  33. B Red 03:48pm, 07/10/2013

    Floyd would whip Pac, ya dig

  34. commter 03:19pm, 07/10/2013

    wait isnt paul magno the one who incorrectly predicted fight results and promised to disappear from the face of the earth? yahoo is indeed the great level playing field maker. anyone can be a writer!

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