Pacquiao’s Exit Strategy

By Ted Sares on May 10, 2015
Pacquiao’s Exit Strategy
There are several others on Manny’s team who must assume responsibility. (Russ Cook)

Hopefully Manny’s injured shoulder was not irreparably damaged, but his reputation may well have been…

“The check may have been cashed, but Pacquiao’s reputation, like his shoulder, is tattered.”—Gulf News (May 9)

“I thought I won the fight.”—Manny Paquiao

“Huh. You did?”—Max Kellerman

Hopefully Manny’s injured shoulder was not irreparably damaged, but his reputation may well have been. Revealing his injury after losing the fight speaks volumes.

Now, as Pacquiao recovers from the surgery, the criticism as to why he chose to fight Floyd Mayweather despite carrying an injury continues to mount—almost as fast as the amount of money he will make from this event. In this connection, Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports estimates the “Fight of the Century” will reap from 5.6 million to 6.43 million pay-per-view buys. Also, additional revenue streams bringing money in for the fight will boost Mayweather’s paycheck to $250 million to $275 million. That’s a quarter of a billion dollars. Pacquiao could make an incredible $170M to $190M. No wonder he took a selfie during the walk-in to commemorate the event.

The fact that Manny chose to reveal details of his impediment after collecting at least $120 million suggests that the cash was simply too much to pass up, but blaming Manny is not enough as there are several others on his team who must assume responsibility as well for colluding in this travesty. Their silence was likely based on the fact that they were waiting for their dollars to trickle down after the father cash cow had cashed his check.

The future

“Did I text Stephen A. Smith and say I will fight him again? Yeah, but I changed my mind. At this particular time, no, because he’s a sore loser and he’s a coward… If you lost, accept the loss and say, ‘Mayweather, you were the better fighter.’”—Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Manny may never redeem himself; he just might retire and be the politician he wants to be. However, my guess is that he will engage in an easy confidence-builder type-fight—maybe against someone like Jesse Vargas—once his injured shoulder heals in about nine months and then, and only then, will he be faced with the BIG decision.

Any of the young and hungry Turks that Floyd seems to want to avoid like Brook, Thurman, or Khan offer a reasonable degree of redemption, but also present an equally reasonable likelihood of defeat. If redemption is the goal, Pac-Man can double down by fighting Juan Manuel Marquez for fifth time. And if he beats him, sweet redemption could be the reward.

Ted Sares is a member of the Ring 4 Boxing Hall of Fame (New England) and a member of Ring 10 (New York). He is one of the oldest active powerlifters and strongman competitors in the world and is the 2014 EPF Nationals Champion in the Grand Masters Class. He will soon be going for a second such title.

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  1. Kid Blast 09:38am, 05/13/2015

    Naw. Sounded like Pacquiao

  2. Bob 08:51am, 05/13/2015

    I was so disappointed in Pacquiao, offering a bunch of excuses, but then saying “no excuses.” Sounded like Antonio Tarver and Nonito Donaire.

  3. Kid Blast 07:58pm, 05/12/2015

    Hmm. You think Tex? And as an fighter, I respect your opinion. Not that I don’t respect all of the other opinions. I had it 117-112.

  4. Tex Hassler 07:53pm, 05/12/2015

    I tore my shoulder the same way Pacquiao did throwing a left jab at a heavy bag. It took away my jab almost totally. Pacquiao and most fighters will not drop out of a fight, injured of not. Fighters fight period, hurt or not. The fight was closer than the judges saw it.

  5. Why Pretend? 01:00pm, 05/11/2015

    Why pretend that this fight was anything but close?

    If you watch the fight, you can and should absolutely give Manny 4 rounds. No arguing that.

    But after watching the fight, guess what, how could anyone in their right mind give Floyd Mayweather anything but 4 rounds either?

    What did either man do in the 4 rounds where anyone barely threw a punch?

    Neither man barely staggered from a punch and the only one who appeared to get dazed in the fight was Mayweather.

    At the end of the day though it was so close in terms of action that this fight will probably be argued about for as long as boxing exists. Who got hurt. Who won on points. Who was cheating. Who did this, who did that.

    It was one of those fights where neither man looked like they had beaten each other at the end of the fight. It was just one of those kind of fights.

  6. Dollarbond 07:45am, 05/11/2015

    Tenacity should be your middle name.

  7. Kid Blast 07:36am, 05/11/2015

    Dollarbond, Kid Blast was Crazy Joey Gallo’s younger brother Albert “Kid Blast” Gallo with whom I had a passing relationship while living in NYC way back in the early 70;s. We dined in the same bistros in Brooklyn. I liked his 50 mannerisms and attire. He was a very cool dude. I have had that nickname as long as Ted the Bull which tracks back to about 1979. The later derives from my “tenacity”—or so I am told by those who gave it to me.

  8. Kid Blast 06:58am, 05/11/2015

    Straight from the shoulder, Foreman vs Ali was postponed due to an injury and that fight was also a BIG one,

  9. Kid Blast 06:56am, 05/11/2015

    OneFlip. I respect your point of view

  10. OneFlip 06:54am, 05/11/2015

    Calling the fight a “travesty” is way off the mark, careless and not well-thought-out.

    I’m ABSOLUTELY SURE that Ted Sares—- with his normal faculties intact and placed in the same position Manny Pacquiao was—- would himself have decided to go on with the fight, given a rested and “functioning” shoulder and the circumstances the fight and the fighters are in.

    It’s so darn easy to say Pacquiao should not have gone on with the fight and to blame him for the so-called fiasco, but I believe this opinion is narrow-minded, short-sighted and surprisingly, unwise.

    One tries to make the best decision s/he make, based on the totality of the factors involved and the context s/he finds himself/herself in. To me, Pacquiao made the right decision for all concerned. And yes, that “all” includes boxing fans.

  11. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:41am, 05/11/2015

    Two things…..Larry Cole, the Harry Reid of referees doing everything to sabotage Burns short of sneaking in a kidney punch while jerking Burn’s arm loose as Omar was still banging away while the fighters were in close….and they need to stop that shit in the UK with Joshua like right now…..just how many walk over set ups does that fukface need any Goddamned way?!

  12. Dollarbond 04:15am, 05/11/2015

    Why do you refer to yourself as kid blast?  I have always known you as Ted the Bull

  13. Straight from the shoulder 04:13am, 05/11/2015

    Those who complains are mostly those who lost betting on Pacquiao!
    @Steve has a valid observation: “If he would have postponed the fight ...

    Mayweather would have never fought him.”

    There was really no point for a rematch…the fight as it turned out should have not been staged at all.

    For Pacquiao, it is time to retire. Floyd Mayweather, go for 50-0 and forget Pacquiao and his fans.

    Let history be the judge on both fighters legacy.

  14. Kid Blast 07:38pm, 05/10/2015

    . Dranreb, look I,,,,,,, ah forget it

  15. bob 04:44pm, 05/10/2015

    a reporter from the philippines ask pacquiao,“why do you think floyd keeps on hugging you?” pacquiao responds,“maybe he loves me”.

  16. Boxing Afficionado 04:10pm, 05/10/2015

    Dranreb Dutchboygym: You’ve got to be the dumbest fuck that’s ever commented on a boxing site. I’d love to debate you, but it’s impossible with your IQ. Christ!

  17. Bob 04:02pm, 05/10/2015


  18. Dranreb Dutchboygym 02:45pm, 05/10/2015

    well as for butt hurted trully screwed reputation c mon TED dont twist the reality that your boy did was just RUNNING HUGHING and DANCING as his whole AMERICAN 100% advantages turn always in favor of your FLOYDIEDUCK!!! PACs only chances of gaining @ least a SPLIT DRAW is for him to knock the fucked out of that USAIN BOLT of BOXING!!! aint no shiiiir AMERICANs trully admit that the 3rd world country was far better than them 1st world country!!! we can watched it many times but if you choice to be as STEVE WONDER!!! then FLOYDIEDUCKs trully a winner ONLY IN AMERICA!!!  dont bothered MANNY!!! in the face of BOXING UNIVERSE you are the greatest fighter ever to lived on this planet EARTH!!!  how many Millions are american populations compare to the rest of mighty continent of ASIA and the rest of the worlds that are trully believing in you that you motherfucker wiped his ape asss last MAY 02 let yhe whole retarded bunches of EGO MANIAC LOVER SELF CENTERED SELF PROCLAIMED attitude of most of AMERICANs…lol…lol…you can writes up againt the greatest fighter ever that save your asss jobs right there in the US of fuckin A.  peace!!!

  19. Kid Blast 01:53pm, 05/10/2015

    That’s how Buddy McGirt went out I believe. His signature punch was the hook and he no longer could do it. He was done.

    It’s not an uncommon injury on Power Lifting and when it happens, it’s bad news.

  20. jesse kaellis 12:11pm, 05/10/2015

    I had a torn rotator cuff one time that I got from a skiing injury. That was basically the end of my amateur career. I never fought again. That’s the whole point, Pacquiao couldn’t have fought through that level of pain. Maybe mine was torn worse than his. It was my left shoulder and it dogged me for eight years until the bicep tendon snapped. Yeah, I don’t believe him. By the way, 8 rounds to 4 is not very, very close. For stupid up there.

  21. Kid Blast 11:07am, 05/10/2015

    Yes, Don Adams DOES have the beat.

  22. Your Name 11:06am, 05/10/2015

    Steve, as soon as you used the word “Fraud,” you exposed your self as an irrational Pac-Tard.

  23. Arnulfo Cruz 10:36am, 05/10/2015

    Manny Pacquiao who came into the fight injured should be commended for manning up instead of asking the fight to be re-scheduled.  Imagine the controversies and criticisms he would have received if he asked for postponement? with the PPV already paid, astronomical ticket prices already sold, commercial deals already made, MGM will have to postpone and throw all the preparations to the waste basket - Pacquiao and team still decided to go on with the fight and still wins 4 rounds according to the fight judges (I thought he wins more than that but it was not important).  It was impressive even though he lost in the judges opinion.

    Those people who claimed they are through with boxing are hypocrites - they were never really with boxing anyways so you shut your mouth up!

  24. John aka L.L. Cool John 10:18am, 05/10/2015

    Don Adams has the beat!

  25. John aka L.L. Cool John 10:11am, 05/10/2015

    To steal a line from the film “Rocky.”
    Apollo Creed: Ain’t gonna be no rematch! Rocky Balboa: Don’t want one!

  26. Steve 09:32am, 05/10/2015

    One comment: I see a lot of babies and pissy whiners saying that Pac screwed them. STFU.

    For a guy with one arm and having the balls to get in the ring with Fraud and then WINNING 4 rounds shows how close it was and what could have been.

    If he would have postponed the fight Chicken Mayweather would have never fought him. If he canceled I can just imagine what you morons would have said. You would have said he was chicken, classless, forgot his “juice”.

    With all the seats sold, the PPVs sold, the travel arrangements and hotel bookings, Pac took a helluva risk. To get in their and go at it with TBE wannabe.

    Are you same whiners who just learned that Tom Brady cheated by deflating balls (cowardice and cheating) going to get a class action suit against him and the Pats? Or next season are you and all the fat asses gonna grab a beer, sit down and watch the NFL?

    Sick of boxing? I am sick to death of the double standards, the casual “experts” who have never ever seen a live fight in person.  The same people that call other fighter who may be B- and C fighters BUMS. The ones that scoff at the fighters that give their all to entertain you very assholes calling them bums.

    If the commission gave Pac the go ahead to take the shot he probably would have knocked out Mayweather. But Pac, one of TBEs to lace up gloves followed the rules and didn’t take the shot undisclosed. He could have and nobody would of known. You fat asses that call Pac Pedquiao and other rotten names because a real bum, a piece of human waste, Fraud Mayweather started a rumor.

    You stupid simpletons it is YOU I am done with. Good riddance. Keep you promise GTFO of following boxing.

  27. Dan Adams 09:31am, 05/10/2015

    Fighting hurt is a choice.  Manny and his team, including his doctors, made that choice, so afterwards, don’t bitch about it.  I know; the Pacquiao camp says they presumed they could get a shot right before the fight, and blames the commission; but if Manny and his team were up-front about everything the commission couldn’t have rejected their last-minute request.  Manny Pacquiao, Freddie Roach, and Bob Arum are to blame for all of this; their misery is self-made.  God, as it turns out, didn’t play favorites, neither did the judges, and Mayweather won a well-deserved victory.  Injury or no injury the result is likely to have been the same.  No need for a rematch; what Manny and his team need now is a re-think… they need to just shut up already and hope the public’s anger at their shenanigans somehow fades away.  Yet, however the surgery goes, Manny may never be relieved of shouldering the heavy weight of his blame.

  28. Tyler Adams 08:28am, 05/10/2015

    The rest of the team got huge bonuses, you can bet, for keeping their mouths shut. I am done with boxing.  Like music, I will not wade through this garbage anymore to find the 1 in a thousand gem.  Once even a mediocre fighter gets some attention, the promoters start mother henning the matchmaking and milk every last drop out of the public before the fight gets made if ever.  Too much money for garbage fights. That is the death knell of boxing.  i go back to the late 50’s and early 60’s and this fight cured me of anymore big money boxing matches.

  29. Eric 08:00am, 05/10/2015

    Perhaps, but that would have given Floyd another advantage going in.  In the year 2015, I think Floyd still beats a healthy Manny. I’m trying to remember if Larry Holmes “disclosed” his injury before the fight with Norton, or if Larry kept it a secret until after the fight. I really doubt that Floyd or the public wants a rematch.

  30. Kid Blast 07:43am, 05/10/2015

    He should have disclosed it because people would not have bet on him had he done so. He cost a lot of people a lot of money.

  31. Eric 07:40am, 05/10/2015

    I have no idea why people are coming down on Manny. Fighting with a torn rotator cuff had to be a pretty substantial handicap, and it isn’t like he pulled a Sonny Liston or a Roberto Duran by quitting.

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