Pacquiao’s Triumph—Trials of a Daytripper

By Marc Livitz on July 15, 2018
Pacquiao’s Triumph—Trials of a Daytripper
Punches in bunches and from all sorts of angles were a sight to behold. (

Many will likely agree that yes, Manny Pacquiao looked good against Lucas Matthysse but at the same time, a stationary target is much easier to hit…

Mu ren zhuang (Mandarin Chinese). It’s a training apparatus used in various disciplines of martial arts. It’s also known as a wooden dummy. A simple post is complimented by various protruding slats meant to simulate arms and legs of an attacking opponent. Here in the West, most fighters, especially in boxing, are accustomed to using the classic heavy bag. The major difference between the two is that the wooden dummy can be made to hit back, while the bag usually leads to injury only when it’s overused and the hand gives way to first the wrist, then the elbow and finally, the shoulder.

On Sunday morning in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Lucas “La Maquina” Matthysse only needed a few minutes to settle into the role of either wooden dummy or heavy bag. He entered the ring at the Axiata Arena with his WBA World welterweight title and proceeded to show signs of irritation long before 39-year-old Manny Pacquiao stopped him in the seventh round.

Of course, we have to go all the back to November of 2009 to recall the last time Pacquiao won a contest by way of stoppage. However on that night at the MGM in Las Vegas, Miguel Cotto actually had the audacity to fight back. After all, he likely wanted to keep his WBO World welterweight crown that night. He’d absorbed knockdowns in the third and fourth rounds and the contest was halted when he couldn’t continue in round twelve.

By contrast, Lucas Matthysse didn’t want to continue and his lack of desire showed when matters were called to a halt by referee Kenny Bayless, who was the same third man in charge the last time the “Pac Man” won by knockout. The Argentine spit out his mouthpiece and looked as if his greatest wish was that his check for the night (or afternoon) had been cut.

As the days leading up to the Sunday afternoon showdown in Southeast Asia trickled away, there were voices aplenty in regard to the matchup between Matthysse and Pacquiao being available in the United States exclusively on ESPN’s streaming service, ESPN+. The additional content made available costs $4.99 per month, which many likely purchased on Saturday with no intention of keeping.

Still, isn’t a ‘dead Lincoln’ preferable to a ‘dead Grant’ and a ‘dead Hamilton’? In other words, would the boxing public have preferred the bout to be on a traditional pay-per-view platform? Enough about the programming because we should focus on the bout itself.

Many will likely agree that yes, Manny Pacquiao looked good against Lucas Matthysse but at the same time, a stationary target is much easier to hit. What’s not become any easier to see is Manny’s rotund best buddy, Buboy Fernandez having the primary role in his corner instead of Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach. We can only hope that the media doesn’t drip too much of its own dribble on Saturday’s (or Sunday’s) outcome.

Pacquiao (60-7-2, 39 KO’s) wouldn’t have the same gallery of fun with fellow welterweights Terence Crawford, Errol Spence, Jr. or even Danny Garcia. Rest assured, as Manny inches closer to the birthday milestone associated with black and white balloons and gifts, his opponents will be handled with gloves. Kid gloves, that is. Punches in bunches and from all sorts of angles were a sight to behold, especially when his outing last year against Jeff Horn is considered.

Manny Pacquiao’s spot in Canastota may already have its own spot reserved and his eventual induction may bring record crowds. Matthysse was the perfect foe at the perfect time.  We may miss him when he’s gone, yet some of us miss him already.

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  1. Koolz 04:31pm, 07/18/2018

    Pac should go after the other World Champions now and go nutz be a legend!

  2. Galvar 05:35pm, 07/15/2018

    Agree with both Your Name and Koolz.  He needs to stop trying to fight “real” welter/middle weights (even though the little guy has been able to hurt them).  Koolz, let us rejoice that maybe we’ll a little more of lighting fast left straight, combos at weird angles, and less clinching and wrestling.

  3. Koolz 03:18pm, 07/15/2018

    This negative bull Sh##t against Pac is annoying I need slap you guys around!  Rejoice in his victory!  and Smile the Pacman is still going strong!

  4. Your Name 02:58pm, 07/15/2018

    Manny better stay fighting punching bags so that he don’t get badly hurt fighting a real welterweight like Spence.

  5. Koolz 11:14am, 07/15/2018


  6. Galvar 11:02am, 07/15/2018

    Or maybe Manny needs to stop fighting people bigger than him?  Roach said Manny’s power didn’t really carry up when he went welter and Jr. middle.  Go back to 140 if possible and maybe he’ll be “the old Manny” again.

  7. your name 07:59am, 07/15/2018

    Very disrespectful article. Very anti-Manny. Why? What does the Senator have to do?

  8. Kid Blast 07:57am, 07/15/2018

    Possible next foes: Mayweather, Progais, Juan Manuel Marquez. Why not? Monster paydays for all. But Manny must fight outside of the USA. I’d love to see him come back and beat the piss-drinking PEDS freak. But stay away from Crawford. Spence is doable but not Loma. Pick your opponent carefully. And the hell with Horn. You have already beaten him once.

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