Pakistan Laurel & Hearty

By Robert Ecksel on July 2, 2012
Pakistan Laurel & Hearty
After comparing Khan unfavorably to Naseem Hamed, Garcia went on to play the race card

Angel Garcia is nothing if not consistent.

The outspoken father and trainer of WBC junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia loves to talk trash. In the build-up to his son’s July 14 fight with Amir Khan at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Angel continues to flap his tongue. Angelic he is not.

Trashing Khan has become a sport of sorts for the elder Garcia. It may be a ploy, an attempt to get under Khan’s skin, to tip the psychological scales in Danny’s favor. But it’s nothing we haven’t heard before, and nothing we won’t hear again.

“If you won the silver medal in America, as an Olympian, they are going to look at you like you didn’t win gold,” Garcia told “That’s nothing. He fought through the crack of boxing at the time. He was a slash European. I mean he was a slash British, slash Pakistani. They saw a Prince Naseem. They said, ‘Oh, we could make this kid Prince Naseem.’ But you’re not Prince Naseem.”

After comparing Khan unfavorably to Naseem Hamed, Garcia went on to play the race card, however inconsistently.

“I have never met a Pakistanian who could fight,” he said. “And I’m being honest with you. I ain’t beating around the bush or trying to sound racist. I’m being honest with you.”

Maybe Garcia “ain’t beating around the bush.” Maybe he’s being honest. It could be that his remarks aren’t as racist as they sound. It’s possible that they’re simply inane.

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  1. John 03:15am, 07/10/2012

    Unfortunately this ‘man’ has a limited amount of grey matter, and is being very rude. Fortunately (for him) it won’t be him taking the punishment, it will be his son.
    He needs educating.

  2. Lonesome Coyote 02:26pm, 07/06/2012

    Shame the son will suffer for the idiocy of the father. It’s a pity he won’t be putting his own arse on the line! But that’s life. Maybe a new rule should come into being - after Khan beats the fighter he gets a free hit at the gobshite.

  3. volt 02:07am, 07/04/2012

    Beware of Khan come fight night.

  4. kelso 10:53am, 07/03/2012

    the father of garcia has big balls, coz it takes big balls to go in public and flaunt your stupidy and ignorance, but then again everyone has the right to be stupid and ignorant and take pride in being so.

  5. Joe 04:21am, 07/03/2012

    It could have been worse, he could have called him a gorilla.  (the naseem comparision just might be on point….just saying)

  6. the thresher 04:43pm, 07/02/2012

    A real asshole

  7. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 04:37pm, 07/02/2012

    He’s trying really hard, but he’s too damn dumb to be a racist, if that’s even possible… fact he’s even dumber than Floyd Sr, whose too damn dumb to be a racist too, and uglier to boot…..he’s dumber than a bag of door knobs….dumb I say…dumb….dumb….dumb!

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