Parker Outpoints Fury, Retains Title

By Robert Ecksel on September 24, 2017
Parker Outpoints Fury, Retains Title
“This is corruption at its highest level in boxing. I thought it was an absolute masterclass.”

Parker landed some shots of his own amidst the lunging, but nothing one could mistake as being meaningful…

Saturday night at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom, Joseph Parker (24-0, 18 KOs), the reigning and defending WBO heavyweight champion from South Auckland, New Zealand, retained his title by majority decision over homie Hughie Fury (20-1, 10 KOs), in his first but not last shot at a world title.

The final scores after 12 rounds were 114-114 and 118-100 twice.

It was a lackluster fight by most accounts. Neither fighter nor performance was of championship caliber. But when one judge had it a draw and two judges thought it was a wipeout, it’s impossible to know where to begin or where it might possibly end.

Team Fury was furious. When the decision was announced, Hughie couldn’t believe his ears. Tyson, who was ringside, reportedly was beside himself. And Hughie’s promoter, Mick Hennessy, has notified the WBO to expect a formal appeal.

“This is corruption at its highest level in boxing,” Hennessy told BBC 5 Live. “I thought it was an absolute masterclass, shades of Ali. Parker wasn’t even in the fight. One of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen.”

When things quieted down, when Tyson stopped haranguing officials, Hughie, who suffered his first loss as a pro, said, “I don’t think he won the fight. I think the scoring was way off. I thought I was landing. The judges have scored it and I don’t know what happened.”

Both men were careful to a fault. Hughie used his height and speed to his advantage. Fighting behind the jab, he was landing on the outside, just enough to steal some rounds. Parker landed some shots of his own amidst the lunging, but nothing one could mistake as being meaningful.

I seriously doubt that Anthony Joshua will lose any sleep at the prospect of fighting either man.


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  1. Koolz 10:57am, 09/25/2017

    can’t find the fight it’s blocked by those people that promoted it.
    but did see highlights.  both these guy are horrible!

  2. Koolz 06:23pm, 09/24/2017

    Didn’t see the fight yet.  But I happen to know everything that has been going on behind the scenes with the Gypsy King.  When you mention the book by the Elders of Zion you bring hell to you’re life.

    Not sure if Fury’s are clever enough to play this game.

    Post the Fight tomorrow for Parker vs Fury.

  3. Steven Stahler 01:55pm, 09/24/2017

    Barry, you are out of your mind!!  You have ZERO knowledge of boxing and scoring. Fury is the worst heavyweight prospect on earth. His jabs were not connecting and he threw right hands like they were 100 dollar bills. You must be a Brit the most delusional fans on the planet

  4. Timothy Agoglia Carey 07:03am, 09/24/2017

    Joey Dawejko KOs both guys!

  5. Barry 10:36pm, 09/23/2017

    Worst decision i have ever seen in my life, while waiting for the decision the odds on Betfair was Parker 3.85, Fury 1.35, Draw 5.07 i could not believe it when the result was announced. Parker was shocked it went his way and Fury looked bemused. Fury put on a very decent display of boxing and moving, if Andre Ward or Floyd Mayweather had put on a similar performance as they often did, they would have won by a shut-out 120-108

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