Parker Outpoints Ruiz

By Robert Ecksel on December 10, 2016
Parker Outpoints Ruiz
Joseph Parker is smart enough to do what he does best. (Andrew Cornaga / Photosport)

It remains to be seen how the 6-foot-2-inch Parker will do against hard-hitting behemoths like Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder…

Saturday night at the Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand, Joseph Parker (22-0, 18 KOs), fighting in front of his hometown fans, won a majority decision over Andy Ruiz Jr. (29-1, 19 KOs), from Imperial, California, to win the vacant WBO World heavyweight world.

The final scores were 115-113 twice and 114-114, close enough that it could have gone either way.

Parker fought as Parker fights. He used his legs. He used his speed. He boxed and did enough to eke out the win.

With the kill or be killed mentality pervading the sport, Parker will never be a fan favorite away from his native New Zealand. But Parker is smart enough to do what he does best, which includes not engaging if it can be avoided, and Ruiz, who tipped the scales at 256 pounds, could be avoided, especially when he abandoned boxing and began looking for a knockout.

“Wow!” said Parker after the fight. “What a dream come true. We told you guys Andy Ruiz was a great fighter, with a lot of speed and a lot power. He showed that tonight.”

Few would describe Ruiz as a “great fighter.” He moves exceptionally well for a man his size and came into the fight as NABF heavyweight champion, but had not been tested before tonight and came close to winning the fight.

“I think I got the win,” Ruiz said. “I thought I was controlling the fight with the jab. We both did a good job. We both fought. Congratulations to Joseph Parker. But I think he had the advantage in that I fought in his hometown.

“Hopefully I’ll come back and maybe we’ll get the rematch.”

With the heavyweight titles splintered due to Tyson Fury’s meltdown and the IBF’s meddling, it remains to be seen how the 6-foot-2-inch Parker will do against hard-hitting titleholders like Anthony Joshua (IBF), Deontay Wilder (WBC), or top ranked contenders like David Haye or Luis Ortiz. But he has a belt. Hopefully he’ll defend it against worthy opponents and try to unify, however futile that might be against the behemoths in the division.

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Parker vs Ruiz full fight

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  1. tetumbo 08:33am, 12/12/2016

    ” If this fight took place in Vegas Ruiz would be the first Mexican Heavyweight Champion…” plenty of “Mexican” fighters have been deprived the “hometown” nod in Vegas including the “Golden Boy” himself along with Castillo, Margarito (v. Williams), Marquez, Cuadras, and Santa Cruz IF he doesn’t KO Frampton in the rematch. “Mexican” fighters don’t enjoy ANY hometown advantages, e.g., the undefeated Diaz lost a scorecard nod to Campbell IN Mexico(?!). so let’s dispense with the conspiratorial bias designed to taint any scorecard decision in favor of the “Mexican” in advance.

  2. Darrell 12:21am, 12/11/2016

    If Ruiz won that fight they fought last night in Vegas, or anywhere else, it would have been a dodgy decision. That Ruiz and Sanchez inferred they were robbed, and they were at a two point disadvantage to start with, being in Parkers town, smacks of sour grapes! That was probably the most accurate decision I have seen all year.

    As for fighting outside NZ, hey he has that belt, and for once a bargaining chip in his favour…

  3. Darrell 12:00am, 12/11/2016

    Good entertaining fight. Parker won, no doubts. Ruiz coming forward was only effective for the first few rounds, and periods afterwards. Ruiz landed nothing of any effect in the last few rounds, his head getting bounced around increasingly. Parker was always coming on from round five onwards, only that slow, nervous start and a frustrating reluctance to go for the kill in those last four rounds kept it close.

    Nevertheless, well done Baby Joseph Parker.

  4. Koolz 12:55pm, 12/10/2016
    I love Box Nation.
    Such a close fight! I had Parker winning it by two rounds.  Ruiz honestly just doesn’t do enough.  Let’s try and walk a guy down with out throwing anything or even fainting setting up combos.  Ruiz could have used his size better by getting inside dipping down and then throwing a hook.
    You are right Irish if this happened in Vegas it would have been Ruiz winning.

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:36am, 12/10/2016

    Good luck with him defending against “worthy opponents”....look at the scores… they tell you anything? If this fight took place in Vegas Ruiz would be the first Mexican Heavyweight Champion….so good luck in getting him to fight in Vegas….Australia would be a big jump. If he goes to the UK you can be sure he won’t be fighting anyone that doesn’t have to gum their porridge.

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