Paul Williams: Delusion City

By Robert Ecksel on December 25, 2011
Paul Williams: Delusion City
Those "ooh-wee" shots were something to behold, and it's a shame Williams missed them

Paul “The Punisher” Williams has his head in the clouds, which is probably better than having his head on a platter.

The latest example of Williams’ delusional thinking concerns his July fight with Erislandy Lara at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.

It’s not an understatement to say that Williams (40-2, 27 KOs) got the snot beat out of him by Lara (15-1, 10 KOs), and the judges, aka the Three Blind Mice, didn’t know what they were seeing or doing. That isn’t just my opinion. It was the opinion of New Jersey Commissioner Aaron Davis, who suspended the judges indefinitely.

But facts are stupid things. Williams KNOWS he won the fight, which makes him a majority of one in a whistle-stop called Delusion City.

“Of course I beat Lara,” Williams told “Watch the fight again. I threw more punches, and landed more punches. What all of a sudden they don’t count body shots no more? He may have landed the clean ‘ooh-wee’ shots but I brought the fight to him the whole fight while he ran. I may have not got the ‘ooh-wee’ shots but I landed more shots, and threw more punches. I was busier.”

Those “ooh-wee” shots were something to behold, and it’s a shame Williams missed them (although they surely didn’t miss him).

“There are always going to be close calls, close fights,” said Williams. “I like when people talk bad about me because they motivate me. I have to take the good with the bad. Every day will not be a good day. I had an off-night my last few fights, but the fight with Lara I pulled it off to get the win. If my manager and my team choose that fight for me, then of course I want to get back in the ring with him.”

That’s something I can agree with. Willams had an “off-night” in his “last few fights.”

And considering the way he’s thinking, there may be more off-nights in the offing.


Lara read Williams’ remarks concerning their fight in Atlantic City, and his response was immediate.

“Who told this guy to keep talking?” said Lara. “Shut up! You got your ass beat for 12 rounds hard. Roy Jones (covering the fight for HBO) kept telling you to retire. Stop talking about the fight and let’s run it back if your pretty little heart desires.

“I’m tired of this guy. I’m losing tons of respect for him. As a matter fact, when I look at the fight I realize how terrible your skills are and how [your trainer George] Peterson was telling you, ‘Son, we need a knockout.’

“So before you mention my name ever again make sure you say ‘that boy Lara beat my motherf***ing ass and my momma seen it, my wife seen it, my whole family in Carolina seen it.’

“You know know what I’m sayin?”

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  1. Ken Payton 04:44pm, 01/01/2012

    Hello Mr. Paul and a very Happy New Year to you. You remind me of Jermain Taylor just before his first loss to Kelly. I have watched every one of your fights since you outpunched Antonio, and I’ll be the very first to tell you that your style changed drastically. Similar to Jermain, you’re doing a lot of meaningless hand and body movement, e.g., Jermain is constantly waving his damn left hand around for no good reason, and you’ve stopped throwing well placed meaningful punches, but instead have resorted to bullshit pattycake punches. I can bring you back, Mr. Paul, and I don’t even want your trainer’s job. I can work with you and bring you back to once again being the most feared fighter in the world . Contact me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

  2. Juicy Peach 06:26am, 12/27/2011

    I agree with you Lara!  Everyone knows that you won that fight.  You guys need to get back into the ring and redo this thing.  That’s the only thing that will shut Williams up; I bet he will have some other excuse.  A lot more Judges needs to be suspended when they make choices like what they did with Lara vs. Williams fight!!  They shouldn’t be allowed to judge another fight; not even an Ant fight.

  3. Iron Beach 09:22am, 12/26/2011

    Lara won the fight EOS. Now, for Roy Jones Jr. to tell PW to retire is rich and RJJ is the MOST delusional of the two…by FAR.

  4. the thresher 08:46am, 12/26/2011

    Lara finished this guy.

  5. raxman 04:15am, 12/26/2011

    martinez has exposed williams for any and all future opponents - and should we be surprised at p-dubs arrogant self delusion? the same p-dub who said post martinez #2 that he didn’t need to change anything about his style -damn! the fool drops his right hand to his chest every time he throws his left - he is an absolutely sucker for the left hand- especially if his opponent is a southpaw who can drop a good overhand left but i’m betting the next half decent orthodox opponent wrecks him with the left hook too

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