Paulie Needs a PR Consultant

By Ted Sares on March 20, 2013
Paulie Needs a PR Consultant
Paulie Malignaggi needs to seek some PR advice. He needs to do some damage control.

“When Juan Diaz was given a controversial decision over Malignaggi back in 2009, the former junior welterweight titlist moved fans with his post-fight laments and sad-eyed criticism of the sport’s power structure.”—Paul Magno (Yahoo Sports)

Yes, I remember when Paulie told Max Kellerman after the fight, “Boxing is full of shit.” And I could sympathize with the Brooklyn lad because he had just felt the results of the less-than-sage judging of Gale Van Hoy and that’s never a good thing.

Boxing is a tough sport and foul language comes with it. Those taken aback should find something else less offensive. In the Hopkins-Cloud fight, the referee inexplicably exclaimed in the first round, “I don’t want any bullshit.” Some fighters, like Chris Arreola, almost make it an art form. Who can ever forget when Chris was asked (I think by Jim Gray) to comment about his opponent after a tough fight and he said, “Man, that was one tough m——-f——-?” No big deal, that.

However, boxers do need to be circumspect about the targets of their profanity. When LiL Floyd went after Larry Merchant after the Ortiz fight, the reaction was mixed.  However, during a recent interview with Paulie Malignaggi on conducted by Luis Sandoval, the Brooklyn boxer said things he may well regret. The last people a boxer should go after are those who pay the freight, as that freight comprises a major portion of the purse—or as Paulie is so quick to remind us, the “prize.”

Here is a part of the interview:

“I’ll pull out my [expletive] and they can all suck it,” Malignaggi said. “I go to the bank, I got a lot of money. I own multiple houses, multiple cars. I own enough jewelry that I can buy people’s houses off them just off my jewelry. I’m good. And I’m not trying to brag about my money, even though I just did. I live a good life and, personally, it doesn’t matter what anybody’s saying…So when Monday morning comes and Tuesday morning comes, and everybody got to get the [expletive] up and go to work, and they can’t stand getting up, I don’t gotta do that. I train a few months a year and then I enjoy my money. I hang out and I go on vacation and I have a good time and I show up to fights and people love me. It’s a good life being Paulie Malignaggi.”

Later on when discussing his Showtime job as commentator, Paulie took another shot at the fans as follows:

“Maybe I can teach some of the idiots at home about boxing. There seem to be a lot of know-it-alls, but they don’t know what the [expletive] they’re watching…Most people don’t know [expletive] You watch a fight every week and you don’t know [expletive] about boxing, that’s 99% of, even, boxing fans, let alone people who don’t watch boxing…I feel like I’ve been put out there for a purpose—to educate these [expletive] idiots out there and tell them what’s going on when they watch a fight.”

As Paul Magno concluded in a Yahoo! Sports article dated March 9, 2013 and titled, “Fan Favorite Paulie Malignaggi Blasts Fans in Obscenity-Laced Rant”:

“…even Floyd Mayweather, in his darkest “Money” moments, never let loose with such a dismissive, insulting diatribe against the same people who make his lavish lifestyle possible. It’s bad form. It’s ignorant. It’s a slap in the face of everyone who has ever paid to see him fight or supported him from the viewer end of the TV camera.”

Paulie Malignaggi is no longer a compelling fighter. His best days are behind him and I certainly don’t blame him for going after the most money he can get at this point in his fading career. Like he says, this is “prize fighting.”
However, Paulie needs to seek some PR advice. He needs to do some damage control. Paulie needs to apologize.

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Juan diaz vs Paulie Malignaggi: after the results

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  1. Ted Sares 12:38pm, 03/30/2013

    Eileen, I won’t argue with you or you might get Harold after me! And I do understand Brooklyn charm.

    Nice to see you posting here.

  2. Eileen Lederman 12:25pm, 03/30/2013

    I remember when Paulie started out. He is real Brooklyn tough and may not be a diplomat but he has a lot of tough charm and probably could inspire a loyal fan base.

  3. Don from Prov 11:57am, 03/21/2013

    Puulie should share his deep boxing knowledge with us as a commentator—

    Because I don’t recall much brilliance on his broadcasts so far.

  4. the thresher 09:54am, 03/21/2013

    I am serious Jose, but I also recognize that a fighter will go to great lengths to stir up hype which in turn will fill seats which in turn will make for a bigger “prize,” so to that extent, I’m willing to cut Paulie some slack.

  5. josecanusee 09:45am, 03/21/2013

    Are you serious? He made everything & I mean everything on his own two legs, skills, using his personality & with one hand. He deserves to say whatever he likes & feels, especially to the media, fans etc. on how they treated him on his over a decade long career. Go out with a bang & ca$h out Champ! All heart & speaks the truth…

  6. the thresher 05:26am, 03/21/2013

    Well said Charlie.

  7. cnorkusjr 06:50pm, 03/20/2013

    I just want to add from below, I personally don’t think he contributed enough to boxing to make him a lingering thought in anyone’s mind except his. 5-10 years from now—well forgotten and probably lost all his money and hardware on bad advice like so many others.

  8. CharlieN 06:44pm, 03/20/2013

    Coming from New York, I can tell you all that Paulie is just explaining it the way a “Brooklyn” born and bred New York atitude would put it. It is the same bullshit that most of America will find a way of hating NYC area atitude. Its not really Paulie’s fault that he was born and bred in that way from his own kind- but it is what it is.

    With that said, he would be very smart in getting it into his own “f…g” head that his attitude sucks and needs a complete adjustment and lose that bullshit attitiude. Never bite the hand that feeds ya. Complete idiot that gives Chris Arreola run for the same crap.

  9. the thresher 06:33pm, 03/20/2013

    biker, Paulie has heart in the ring. He proved that years ago against Cotto. But you should never s—- where you eat, and that’s what he is doing here. My best guess is that he wants to make as much money as he possibly can against Broner and then cash it in and work as a commentator which he is very good at. But insulting fans is a tightrope on which he needs to be very careful walking.

    Whatever he makes against Broner will be because of Broner and not because of Paulie.

  10. the thresher 06:28pm, 03/20/2013

    Me too, Notch, me too

  11. NOTCHMusic 06:12pm, 03/20/2013

    The 99% he’s talking about is no joke….Lord, the moronic comments they state are hilarious most of the time.
    Until you realize they actually believe their opinions.

    So, if I was in the 99% he’s talking about I’d give a Damn !
    Thankfully, I’m Good !

  12. bikermike 06:07pm, 03/20/2013

    kinda like the old Cassius Clay strategy…which he learned ...firsthand from Gorgeous George…the famous Pro Wrestler.

    Cassius Clay was a proven HW Contender..rated #1…or close to it…..and the local TV station wanted him on…as he was in training for somebody or other.

    ALSO…Pro Wrestling was in town….and headliner Gorgeous George was there to pump the attendance.

    Clay never got a word in…...first and last time

  13. bikermike 06:02pm, 03/20/2013

    Think ‘Gorgeous George’ ....of old day Pro Wrestling….

    I think you get the idea…..very noticeable…outrageous…..trash talking to the n’th degree….probably got that twitter facebook thing covered….

    guys putting his name out there…...he wants folks to watch his fights…..not be the godfather of your child ffs

    and with a lack of KO punch of Malignaggi…I’m sure he’s got piss running down his leg at Bradley’s success

  14. bikermike 05:57pm, 03/20/2013

    gotta do the thing in the ring….
    He’s a slippery dude…give him that.

    SOmebody gotta do some whup ass….only way to shut him up.

    Norton was the only guy to shut up Ali..made him drink through a straw and had his jaw wired for over a month…...

    SOmebody gotta do a NORTON on malignaggi…..or…..give him his due

  15. Eric 05:47pm, 03/20/2013

    Just looking at the photo that accompanies this article and how this guy dresses screams DOUCHEBAG.

  16. the thresher 05:24pm, 03/20/2013

    Nice play off of words Pug.

  17. pugknows 05:22pm, 03/20/2013

    Wow, This really stinks. Where is this guy coming from anyway? His nasal bullshit is sickening at best, but up until now, I kind of liked his commentating. This really sucks to use one of his terms.

  18. Walt 04:06pm, 03/20/2013

    He can piss off.

  19. the thresher 02:39pm, 03/20/2013


  20. the thresher 02:16pm, 03/20/2013


  21. Paul Magno 01:17pm, 03/20/2013

    Good Stuff as always, Ted…Paulie has no problem with rallying fan support when he’s on the down side of a bad situation…Yet, he’s a smug prick when he feels he’s on top…That, my friend, is the definition of an asshole…

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