PBC on NBC: Charlo vs. Campfort

By Robert Ecksel on November 27, 2015
PBC on NBC: Charlo vs. Campfort
“I haven’t stepped out of the gym since I won the title. You get the title, you defend it.”

The dream is Jermall Charlo’s until further notice, or at least until such time as someone’s fists say otherwise…

Saturday afternoon at the The Bomb Factory in Dallas, Texas, in a fight televised live on NBC (3 PM ET/12 PM PT), IBF World super welterweight champion Jermall “Hitman” Charlo (22-0, 17 KOs), from Lafayette, Louisiana, by way of Houston, Texas, defends his title against “Silky” Wilky Campfort (21-1, 12 KOs), from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, by way of Haiti.

Fighting alongside his identical twin brother Jermell, it’s sometimes hard to know which Charlo is which. Although Jermall started his pro career nine months after his brother, he became the first Charlo twin to claim a world title.

Jermall and Jermell started boxing at the age of eight. Their father, a former amateur boxer, brought them to the gym in an attempt to instill a disciplined way of life for his two sons. They never lost interest in playing football and basketball, but the Siren call of boxing was music to their ears.

Charlo turned pro in 2008 with a TKO victory over Cimarron Davis. The “Hitman” won the IBF title on September 12, 2015, at Foxwoods Resort in Mashantucket, Connecticut, by dropping Cornelius Bundrage three times before forcing a stoppage in the third round.

And now, less than three months after mopping the floor with K9, he returns to action against Wilky Campfort.

“I haven’t stepped out of the gym since I won the title,” Charlo says, committed to being a fighting champion. “You get the title, you defend it. That’s the motto.

“If he tries to run, we’re going to press him. If he tries to fight, then we’ll be right there in his face to fight him.”

Defeating 42-year-old Bundrage was a piece of cake, relatively speaking, but Charlo expects Campfort, who has just a single loss, to present more of a challenge. Not only has Campfort won 20 consecutive bouts, but the 30-year-old Haitian has proven he has stones.

In his most recent bout against 16-2 Ronald Montes, Campfort hit the deck in round one, only to coming roaring back to drop Montes three times in the second to win a TKO victory.

“This kid’s a very strong, talented, powerful fighter with good skills,” says Campfort of Charlo. “But I also have skills and talent. Charlo has power, I have power. He might be coming to knock me out, but I’m not going to lay down for anybody.”

While Campfort is something of an underdog against the slick boxer-puncher fighting out of Houston, he will not be deterred.

“I am ready to fight,” he says. “I am not in this business to run. I’m not afraid of anybody. I’m coming to win a world title and achieve my dream.”

The dream of which Campfort speaks is Charlo’s until further notice, or at least until such time as someone’s fists say otherwise.

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