Pendulum Shift: Part Two

By Ted Sares on February 20, 2012
Pendulum Shift: Part Two
Disgust was turbo-charged when Gabriel Campillo was dry gulched in Corpus Christi

The continuing moral proclamations from Hall of Famer Jose Sulaiman relative to female abuse were stomach rumbling…

“According to what I saw…I can’t find anyone to punish. Who you want to punish? The boxer? The promoter? They complied with everything. The Once Unidos Stadium had nothing to do with it. There is no one to punish.”—Osvaldo Bisbal, head of the Federación Argentina de Boxeo

“It was an electric fight, it was something that you’d do again. It was a fight where the guy was very colorful, but the devastating punches and the most power punches were from the champion (Cloud). And the referees, I have to commend them, and the judges, for doing a great job, because it could have went either way from the way it colorfully looked, but the effectiveness of the fight, it was all the champ.”—Don King

The recent and dangerous riot that followed the junior flyweight bout between Johnriel Casimero and Luis Lazarte in Argentina has re-fuled my disgust with boxing. That disgust was turbo-charged when Gabriel Campillo was dry gulched in Corpus Christi in a fight two of the three judges had Cloud winning. The shocking scores were 115-111 for Campillo and 114-112 and 116-110 for Cloud. This was a disgrace that matched Williams-Lara.

Adding to the recent sharp downward turn in a sport that is fast becoming a freak show thanks to the likes of Dereck “Del Boy” Chisora and David Haye, Don King had this to say about the Chris Arreola vs. Eric Molina bout: “We even brought in a Mexican-American to give him a chance to get out and be at the front of the forefront. No more wetbacks running up and down picking the fruits and things. Now, we’re rolling, you know what I mean. That’s what makes this country so great. Yesterday’s nobody is tomorrow’s somebody.” How very sensitive of Don. Needless to say, Arreola didn’t take kindly to that remark.

When I add these recent incidents to the tsunami-like surge of young online writers being admitted to the Boxing Writers Association of America, I realize just how defective the methodology behind Hall of Fame balloting is. The BWAA prepares biographical capsules of the candidates for it members to use so they can become familiar with boxers on the ballot. These can be read on the BWAA’s home page under IBHOF. Can you imagine the International Boxing Research Association (IBRO) doing this for its members? But then who knows,  maybe these capsules can prevent some of the younger voters from thinking Myung Woo Yuh is a Korean delicacy or that Hilario Zapata was a legendary bandito leader.

Speaking of Hall of Fame inductees, continuing moral proclamations from Hall of Famer Jose Sulaiman relative to female abuse were stomach rumbling. And the way he went back and forth with the Texas Commission on who was responsible for the failure to test, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. showed that Jose knows how to do the light fandango. The non-biased one also had this to say: “As President of the WBC and close friend of Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. and his sons, I wish to emphasize that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is in no way scared of Sergio Martinez.”

Also, the recent late stoppages in fights involving Roy Jones Jr., Holly Holm, and Fernando Montiel have given me great pause. What was equally onerous was the lack of coverage from those who purport to be writers—even if they toil for starvation wages.

This entire scene has a smell coming up that is less than roses. It’s getting so bad I am beginning to look for a place to make a dignified exit. However, I still have work to do. After all, decent men like the Klitschko brothers are the exceptions to the rule and they deserve better. However, my pendulum between love and hate is now shifting in a manner that could well be irreversible. 

Is there a solution? Maybe honest and talented writer (and good friend) Paul Magno has it right when he asserts:

“Some of us will keep writing about the dirty sludge at the bottom of boxing’s illusion-making machine, but it’s up to the fans to do the preemptive strikes before honest fighters get cheated. Hold the commissions, judges, promoters, and, yeah, the media responsible for putting out an honest product. Ultimately, they have to listen. You pay their salaries. “

Stay tuned for Part Three.

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  1. the thresher 08:45am, 02/24/2012

    I could not rsist:

  2. the thresher 07:00am, 02/24/2012

    Hmm. Bob, you sound suspiciously like anothet poster. Hmm

    At any rate, Chisora and Haye are both disgraces and should not be rewarded for borish behavior—though a fight between the two WOULD be interesting—all moral consideartions aside. After all, when did morality ever become a component of boxing? Answer: never.

  3. Bob 02:27pm, 02/23/2012

    To Don from Prov: Haye doesn’t deserve another payday, even if it is to see him get humbled. He ripped the public off once. Why reward him again? He should be relegated to the scrap heap. He’s an annoying non-entity who doesn’t deserve all of the ink he’s receiving for being a gnat.

  4. Don from Prov 10:40am, 02/23/2012

    I found Chisora pretty entertaining myself—

    Wish he’d get to kick Haye-Boy’s Butt in ring.

  5. the thresher 01:15pm, 02/22/2012

    Maidan is correct

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 09:24am, 02/22/2012

    Here’s another pendulum shifter: Maidana feels he has to KO Alexander to win in St. Louis…...Memo to Maidana: More than that you’ll have to knock him down at least four times to get a Draw! Chisora isn’t the only one spitting in people’s faces.

  7. the thresher 07:00pm, 02/21/2012

    My apologies, Robert E.  My wife tells me the same thing.

  8. the thresher 06:59pm, 02/21/2012

    Bob, all I can do is bow my head in disgust. It’s a motley situation. As for the UK, one is an incident, two give one pause, three is a pattern.

    By the way, Chisora is the first Zimbabwe asshole I have ever encountered.

  9. Bob Mladinich 06:52pm, 02/21/2012

    Thresher:  The upcoming Froch scandal is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. I want to be shocked, appalled, insulted, or disgusted, but I’ve lost my ability to be any of those things. I just don’t care anymore, which saddens me more than anything because it was fun to be so passionate about a sport that has such potential for greatness. Here’s a question I’ve asked before, maybe on this site. It says it all. Wlad Klitschko beat David Haye for Haye’s WBA title, thereby making him the WBA champ. Klitschko was forced to relinquish the WBA title to become Super WBA Champ.  Alexander Povetkin beats someone for the vacant WBA title and becomes the new champ. Now there is talk of a Klitschko-Povetkin showdown. Let’s assume they fight separate bouts on the same card to generate interest and both lose. Who would be the new WBA champion? Why should we as intelligent observers have to even ponder such idiotic questions. Why should we care as the sport continues to cannibalize itself?

  10. the thresher 06:13pm, 02/21/2012

    Thanks, Tex

  11. the thresher 06:07pm, 02/21/2012

    Thanks Raxman

  12. raxman 05:48pm, 02/21/2012

    Tex - unfortunately the lack of gentlemen is a sign of the times - and in particular generation y - so all we’re getting is boxing’s version of a universal problem
    i think i agree re chavez but i dont think martinez is anything special either. prior to the wins over the dubios pavlik and williams, martinez wasn’t on anyones radar as a quality fighter let alone p4p - and i think my arguement is supported by the nature of his defenses - 3 mediocre euro fighters. people are crying out for a floyd vs martinez fight at 154 but at jnr middle martinez could have loads of good fights with quality oppoents if he wanted too - but he either can’t make weight or has no intention of fighting the likes of alvarez, lara, trout, kirkland, angulo, or old timers like cotto or a rematch with previous conqueror in margarito.
    good. talk about a tangent

    nice read again ted.

  13. the thresher 12:24pm, 02/21/2012

    jofre, I’m sick of writers who don’t know about the history of the subject they write about.  They have ruined boxing journalism. And the fact the IBHOF relies on them compounds the problem. Boxing is spiraling downward and for every Rios-Gamboa situation, there will be too many other bad ones to off set it.

  14. Don from Prov 10:51am, 02/21/2012

    Great post by Mr. Mladinich—

    The thrill, indeed is gone.
    And then Gamboa steps up in weight to fight Rios and I’m a fan again—

    At least for the moment.

    Because, at it’s most exciting, boxing is like the blues: honest, unpretentious—and there ain’t no place to hide: The truth is going to be right there for all to see.  Can’t ask for more than that.

  15. TEX HASSLER 10:42am, 02/21/2012

    Boxing used to be gentleman’s sport. Men like Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano did their talking with their fists, abstained for boasting and behaved like men. Boxing is fast lowering itself down to the level of professional wrestling and may be already there. On the bright side the Klitschko Brothers are examples of how fighters should act in the ring and out of it. As for Chavez Jr. he may not be afraid of Sergio Martinez but he is not anywhere near the level of fighter Martinez is. This is not to speak ill of Chavez but he is a product of slick promotion not fighting ability. In short boxing is becoming a circus act.  The author of this article hit the bull’s eye.

  16. pugknows 10:26am, 02/21/2012

    I laughed my ass off at the comments about Korean delicacy and Zapata. You are probably correct on this and that’s really scary.

  17. jofre 08:22am, 02/21/2012

    Bob, I’m in full agreement with you. Never in my wildest imagination as a kid and young adult would I ever have thought of giiving up on boxing. I loved it with a passion. But the current scene sickens me and I no longer care what happens to the sport. Thresher, regarding the IBHOF, with the influx of newer and younger voters oblivious to the terrific fighters from the past I no longer find them relevant. Imagine Sven Ottke and Naseem Hamed are on their ballot and Tony DeMarco, Davey Moore (FW) and Gus Lesnevich are ommitted. Look at their body of work and compare it with the records of Ottke, Hamed, Serrano. etc.

  18. the thresher 06:51am, 02/21/2012

    Bob, I am now more than outraged as Froch has come up with the latest scandal. More on this is coming, but it is bad news,

    In an interview with BBC Radio Nottingham, Carl Froch said that he deliberately pushed a 2005 fight into the fifth round to pay off on the bets of others, which will have him in front of the British Boxing Board of Control soon. From the BBC:

    “I’ve done it more than one occasion and it was round five but that’s not illegal. I can say, ‘right, I’ll stop this kid in round five’. If I’m good enough to do that then fair enough. I don’t gamble but my brothers and my friends, they did quite well off it,” he said.

    “I can openly say that because if I’m good enough to step on the gas in round five and force the stoppage then that’s my privilege, and that’s what I did in this particular fight at the Arena for the Commonwealth title defence.”

  19. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 10:31pm, 02/20/2012

    The “dirty sludge” that Paul Magno writes about has risen to the top in boxing.  When the out front ambassador/spokesperson/poster child for the sport is a sociopathic liar you know right there that boxing is in big trouble…..yeah that’s right that’s just how bad it is!

  20. Bob Mladinich 09:10pm, 02/20/2012

    I used to get outraged over decisions (and justifications) like Campillo-Cloud. I would swear off buying PPV or ever going out of my way to watch an HBO or Showtime fight again. Taking such actions, however, required a certain amount of passion. Sadly, for me, all of the passion has been drained from me. While I still like boxing at its best, I am indifferent toward who’s who and what’s what. If boxing could lose me as a fan, it had better watch it. I never thought I’d be so indifferent, but how many times can you see guys like Campillo lose or go out of your way to see David Haye humiliate himself against Wladimir Klitschko, only to see him come back and be viewed as a legitimate challenger for brother Vitali. It’s absurd to ever think we would have to see him on TV again, either getting chased, punched or glasses.

  21. "Old Yank" Schneider 08:44pm, 02/20/2012

    Yup, I’m ticked off too!

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