Perfection in Dallas

By Ted Sares on June 15, 2013
Perfection in Dallas
Garcia put on a clinic with his extremely heavy jabs and counters. (Chris Farina/Top Rank)

Garcia fought a perfect fight by quickly breaking down Lopez before knocking him down once in round two and a second and final time at 1:35 of the fourth…

Mikey Garcia

Failing to make weight had absolutely no ill-effect on Garcia (32-0) as he destroyed a shot Juan Manuel Lopez (33-3) tonight at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Garcia fought a perfect fight by quickly breaking down Lopez with punishing jabs and counterpunches before knocking him down once in round two and a second and final time at 1:35 of the fourth.

The end came as Mikey hurt the off-balance Lopez with a short right and then finished him off with a wide looping left that landed flush and sent Juanma sprawling. When he got up, referee Rafael Ramos took a look and when Lopez moved backwards, Ramos waved it off with a perfect call.

Garcia put on a virtual clinic with his extremely heavy jabs and counters, but he had the perfect foil in Lopez whose legs seemed to be gone coming in and whose chin, already highly questionable, was prominently exposed for Garcia’s pinpoint shots. Juanma best chance was to get inside but Garcia’s jabs and appropriate separation made that impossible.

It was not pleasant to witness how far down Lopez has gone compared to how promising he was back in 2008 and 2009.

Terrence Crawford

In the first televised bout of the evening, lightweight Terrence Crawford (21-0) continued to impress as he KO’d an outclassed but game Alejandro “Flacucho” Sanabria (34-1-1 coming in) at the start of the sixth round with a short and fully leveraged left hook. The classy and stylish Crawford set Sanabria up for the kill with a tremendous body attack that had Flacucho gulping for air like a guppy out of water. Crawford is fast becoming one of the very best lightweights in the world and blends a solid defense featuring superb counterpunching with an offense that has a full arsenal of weapons. He also appears to have a good chin.

And referee Laurence Cole, like Ramos in the main event, worked a perfect fight tonight making a solid call on the stoppage. The sometimes maligned (commentator Steve Weisfeld indirectly did it tonight), but vastly improved, Cole has been doing fine work for the past two or three years and has, in my view, erased the perception and/or viewpoint that he is less than a first-class referee.

All in all, the two winners—Crawford and Garcia—were as close to perfect as could be and the two referees followed suit.

Tonight was a night for the purist.

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  1. Ted 08:11am, 06/18/2013

    BTW, Bro, thanks for the prop.

  2. Ted 07:58am, 06/18/2013

    Don, I think he figured that he will be going up to 130 so why bother to kill himself over $150,000 and make himself weak. It’s becoming a kind of pattern with Garcia’s fighters. Garcia and Rios did it and kind of get a pass. Broner does it and he gets Cyber slaughtered by most of the writers. Strange stuff.

  3. bk don 07:51am, 06/18/2013

    Good piece as always Mr. Sares! I do have a bit of a point of contention with you. Of course Garcia had no ill effects from failing to make weight b/c he didn’t have to sacrifice to cut those last 2 pounds. It’s rare that you see a fighter that didn’t make weight, not even make an effort to cut the extra pounds.

  4. Ted 03:11pm, 06/17/2013

    Ponce de Leon

  5. paporod 01:29pm, 06/17/2013

    “In 2009 Juanma was undefeated at 26-0 with 24 knockouts “. who were those fighters he knocked out? , what level of competition did Juanma faced in 2009 to make those 24 knockouts count as an acomplishment?, I wonder…...

  6. Ted 11:45am, 06/17/2013

    Irish, that was Cole’s very worse call of them all. Micky cut Leija’s eye with a perfect right cross. They were going to protest it, but guess who they had to protest it to? None other than Dickie Cole, Laurence’s old man. Ward was f—ked on that one something awful.

  7. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 10:08am, 06/17/2013

    Ted Sares-I guess Cole is learning on the job…good for him but I know this much….he screwed Micky Ward out of a legit TKO win over Leija!

  8. dollarbond 06:05am, 06/17/2013

    Thanks for the concise write-up aka executive summary lol

  9. Bob 05:27am, 06/17/2013

    Garcia is a fantastic fighter but what’s up with not making the weight. That is a very bad sign. It also does not bode well for trainer Robert Garcia who delivers several boxers to major fights overweight, and no one seems to care about paying the heavy fines. Can’t imagine Carmen Basilio or or even Carlos Palomino coming in overweight and gladly relinquishing their title and a six-figure fine before the bell even rings. This is a bad precedent that is becoming disturbingly normal these days.

  10. Pete The Sneak 04:45am, 06/17/2013

    Lederman Fan Club, thanks. You said it all…Peace.

  11. Ted 02:05am, 06/17/2013

    I third that!

  12. Robert Ecksel 06:44pm, 06/16/2013

    I second that emotion. Boxing needs more Harold Lederman, not less.

  13. Lederman Fan Club 06:39pm, 06/16/2013

    The issue re Harold is complicated. He is still doing the HBO PVVs and we believe the regular Shows but Weisfeld has been moved in to seemingly replace him on the After Dark shows. This is a terrible mistake by HBO Sports. Weisfeld is a company man who will say whatever he thinks is politically right to say. He is a NJ Lawyer and a low-key kind of guy who could not replace Harold in a thousand years. Like we said, this is a bad move. Weisfeld was a very good judge but he is not a very good commentator. He reminds us of the bumbling Joe Cortez on Showtime before he got canned. Chuck Giampa was the very worse, of course.

    This is a sad development for boxing if it is as it appears to be. Bring Harold back FULL TIME!!!

  14. Robert Ecksel 06:38pm, 06/16/2013

    Ted and Pete The Sneak—Points taken. I too am missing Harold Lederman. That voice! Like something from the days of old-time radio and black & white fights on TV. His enthusiasm may runneth over and his tone may grate, but his delivery has always been as smooth as silk.

  15. Pete The Sneak 05:42pm, 06/16/2013

    Ahh dear Mr. Ecksel, I think ‘Praise’ is a bit of a stretch. It kind of tells you the reputation of Cole’s past body of work where when he performs a Yeoman effort (in my humble opinion) in referring a fight, it’s almost as big news as the fight itself. By the by, is Harold Lederman being eased out by HBO, or is he just removing himself slowly? While Harold always sounds like he’s sitting on a feather when he speaks, I do miss hearing him. At least he gets excited sometimes. Weisfeld kinda sounds like he’s bored. Peace.

  16. thresher 03:11pm, 06/16/2013

    If not faint praise…..

  17. thresher 03:10pm, 06/16/2013

    Well, yes, he was a bit loud.  Point taken on that. But given how awful he has been over the years, to see him do a reasonable job could create a misperception of greatness.

  18. Robert Ecksel 01:55pm, 06/16/2013

    I don’t agree with the praise being lavished on Laurence Cole. He didn’t make any bad calls, but he was intrusive, not invisible as I prefer. I watched the fight and lost track of the number of times the fighters were in a clinch and Cole, without yelling “break,” stepped in and began yanking the fighters arms in an attempt to disentangle them. Not only is it bad form. It is also dangerous. Boxers run enough risk of injury without adding a hands-on referee into the equation.

  19. Ted 12:08pm, 06/16/2013

    Tex and Pete, Garcia throws some of the heaviest jabs I have seen in years. Of course, Lopez was eating them like a shark eats chum.

    Yes, Cole has improved vastly from his old days of many blunders.

    The two fights were enjoyable and that’s why I wrote the summary. Always like to write about something I enjoy watching.

  20. Tex Hassler 11:15am, 06/16/2013

    I think Cole is one of the better referees and knows his business. It is good to see some good fights coming to Texas. Garcia seems to have hit his peak and Crawford is moving along well. Nice write up on the Texas fights.

  21. Pete The Sneak 09:56am, 06/16/2013

    Nice re-cap Toro.  Yeah. Cole did a pretty god job and I did agree with the stoppage (looked like ‘Flacucho’ and Co. did too). As for JuanMa (or should I say. ‘Manjua’ as Roy Jones was calling him all night), well, no surprises there. Fight went pretty much as expected and another good stoppage by Ref Ramos. Mikey Garcia is becoming another must see fighter, who little by little is becoming the total package. Juanma? Where does he go from here? Hard to say Peace.

  22. Ted 06:23am, 06/16/2013

    Thanks Herr Schmidt

  23. Meinhard Schmidt 04:42am, 06/16/2013

    Good summary! Crawford is really smooth, and Garcia seems flawless. He is a textbook fighter.

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