Peterson-Khan II DC Presser

By David Matthew on March 15, 2012
Peterson-Khan II DC Presser
Peterson-Khan II will be broadcast live on HBO World Championship Boxing on May 19th

“I like to think I’m the people’s champ,” said Peterson, “so I listened to them and they wanted this fight, so I was willing to do it…”

Washington DC—In contrast to their first press conference in December, this DC presser at the W Hotel for the Lamont Peterson-Amir Khan rematch was less dynamic, less attended, less intense, and the energy didn’t carry the same radiant current as it did when DC was prepping for its first significant title fight in decades. This is the case for many reasons, the most significant being the highly contested manner in which the first fight was officiated, which was the only blemish on an otherwise remarkable night of boxing. Despite the relatively low level of energy at the press conference today, the actual rematch between Peterson and Khan on May 19th at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas will surely generate the same electricity as their first fight.

Both fighters presented themselves professionally, showcasing genuine respect for the other, which has been a constant between the two camps despite the cutthroat competitive fire that took place in the ring in December. “Rematches should happen, but they often don’t,” explained freshly minted HBO boss Ken Hershman. “A lot of politics can get in the way, and often because the first fight is so tough, guys don’t want to go through it again. But these are two warriors who will give us a great show again, and they should be applauded.”

Indeed, two warriors who both have reason to believe that they won the first fight; two warriors who both have reason to believe that they will win the second fight; two warriors who are in their prime and eager to answer the tough questions that can only be answered in the ring.

“We had a choice,” explained Peterson’s trainer/manager Barry Hunter. “We thought this would be the best decision for Lamont, his family, and his career.”

It’s true that Peterson had a choice. He didn’t have to fight Khan right away. He could’ve taken an interim fight, and many believed he was going to fight Juan Manuel Marquez. “I’m glad the rematch is happening,” said Peterson. “Too many times the fans want to see a rematch and we don’t see it. I had other offers on the table. I could’ve fought Marquez, which to me would’ve been an easier fight for about the same money, but the fans seemed disappointed. I like to think I’m the people’s champ so I listened to them and they wanted this fight, so I was willing to do it.”

Regardless of whom you favor in this fight or where your allegiances lay, if you don’t respect and admire the man that Lamont Peterson is, you may have to check your pulse to see if you are still in fact a living, breathing human being. His story is remarkable, his professionalism is exemplary, and his courage and willingness to give fans exactly what they want is a rarity in today’s sport.

As for Amir Khan, he had a more impatient and hungry glare in his eyes as he sat through the press conference. It was clear that returning to DC didn’t exactly revive his fondest memories, as his rise to the top of the pound-for-pound list took a sharp detour by the come-forward aggression of Lamont Peterson. Still, Khan boxed quite well himself in the first fight and seemed eager to prove he is the better fighter. “I believe the first fight was mine,” Khan insisted. “We showed our balls by coming to DC and fighting him—and now Vegas is going to be neutral. I am going to bring my titles back to Britain. We never see two fighters facing each other at their peak, and it’s going to be explosive once again.”

Lamont Peterson vs. Amir Khan II will be broadcast live on HBO World Championship Boxing on May 19th from the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

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  1. brianmoloney 09:25pm, 03/18/2012

    bk don   What planet do you live on.. When theres a SHADY!!!!,  decision USUALLY in the USA.. Theres ALWAYS a REMATCH, the body sanctions it, ITS NOT BECAUSE PETERSEN WANTS a REMATCH he KNOWS he was GIVEN a G I F T !!!And in 90% of title fights theres usually a REMATCH CLAUSE.. The PERSON that HOLDS the belt always takes home the bigger purse.. If he loses it. The person that took the title he CONTROLS the purse.defending it. Looking back at BOXING in the USA.. When JERSEY JOE WALCOTT finally won the title he made $800.00 bucks that night winning the belt. Only in AMERICA,,,

  2. brian moloney 09:16pm, 03/18/2012

    Peterson is a GENTLEMAN this is TRUE. A very NICE MAN.. But HE did NOT win that FUCKING fight KHAN was ROBBED of his title. No MEXICANS to steal a belt that night so lets STEAL the LOUD MOUTH ARROGANT BRITS belts.. Only in America. Khan finish the JOB this time. You NEED a KNOCKOUT just to get a DRAW in the USA. LARRY MERCHANT said that on NATIONAL TV for CHRIST SAKE. If I was a BELT holder from another country I would NOT fight in the USA.

  3. The Tache 01:02pm, 03/16/2012

    I lost a lot of respect for Khan after the last fight, to the extent that even as a Brit, part of me would like Peterson to win just because he seems a decent bloke.

    I just hope that if it goes to the cards again, then the judges won’t need any help this time adding up the scores!!

  4. bk don 05:06am, 03/16/2012

    good piece. I do think it’s pretty remarkable that things have remained cordial bet. the 2 fighters b/c there was obviously tons of “trash” talk going on in the media, incl khan trying to force peterson into a rematch by crying to the sanctioning organizations to mandate a rematch. Then, pointing fingers at the khan camp for some kind illicit behavior. I do wonder if there will be as much electricity surrounding the fight once it starts b/c it will potentially be in a half-empty arena b4 a bunch of fans who were comp’d tickets. Definitely not like the atmosphere in DC, then again corrales v castillo was fought in a half-empty arena.

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