Peterson Shuts Down Rated R

By Robert Ecksel on February 22, 2013
Peterson Shuts Down Rated R
Lamont is a notoriously cool customer, but he can turn up the heat when he needs to.

Friday night at the DC Armory in Washington, DC, favorite son Lamont Peterson (31-1-1, 16 KOs), fighting his first fight in 14 months, successfully defended his IBF light welterweight title by stopping Kendall “Rated R” Holt (28-6, 16 KOs) at 1:42 of round 8.

Fighting out of the blue corner in silver trunks with black trim, Peterson entered the ring to cheers from his hometown fans. Holt, fighting out of the red corner in red trunks trimmed with silver, received no such greeting. Despite ring announcer Marc Lichtenfeld asking the crowd to give Rated R a “warm Washington welcome,” he was booed mercilessly.

It took Peterson a few rounds to shake off the ring rust. His inactivity showed. He was tentative, didn’t let his hands go, and let Holt dictate the pace. The challenger’s confidence was off the charts as he backed the champ up and controlled the center of the ring.

Peterson came into his own in round four, after which there was no stopping him. A solid right hand followed by a left hook got Holt’s respect. Then a big looping right dropped Holt for a count of eight.

Lamont is a notoriously cool customer, but he can turn up the heat when he needs to. His mojo was working overtime in round five and he put some serious hurt on Rated R. Peterson was pressing Holt, bullying him into the ropes, and slowly but surely breaking him down.

The champion put Holt down again in the sixth. He beat the count, but barely survived the round. Whenever Peterson landed, which was often, it seemed to rock the challenger. Lamont has old-school skills and he was befuddling as much as overpowering the fading New Jersey native.

Holt had his moments in the seventh, but Peterson had more of them. He was stalking Holt. He was ready to end it then and there. Lamont could smell blood, even though there was no blood to smell.

No sooner did round eight begin that Peterson stunned Holt with another right. The writing was on the wall. It was only a matter of time. The challenger retreated to the ropes and Peterson let loose with a dozen unanswered punches. The referee Tony Weeks had seen enough and stopped it at the exact right moment.

It’s great to see Lamont Peterson back in action and performing as well as he did. During the post-fight interview, he was asked how it felt being back.

“One of his shots hit me right on the button and I really didn’t feel anything,” he said. “So I knew at that point. A few times while he was boxing, he threw some head shots and I knew exactly where to put my guards. And once I knew where to put my guards I started walking forward and felt a little more comfortable in there.”

Peterson is a great finisher.
“I saw he was slowing down just a little bit. I kind of spent myself trying to get him out of there, so I had to catch my second wind, and every once in awhile when I got some energy, I would try to go for the stoppage. It just so happened that the last time I caught him on the ropes and let my hands go.”

Now that Peterson has signed with Golden Boy Promotions, a world of opportunity awaits him. A rematch with Amir Khan is a possibility. And Oscar De La Hoya is hinting at a bout with Lucas Matthysse. But Lamont wants the WBA belt that was taken from him, which means a fight with Danny Garcia may be in the cards in the not too distant future.

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Lamont Peterson vs. Kendall Holt

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  1. Jason 10:36am, 02/23/2013

    Haha, Irish.

    This was a complete mismatch. I understand Peterson is a world class fighter, and like world class fighters, they make up the top 1%, and the rest might was well be bottom feeders. Having said that, Peterson really beat the crap out of Holt. Hell Holt was through fighting by round 4.

    Peterson has to fight the biggest name. He deserves it. I’d like to see a real clash like with someone like Rios.

    Oh, Friday Night Fights were loaded with good matches last night. NBC and ESPN had some good matches.

  2. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 06:25am, 02/23/2013

    Memo to Comanche Boy down in the Indian Nation/cc: Joey DeGuardia…he of the forked tongue: This is how it’s done…when you have a coming out party you choose someone as your dance partner who let’s you lead….certainly not someone who slaps the shit out of you when you step on their toes!

  3. Clarence George 03:45am, 02/23/2013

    Nice write-up of a very good fight.

    Not surprised Peterson won, though I didn’t expect it to happen by stoppage (see my own brilliantly penned preview).  Holt isn’t just rusty (Peterson was out of the ring even longer)—his best days, such as they were, are behind him.

    Some good prospective match-ups for Peterson—Khan and Garcia, for instance.  But I’d most like to see him face Matthysse.  A win for the Argentine, I’m sure, but what a good fight it would be.

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