Peterson vs. Matthysse in May?

By Clarence George on February 23, 2013
Peterson vs. Matthysse in May?
Lucas Matthysee would find a bout with Lamont Peterson competitive, to put it mildly.

Richard Schaefer is seeking a match between junior welterweights Lucas Matthysse and back-in-the-saddle-again Lamont Peterson…

I’m back in the saddle again
Out where a friend is a friend
Where the longhorn cattle feed
On the lowly gypsum weed
Back in the saddle again

Good news from the boxing-rumor mill: Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer is seeking a match between junior welterweights Lucas Matthysse and back-in-the-saddle-again Lamont Peterson. The fight, should it take place, would be on the undercard of the May 18 Devon Alexander-Kell Brook match, to be aired on Showtime.

IBF champ Peterson has been pretty much forbidden boxing’s reindeer games since his May 2012 rematch with Amir Khan was canceled due to his testing positive for synthetic testosterone. But all is forgiven, following Peterson’s stoppage of Kendall Holt last night via eighth-round TKO.

Twenty-nine-year-old “Havoc” (31-1-1, 16 KOs) is a nine-year veteran of the ring. He lost only once, to Timothy Bradley in 2009, but has never been stopped. Prior to his February 22 win over “Rated R”, Peterson last fought in December 2011, 14 months ago, defeating Khan by split decision. The win gave him both the WBA and IBF championships, though he was stripped of the former after failing the drug test.

Like Peterson, 30-year-old Matthysse (33-2-0, 31 KOs) has been fighting since 2004. Many argue that he’s undefeated, that he was robbed in his split decision losses to Zab Judah in November 2010 and Alexander in June 2011. The Argentine fought three times last year, retiring Angel Martinez in the sixth in February and Humberto Soto in the fifth in June, and stopping Ajose Olusegun by 10th-round TKO in September. His most recent fight was in January of this year, when he knocked out Mike Dallas Jr. in the first.

Peterson is a top-drawer practitioner of the Sweet Science. Matthysee would find a bout with him competitive, to put it mildly. But the Argentine is one of the hardest hitters in the sport today—“the best body puncher in South America and one of the best body punchers in the world,” says Al Bernstein. He has a KO record of 86%, while Peterson’s is less than 50%. Jeez, the guy hasn’t won by anything less than stoppage since 2008, when he defeated Carlos Adan Jerez by unanimous decision.

It’s sure as shootin’ that Matthysse won’t confuse Peterson for Dallas, but he’ll knock him out of that saddle. Maybe not in the first round, maybe not in the second, maybe later rather than sooner, maybe slower rather than surer…oh, wait—it’ll be sure.

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  1. Rick 11:06pm, 02/26/2013


  2. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 06:17am, 02/26/2013

    Friggin’ dyslexia…..“I coulda’ been a contender Charley” that’s not it…I coulda been a lawyer….I guess it’s A.C. not D.C….at least it better be…still too close for comfort!

  3. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 05:37am, 02/26/2013

    Memo to Matthysse’s “people”: Are you crazy or just plain stupid? Ward is not losing a decision in Oakland and Peterson is not losing a decision in D.C…..and you can take that to the bank… you dithering idiots…and guess what….Peterson is more than strong enough to last the distance regardless of whether Matthysse administers a fierce ass whipping or not because he knows his prize will be there at the end…regardless! Are you trying for a hat trick of butt reamings or what? Here’s my best advice for you cretins…if you can’t do any better than this for Matthysse….catch the next plane for Buenos Aires!

  4. hd 07:21pm, 02/25/2013

    It is a bs match up. Why not Garcia vs Lucas and Peterson vs Judah. Khan vs Broner in order to unify the division.

  5. raxman 04:00pm, 02/24/2013

    although i think peterson would do a load better against Matthysse than most give him credit for (although he’d have to box him from the outside) i would much prefer to see both guys fight another. for peterson the obvious guy is the one who took his place in the khan rematch - danny garcia. and for matthysse it just has to rios.

  6. Darrell 12:07am, 02/24/2013

    It’d be a good fight.  Again, a matchmakers dream but Matthysse does have a habit of farting around a bit rather than laying his hands on his opponent.  If Peterson is smart, he’d take advantage of those slack periods in Matthysse’s game.  After all, his farting about ultimately cost him decisions against both Judah & Alexander, both fights I thought he won.

    Peterson comes to fight though, & is always coming forward, that’ll be his undoing if he plays it the same way.

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