Phenomenon: Mayweather-Pacquiao

By Robert Ecksel on March 31, 2015
Phenomenon: Mayweather-Pacquiao
Bibs and hankies will also be on sale, so you can be high and dry while enjoying the fight.

If people are willing to pay an arm and a leg to attend and/or watch the fight, let’s sharpen the hacksaws and get down to business…

It’s a curious time for the sport of sports. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao may be past their primes, but their May 2 fight is historic. It may not be the fight of the century (the century is still young). It may not even be the fight of the year (the year is still young as well).  But The Fight is a phenomenon, so much so that even those who dislike boxing have been forced to pay attention.

Not that avoiding the hoopla is even remotely possible. The downside is that the reporting on the fight, an iffy proposition in the best of times, is even worse than usual, as everyone feels compelled to have their say, whether they have anything to say or not. Be it a May/Pac countdown or May/Pac week in review, writers are tripping over their own verbiage in an attempt to be heard.

Perhaps that’s to be expected. But at the exact same time that Al Haymon is making boxing available for free on broadcast TV, those behind Mayweather-Pacquiao are making this an event exclusive to the hoity-toity. Just because it’s boxing doesn’t mean that the laws of supply and demand don’t apply. Raw capitalism and boxing are natural bedfellows. And if people are willing to pay an arm and a leg to attend and/or watch the fight, let’s sharpen the hacksaws and get down to business.

The rooms at the MGM Grand were last reported to be going for $1600 a night, and will likely rise as the fight grows near. No doubt other hotels are following suit. And tickets for the fight, which have yet to go on sale, are being scalped at outrageous prices.

According to TMZ, who has spoken with Oren Partner, head of Precision Concierge New York, the cost of tickets, ringside and otherwise, are through the roof.

Partner allegedly has 39 tickets for sale, the most expensive of which is carries an $87,500 price tag for 6th row ringside.

The always inquisitive TMZ asked how he was able to get tickets when they’ve not yet gone on sale. Partner says “he knows some very powerful people connected to the fight,” but didn’t name names.

Representatives for the MGM Grand, Top Rank, and The Money Team told TMZ “it’s possible the tickets are legit,” but denied that they had anything to do with it.

Speaking of legit, PCNY isn’t just any old new kid on the block. They’ve been in business a long time, going all the way back to 2011, and again according to TMZ, “we’ve spoken with several entertainment industry people who vouched for ‘em.”

For those for whom money is no object, and for whom spectacle trumps boxing, the prices of the tickets being offered for sale are as follows:

(2) Lower 13 Row G @ $42,500 each (center ring)
(2) Lower 13 Row M @ $36,500 each (center ring)
(2-4) Lower 15 Row M @ $23,500 each (just off center ring)
(2-5) Lower 15 Row T @ $16,000 each (just off center ring)
(2-4) Lower 14 Row W @ $14,650 each (just off row R @ $12,500 each (corner)
(2-4) Lower 19 Row X @ $10,100 each (corner ring)
(2-4) Upper 209 Row L @ $7,850 each (corner to ringside)
(2-4) Lower 5 Row R @ $12,500 each (corner)
(2-4) Lower 19 Row X @ $10,100 each (corner ring)
(2-4) Upper 209 Row L @ $7,850 each (corner to ringside)

I’m not sure if one should read that and weep or read that and salivate. But whatever your response, a confidential source told me that bibs and hankies with the fighters’ likenesses will also be on sale, so you can be high and dry while enjoying the fight.

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  1. Pete The Sneak 05:08pm, 04/02/2015

    $88,000.00…Whew. That is a bit of a stretch indeed…As for me, I’ll definitely see it. A quick trip to Buffalo Wild Wings will do it. Couple of pitchers of Cerveza and a load of wings for the night. I figure in and around $88.00 bucks for the night. Tops…Peace.

  2. Eric 06:45am, 04/01/2015

    Anyone who pays 88K to watch any sporting event should question their sanity. I could have the money of political pimps, George $oro$ and $heldon Adel$on and I still would drop 88K to watch two sweaty, half naked men, beat the hell out of each other. I doubt this fight willl produce much violence or claret at all, so that insane amount is even more ridiculous.

  3. DRUG LORD 11:39pm, 03/31/2015

    will Floyd come as strong as PEE Marquez?

  4. tag 10:25pm, 03/31/2015

    Laurena, you can’t even buy these tickets even if you want to.  They are releasing only 1,000 tickets to the public. And it will be gobbled up in less than an hour. Which other sport has 88k for a ticket? Which athlete gets paid $150m in less than 3 months’ work? That’s how unpopular boxing is.

  5. Koolz 04:55pm, 03/31/2015

    when someone Pays 88,000 for a boxing match that means they have the funds to pay it.  When someone pays 1 trillion dollars to fund a military that means they what?
    Feed the homeless, ‘er hungry people, or ‘er something….and the list for 1 trillion dollars is almost infinity.

    This is the biggest Boxing Match of the Decade!  Boxing will change a lot after this fight. 

    I will be paying to see it in sports bar.  I will probably pay about 30 dollars?

  6. Old Yank 04:53pm, 03/31/2015

    In fact, the two most natural “bedfellows” for raw capitalism are the two oldest professions on the planet—fighting and prostitution. And I agree…this circus is going to test the limits of at least one if not both.

  7. Laurena 07:45am, 03/31/2015

    Boxing is ranked so far down on the list of popular sports, and these prices help to keep it there. They should have held it at Circus Circus, IMHO.

  8. Eric 06:32am, 03/31/2015

    When someone pays nearly 88,000 dollars to watch a boxing match, that means the end of the world is near. Feed a lot of hungry people with that kind of cash.

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