Pick Up the Pieces and Go Home

By Marc Livitz on September 4, 2017
Pick Up the Pieces and Go Home
Conor did his best to throw everything he had at one of boxing's all-time finest talents.

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but yes, Mayweather carried McGregor for a good while until he’d had enough…

A week has passed. No matter where in the world someone currently calls home, a full week has finally passed. A few spins of planet Earth here and a few winks of the sun there. It’s often been the case that sporting events can linger, sometimes for several years in the minds of fans. There are results that are hard to swallow as a fan, yet on the other side of the spectrum, an equal amount of sport compatriots will always feel eager to bask in the glory of an unforgettable evening. One can perhaps only be left to wonder if the ‘Boxing vs. MMA’ debate was brought any closer to a final settlement after Floyd Mayweather’s tenth round TKO win over Conor McGregor.

As many stated when the contest was formally announced a few months ago, there would be enough interest generated in the matchup to effectively muzzle the naysayers. When fight night finally hit us, we have noticed what seemed to be unprecedented media coverage. Some suggested overkill, almost to the point of feeling as though we’d just consumed a massive Las Vegas buffet too soon before boarding the Manhattan Express roller coaster at the New York, New York casino. We may have expected the eventual humdrum and monotony of articles such as this one to fade. Has it? Take a look at just about any mainstream sporting webpage and take a guess at what you’ll find.

One day, we may explain the ‘Biggest Fight in Combat Sports’ to our grandchildren in such a way that we leave our true feelings in a gym bag. Not surprisingly, the first week of college football looked a lot like Conor McGregor’s efforts against Floyd. There were of course a few great matchups this past weekend on the gridiron, but the majority of them went according to script. Plainly put, a number of powerhouse football programs are fed sacrificial lambs in the form of smaller schools who actually receive a very handsome payout to take an old-fashioned beating on the field. There are the occasional shockers, to be sure but not very often. What’s often seen is the one side who may be a five touchdown underdog throw their best efforts at the giant in front of them.

They’re sometimes able to “hang with them,” so to speak, for the better part of one quarter or even a full half. Somewhere into the third quarter, the differences in the respective programs begin to surface. Once this is evident, the proverbial rout is next. Conor did his best to throw everything he had at one of boxing’s all-time finest talents. Much like the aforementioned minnow colleges, McGregor agreed to a large sum of money for his trouble. Not much time passed however before we began to see the differences in the programs. What’s different is that Floyd gained control long before the bout had reached its halfway point. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but yes, Mayweather carried McGregor for a good while until he’d had enough.

We’ll give credit to where it’s respectfully due. Pay TV records may indeed have been broken and the amount of pirated streams reported could clearly indicate that more people were interested in the fight than many had foolishly anticipated. When this writer left to drive to a friend’s house that Saturday evening, cars lined various patches of neighborhood streets and pictures were posted all across social media. Will we see the same type of hoopla on September 16th?

Don’t answer that. We already know the answer. In any case, it’s done, it’s over and it’s time to move on. All contests are noteworthy because of the efforts put forth by fighters, but there were no high profile fights this past weekend. Such a contest may have helped to put the events of August 26th on the back burner. Labor Day isn’t the biggest weekend for boxing. UFC will do that, but boxing usually refrains.

Hopefully, the upcoming clash between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin in a dozen days’ time will be an epic that’s discussed for several years to come. No one is going to treat the Mayweather/McGregor spectacle as a fight for the ages because after all, it was an event. Floyd said so himself.

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  1. Joseph Vona 10:01am, 09/09/2017

    Sounds like Kokopelli is a tad angry. It can be like that when you buy into all the hype, talk shiite about it to friends all week, lay good money down on a sucker over/under bet, then watch it all melt infront of you.
    What amazed me was the number of articles written about the dance. Total stretch of sport writing imagination

  2. Fan 06:57am, 09/06/2017

    BonusFight could give to Boxing extra sensation.
    Ko1 : 10 000$
    Ko2 ; 9 0000$
    Ko3 : 8 000$
    Count ; 5 000$

  3. David 12:53pm, 09/05/2017

    Floyd Mayweather cherry picks his opponents. That’s why he chose Conor McGregor because he knew he could knock him out any time he wanted to, but made the paying public think they got their moneys worth by ending it in the tenth round.

  4. Kid Blast 12:38pm, 09/04/2017



  5. Kokopelli 10:54am, 09/04/2017

    Floyd even mugs for the camera with his mad punisher face when poppin’ Conor like in the photo about….100% Kabuki!

  6. Kokopelli 10:30am, 09/04/2017

    McGregor didn’t do anything in that ring that Floyd didn’t permit him to do…..nothing! Floyd choreographed every friggin’ minute. All of Mayweather’s talk in the lead up about giving the fan’s their money’s worth was just more con! He knew that Conor couldn’t hurt him with anything he threw so why not let the hapless bugger touch him from time to time. If Floyd opened up he could have stopped Conor from the first round on! This was an in your face, stinkin’ ass con no different than the shit Madoff pulled with that old timey AS/400 on the 17Th Floor!

  7. Kokopelli 09:46am, 09/04/2017

    “Mayweather carried McGregor”.....that’s the dictionary definition of a stinkin” ass fix! This was a scam from beginning to end…..call it a “spectacle” til the cows come home…..this was dirty ass dealing…..period! There are mini-Flyweights that can beat McGregor’s ass in a straight up boxing match!

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