Thomas Hearns vs. Pipino Cuevas

By Boxing News on August 1, 2017
Thomas Hearns vs. Pipino Cuevas
Cuevas was 27-6 coming in. Hearns was 28-0. The fight was scheduled for 15 rounds.

On August 2, 1980 at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan, WBA welterweight champion Pipino Cuevas, from Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico, defended his title against up-and-coming Thomas Hearns, aka the Motor City Cobra, from Detroit by way of Memphis, Tennessee. Cuevas was 27-6 coming in. Hitman Hearns was undefeated at 28-0. The fight was scheduled for 15 rounds…

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1980-8-2 Pipino Cuevas vs Thomas Hearns

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  1. bikermike 06:02pm, 04/19/2014

    I have always wondered…what brave manager would book the Champion of the World…..WBA style least….Pipino honest 147 kind of guy… go to DETROIT get in with a six foot two .‘welterweight’...

    How much did Pipino come away from that match was that purse split…
    .....somebody made some money….I just hope Pipino got some of it

  2. bikermike 05:54pm, 04/19/2014

    my mother and I listened to this one on the radio….in the Qu’Apelle Valley…..She knew that I had bet too much on this one…..Bless Tommy Hearns

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