Pistol Packing Pacquiao

By Robert Ecksel on November 22, 2014
Pistol Packing Pacquiao
Algieri could have had wings on his feet and it wouldn't have made any difference. (AP)

Saturday night at the Venetian Macau in Macau, China, Manny Pacquiao blindsided Chris Algieri, knocking him down six times en route to a lopsided decision…

Saturday night at the Venetian Macau’s Cotai Arena in Macau, China, WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao (57-5-2, 38 KOs), from General Santos City, Philippines, blindsided Chris Algieri (20-1, 8 KOs), from Huntington, New York, knocking him down six times en route to a lopsided decision. Final scores were 119-103 twice and 120-102.

Fighting out of the red corner in light blue trunks, the reigning and defending champion did what he needed to do. Pacquiao pressed the action. He pressed the challenger. He imposed his will on Algieri. His fists touched the challenger’s face and fleeing torso. The fight was more fair than fun, less bull and matador than lion and gazelle.

Algieri wore running shoes, but if he had wings on his feet it wouldn’t have mattered. Pacquiao was too fast. He was too strong, too resolute, too smart, too seasoned to fall for any Long Islander’s tricks.

Algieri fought the same fight he fought when he won the light welterweight title from Provodnikov. But Pacquiao is nothing like Provodnikov. The Russian Rocky is tough. Manny is suave in the ring.

Algieri had a game plan. Keep moving. Fight from the outside. Stay away from the trenches. Take the older Pacquiao into the late rounds before knocking him out. It’s not a bad plan, just a bad plan for Algieri. He stung Manny a few times during the fight. But Pacquiao was too busy landing to notice.

The final CompuBox numbers say a lot. Pacquiao landed 229 of 669 punches thrown (34%) to Algieri’s 108 of 469 (23%). But the power punch numbers tell the whole story. Manny landed 187 of 410 power shots (46%) to Algieri’s 80 of 212 (38%).

Pacquiao adds another notch on his holster. There’s no reason he should stop fighting. Algieri by contrast has peaked. He might want to seriously think about medical school. Goodbye Macau. Hello Huntington. It’s been one helluva ride.

After the fight, Pacquiao was chill as ever.

“Tonight, I did my best,” he said with a laugh. “I’m satisfied with my performance. I did my best. I think that’s enough. I’m very comfortable to win the fight and I’m in shape. I’m looking for a knockout, but it’s fast, it’s moving, so it’s hard to get careless and overconfident.”

Whatever the opposite of chill is, that was Chris Algieri.

“The plan was to fight four first rounds,” he said, “because I knew he was going to come on strong. I had the feeling he was going to try to blast me out of there because I wasn’t used to the big stage. But Manny is the best in the world at fighting like Manny Pacquiao. That’s really what it is. His stop and start is great. He’s got so much experience. The plan was to get him into the later rounds there without incurring too much damage and setting the pace and landing shots that would hurt him. We weren’t specifically looking for a knockout. We were looking to put some damage on the guy. I think I caught him with a few shots that made him think. His corner was imploring him to really turn it on. And I don’t care what anyone says—Manny is not letting guys slide. He’s in there throwing bombs and trying to get you out of there every single round. It’s not so much the punching power, to tell you the truth. It’s how he mixes the punches up. Manny has a very distinct and unique style. He has perfected what works specifically for his body type and style being Manny Pacquiao, and Manny’s one hell of a fighter.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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  1. Galvar 12:38pm, 11/24/2014

    It’s obvious why Algieri lost, he was fighting in a cage the whole time.  You try fighting someone from inside a cage.  You can only punch through that little opening.  Maybe instead of Roadrunner, it should have been Pacman vs Tweety bird.  Ok, joking aside, I was one of those people who thought Algieri had a small chance of winning.  He did catch Manny with a few flush right hands.  Too bad there was no power behind it.  I was really suprised Manny was able to catch him with all the bouncing around Algieri was doing.

  2. Darrell 11:50pm, 11/23/2014

    Did anyone think it would be any other way?  A vastly experienced fighter against a guy without any amateur background, a shallow professional background, and no power to keep his opponent off him…....Algieri was always going to be under the pump.

    @Eric…....hate seems to be coming mostly from Filipino’s and dyed in the wool Pac fans.  Anyone who dares challenge their demi-god dives below lawyers & large hairy spiders in the popularity stakes.  I knew Algieri would be easy meat for any top boxer with a bit of speed and boxing ability…....what a useless fight.  Pacquiao is just softballing now.

  3. ireneo 06:49pm, 11/23/2014

    so terrible fight

  4. Leigh 01:07pm, 11/23/2014

    The “it’s about levels"quote couldn’t be more true last night .Algieri shouldn’t have been in that ring with manny,....but the boy made a few quid and far play to him I’m not sure we will see Algieri in a ring again I just don’t think there will ever be that same money for him in boxing .He seems like a clever boy and at 30 years old I think he knows what he’s going to do and it’s not “box on”

  5. Steven 11:35am, 11/23/2014

    The statement ” But Manny is the best in the world at fighting like Manny Pacquiao” somehow seems condescending. Like Algieri is a better pure boxer. Well the fact is Algieri stunk up the place. Shouldn’t even hold his head high.  The epitome of a runner.

  6. Alex 09:39am, 11/23/2014

    Mayweather, it is time for you to step up to the plate and face PacMan in the ring. Remember, to be the best, you must fight the best. This is what true champs do. If you don’t fight PacMan, you are not a champ…that would make you a CHUMP!

  7. Koolz 09:39am, 11/23/2014

    It’s quite alright Eric.
    Pac is back let’s hope that some Higher Power intervenes and The Great Mayweather PacMan fight can happen in 2015?

    Did Pacman just show how to beat Mayweather?

  8. Pete The Sneak 09:36am, 11/23/2014

    Eric…There were more than a few folks in the Boxing community who gave Algieri a chance to pull off the upset…The kid’s story even got both NY papers (NY Daily News/NY Post) to assign someone to cover this fight in Macau and provide round by round updates… something they haven’t done in years. The POST surprisingly had a FRONT PAGE leading Story in yesterdays paper detailing how the kid from Long Island will end up defeating Pac…So yes, win some lose some indeed…That’s our sport…Peace.

  9. Koolz 09:33am, 11/23/2014

    Tim Lane made me laugh so hard in this fight!

    This fight just had some of the most comical quotes out of a corner!

    My Favorite!  “Any minute now and he is going to Ko Pacman”

    Boom Algieri goes down!

    “Let the Tiger out of the cage” , didn’t he say something about dragon too. I have to watch this fight again.

    I never heard anything about how to fight this fight just words and quotes.  I found it quite funny!  The whole match was funny!  Road Runner got Ran over.
    Algieri could teach track at School!  ” I once fought the legend you know, yea and I ran the whole time, so let’s put that into practice kids, running.”

    Good fight good fight.

  10. Eric 09:13am, 11/23/2014

    Irish…God bless him. Maybe the kid can move out of his parent’s basement now. teehee. Boxers aren’t usually good all-around athletes it seems. Who can forget Joe Frazier attempting swimming in the Superstars competition or Mike Tyson shooting hoops. Those MLB salaries are getting ridiculous. The whole Manny vs Floyd thingy has gotten old. Really don’t even care anymore to tell you the truth.

  11. Eric 09:06am, 11/23/2014

    Koolz… There were some veteran ex-fighters giving Algieri a shot, Chris Byrd and Mustafa Muhammad among them. Win some, lose some.

  12. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:00am, 11/23/2014

    Eric-Chris got paid $100K to take that ass pounding from Ruslan and $1.675 mil for that reaming last night…..I say he earned his pay….I’ll leave it up to you to see if Giancarlo Stanton earns his $325 mil for “playing” baseball for the next 13 years…..at this rate I don’t think I’ll live long enough to see Manny and Floyd go for it.

  13. Koolz 08:54am, 11/23/2014

    How the heck did you think Algieri would have a chance at fighting the PacMan! 
    In fighting you have your threat circle that is the longest length to your opponent.  In martial arts that is your legs(Stopping someone at the knee)
    In Kickboxing stopping someone at the waist
    in MMA stopping someone at the Shin as Thai Boxing.

    In boxing your legs are used to move you to your opponent, Pac has amazing ability to move off his legs when he hits.  He has very strong legs.

    Algieri has a very long reach with long legs meaning he would have to bend down to hit Pacman.  His reach is his down fall against a fast opponent.

    I was so annoyed with all the promotion of the up and coming Algieri it was just really irritating to hear.

    In all honesty this should have been a TKO for Pac.  The Ref just let it go and let it go…and go!  120 -102!  That’s crazy!

  14. Eric 08:30am, 11/23/2014

    I thought Algieri would pull this off. He had weight, height, reach, and youth on his side. Haven’t seen the fight yet, but it can’t get much more one-sided than that. Might be premature to suggest Algieri return to his parent’s furnished basement apartment, but it probably would be the most practical decision given he has other options with medical school. Don’t understand the hate for this kid, he seemed like a class act to me, and at least he had the guts to fight a beast like Pacquiao with only 20 fights under his belt. Probably was a bit rushed and Roach was right along, Algieri was in over his head. Some claim that Algieri hits like a girl, but both fighters hit like a girl at the plate. That attempt at baseball by both of these guys was pitiful.

  15. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:20am, 11/23/2014

    Martinez and Morley need to be called in to explain their cards as to which rounds they gave to Chris and which knockdowns they didn’t score.

  16. Koolz 06:31am, 11/23/2014

    I hope that I never see this Algieri ever again!

  17. Pete The Sneak 06:29am, 11/23/2014

    Well, as I said in one of my previous posts about a week or so ago…I am a huge fan of Ruslan Provodnikov…But Manny is not Provo as Robert clearly indicated in his great write-up on this fight….Provo’s seek and destroy style catered more to Algieri’s style, which kept him in the fight long enough to earn a close (but controversial) split decision win against Ruslan…Again, the consensus was that Manny did not possess the speed and power he once had, but as you saw in this fight, I think he’s more dangerous now than he was back then cause not only can he indeed still crack and move, but he’s become more of a thinking man’s fighter since the JMM KO than he was in his younger days. The kid Algieri, who was a great story and is a great young man, was simply outclassed and overmatched by a legend…Peace.

  18. Jose Maria de Manila 05:38am, 11/23/2014

    Please Do Not Expect Floyd is going to finally step-out of his mother’s skirt and fight like a man.

    He won’t.

    All these years, he’s been evading Manny P with all the excuses, unreasonable conditions, and huge demands obviously to make the fight more and more impossible to happen. Too bad too many Mayweather fans thought their idol was reasonable, while it was too obvious he was selecting <u>ONLY patsies</u> as his opponents to avoid any blemish in his record.

    He can only hit Pacman his huge big mouth but is way too afraid to use his gloves to hit and engage him. He knows too well his big huge scarlet lips will be the first casualty should he face him and he’ll have a hard time talking thrash after the fight is done.

    He’s not going to fight Manny.
    He’s all mouth but got NO BALLS!
    Expect that!

    On the contrary, we all admire not Algieri’s courage to face Manny, but also his gentleman’s attitude during and after the fight. He should pursue his career and get behind this defeat. Bravo!

  19. Billy Goat 04:07am, 11/23/2014

    Algieri talked for weeks that he’s the faster, smarter, stronger, bigger fighter blah blah blah. Him & his useless imbecile trainer Tim Lane boasted Pacquiao’s going to get knocked the fawk out. Fawk you, Algieri & Tim Lane!! You two are just all talk, scared punk ass p(u)ssy motherfawking pieces of shit!!! Get the fawk out of boxing you testicle-less sh(i)t for brains, no courage motherfawkers!!!!

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