Planet De La Hoya

By Robert Ecksel on March 7, 2012
Planet De La Hoya
Some people take themselves so seriously that it's hard for the rest of us to follow suit

For days, Oscar De La Hoya has been tweeting up a storm about a huge announcement coming Tuesday that would “shake up the boxing world.”

Everyone was on pins and needles wondering what it could be. The speculators speculated, the rumormongers mongered rumors, while the incurious sat back incuriously.

By all accounts today is Wednesday, which suggests that yesterday was Tuesday. De La Hoya’s presumably big announcement came, as all big announcements come these days, via Twitter, and it not only didn’t “shake up the boxing world,” it shook up nothing or nobody.

According to Oscar, “As I enjoy my 10 months of being sober today I come to realize without a cloud over my head that I will never ever fight again.”

That was it?

Congrats for getting and staying clean. That’s not easy in the worst of times, and in the best of times must even be harder.

But I don’t know anyone who’s been anticipating or thinking about Oscar’s return to the ring. Nor do I know what planet he’s living on. It must be planet De La Hoya, orbiting a star somewhere beyond our humble galaxy.

We all take ourselves seriously, but some people take themselves so seriously that it’s hard for the rest of us to follow suit.

Or maybe he just failed to get his days straight.

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  1. Don from Prov 12:35pm, 03/08/2012

    I was counting down the days ‘til his next fight.

  2. the thresher 01:53pm, 03/07/2012


  3. mikecasey 11:52am, 03/07/2012

    No, I’ve just got a sense of humour, which I presume is still legal.

  4. Spraggabenz 10:20am, 03/07/2012

    mikecasey are you stupid?

  5. Pete The Sneak 05:47am, 03/07/2012

    Geez, all this time I thought he was going to announce his signing with Victoria’s Secret to be their newest Lingerie model. Anyway, congrats on your ‘sobriety’ Oscar and let’s hope you stay on the ‘straight’ and narrow. By the way, anyone try the Barcardi Torched Cherry with Sprite? Awesome drink man. Peace.

  6. mikecasey 05:09am, 03/07/2012

    I haven’t had a drink for nearly ten minutes and feel I have let myself down badly.

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