Post-Time: Mayweather vs. Maidana

By Joe Masterleo on May 3, 2014
Post-Time: Mayweather vs. Maidana
“Wicked Strong” Marcos Maidana is the Vegas dark horse to unhorse Floyd Mayweather.

As there are horses for courses, contrasting styles make for great thoroughbred boxing. As the first Saturday in May is always Derby Day at Churchill Downs, the annual “Run for the Roses” may prove to be ominous, finding “Wicked Strong” Marcos Maidana (35-3) as the Vegas dark horse to unhorse Floyd Mayweather (45-0) in the champion’s toughest test yet.

Despite Mayweather’s pure bred speed, skill, defensive instincts and overall ring generalship, much like his protégé Adrien Broner, Pretty Boy Floyd has a greater than usual aversion to being hit, and cannot fight effectively backing up. Such was revealed in Mayweather’s bouts with Jose Luis Castillo and Shane Mosley, as the latter had the champion in serious trouble early in their 2013 bout, yet couldn’t finish him, choosing to fight passively from that point on. Marcos is not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Right out of the gate, look for his pressuring, unorthodox style to jockey the champion out of his comfortable surgical boxing saddle, giving him fistic fits.

In a PPV bout that will serve to unify titles, Mayweather may need a bridle and blinkers to stay focused on the unorthodox gallop of this stallion. While Maidana is slower afoot and easy to hit, he is one of the hardest punchers in boxing with plenty of one-punch pop, KO-ing 88.5% of his opponents. His willingness to take a punch in order to land one no doubt makes him vulnerable to the champion’s superior hand speed, but may also prove to be his winning ticket down the stretch on Derby Day. 

So don’t count on this being a one horse race, or chomp on the bit to down your Mint Julep in haste. While the morning line has Mayweather as the overwhelming betting odds favorite at 10-1, says here Maidana’s style could force this race to be run on a sloppy track leaving the two stallions as joint favorites by post-time, with “Money” Mayweather finishing out of the money for the first time in his career. 

My picks? Wicked Strong at the Downs, Maidana to unite the crowns.

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  1. raxman 03:35pm, 05/06/2014

    barry - you missed my point. I wasn’t comparing hearns and maidana. I was comparing barkley and maidana. my point is that styles make fights and a Clevel fighter vs one opponent is tough task for another. but I dispute maidana is a Clevel fighter. you only need to watch pre and post Robert Garcia trained maidana to know he is a totally different fighter. he has a real left hook and a way improved jab. His khan fight is irrelevant - if maidana was to fight khan today he’d stop him inside of 4 rounds. the pressure he put on mayweather could never be sustained by khan. in fact I’d say there a few that could sustain it. and of course he gassed out. he was loading up on a 100 punches a round and hitting air with 80 of them - the first thing Floyd said to Snr at the end of the 1st round was that maidana was going get tired - it was hardly lucky for Floyd that it happened

  2. Barry 03:28am, 05/06/2014

    raxman.. i am not underrating Marcos Maidana, nor am i going to overrate him. in my opinion Maidana is a very limited fighter, who stopped throwing punches after round six against Mayweather, he kinda ran out of gas. Yet victory was his for the taking. Thomas Hearns would have straightened Maidana up with his piston-like jab, then poleaxed the guy with his famous right-hand. Lets not forget Amir Khan had Maidana almost out in the first round of their fight. Hearns two losses to Barkley came in titanic battles, Barkley was bloodied and on the verge of a stoppage defeat, when he caught Hearns with a last-grasp Left-Hook which would have KOd any fighter in history. Hearns lost a controversial Split-Decision to Barkley, at 175lbs. 4yrs later, in one of the most brutal fights of that decade. Marcos Maidana fought a great fight against Mayweather, yet that does not make him a legendary fighter like Thomas Hearns.

  3. raxman 05:54pm, 05/05/2014

    barry - you list one of my all times fav fighters tommy hearns in your list - yet hearns himself lost twice to iran barkley who was nothing if not a Blevel fighter- that doesn’t lessen hearns greatness its just one of those things that fall into the styles and fights category. having said that I think you under rate the Robert Garcia trained marcos maidana who has clearly improved dramatically - with clear cut wins over soto karass, lopez and broner.

  4. Barry 09:39am, 05/04/2014

    Mayweather is vastly overrated, He beat a Class C fighter last night. But only because his opponent ran out of gas and stopped throwing punches. How Floyd can claim himself as “The Best Ever” is laughable. Floyd boasted at the post-fight press conference, “i’ve never ducked anyone” well i am sure Margarito, Paul Williams, Amir Khan & Manny Pacquiao will be laughing at that quote. watching Mayweather struggle from the opening bell, against a very limited fighter in Madaina. i wondered, “How can he be classed in the same league or better than, Duran, Leonard, Hearns, Benitez, Arguello, Pryor, Griffiths etc. i would make every one of those former greats, a very heavy favorite to defeat any version of Floyd Mayweather.

  5. Eric 09:09am, 05/04/2014

    It’s funny how people that’s been around boxing for years seems to think bull rushing your opponent and throwing wild “haymakers” is boxing. That’s street fighting and there are no rules in street fighting which maidana surely showed he could do especially when he tried to tackle Mayweather. I think after round 5 maidana realized he was not boxing another student like broner, he was boxing the teacher Floyd Money Mayweather. Mayweather clearly showed why he is a general in the ring. The name of the game is to clearly hit your opponent more and Mayweather did!

  6. Thomas 11:38pm, 05/03/2014

    Mayweather is not in the same class as boxing’s greatest fighters. Hearns, Leonard, Duran, Pryor, Arguello, Benitez, Hagler, Chavez, Marciano, Ali, Frazier, Holmes, Tyson, Holyfield, De La Hoya in his prime (Even though De La Hoya really won their fight) or even Manny Pacquaio. Mayweather’s GOD is sadly money, His Idol is himself and he has no respect for his own family much less anyone else.  It will be a great day when he loses or simply just goes away. 



  7. SsssssteveO 10:22pm, 05/03/2014

    Any one with any boxing knowledge going back to the 80s know Fraud is not an all time great. There is a long list of people that would beat him. Hearns, Leonard, Duran, Pryor, Arguello, Benitez, of course Hagler.  Fraud is good but not great by a long shot. Pac would kill him if he didn’t have compassion. Fraud got rich conning those not in the know.

  8. Larry Merchant 09:55pm, 05/03/2014

    There is no doubt about it… Mayweather lost the fight. He was backing up and on the ropes the entire night.

  9. Darrell 09:35pm, 05/03/2014

    Great fight, spot on result…...MONEY!!!

    Maidana did exactly what I thought he would but landed practically zero after round six.  Playing bullrush and landing nothing for half the fight means LOSS.

  10. Thresher 04:07pm, 05/03/2014

    not bad

  11. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:59am, 05/03/2014

    California Chrome is odds on in this longshot Derby….better chance for an upset there….still I admire your sand! Which reminds me… Cardinal O’Connor’s Mom was Jewish….so was Jesus’ Mom…only adds to his street cred!

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