Postcard San Antonio: Broner Weekender

By Michael Schmidt on January 21, 2014
Postcard San Antonio: Broner Weekender
One could only hope that this fine boxing talent matures and matures in one hell of a hurry.

Broner takes a severe beating this night. Believe me, ringside, you could hear the thump and crack of both head and body shots that Broner absorbed…

Adrien Broner is a jerk?

“The Playboy Advisor

Adrien Broner is a jerk? Up at the Georgian Bay Northern abode there’s an old library shelf with a pocket book, “The Playboy Advisor”, a 1960 gem that has been sitting on a dusty cottage shelf all these years!  According to the cover it provides “Sage counsel and no-nonsense advice to quandaries and answers questions” relating to everything from dating, fashion, décor, taste and etiquette. Hef clearly was onto something. From the date of the first issue of Playboy, in December of 1953, where all answers were provided by the lovely Playboy girl Janet Pilgrim, matters quickly grew. The 1960 circulation rates of Playboy exceeded one million and there were over six hundred Playboy Advisor inquiries per month. Where am I going with this?

Adrien Broner’s a jerk? You see, I thought I’d use Hef’s Playboy Advisor approach, tried and true of most promotion, and grab you right off the front fast and outrageous. No sense messing around with what one thinks of young Adrien, and we might as well play by his shock and awe rules a little bit. Adrien’s Rules of Engagement. You know!  As for Playboy Advisor, hell, it vaults out right off the top of each article: “The girl I’ve been going with recently confessed to me that while she was in college she had several sexual experience with another girl…” or how about “I’ve been making it with a very hip Scandinavian chick but the problem is she can’t resist trying to caress me in a very intimate and obvious way when we’re in public” (now that’s a problem boner!) or how about, page 115, “at a wild party last weekend, my girlfriend – who’s not much of a drinker – got absolutely soused, stripped down to panties and bra and did an imitation of Doris Day before passing out.” It all follows the same formula and it somewhat in a microcosm is what we’re dealing with in the problem Boner as I have affectionately, tongue but not in cheek, called young Adrien in the past. Shock right off the front end. Do whatever you have to do to become famous, and in Broner’s case, regardless of taste and consequence. Now it is truth and consequences time.

Adrien Broner is a jerk? Everything else flows from there. Every time you and I talk about him, write about him, Twitter or Facebook, well then we’ve had a hand in shaping our Broner legend haven’t we? And having done that we now have to answer to ourselves in a broader societal sense as to our ownership. I don’t want to hear from any posters about “hating.” That “hating” text seems to be the latest explain away response to shitty behavior. I must say though that I do hate those posters alleging a “hater”!

I don’t know Adrien Broner. Quite frankly I have no interest in knowing Adrien Broner any more he of me. I don’t hate Adrien Broner. I dislike what the Broners of the world stand for in our society; a low class self aggrandizing promoter by way of ill behavior, born more of inner mind fantasy as to his station in life rather than quantifiable fact unless the fact quantifiable, some total, relates to the moral and social measure of a man via money made. A dangerous social slope sliding downwards if in fact that is the case. Hell, old Schmidty himself would be an outstanding citizen at that measure! One should also consider, in the grand scheme of punch someone in the snout things, boxing being a niche sport, most people do not have a clue as to who the hell young Adrien is.

The fact is that the pound-for-pound top five self-position acclaimed Broner had many in the media debating back and forth as to whether he actually won his fights against Ponce De Leon and Paulie Malignaggi. Then came Chino (sounds like an old Clint Eastwood spaghetti western doesn’t it!). The fact born out prior to this fight was that it was a scheduled pay-per-view at MGM. Despite what young Adrien would have you think, this was not a pay-per-view fight, and perhaps by way of negative fan reaction, and despite a stellar fight card, the live attendance was slightly over 11,000 fans.

Pre-Fight Reflections and Not Yet Online Erections / I Have a Ticket on an Airplane

Adrien Broner is a jerk? Our Fearless Editor wrote, after the fight, he got his “ass kicked.” Easy story? Let it wait Schmidty, reflect upon it, let the entire weekend soak in. No rush!

I have business in San Antonio to attend to for a client and furthermore I have been invited down to watch my good friend Beibut Shumenov get back into action. 

As luck would have it I end up sitting seat number 46D and over at the window seat F is a lifelong friend of Adrien Broner’s. In-between us is a seventy-eight-year-old gent who has shared his life story, more than less I can assure you. He lost his wife of thirty years some eight years ago and four years ago by way of a sister-in-law introduction, he met a young Filipino girl and has since married her (age thirty-eight, simply gorgeous and I have to tell you guys, having spoken to both of them further in the airport, that the two “kids” are having a hell of a joyous time and are in love). I digress! 

I had a conversation with Broner’s lifelong friend on our flight, Atlanta to San Antonio. He’s on the flight with his wife and three young children and he seems like a very decent young man. Broner’s friend asks me who I thought won the Malignaggi fight. I respond that I thought Paulie won by sheer volume and Adrien’s somewhat inactivity. He doesn’t disagree before I can add the following, “Who gives a shit what I think. Isn’t the question more to the point that Adrien, if he is as good as he thinks, should have taken Paulie out? No disrespect to Paulie at all but let’s not forget the fact that he’s been in the business a long time and that it’s been a long time since he lost to the likes of Khan.” Broner’s friend, in uncommon candor does not disagree. He explains to me that the Champion Broner has been very giving, helpful, and supportive of all of his longtime friends, back in Cincinnati, including my co-passenger. Broner is helping him out with respect to his going back to school for accounting. All is not that meets the eye perhaps? As our plane lands a young burly lad from North Carolina politely asks, “excuse me but I was listening to your conversation. Are you going to the fights to watch Broner?” My answer is straightforward and leaves Broner’s friend somewhat amused; “Hell no, I’m down to the fights to see my friend Beibut Shumenov!”

As I await my ride, upon landing at San Antonio, I say hello to Pops Broner and some of the other Broner team members. They remember me from a meeting in the past in Brooklyn. It is to be noted that most of the team is wearing “Band Camp” jackets rather than Boxing Broner jackets. What is to come is certainly not “Band Camp” and maybe, just maybe, the Band Camp should be put aside for a while because what’s about to happen to young Adrien in the next forty-eight hours, if it continues, will be more like Camping with the Band. Besides there is a whole historical host of boxers that have tried the entertainment business much to their chagrin. Take for example one Walker Smith Jr., one hell of a tap dancer and rope skipper and perhaps the best pugilist to ever grace this fair planet. “Band Camp” didn’t go too well for Walker, post career, and Broner is not, will not, and could never be any Smith Jr. Best stick to the fighting business for the moment. 

Guns and Knives

I’ve checked in at the Marriott and have some time to spare so I take a walk, thoughtful moments to myself, over to The Alamo. Kind of gives you a tingle standing here thinking of the likes of the legendary Davy Crockett and knife fighter Sam Bowie. I’m also starting to get that amped up feeling for the Golden Boy Fight Card. You see this weekend shouldn’t be all about Adrien. In fact it should be all about Golden Boy and the fact that they put on a stellar stacked multi-championship fight card. That’s what the story should really be about, that, and what a great city this Christmas Season San Antonio is. 

Lunch with a Legend

The following day I invite our Fearless Editor out to lunch with my good friend, Hall of Famer Al Bernstein. We talk of the fact that this is a refreshing year for boxing (Bradley vs. Ruslan, Rios vs. Alvarado, and a host of other great fights) and more so to the point that fight cards, like this one stacked with talent, are a refreshing change to glory days rather than recent major main events with soft undercards. We also talk of Al’s new fan interactive web based YouTube post fight “Al’s Boxing Hangout.” (The next hangout will be January 24th as a preview to the big January 25th boxing weekend. Feel free to post on into Al’s Boxing Hangout live and chat with your lovely mug posted to the Internet. Please smile and be clean-shaven! Just joking lads!)

I will remember this lunch for a number of reasons, not the least of,the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a new friend. As we were eating lunch, our waiter, Mr. Allan Rodriguez, came up to take our order, and in perfect behavior of genuineness, stepped back in utter delight and said “Oh my gosh, I’m a big fan of yours.” I can assure you he wasn’t looking at your Fearless Editor or yours truly. Al Bernstein graciously smiled and thanked young Allan, a Texas Golden Gloves Cruiserweight, whose Papa had the pleasure of swinging the leather with the likes of Donald Curry, Johnny Bumphus and sparring with El Torito Ayala. Photos are taken. Young Allan mentions that Papa Ayala still runs a gym down Texas way and I make a point of telling him that, despite El Torito being a very very bad boy, he was something very special to watch as a young prodigy. My thought of fanhood of El Torito is not lost in my mind in dealing with young Broner (the other question, if you’re apt to ask old Schmidty – yes El Torito would have shredded Broner quickly and violently if they had been the same size). To separate in ring and out of ring behavior, that is the question!!

Black, White, and Green

After lunch I go back upstairs to my room to take a break and I’m thinking back to some words Al laid down, in fabulous form, as a forward to a great book, “The First Black Boxing Champions” (I might add that chapter eight by some guy named Schmidt, otherwise monikered by one “Pete the Sneak” as El Bastardo Magnifico, is simply superb!). By the way the Editors Colleen Aycock and Mark Scott’s book “Tex Rickard: Boxing’s Greatest Promoter” is absolutely fascinating. 

I go back to Al’s words as close to recall as possible: “Over three decades many African American boxers understood and appreciated what these pioneers did for them by paving the way in this sport. One of the most eloquent on the subject was the great Archie Moore, who was a conduit from those fighters to a more modern era. Many believe that Archie himself suffered from ‘Black quota’ of champions. This explains why he did not get a title shot for so long. He out-waited those forces and won his world title after he reached forty years of age, and he still hung on to the crown for seven years… Many boxing people like to quip that these days the only color that matters in boxing is green…and with some exceptions that statement is true, but those exceptions remind us how important it is to revisit a time when it was not true.” (Authors Note – These are my notes, as scribbled on a note inside my weekend/airport book read, from that day and while true to the time, are not time to Al’s exact words. To that I apologize to the Hall of Famer!). The weekend read by the way, “Friday Night Fighter: Gaspar ‘Indio’ Ortega.” I should tell you at this point Friday Night Fighter is one of the very best books I have read in a long time. 

15 Angry Men

Much has been written and said, and as well it should, of Broner’s pre-fight comments of not getting respect, possibly playing the race card, and it “comes with the territory of being an African-American that’s on top.” You see my friends, it’s hard not to bristle up when you hear an ignorant comment like that from young Broner!  Well Adrien you certainly haven’t suffered the likes of what Jack Johnson suffered, and you certainly didn’t have to wait as Archie Moore did all of those fights, all of those years, to get a title shot. And you certainly made more early career money than Archie ever did. “Twelve Years a Slave” it isn’t Adrien. Put the race card back in the back pocket thank you very much. 

Wave the flag, embrace the land of opportunity and your inner Don King self! Embrace your inner self, or embrace your selfless inner young Adrien. Somewhere up in boxing heaven, chapters one to fifteen, “The First Black Boxing Champions,” Tom Mullen, George Godfrey, Peter Jackson, George Dickson, Bobby Dobbs, Joe Gans, Dave Holly, Joe Walcott, Dixie Kidd, Jack Blackburn, Sam Langford, Joe Jeannette and Sam McVey, Jack Johnson, Speed Ball Hayden, and Pat Lacey are waiting young Adrien. Some are already snickering and some are already lacing up the leather. Hardship will be told!

All That Glitters Isn’t Even Silver

Pre-fight Broner had compared himself as a Ferrari to Maidana’s Go Kart. Harkening back to his fights with Ponce De Leon and Malignaggi, and what is to come Maidana way, one could not help but feel that the folks at Ferrari were deeply post-fight insulted!

I arrived to the arena early and purchased the official program. One of the write-ups in the program is by Tim Smith and ends with the following; “Broner is on a meteoric rise in boxing with a future so bright that it is blinding. There is only one man that can impede his rapid ascent – Maidana…Sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for.” Particles must have broken into small outer atmosphere chunks of something or other. It was blinding but not too bright. Now albeit Chino is ONE MAN, but there are a whole bunch of other ONES, Swift Garcia, to Thurman, he of “One Time,” looking at the exposure that is now the problem.

We sit ringside, immediately to our left Broner’s fiancé and immediately to our right two great guys to watch the fights with, the owner and operators, and one of the primary sponsors of the fight card, lads from Red McCombs Toyota – “Red said ‘you gotta’ go to Red!” 

There are a host of celebrities here tonight and the shame is not one of them is introduced into the ring. Nonetheless some of the fans do get to meet and greet the likes of Bernard Hopkins, Danny Garcia, Canelo, co-promoter Jesse James Leija and Mike Battah, Paul Spadafora, and the singer Debbie Gibson. Why they do not do the in ring championship introductions anymore I for one have not a clue. It gets the fans excited and for those that might not recognize one of the Champions in the crowd it certainly adds to the action. I think back to the last ring introduction of the grand middleweights just before Trinidad vs. Hopkins and the great ring introductions before Quarry annihilated Shavers. 

Longevity, Not Made of This

Broner takes a severe beating this night. Believe me, ringside, you could hear the thump and crack of both head and body shots that Broner absorbed. At one point later in the fight I looked over at the announcing team and specifically Paulie Malignaggi who was approximately ten feet from me. He was looking towards Broner’s corner in a very contemplative manner. I at that very point was curious as to what he was thinking and later he will comment that at some point during the fight he actually felt bad for Broner, that The Problem had anointed himself, had put himself into this position and put himself in to some big problems. He now had to “own” all of his own bullshit! 

Broner leaves the ring immediately after the fight, without any post-fight interview, no hair combing, no histrionics, and to the shower of beer being thrown at him as he goes towards the dressing room. He didn’t own it! He didn’t even try to own it and when you talk the talk… I might add his chief second and his corner did stay in the ring post-fight.

Post-fight Al Bernstein hosts his new fan interactive YouTube broadcast, “Al’s Boxing Hangout,” with a class act, and former Olympic Champion and World Professional Champion Chris Byrd. It is mentioned that if Broner had been in the ring with Keith Thurman this particular night there would be a very realistic chance that he would have been knocked out in three or four rounds. Agreed! This of course begs the question as to why in fact he was not in the ring with Keith Thurman. With all due respect to Maidana he was not brought into this fight to win. The general consensus was he was too slow-footed, too mechanical, and too weak to the left side (i.e., heavy right handed). The Champion Maidana and Robert Garcia made fools of many of us. Not only did Maidana show a consistent left jab and heavy left hook but he also showed a great deal of hand movement, without punching, to make Broner move to a point where he, Maidana, could then throw heavy shots. He consistently applied this tactic to his advantage. 

Al goes on to mention that Broner has put himself into this position as a polarized figure and that he worries that Broner will end up more Naseem, Prince than not. Byrd, during The Boxing Hangout, post-fight, a well learned boxing mind applied, is worried about the physical damage that Broner took and whether as well he will be able to come back mentally, as the very thing that seems to have motivated him to this point, the brash trash talk, the undefeated record, has all gone the wayside. 

Post-fight Paulie will comment that Broner is not of the top end Welterweights, but is in a pack of good welterweights and there’s obviously nothing wrong with that. Others, such as Bob Arum, will comment that he’s not a great fighter but a good fighter.

Maidana, he the loser to Khan, exposed very much of Broner. When Broner flopped to the canvas (and it was a flop ladies and gentlemen) one was very much concerned that at that microsecond Broner was looking for an exit strategy. It’s hard to imagine the likes of a Carmen Basilio, a Jake LaMotta, a tough as nails Hagler or Ali pulling such a stunt. It was, quite frankly, an embarrassment. 

At the final bell what we did see in young Broner, in summary, was courage, tenaciousness, toughness, and superb conditioning. He is in fact the possibility of a great fighter but he’d better grow up in a hurry. What you have isn’t as important as who you are or in his case it may be forward, to backward, that what you had isn’t as important as who you now will become. Time will tell very soon. The Kid has one set of balls if in fact he steps right back in for a Maidana rematch. At this point in his career there is nothing stylistically that suggests that he will have anything but another rough night, win or lose. Like or dislike Broner, if one is comfortable in their own skin, it is frustrating to see such talent self-inflicted to such a loss. It will be interesting to see how his brand is rebuilt, if in fact it can be. Much of that will depend on Broner. 

Dear Mr. Schaefer 

Please change my portfolio as viewed. The Broner stock would appear to be high initial yield and return but long term may be risky. Please add more of the Thurman stock to my portfolio. My bet is that it will provide good returns though the years and as well seems to be a very stable stock investment. Of course a good Swiss Banker will have his own advice!

San Antonio is a wonderful town with great tourist spots to visit. One of the world’s biggest Bat colonies is close by, and of course there is the Alamo, the Old Spanish area of town and the people are ever so friendly. There is “The River Walk” that wraps itself around the downtown core area here. It is thirteen miles long and during the Christmas season it is lit up top to bottom with thousands upon thousands of Christmas lights. Little tour boats go up and down the river with high school students singing Christmas carols. Every few steps there are outdoor terraces, small bistros, restaurants, and outdoor vendors. After the Christmas season the bright lights will come down and it will still be pretty. It just won’t be quite like it was before but still quite something to see. Something to still see and watch and the next Christmas season will come. And so the season shall change and fighters come and go and that’s a fact!

Side Note I

Now that’s Class 

A week after the fight and just before Christmas I received an email from the Champion, Jessie James Leija and his partner in boxing promotion, Mike Battah, both thanking me for coming down and supporting the fight. No gimmicks, no trash, just pure class.

Side Note II

So That You Don’t Get Confused. You Know!

Broner is a jerk? The Broner top five: 

1. When he was asked post-Paulie fight what he was saying to Paulie in the ring he responded, “I hit Jessica and I’m hitting you.” Nothing like the subtlety of the suggestion. The comment was met with a microsecond gasp and some laughter at the post-fight Paulie and the show continued. Where else other than boxing would someone get a pass on such a comment? Somewhere in Hicksville, USA, or any other geographical area for that matter, Big Old Bob with his beer gut a hanging, years past his high school baseball pitching legend to be, is going to slap old Rosie around just for the satisfaction of curing his miserable life!

2. Somewhere down on the on the lower ninth ward in New Orleans, and countless other areas, some poor bastard is crying across a dinner table Sunday night worrying how he’s going to pay his mortgage, keep his house if he has one, or put food on the table much less worry about little Johnny or Suzy getting a college education. Meanwhile back in Bronerville the problem Boner is posting videos of flushing green, as in good old American money, down the toilet.

3. Young Adrien has a problem Boner as he posts a porn video, for lack of a better term, presumably of himself (“it is what it is”) with two girls doing their thang. Now being the family man that Broner is I’m sure he bears no thought of the consequences to his young children and what pleasant recesses they will have in regards to these type of shenanigans. Enjoy the fun little Broners. School isn’t even remotely out for the summer.

4. Coming in overweight against Escobedo and taking advantage of a sizeable difference, by way, amongst of other items, paying for the fight to go on. One should note that Escobedo’s fight record after that was abysmal. A hard pill to swallow for a fighter such as Escobedo. Money!

5. The litany of post-fighting ring antics and other disrespect of his opponents. It is to be noted that when it was time to face the music on the other end of the spectrum Broner, as a loser, immediately left the ring. From back door dry humping to Maidana thumping. Can you imagine such behavior exhibited from the likes of Gene Tunney, Joe Louis, Alexis Arguello, Mancini, all the way up to Andre Ward? Yes please give us more of the likes of Andre Ward and the sportsmanship of Golovkin.

One could only hope that this fine boxing talent matures and matures in one hell of a hurry.  An interesting life ride ahead for ex-champion Broner. As for this article, well young Broner would enjoy it. Apparently in his world, love is to hate, hate is to love, and in the end it’s all one big circle game. You’re going to love him in the end anyways. You Know!

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  1. Mike Schmidt 06:58am, 01/24/2014

    Matt you gotta admit, Andre fan or not, that if Andre would move up there are some great fights at Light-Heavy…Kovalev, Stevenson, Hopkins… and those guys would bring out the best in him- particularly Kovalev whose style would compliment- come and get at ya with the big punch. The only fight Andre really got his bell rung leads one to still leave open a big ????? in terms of his whiskers. Adios

  2. Mike Schmidt 04:34am, 01/24/2014

    And shout out to YouKay News- you guys KTFO the competition- as always thanks for the support, moral or immoral!!!!

  3. Mike Schmidt 04:33am, 01/24/2014

    My apology on the other thread Matt- I am one point down!!! Well, as I like to joke, God, if he his into boxing, gotta be working both corners- surely Andre does not get exclusive rights to the big guy as Chief Second. The man needs to get busy with fights. Have a good weekend Sir and keep em coming! You are clearly a passionate boxing man

  4. Matt H 06:32pm, 01/23/2014

    I agreed with every single thing except the praising of Andre Ward. He has the most sour personality in the entire sport, is always bitching about contracts or his promoter or something, constantly brings up God (hey as long as you say God a few times you HAVE to be a great guy, right?) which is so uninteresting, and is a boring and borderline dirty fighter.

  5. Mike Schmidt 07:03am, 01/23/2014

    We don’t have to do one of those “tell me what you really think” chirps for Errol!!!! Errol your candour is as tough as your former Mayor, Dick Lyon ( an original real live hero arse kicker!!!) but I would think Sir ( having attended your fantastic City but regrettably only once) that one of the “greatest feelings” one could ever have is drifting on down to your Big Kahuna like beach setting and watching that sunset drop on down in behind the grand old wooden Oceanside Pier while dreaming of fellow “Oceanites” Denise Richards and Barbara Mandrell in whatever state of lack of clothing that suits your fancy. That’s living!!! But hey if the Broner scrap ( surely up there with scraps of the year) does it for ya, to each his each…..Mel I see Ring posted another “I am so happy” Broner letter….

  6. Mel 01:56pm, 01/22/2014

    Schmidty, I like this month’s Ring Magazine letter, “Witnessing a loud-mouthed, cocky, arrogant bastard like Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner get beat the way he did, I am sorry to say, is one of the greatest feelings I ever had.  Broner’s karma was well deserved; he can refuse to learn from it, or he can come back better.  Congrats to ‘El Chino.’  He made my weekend.  I know Marcos is a hero to many people now.  We all live vicariously through his success.” - Errol Acosta, Oceanside, Calif.

  7. El Bastardo Magnifico 06:30am, 01/22/2014

    Ola Sneak! Muchas Gracias Amigo. You have hit on a key point (for me anyways) in your last sentence and I was just thinking about this on the weekend as I finally had a chance to go back and watch the Showtime broadcast. Yes, despite the pasting that Broner took he was still coming. In a rematch does that play on the mind of the Banger Chino- ie I hit this fooker with everything I had, and cleanly, and he was still there at the end- or is Chino one of those rare birds that is just going to start where he left off and belt you, last man standing if need be. Interesting post Sneak and right on.

  8. Pete The Sneak 06:08am, 01/22/2014

    Bastardo, simply superb, man. Totally enjoyed this ‘incredible night at the fights’ recap…I had posted previously that I give Broner props for wanting to quickly rematch Chino, considering the beatdown he received. You don’t see that too much in Boxing these days. With that said however, I’m still hoping Chino smokes that ass again, but I’m thinking Broner, for whatever reason will look to fight Maidana a lot differently this time. What will he do to change it up? Can’t really say, I leave that to the many more experienced writers/posters here on to elaborate, but I’m just going by what I saw at the end of the fight, where Broner, despite his beatdown was actually coming on and looked the fresher of the two towards the last round. Anyway, just saying…Again, superb Bastardo!...Peace.

  9. Mike Schmidt 04:11am, 01/22/2014

    Me to Pablo- me to. This was a story on Broner (my last by the way)- our Fearless Editor stayed up way past the midnight hour to do the actual fight report- I met Chino down in Panama a few years back- nice guy and will be doing a story on the Argentine soon enough. It would be more than fair to say I was not extending any “courtesy” on this article at all.

  10. Pablo 01:31am, 01/22/2014

    Well at least you had the courtesy to make a brief mention of the technical proficiency and new found skill that Maidana brought to the fight. I for one am looking forward to see where El Chino goes from here.

  11. Schmidt 07:07pm, 01/21/2014

    All kidding aside- bad behave is of course colorblind- red, yellow, black, white, Martian etc etc shitty behavior is shitty behavior

  12. Schmidt 07:02pm, 01/21/2014

    As-Salaam ‘Alaykum my Muslim brother. Mr friend Hameed, whom I have done business with many years, likes to constantly bust my balls. Well Sir, all I can say for the internet legend “Amazing Racist” is twofold: 1) He is an equal opportunity racist- nobody is spared 2) The J Man ( who says hello by the by) and I are astonished that Mr. Amazing Racist, all stunts considered, has not had the sheet kicked out of him- he has balls I will give him that. PS 1) If your Dad has any wildlife problems down by the river, El Bronson is ready to go at an hourly rate. 2) As for this thread, in good humor I can tell you my friend Hameed we have just signed a fighter from South Korea who would be perfect for you to provide some co- agency work for/with me- his name is Fook Yu. In the Red corner, Fook Yu, the winner, Fook Yu, and still Champion, Fook Yu- adios for now my friend!!

  13. El Bastardo Magnifico 06:53pm, 01/21/2014

    You guys keep me going- I mean if I could stich even these two threads together- what a start- “Sayonara you Argentine Sucker with Warts,Porn and All” -hell sounds like a song title to a mix of Mario Lanza and Deano Martin. Or maybe Eddie Gorme!! Garcia and Madonna would be a war,  just a war. Ted will give it to me rightfully in the economics and Keith Thurman not yet a PPV draw-  but Mayweather and Thurman should get it on-and Jr can sell anything these days- at least with “One Time” you know he is going to bring it full throttle- none of this Canelo thing of trying to out think out box Floyd- this much we know- nobody gonna do that to Money- bring on Keith Thurman vs Floyd- would be great.

  14. Abdul Hameed 06:44pm, 01/21/2014

    Hey Schmidt,

    from the sounds of your article, I think you are watching too much of that TV show The Amazing Racist. What Gives?

  15. Ted 06:11pm, 01/21/2014

    Garcia deserves Mayweather first. IMO. Broner, warts, porn, and all, will make a lot of money in his next fight—-which I hope he loses so that he goes away.

  16. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:57pm, 01/21/2014

    Mike Schmidt-Once again you put your pocket note book, mini digital recorder, and talent to work and the result is this righteous write up. In my view, this was not a close fight….Maidana won decisively…..we all saw it….it was not an illusion… was not an early minutes catch’em cold fluke. Invoking a rematch clause so soon in this instance is another way of saying the first fight doesn’t count, that you have to beat our fighter twice before it counts and BTW if we eke out any kind of a win in the return…..Sayonara you Argentine Sucker! This is only one of the reasons boxing is a “niche sport”, but it’s a big one….Marcos deserves a shot at Mayweather or Garcia…. he’s earned the opportunity to make some real money.

  17. EL BASTARDO MAGNIFICO 05:32pm, 01/21/2014

    Fearless Editor we forgot one thing here and I am sure you will attest, eyewitness style; Debbie Gibson is smoking hot!! Debbie if you are out there in “Support Shumenov” land I don’t know what you are doing for the exercise routine but keep up the good work- we appreciate it!!!! And PS young Allan very much appreciated the gracious attitude of cell pics and conversation on boxing- Allan I gave ya the wrong tickets!!!

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