Postscript to the Crossroads

By Ted Sares on March 16, 2012
Postscript to the Crossroads
“[Holt] is dangerous early and one should never leave the TV during the early moments”

“[Holt] is especially dangerous early and one should never leave the TV during the early moments. In short, don’t blink…”

“[Holt] is especially dangerous early and one should never leave the TV during the early moments. In short, don’t blink.”—Ted Sares

“…these two men meet with the winner back in the mix and the loser moving further to the outside. In keeping with a sudden surge of fan-friendly bouts, this one looks to be a departure from a string of boring ESPN Friday Night matches. Moreover and in an indirect way, a fight like this can carry as much gravitas as a championship bout. A title may not be at stake, but a career might be on the line. \

“Holt has risen to the occasion before. Coleman, who on occasion has displayed stamina issues, has also shown that once he is in dire straits he can be finished. I see Kendall Holt likely putting an R rating on this one with an early chilling of the Pit Bull. However, if Coleman can survive the early going, he could make his bite equal his bark,”

The Result

The Pit Bull showed that once he was in dire straits, he could be finished and he was. Mighty” Mike Arnaoutis had exposed The Bull’s flaws. Vernon Paris showed that Coleman cannot take heavy body shots. Holt simply confirmed matters.

As an aside, the scoring (Marty Denkin 78-74, Jack Reiss, 78-74, and Jonathan Davis 79-73) in the Abraham Lopez vs. Gabriel Tolmajyan undercard was disgraceful. I could rationalize a draw, but 79-73 for Abraham adds to the growing list of God-awful scoring this year. The look of confusion and disappointment in Tolmajyan’s eyes is one that I have seen too often lately.

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  1. pugknows 09:36am, 03/17/2012

    Nice call Ted.

  2. TEX HASSLER 08:57am, 03/17/2012

    Abraham Lopez was given a gift when his hand was raised as the “winner” over Gabriel Tolmajyan. Even a draw would have been unfair to Tolmajyan who was a clear winner. I suppose if Lopez had been KO’d they still would have raised his hand and declared him the winner. As for Holt’s victory that was no surprise and as expected. Holt is still a force to be dealt with by any one he faces because of his punching power.

  3. the thresher 05:27am, 03/17/2012

    Martinez-Macklin = zzzzzz

  4. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 03:52am, 03/17/2012

    I missed ESPN last night and I’m not pumped for “Martinez-Macklin,” but I suppose I’ll tune… No way in hell this HBO event can top last week’s fight with “Salido-Lopez.” Ain’t gonna happen…

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