Povetkin on Drugs

By Robert Ecksel on July 3, 2018
Povetkin on Drugs
“I have no problem saying, I would absolutely annihilate Povetkin if he wasn’t on drugs.”

“Povetkin is a different man when he’s on drugs, and I say this because I know sparring partners who have been in his camp…”

The heavyweight title unification bout between WBA/IBF/WBO champion Anthony Joshua and WBC champion Deontay Wilder has been shelved for the time being. Negotiations continue, but the focus has shifted from Wilder to the WBA mandatory, Alexander Povetkin, who is scheduled to fight Joshua on September 22.

Povetkin has a history of failing drug tests, but he’s agreed to VADA protocols and is presumably clean, according to sparring partners who recently joined him in the ring.

Former cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew spoke with several of them for an article in The Metro and based on what he learned, he believes Joshua will destroy Price when they meet.

“Povetkin is a different man when he’s on drugs,” wrote Bellew, “and I say this because I know sparring partners who have been in his camp. They have openly said to me, ‘he’s a ferocious animal, when he’s on drugs’ but they see and feel the difference sparring him when he isn’t on them.”

“I have no problem saying, I would absolutely annihilate Povetkin if he wasn’t on drugs. But if he’s on drugs I haven’t got a hope. That’s the harsh reality.

“Joshua has proved he can navigate his way through a 12-round fight without any hiccups. Anthony Joshua will resume normal service against Povetkin, return to being the guy who goes in there looking for the knockout. He’s the guy who goes in there and takes the gamble looking for the knockout.

“No one wants to see a 12-round match, two fighters playing chess. They turn up to see blood, guts and someone going to sleep. Joshua has done that time and time again, and I believe he’ll deliver that when he faces Povetkin. I think he’ll absolutely obliterate him. Smash him in three or four rounds at most. Price was five seconds away from ending Povetkin. It was just that the bell saved him. He was doing a backstroke in a boxing ring, so that tells you how hard Price hits and how vulnerable Povetkin is. He still had a heavy leg when he came out the next round, but it didn’t work out for Price.”

The good news is Povetkin is clean. If he can fight and win while clean is another story.

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  1. Kid Blast 05:42pm, 07/03/2018

    Writer too harsh on Pov

    Bellew = fake news

  2. El Conscripto 12:09pm, 07/03/2018

    @ODB-Nope and neither is his Mike Tyson like neck! He did those Tecate “Be bolder” commercials with Stallone…..birds of a feather…. but Sly doesn’t have to worry about VADA testing which is a real nuisance for Red!

  3. Ollie Downtown Brown 11:18am, 07/03/2018

    El Conscripto… Sammy has really lightened up in more ways than one. Do you think Canelo’s jawline is natural?

  4. El Conscripto 10:45am, 07/03/2018

    @ODB-BTW great posts….though totally foreign to most that frequent this site who want to pretend that all things boxing happen in a vacuum and who are hellbent on making it into an attaboy club for writers…..all this shit is interconnected whether they like it or not! Sammy Sosa still claims he was clean…that’s one dumb fuk for you!

  5. El Conscripto 10:39am, 07/03/2018

    @ODB-Canelo is dirty dog dirty but the chauvinist fux that come on here could care less as long as he wins! Now that he was caught he’s all cranky like a playground bully that got a wedgie from a bigger bully and now he wants to beat up GGG because he was a witness to the shaming and had the nerve to tell the other kids about it! I’ve got a Gnome in my backyard that is the spittin’ image of lil’ Saul!

  6. Ollie Downtown Brown 08:55am, 07/03/2018

    El Conscripto… You have to guess that if high school kids were serious enough to take steroids back then, that most if not all the serious athletes, especially professional athletes were at least looking into PEDs. I think back to when Baltimore Orioles second baseman, Davey Johnson, was traded to the Atlanta Braves in 1973. The guy never hit more than 18 homers, and only more than 10 home runs 3 times in his career. That year with the Braves, the guy hits 43 home runs. Granted, Atlanta’s old Fulton County Stadium was a launching pad, but still. This was long before the Orioles, Brady Anderson, hit 50 homers during the steroid era in baseball. Anderson had better power than Johnson, but besides that breakout year, he only hit more than 20 homers a couple of times in a long career. You know damn well those Pittsburgh Steelers like John Kolb and Mike Webster were taking their vitamins.

  7. El Conscripto 07:36am, 07/03/2018

    @ODB-There are still idiot fux that think that Flojo was clean…..Usain Bolt strides eight feet naturally in the 100 meters but there is nothing natural about what enables him to turn over those strides with his long ass 400 meter sprinter legs at the rate that he does! Bellew needs to STFU….all that blather and Adonis would KO him again if he had the chance….which he would jump at….eazy peazy!

  8. Ollie Downtown Brown 06:43am, 07/03/2018

    You really have to wonder how long boxers and other athletes have been using steroids. We know that the strength sports like weightlifting, field events in track and field like the shot putt, discus, etc., were using them since the 60’s at least. I can tell you for a fact that we had high school kids using steroids in the 1970’s even. Of course back then steroids were perfectly legal. Still, they can only do so much. I remember a guy that took them and damn if I saw much improvement, however another guy went on to represent America in the Seoul Olympics in the sport of Olympic lifting. The Olympian was a natural for his chosen sport, the other guy was a natural non-athlete.  Steroids aren’t about to make a Poindexter into an Olympic level caliber athlete, there still has to be some sort of drive and talent. If you had high school kids taking these things back in the day, one has to wonder how many boxers were doing the same as well. Maybe, Ken Norton and Mike Weaver weren’t born with those muscles. haha. Both claimed to have never seriously worked out with weights.

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